How to create a demo page and link it to this website


1) Take a picture of the demo and download it to your computer.

2) Reduce the size of the picture to about 100-150 KB. This is easy to do in Preview. Simply select picture(s), and click Tools > Adjust Size. Select "Resample image." Then enter a smaller value in the Resolution field.

3) Upload the image to www/natsci/aneat1/demos/pictures and label it. (To access this folder connect to smb://www/www/Natsci/aneat1/demos/pictures)

4) Create an html in dreamweaver : Open an existing html document in the demos folder at Natsci/aneat1/demos with Dreamweaver (college has 25 site licences ) .Then, from the Dreamweaver "file" menu select "new", select "html", and click "create". Creating an html document in Dreamweaver is a lot like creating a document in Word. From the "window" menu select "Properties". This pulls up a tool bar that, among other things, allows you to change the size and style of your font.

5) Select the font size of 6, and type the name of the demo on the first or second line of the document.

6) To attach an image of the demo, simply drag it onto the html document from the www/www/Natsci/aneat1/demos/pictures folder.

7) Type any necessary information about the demo underneath the image in bulleted format (font size of 4); like location, principles the demo illustrates, helpful tips about setting up and using the demo, etc. If nothing else, at least list the demos location (that's the whole point of the website).

8a) To create a link from the main demo webpage (index.html) to the page that you just created- open up "index.html" from the "Natsci/aneat1/demos" folder. Decide where, on the main webpage, the link should go (if you're not sure how to categorize your demo, consult the "pira" website ( Type the name of your link in the desired location, highlight it, and from the "Modify" menu select "Make Link". Select your html document from the Natsci/aneat1/demos folder... and your done! If the linking process worked, the name of the link should change to blue, and be underlined.

8b) If you'd like to create a link to an internet website, highlight the name of the link then, in the "properties" window, type the address of the link in the "Link" box, then save your html.

9) Make sure that the link works by opening up the Physics and Astronomy demo website and clicking on the link you just created.

10) Let Adam know that these instructions work (or that they don't work. In which case I'll modify them).