Interested in 200 years worth of peacemakers
and peace organizations from around the world?

The Peace Collection is a premier research collection for material on efforts to promote peace, nonviolence, and
disarmament in the United States, and around the world. Its library and archives holds extensive material dating
from 1815 to the present (mostly 20th century). You are welcome to visit!
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(top row, l-r) cover of book about Jane Addams; photo of Martin Luther King Jr.; woodcut of A.J. Muste; photo of ____; photo of Devere Allen; photo of Mildred Scott Olmsted; newsclipping picturing Dr. Spock; image of Dorothy Day
(middle row, l-r) young boy with sign "My Daddy will not fight!"; flyer advertising Francis Onderdonk's talk about Tolstoy; cover of CPS periodical "The Illiterati"; photo of Raging Grannies at march; newspaper illustration of young man tied to cannon; cover of German prisoner-of-war periodical "Stobsiade"; sticker "War Is Not the Answer"; stamp from the American Peace Society; children holding up peace book, ca. 2010; photo of German plane shot down in WWI

(bottom row, l-r) Nobel Peace Prize medal; enameled pin from 1901 Peace Congress held in Glasgow