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Digital Resources in the peace collection

The Swarthmore College Peace Collection has a rapidly expanding collection of digitized and born-digital resources. We are making these accessible online whenever possible. See the list of resources currently available. For further information please contact SCPC staff at:

Visual Resources Database (Triptych)
This online database includes the following collections of digital images and manuscripts in the Peace Collection. Collections from other departments at Swarthmore College, Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College are also available at this site.

Button Pin and Ribbon Collection
Civilian Public Service Periodicals (holdings information and issue covers only)
Gandhi Correspondence
Japanese Lantern Slides (1920s and earlier, from the E. Raymond Wilson papers)
Peace Collection Ephemera (includes oversize documents, scrapbooks, newspaper ads (Vietnam War era), cloth banners and flags)
Peace Collection Photographs (includes only photographs from the Jane Addams Collection, Universal Peace Union Records, and lantern slides from the Devere Allen Papers. Thousands of photographs owned by the Peace Collection are not included in this online database)
Soviet Posters (1920s and early 1930s)
Stamp, Sticker, Seal and Envelope Collection (includes stamp collection of SCPC, Ellen Starr Brinton (1935-1951), bumper stickers, and other items 19th century to date)
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Officers (list only of officers for the organization from 1919 through the 1990s)

Manuscript Collections
Elihu Burritt Papers (correspondence only)
World War I Conscientious Objectors Project (selected documents only)

Photograph Exhibits
These exhibits contain only selected photographs from each collection:
American Peace Society
Jane Addams
Devere Allen
Emily Greene Balch
Dispatch News Service International
Dorothy Marder Photographs
Eichel Family
Martha Freund-Hoppe World War I Collection
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Only a very few periodical and serial titles in the Peace Collection have been digitized. Please consult the library catalog to search for additional titles (not digitized), or contact Peace Collection staff for further information.
Four Lights (from the Woman's Peace Party, 1917-1919)
Stobsiade (1915-1919) and Knockaloe-Lager-Zeitung (1916-1917) (from German prisoner of war camps in Scotland and the Isle of Man)
WIN Magazine (from Workshop in Nonviolence, 1966-1984)

Audio Visual Collection
The Peace Collection owns over 10,000 audio or visual recordings dating from the 1920s to date. The great majority of these items are only available for viewing at the Peace Collection. An online database contains information about these recordings. The Peace Collection has begun to digitize a few of the items and links to the recordings themselves are available via the Internet Archives (IA) for most complete results use the search box at the top right of the IA homepage, next to the Sign In logo. Searching by "Swarthmore College Peace Collection" will find the recordings. Click here to link directly to the IA collection of Swarthmore College Peace Collection Audio Recordings; and here to link directly to the IA collection of Swarthmore College Peace Collection Visual Recordings

Topic areas of recordings currently available at the Internet Archive:
Vietnam War era anti-war movement
Vietnam and Indochina, 1960s.

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