E5 Lab
Line Following Robot

Your task this week is to program your robots to follow a dark line on a light background.  You can use any method you use.  In room 213 you will find two white boards with strips of black electrical tape.  You will program your robot to follow this tape as well as you can.  The boards have paths of varying complexity -- do as well as you can.  You will have two lab periods (and your own time) to write and debug your program.

Again, I ask you to make sure that everybody in the group is participating and contributing.  

Deadline:  There is only one deadline for this lab.
On Tuesday, November 14th you will demonstrate your robot for the rest of the class and you will have about 2 minutes to describe how your algorithm works.  On that day you must also turn in a documented program, along with a brief (1-2 page) description of how your program works.  Make sure your program is well documented so the grader can follow what you did.

Things to think about, or not, at your discretion:

I may add to these lists during the course of the project as I see what common problems people are having.


Extra things to program (if you want an additional challenge):