The last few weeks (check schedule) will be devoted to a project of your own choosing.  There are very few guidelines for the project, it just need to be something that you can complete in just a couple of weeks -- but it is never too early to think about what you may want to do for the project.  It can take the form of something you build in the shop, a program (in Matlab or C), or a modification to your robot -- or use your imagination.

I have made up a list of potential projects, but please don't feel like you have to choose from the list.  You  can do anything that is related to anything we covered in the course.  Let your imagination roam.

I encourage you to pick something that you feel will challenge you and stretch your abilities, rather than working on something that merely reinforces your strengths.  In the next two years you will need to develop a wide range of abilities, in a wide range of classes.  This project is your last opportunity to really take a chance to learn to do  something that you may not do particularly well, without having to worry about necessarily being successful.

You should pick a project that will take you about  6-8 hours to complete.  If you want to work in the shop, make sure you talk to Smitty before submitting a project proposal.  I'd like you to work in groups of 2 (with whomever you'd like to work with), but will consider other arrangements.

A 1 paragraph proposal is due 11/30.

You will be required to put the write-up for your project on the web.    The write-up is due by 12/21.