E5 2006

Lab 1 - Starting Your Web Page

Lab 2 - Machine Shop 1 (Papazian basement)

Lab 3 - Machine Shop 2 (Papazian basement) - remember: NO SANDALS!

Lab 4 - In Hicks 101: Design your subsystem*, post design on your web page

Lab 5 - Introduction to MatLab (do this on any computer)

Lab 6 - Design strategy meeting #1 (after which new groups form)

Lab 7 - Mo' MatLab

Lab 8 - Design strategy meeting #2 (after which new groups form)

Lab 9 - Work on subsystem*


*Machining Work for Electric Guitar Project:

A1: whammy bar

A2: splayers

A3: slider

B1: tuning block, fretboard

B2: LH interface

C1: pluckers and body

C2: RH interface, neck

Summary of Assignments for E5 2006

resume of capabilities (in lab, 20 min.)

learning strategy survey (in lab, 10 min.)

Lab 1: webpage (45 min.)

Lab 2: readings response (2 hr)

Lab 3: Tennis ball shotput(5 hr)

learning styles survey (20 min.)

Matlab 1 (3 hr)

Matlab 2 (3 hr)

Ethics response readings and essay (4 hr)

Matlab 3 (3 hr)

Guest Lecturer response essay (30 min.)

Individual Project Proposal (30 min.)

Individual Project (5 hr)

Individual Project Report (1 hr)

Group Project (5 hr/week outside of class time, minus any of above times in any given week)

individual interviews (15 min.)


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