E5 Lab 7

new lab project groups as of October break

As promised, I have shuffled the project groups, keeping at least two members in each Lab group but changing the subsystem. The new group and project assignments are below. Your job is to view the project website of the previous subsystem design and pick up where the previous group left off. Your goal is to implement their design or to amend the design so that you can implement it. You have 3 weeks at most to accomplish this task.

Lab A Lab B Lab C
Group A1: Right-hand mechanism
  • Omari Faakye
  • Nick Kitten
  • Zsolt Terdik
  • Ben Zhong
Group B1: Left-arm positioning
  • Pam Costello
  • Justin Hughes
  • Levi Mahan
  • G Patrick
  • Travis Rothbloom
Group C1: Pickup and whammy bar
  • Julia Luongo
  • Lorenzo Ramirez
  • Cyrus Stoller
  • Samantha Tanzer
Group A2: Left-hand interface
  • Jennie Hatch
  • Carl Shapiro
  • Sofia Saiyed
  • Johnny Tompkins
Group B2: Left-hand mechanism
  • Madeleine Abromowitz
  • David Burgy
  • Yannick Lanner-Cusin
  • Lisa Schumacher
  • Bo Sun
Group C2: Master program
  • Ariel Horowitz
  • Ross Pustell
  • Andrew VanBuren
  • Meghan Whalen
Group A3: Right-hand interface
  • Matt Allen
  • John Leonardy
  • Tane Remington
  • Raúl Santos

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