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Errata from Fraleigh, 7/e (found by former 102 students)

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Seminar Assignments

Week 1! You can find the automathography form here.

Week 2: Although the ads are annoying, this site has some nice visualizations/justifications of many of the constructions you can do with just a compass & straightedge.

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7: Take-home midterm! Here are solutions.

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10 Here's the link to the group theory song I mentioned in seminar. (Bonus points: spot the former Swat prof!) I have made a few copies of the pages from Artin needed for this week's assginment and have left them in the mail slot outside my office; let me know if you need me to make more. Sometime early next week the optional-but-hopefully-helpful linear algebra handout I refer to in my ramblings on this week's assignment should be ready for pick-up outside my office. Math limerick of the week.

Week 11 In other news, I believe I have now restored the diagram from the midterm solutions to its full glory. :-)

Week 12 Ideas for what you'd like on your seminar shirt? Start designing! We should aim to vote on ideas during Week 13's class in order to give me enough time to get the shirts printed before you leave campus.

Week 13 + seminar shirt ideas due!

Week 14