The last few weeks (check schedule) will be devoted to a project that you can do individually or with your robot group. Now that we have the basic galumphing motion working, we want the robot to be able to do some motion or gesture that the rest of the class will find interesting. After the game of "tag" played on Tuesday, December 7, each robot group (or any individual within the group) will be asked to demonstrate some capability of the robot to the class. For example, a light sensor whose output is read by the Lynxmotion board can send back to the Matlab program a number proportional to brightness. The robot could therefore be made to move toward a light or execute a particular dance if a flashlight is shined upon it. Other possible sensors could be included, including bump sensors or acoustic sensors. The final project need not involve sensors, but the class will judge if the robot's capability is interesting.

See Prof. Everbach for help with specific systems, sensors, or to brainstorm ideas.