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SCPC Resources on Conscientious Objection/Objectors

photo from CDGA: Theodore
Hetzel Collected Papers

graphic #0376

page from scrapbook #0100

book from Book Collection

Conscientious Objection in America: Primary Sources for Research" [includes non-SCPC sources] Manuscript Collections re: conscientious objection/objectors Subject File on conscientious objection/objectors Expressions of Quaker Conscientious Objection: Research Opportunities at the Swarthmore College Peace Collection


G.I. periodical Re-Up Today! photo from DG 023: NCPW Records

photo of C.O.s at Ft. Douglas USDB from
DG 131: Eichel Family Papers

photo of four C.O.s from
CDGA: William Kantor Collected Papers
List of Military Classifications for Draftees 20th Century Sources on Conscientious Objection at The National Archives WWI Sources on COs in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection WWI COs Database
photo of CPS men digging from
DG 002: AFSC -- CPS Records
doc0115.front photo of entrance sign from
DG 002: AFSC -- CPS Records
postcard front
Resources on Civilian Public Service (CPS) in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection List of CPS Camps (by Camp Number) CPS camp periodicals database Website of personal writings
of WWI C.O.s

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