Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081 USA


1970-1989 Events / Group Photos of the
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom


#E1 Congressional Luncheon in Honor of Annalee Stewart at the Time of Her Retirement, April 24, 1970
l-r: Senator Fullbright, Annalee Stewart,
Senator George McGovern
10 in. wide x 8 in. high black & white photograph

#E2 23rd International WILPF Congress, New Delhi (India), Dec. 28, 1970 - Jan. 02, 1971: U.S. Delegation(?)
Includes: Marg Edwards, Naomi Marcus, Mildred Scott Olmsted, Elise Boulding, Erna P. Harris, Eleanor Fowler, Mamie Williams, Annalee Stewart, Jeannette Rankin (in wheelchair)
10 in. wide x 8 in. high black & white photograph

#E3 Germantown (Pennsylvania) Branch Demonstration at Philadelphia Zoo, Hiroshima Day, Aug. 06, 1972
3.5 in. wide x 4.5 in. high color photograph

#E4 WILPF Delegation to Vietnam, Hanoi, 1973
l-r: ??, Premier Pham Van Dong, Elizabeth Birangui (Vice President, Union Revolutionaire des Demmen Congolaise), Marii Hasegawa (President, WILPF)
9.25 in. wide x 7 in. high black & white photograph

#E5 Linda Mongeau at STAR March/Demonstration, Brussels (Belgium), 1983
9.5 in. wide x 6 in. black & white photograph

#E6 Lillian Crane (Chair, Santa Cruz Branch) at Podium for News Conference on the Women's Poll Project / Listen to Women For a Change Campaign During the Democratic Convention, July 16, 1984
4.25 in. wide x 3.25 in. high color photograph [in 5x7 box]


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