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Manuscript Collections
* List of all collections (DGs & CDGs)
* List of major collections (DGs only) [unannotated list
* Subject File

Audiovisual Collection
* Database

Book Collection and Periodical Collection
* Tripod [tri-college on-line catalog]
* Inter-library loan
* Civilian Public Service camp periodicals [tri-college database]

Children's Art
* Art exhibit by Daisy Larios
* Archival exhibit by Anne Yoder

* Button / Pin / Ribbon Collection
[tri-college database]
* Oversized Items Collection / Ephemera
(cloth items, documents, graphics, newspaper ads, scrapbooks) [tri-college database]
* Shirts (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Etc.)
* Stamp / Sticker / Seal / Envelope Collection [tri-college database]

Photograph Collection
* Digitized images from the Jane Addams Collection & the from Universal Peace Union Records [tri-college database]
* Archival collections with photographs [database]
* Photograph exhibits

* Japanese Lantern Slide Collection [tri-college database]

Images of Vietnam, ca. 1967-1975

Poster Collection [no list available for full collection]
* Soviet posters [tri-college database]

Material On Conscientious Objection
* List of websites or pages about SCPC resources

Material On the Quaker Peace Witness
* "The Quaker Testimony for Peace: Resources at Swarthmore College"
* Quaker Manuscript Collections in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection
* "Expressions of Quaker Conscientious Objection: Research Opportunities at the Swarthmore College Peace Collection"
* Database of Quaker COs

* International Languages
* Digital Collection of Correspondence of Mohandas K. Gandhi
* Essay on Correspondence Between Gandhi and Reginald Reynolds

* Resources on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Peace Activists
* Resources on Peace and the Environment
* Resources on "Women's Voices From Around the World"
* Resources on World War I

Published Guides
* Guide to the Swarthmore College Peace Collection
($5.00/copy) describes 122 of the SCPC's major manuscript collections and about 1,700 smaller collections, as of 1981.
Guide to Sources on Women in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection ($7.00/copy) describes the SCPC's major and smaller manuscript collections on women and women's organizations in the peace movement, as of 1988, including a subject section which covers other areas in which women have been active. To order, send a check to the SCPC, made out to Swarthmore College, along with a note designating the number of copies of the guide/s you wish to receive.



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