E5 2007

Final Demonstrations

The Engineering Methodology class this year invented percussion instruments that could all be played from the same MIDI piano, or from MIDI files that could be dumped to the piano. The goal was a robotic percussion orchestra that would possibly be useful in a musical or dance performance. Each group brainstormed ideas, learned how to use the machine shop, investigated electronics, solenoids (coils driving a magnet through induction), and servo motors, and did Matlab programming. The individual websites of the students show these processes.

Click on the video link to the right of each group's number below to see short clips of their instrument demonstrations.

Click here to see them all played at once. Click here to see some goofing around after the formal demonstrations concluded.

Lab A Lab B Lab C
Group A1: drums & cymbals
  • Andrew Koontharana
  • Max Wilson
  • Aaron Zimmerman

Group B1: water chime

  • Lucas Janes
  • Sandy Liss
  • Rachel Mansbach
  • Derrick Kao

Group C1: hanging bells

  • Allison Bishop
  • Neena Cherayl
  • Max Korein
Group A2: sub-bass drum
  • Matt Bleiman
  • Sterling Satterfield
  • Aaron Stein
  • Mike Ticehurst

Group B2: steel pan drum

  • Alex Breslow
  • James MacArthur
  • Peter Owusu-Opuku

Group C2: robo-thumb-piano

  • Jesse Bertrand
  • Althea Gaffney
  • Connor Morrison
  • Rebecca Ringle

Group A3: toilet plunger organ

  • Ryan Carmichael
  • Cecilia Jou
  • Anne Krikorian
  • Logan Osgood-Jacobs

Group B3: glockenspiel

  • Rahul Garg
  • Trevor Rizzolo
  • Ben Schneiderman


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