E5 Lab 3

Machine Shop 2
and Robot Assembly


Machine Shop II

Assemble Your Group's Robot

Machine Shop II

Welcome to the third lab in E5, where you will fabricate parts for your group's robot in the Machine Shop in the basement of Papazian (next to Hicks).  A sketch of the components (luon plywood and aluminum sheet) is shown here (right-click to save or print):

A reminder of the robot groups :

Lab A Lab B Lab C
Group A1:
  • Awjin Ahn
  • Nora Kako
  • Allison King
  • Neil Macfarland

Group B1:

  • Luke Alventosa
  • Julia Heer
  • Amy Jin
  • Tony Lee
  • Ruisen (Eric) Liu

Group C1:

  • Gregory Cox
  • Ari Gewirtz
  • Kwame Koram
  • Alia Mancisidor
  • Chris Moyer
Group A2:
  • Hayden Dahmm
  • Andrew Karas
  • Sara Lentricchia
  • Karl Sadueste

Group B2:

  • Brian Lee
  • Eileen McHugh
  • Chris Pfeiffer-Kelly
  • Jeff Seelaus

Group C2:

  • Paolo Debuque
  • Ali McCulloch-Villoldo
  • Vincent Potenza
  • Irving Stone
  • Evelyn Wightman

Group A3:

  • Darien Sepulveda
  • Jonah Schwartz
  • Noah Weinthal

Group B3:

  • Lauren Barlow
  • Tyler Clapp
  • Dimitri Lewicki
  • David Lin
  • Emily Zhang

Group C3:

  • Caleb Cochrane
  • Erik Jensen
  • Sergio Rosas
  • Eduardo Umana


Group B4:

  • Mia Ferguson
  • Antony Kaguara
  • Max Krackow
  • Sizhao (Bill) Wu

Assemble Your Robot

The assembly process set forth below is less a cookbook than guidance. Feel free to find better ways to do things than described here. The goal is a working robot that has the capability to pull itself or push itself along the ground with a 3-motor articulated arm.

Start will selecting two multi-purpose servo brackets (ASB-04 or ASB-24):

Using small wood screws (or through holes with machine screws & nuts), affix the rear wheel assemblies so that the outside of the wheel is even with the side of the board, leaving about 5 mm spacing to the back edge of the board (a push and turn will drive the wood screws right in without a pilot hole):

Do this on both sides, so that when the board is turned right-side up, it looks like this:

Using the small wood screws and a Philips screwdriver, affix one right at the forward edge of the robot board, centered:

Mount the first servo, which will eventually steer the robot left and right, in the bracket as shown (two 4-40x5-16 machine screws with washers and nuts will be enough):


Use a center screw to affix a metal disk (HMSH-02) to the servo:

Mount the second bracket using the forward large hole in the orientation shown:

The second servo motor, which will lift the arm up and down, will go into this top bracket as shown, using the small 2-56x3/16 screws. Make sure the range of swing of the servo is centered about the forward orientation as shown:


As before, use a center screw to affix a metal disk (HMSH-02) to this second servo:

Onto this second disk, mount an ASB-19 bracket, making sure that full clockwise of the servo puts the bracket aiming toward the edge of the board:


Locate a HUB-09 and affix it to the bracket using two large Allen-head machine screws with an Allen wrench:



Using the same Allen-head screws, affix a 2-in. Tube to the HUB-09 end:

Find another HUB-09 and affix a servo bracket using Allen screws:


Put the bracket assembly onto the other end of the 2-in. Pipe:

Finally, mount the third servo in reverse position onto the bracket as shown:

and using a center screw, affix a metal disk HMSH-02 to this third servo:

The completed "foot" assembly with sandpaper on the edge looks like this:


note that the HUB-09 at the elbow has to be sanded down a bit so that it won't collide with the screws holding the third servo:

When the foot assembly is attached, it looks like this:


Once assembled, connect the three motor cables to a Lynxmotion board as before. Try booting up HyperTerminal and typing commands like "#0P1500" or "#1P2000" or "#2P800" and see if you can get the arm to move it all its directions. What are the limits to the range of each servo before the arm hits something?

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