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Manuscript Collections in the Swarthmore College Peace
That Relate to Conscientious Objection
[Not A Complete List]


Note: The collections called Document Groups (DGs) are those records of groups and papers of individuals for which the SCPC is the official depository; all other material has been collected into CDGAs [United States] or CDGBs [foreign]. The designation "absolutist" refers to those men in WWI or after who went to prison rather than join the military, cooperate with it in any way, or participate in alternative service

Papers of Conscientious Objectors
War of 1812
- Whipple, Jonathan (CDGA)

World War I
- Allen, Clifford (Baron Reginald Clifford Allen, Lord of Hurtwood) [was imprisoned] (Great Britain)
- Allinson, Brent Dow [was imprisoned in Fort Leavenworth from July 30, 1918 - 1921] (CDGA)
- Baldwin, Roger Nash [was imprisoned] (CDGA) [see also American Civil Liberties Union (CDGA); DG 022]
- Bing, Harold [absolutist; was imprisoned 2.5 years] (Great Britain)
- Briehl, Fred [was imprisoned] (CDGA)
- Brockway, A. Fenner [was imprisoned] (Great Britain) [see also DG 086]
- Cameron, Holland (CDGA)
- Caplovitz, Philip (CDGA)
- Catchpool, T. Corder [was imprisoned for over 2 years] (Great Britain)
- Cope, Paul Markley (CDGA)
- Debs, Eugene [was imprisoned] (CDGA)
- DeRosa, Ulysses [was imprisoned] (CDGA)
- Doty, William Nye [was imprisoned] (CDGA) [see also DG 131]
- Dutch, George F. [was imprisoned for 3 years] (Great Britain)
- Eichel, David [absolutist; was imprisoned] (DG 131)
- Eichel, Julius [absolutist; was imprisoned; also imprisoned in WWII for a brief period ] (DG 131)
- Guilbeaux, Henri (France)
- Gray, Harold Studley [was imprisoned] (CDGA)
- Hallett Jr., George H. [see Elliston P. Morris (CDGA)]
- Hobhouse, Stephen [was imprisoned] (Great Britain)
- Hoffman, Wray [diary available] (CDGA)
- Holland, Cameron (CDGA)
- Hudson, James H., M.P. [was imprisoned] (Great Britain)
- Kantor, William M.
[was imprisoned] (CDGA)
- Lunde, Erling H. [was imprisoned] (CDGA) [see also DG 131]
- Marcowitz, Lazarus Baer (CDGA)
- Mitchell, Isaac (CDGA)
- Morel, E.D. [was imprisoned] (Great Britain) [see also DG 057]
- Morris, Elliston P. (CDGA)
- Over, Benjamin J. [was imprisoned] (Great Britain)
- Porchet, Robert [was imprisoned] (France) [see also DG 117, Series E, box 8]
- Richards, Edward C.M. (CDGA)
- Rodolf, Charles C. (CDGA)
- Sandin, Max (CDGA)
- Sidis, William James [was imprisoned] [see DG 131]
- Thomas, Evan [was imprisoned; brother of Norman Thomas] (CDGA)
- Thomas, Norman (CDGA)
- Turner, Sydney & Guy (Great Britain)
- Vrana, Rudolph J. [WWI C.O.; was court-martialed] (CDGA)
- Wellock, Wilfred, M.P. [was imprisoned 2.5 years] (Great Britain)
- Whitaker, Robert (CDGA) [see also DG 122]
- Wulff, Monroe (CDGA)

World War II
- Andresen, Bent [absolutist] (CDGA) [see also DG 056]
- Andrews, Bennett & Florence (DG 209)
- Anthony, Robert (CDGA)
- Ayres, Lew (CDGA)
- Barton, Harold (CDGA)
- Baxter, Archibold [imprisoned in England] (New Zealand) [see also book collection for We Will Not Cease]
- Berkowitz, Arthur (CDGA)
- Billings, Arthur Goodwyn (CDGA)
- Binford, Raymond & Helen [director of CPS camps 19 & 108] (CDGA)
- Bishop, Corbett [absolutist; walked out of CPS; was imprisoned] (CDGA) [see also Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA); DG 131]
- Bofman, Albert [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Brandt, Wilmer (CDGA)
- Bristol, James E. [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Brock, Peter [absolutist in Great Britain] (Canada)
- Brooks, Arle [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Brooks, Robert Boland [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Catlett, Richard R. (CDGA)
- Cooper, Samuel [ see DG 056; includes correspondence from other C.O.s to Cooper]
- Cutler, Frederick [absolutist; was imprisoned] [see Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA)]
- Darnell, Emerson L. [see DG 056]
- Dellinger, David [see Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA)]
- Dietrich, Albert (CDGA [Albert & Frank Dietrich])
- DiGia, Ralph [absolutist; was imprisoned] [see Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA)]
- Dingman, Daniel Birmeli (CDGA)
- Doss, Desmond [noncombatant (army medic)] (CDGA) [see also Subject File #1: Conscientious Objection/Objectors --
U.S. Sources, 2000-2003 ( restrospective documentary done on his life)]
- Eichel, Albert [absolutist; was imprisoned] (DG 131) [see also DG 010; DG 022; Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA)]; & drawing by Whitey Matysik in Oversize Items Collection: Graphics)
- Eichel, Julius [absolutist; was imprisoned (for a short period); also imprisoned in WWI] (DG 131)
- Emery Jr., Arthur [WWII C.O.] (CDGA) [see also DG 061, box 18; some usage restrictions]
- Estep, William Murray (CDGA)
- Everson, William (CDGA)
- Falbo, Nick (CDGA)
- Felmet, Joseph [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Finch, Henry Leroy Finch Jr. (Henry Finch) (DG 195)
- Fuson, Nelson [see DG 056; see also Nelson Fuson papers in Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College]
- Fuson, William M. [see DG 056]
- Gara, Larry [absolutist] (CDGA; see also DG 131; DG 135; Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA); & drawing by Whitey Matysik in Oversize Items Collection: Graphics [graphic #0091])
- Garst, Merritt E. [absolutist; was imprisoned] [see DG 043, Series D: media coverage of WILPF, 1941]
- Gesner, Norman B. [absolutist; was imprisoned] [see Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA)]
- Giese, Willis E. [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Griffin, Norman J. [see DG 043, Series D: media coverage of WILPF, 1941]
- Hain, Andrew [see DG 043, Series B,5, box 53]
- Hassler, Alfred (CDGA) [see also DG 013]
- Horowitz, Nathan [absolutist; was imprisoned] (CDGA) [see also Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA)
- Jägerstätter, Franz [absolutist; imprisoned in Berlin from March-Aug. 1943; executed on 08/09/1943] (Austria)
- Katz, Sander [absolutist; was imprisoned] (CDGA)
- Kauten, Mathias [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Kepler, Roy C. (DG 185) [see also DG 040]
- Kuenning, Bill [absolutist; was imprisoned] [see Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA)]
- Lewis, Frederic Martin (CDGA)
- Man Jr. Albon P. [absolutist; was imprisoned] (CDGA)
- Martine, Vincent David [proclaimed himself a C.O., but draft board released him from Selective Service to be an ambulance driver with the American Field Service, 1942- ] (CDGA)
- Mecartney, John M. [absolutist; was imprisoned] [see Albon P. Man Jr. (CDGA)]
- Miles, Ward (CDGA)
- Moray, Joseph (CDGA)
- Morris, Elliston P. [absolutist; was imprisoned] (CDGA)
- Murphy Jr., Duncan Bassett [proclaimed himself a C.O., but draft board released him from Selective Service to be an ambulance driver with the American Field Service] (DG 266)
- Murphy, Stanley [absolutist; was imprisoned] (CDGA) [see also DG 010; DG 022]
- Nelson, Ralph (CDGA)
- Nelson, Wallace Floyd [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Newman, Morton [see DG 043, Series D: media coverage of WILPF, 1941 & Series B,5, box 53 ]

- Nichols, Malcolm (CDGA)
- Norton, Edgar R. (CDGA)
- Osborne, Joseph C. [smokejumper] (CDGA)
- Ovenson, Barney [absolutist (?)] (CDGA)
- Pacman, Mario Joseph (CDGA)
- Peck, James [absolutist; was imprisoned] (CDGA)
- Richards, William & Arnold [absolutists] (CDGA)
- Richardson, Channing B. (CDGA) [see also DG 056]
- Roodenko, Igal [absolutist] (DG 161)
- Rustin, Bayard [absolutist] (CDGA) [see also drawing by Whitey Matysik in Oversize Items Collection: Graphics [graphic #0102]
- Satterthwait, Arnold [see DG 043, Series B,5, box 53; see also DG 022]
- Satterthwait Jr., Charles (CDGA)
- Schear, Rev. Lloyd [see DG 043, Series B,5, box 53, box 53]
- Schumacher, Charles (CDGA)
- Seltzer, Chester E. [absolutist; was imprisoned] [see Albon P. Man Jr.(CDGA)]
- Shapiro, Norbert (CDGA)
- Smith, Charles David [participated in a CPS guinea pig experiment] (CDGA)
- Smith, Louis Dabney [see William Murray Estep (CDGA)]
- Stoffregen, David [see DG 056]
- Stone, Oliver Ellis [absolutist; was imprisoned] [see DG 043, Series D: media coverage of
WILPF, 1941]
- Summers, Clyde Wilson [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Taylor, Louis [walked out of CPS; was imprisoned] (CDGA) [see also
DG 010; DG 022]
- Trainin, Isaac [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Walker, Charles [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Weber, Henry P. [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Weightman, Melvin Atwood [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Whitney, Norman G. (DG 061 [some usage restrictions]
- Wieck, David Thoreau [absolutist] (CDGA)
- Wilder, Marshall [see DG 043, Series B,5, box 52]
- Wilhelm, Paul & Jayne Tuttle Wilhelm [was in CPS camps 3, 49 & 52] (CDGA)
- Williams, Waldo (Great Britain)
- Willoughby, George (DG 236) [see also DG 017; DG 062; DG 064; DG 072; DG 073; DG 093]
- Zahn, Gordon C. (CDGA)

Universal Military Training, 1950s
- Bollens, Jack (CDGA)
- Crabill, Jack A. [1957 re: ROTC training] [see Kenneth George Hanauer (CDGA)]
- Eichel, Seymour [absolutist; was imprisoned in 1957; son of Julius Eichel] (DG 131) [see also Subject File: Conscientious
Objection / Objectors]
- Emerson, David [1954] [see John Beer (CDGA, box 1)]
- Hanauer, Kenneth George [1957 re: ROTC training] (CDGA)
- Horst, Peter Scott [1957] (CDGA)
ntious objection] (Great Britain)
- Papers of E. Raymond Wilson (DG 70)
- Records of the Evangelische Schule am Karlsplatz, Vienna, 1954-1961 [school rebuilt by Brethren
and Mennonite PAX service workers] (Austria)
- Clippings re: C.O.s in the papers of Warren W. Hoover (CDGA)
- Misc. material re: French C.O.s (France: Misc. Peace Material)
- Photographs of C.O.s from the following collections:
- Devere Allen (DG 53)
- American Friends Service Committee (DG 002)
- Bent Anderson (CDGA)
- Raymond & Helen Binford (CDGA)
- Church of the Brethren (CDGA)
- William Kantor (CDGA)
- New York Bureau of Legal Advice (CDGA)
- Subject File: Conscientious Objection/Objectors
- Photograph of Hermann Stöhr, executed by the Germans in 1940 (see DG 107: Trocmé)
- Drawings of C.O.s who were imprisoned along with artist "Whitey" Matysik [WWII; includes cartoon portraits of Barney Abosh, Bob Brooks, Harvey Corcoran, George Clemence, Al Eichel, Stan Fishman,Larry Gara, Norman Gesner, Nat Horwitz, Alex Lang, Lester Lermond, Rodney Owen, Bayard Rustin, Irving Schwartz, Merle Stafford, Bill Sutherland, Larry Templin] (Oversized Items Collection: Graphics)
- Periodicals The C.O. Clink Chronicle ["with which is incorporated the Canterbury Clinker, the Court Martial (Winchester), Instigilo (Dorchester), the Joyland Journal (Mountjoy, Dublin), the Lincoln Leader, the Literary Outlet (Birmingham and Hull), and the Walton Leader"], published by the National Labour Press Ltd., London, ca. 1917-1918 (Restricted Items [Foreign] Collection)

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