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Class Phyophyceae

Laminariales (1 Family)

Class Phaeophyceae

Fucales (1 Family)

Class Bryopsida

Bryales (3 Families)

Buxbaumiales (1 Family)

Dicranales (3 Families)

Hypnales (2 Families)

Polytrichales (1 Family)

Pottiales (1 Family)

Sphagnales (1 Family)

Tetraphidales (1 Family)

Class Equisetopsida

Equisetales (1 Family)

Class Hepaticopsida

Jungermanniales (1 Family)

Marchantiales (1 Family)

Metzgerales (1 Family)

Class Isoetopsida

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Isoetales (1 Family)

Selaginellales (1 Family)

Hydropteridales ( Subclass Salviniidae) (1 Family)

Class Lycopodiopsida

Lycopodiales (1 Family)

Class Liliopsida

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Arecales (2 Families)

Commelinales (2 Families)

Graminales (1 Family)

Restionales (1 Family)

Scitamineae (1 Family)

Xyridales (6 Families)

Alismales ( Subclass Alismatidae) (1 Family)

Najadales (Subclass Alismatidae) (3 Families)

Arales ( Subclass Arecidae) (2 Families)

Cyclanthales (Subclass Arecidae) (1 Family)

Pandanales (Subclass Arecidae) (1 Family)

Cyperales ( Subclass Commelindae) (2 Families)

Liliales ( Subclass Lilidae) (5 Families)

Orchidales (Subclass Lilidae) (1 Family)

Zingiberales ( Subclass Zingiberidae) (1 Family)

Class Magnoliopsida

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Boraginales (1 Family)

Casuarinales (1 Family)

Chenopodiales (4 Families)

Cucurbitales (1 Family)

Fagales (3 Families)

Asterales ( Subclass Asteridae) (3 Families)

Campanulales (Subclass Asteridae) (6 Families)

Gentianales (Subclass Asteridae) (5 Families)

Lamiales (Subclass Asteridae) (2 Families)

Oleales (Subclass Asteridae) (1 Family)

Plantaginales (Subclass Asteridae) (1 Family)

Polemoniales (Subclass Asteridae) (13 Families)

Rubiales (Subclass Asteridae) (3 Families)

Scrophulariales (Subclass Asteridae) (2 Families)

Caryophyllales ( Subclass Caryophyllidae) (4 Families)

Plumbaginales (Subclass Caryophyllidae) (1 Family)

Polygonales (Subclass Caryophyllidae) (1 Family)

Capparales ( Subclass Dilleniidae) (1 Family)

Diapensiales (Subclass Dilleniidae) (1 Family)

Dilleniales (Subclass Dilleniidae) (1 Family)

Ebenales (Subclass Dilleniidae) (2 Families)

Ericales (Subclass Dilleniidae) (5 Families)

Malvales (Subclass Dilleniidae) (4 Families)

Primulales (Subclass Dilleniidae) (1 Family)

Salicales (Subclass Dilleniidae) (1 Family)

Theales (Subclass Dilleniidae) (1 Family)

Violales (Subclass Dilleniidae) (9 Families)

Juglandales ( Subclass Hamamelidae) (1 Family)

Myricales (Subclass Hamamelidae) (1 Family)

Urticales (Subclass Hamamelidae) (3 Families)

Aristochiales ( Subclass Magnoliidae) (1 Family)

Elaeagnales (Subclass Magnoliidae) (1 Family)

Hamamelidales (Subclass Magnoliidae) (1 Family)

Magnoliales (Subclass Magnoliidae) (1 Family)

Nymphaeales (Subclass Magnoliidae) (1 Family)

Papaverales (Subclass Magnoliidae) (5 Families)

Piperales (Subclass Magnoliidae) (1 Family)

Ranunculales (Subclass Magnoliidae) (8 Families)

Sarraceniales (Subclass Magnoliidae) (3 Families)

Apiales ( Subclass Rosidae) (1 Family)

Celastrales (Subclass Rosidae) (1 Family)

Fabales (Subclass Rosidae) (3 Families)

Geraniales (Subclass Rosidae) (9 Families)

Myrtales (Subclass Rosidae) (8 Families)

Proteales (Subclass Rosidae) (1 Family)

Rhamnales (Subclass Rosidae) (2 Families)

Rhizophorales (Subclass Rosidae) (1 Family)

Rosales (Subclass Rosidae) (6 Families)

Santalales (Subclass Rosidae) (1 Family)

Santales (Subclass Rosidae) (2 Families)

Sapindales (Subclass Rosidae) (10 Families)

Saxifragales (Subclass Rosidae) (1 Family)

Umbellales (Subclass Rosidae) (4 Families)

Class Cycadopsida (Subphylum Cycadicae)

Cycadales (1 Family)

Class Gnetopsida (Subphylum Gneticae)

Gnetales (1 Family)

Class Pinopsida (Subphylum Pinacae)

Coniferales (2 Families)

Pinales (3 Families)

Class Filicopsida

Eufilicales (3 Families)

Class Polypodiopsida

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Marattiales ( Subclass Marattiidae) (1 Family)

Ophioglossales ( Subclass Ophiglossidae) (1 Family)

Polypodiales ( Subclass Polypodiidae) (4 Families)

Class Pteropsida

Filicales (1 Family)

Class Chlorophyceae

Charales (1 Family)

Cladophorales (1 Family)

Class Ulvophyceae

Siphonales (1 Family)

Class Rhodophyceae

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Cerimales (1 Family)

Gelidiales (1 Family)

Gigartinales ( Subclass Florideophyceae) (1 Family)

Cryptonemiales ( Subclass Florideophycidae) (1 Family)

Class Unassigned

Unnassigned (1 Family)

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Users of this database should be aware that much of the taxonomic information was determined by students and faculty of Swarthmore College as many as 100 years ago, and as recently as 15 years ago. Taxonomic information contained in this database may be obsolete. We will be verifying this information and updating it if necessary in the near future. If you have suggestions or corrections, please e-mail rwallac1@swarthmore.edu. Thank you for your interest!