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Photographs from the Papers of Emily Greene Balch


Ellen M. Noyes Balch, 1857
Mother of Emily Greene Balch

Photograph 01
Emily Greene Balch, n.d.
age about 10 years

Photographer: J. Notman, Boston, Massachusetts
Photograph 02

Balch Family, n.d.
(l-r) Alice, Bessie, Father, Annie, Maidie, Emily, and Francis

Photographer: Davis & Dow, Boston, Massachusetts
Photograph 03

Emily Greene Balch, August 1887
Reading in the garden at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Photograph 04
Emily Greene Balch (second from left)
With friends on a research trip to Hungary, 1905

Photographer: Rek Matild, Zsolnán
Photograph 05

U.S. delegation to the International Conference of Women for
a Permanent Peace, held at The Hague, The Netherlands, 1915
here for identification of members]
Photograph 06

Emily Greene Balch, n.d.
circa 1917

Photograph 07

Emily Greene Balch and Sidney Buschel
Probably at Maison Internationale, Geneva headquarters of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, circa late 1920s
Photographer: Dr. Eric Salomon
Photograph 08

Emily Greene Balch, n.d.
Soon after she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946

Photographer: E. Romer, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Photograph 09

Emily Greene Balch on left
At Bryn Mawr College Reunion, circa late 1940s

Photographer: Wilbur Boone, Havertown, Pennsylvania
Photograph 10

Emily Greene Balch, circa 1950s
Photograph 11

Emily Greene Balch, circa 1960 [last known photograph of her]
Photograph 12

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