Swarthmore College Peace Collection

2nd International WILPF Congress, Zurich (Switzerland), 1919
U.S. Delegation

photo #A9 of WILPF photograph exhibit

01. Elisabeth Sweeney 12.Grace Hoffman White
02. Grace Drake 13. Lucy Biddle Lewis
03. Alice Hunt 14. Lillian Wald
04. Jeannette Rankin 15. Mary Church Terrell
05. Amy Thacher Post 16. Rose Morgan French
06. Jane Addams 17. Marion Burritt
07. Lucia Ames Mead 18. Lydia Lewis Rickman
08. Emily Greene Balch 19. Constance Drexel
09. Florence Holbrook 20. Caroline Wood
10. Clara Savage 21. Mrs. Stokes-Miller
11. Alice Hamilton 22. Rose Standish Nichols

*note: 28 women attended the congress
Women identified in The New York Times article, January 22,1 918

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