E5 Lab 1

Starting Your Web Page

Welcome to E5.  Much of the work you do for this class will be put on a web page rather than turned in on paper.  Today you will start your own web page.  Start by going through a brief tutorial.  Your task for this week (due by start of class on Tuesday, September 12, 2006) is to start a web page on the department server that...

You will be adding to this web site throughout the semester as you and your project group members complete subsystem designs and programming assignments.

Turning in your web page

When you are done, and have tested all of the links on your web page, send me an email with the address of your web site.  This will indicate to me that you have completed the assignment, and I can link your website to the main E5 homepage.  If you are having difficulties with the assignment, please come see me for help.  The assignment is not meant to take a long time.

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