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June 2006- A Century in the Crum is one student's blog project pairing photos he's taken of Crum Woods flowers with the watercolors painted by naturalist Samuel Palmer some 50 years ago.

August 2002-   The Biology department is pleased to announce the release of digital versions of Samuel Palmer's drawings of local flora as well as the plant specimens of the Biology Department Herbarium Collection.  A searchable database was created with a total of 6616 records. The database is available for demonstration and searches via the Internet..
This tremendous amount of work was possible thanks the participation of two undergraduate students, Laura Carballo '05 and Sang Phadungchob '05, working in conjunction with Rachel Wallace, our very own laboratory instructor.  Funding was provided by the Biology Department and the Office of the Provost.  Both the Swarthmore College Herbarium Collection and the Palmer Collection are managed under the supervision of Professor Jose-Luis Machado. If you need further information please contact Jose-Luis Machado.





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