• C-Handout 6 – Assignment


    Pre-lab Assignment for Thursday 10/12

    This is to be handed in at the beginning of Lab on the 12th.

    (10/10/00 Page 4)





    Write a program that moves the robot around the floor.



    Fill in the outline on the other side of this page.





    Make sure your program is well commented so it can be understood by the grader.

    /*Global variable declarations (if any) and functions go here*/ (


















    void main() {

    /*Variable declarations go here*/


          ao();             /*Turn all motors off*/

          printf(“\nPress Start to begin.”);

          start_press();          /*Wait for start button*/


          /*Initialization code goes here (if any)*/







          while (1) {             /*Repeat these lines (to closing brace, }) forever*/


                /*The main body of your program goes here*/