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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Nonviolent Peaceforce
Nonviolent Peaceforce Records
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DG 268

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Co-founded by peace activisits David Hartsough and Mel Duncan in 2002, the Nonviolent Peaceforce is an unarmed civilian peace force that works internationally by protecting civilians in conflicts and helping to resolve conflicts peacefully through dialogue. Records include the early development and planning of the organization, funding and financing, media and publicity attention the organization received, committee minutes, international trip reports, and training of the civilian peacekeepers. There are also papers dealing with activities of the co-founders prior to the Nonviolent Peaceforce from the 1990s, with a focus on Bosnia and Yugoslavia.

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Historical Background
Co-founded by peace activisits David Hartsough and Mel Duncan in 2002, the Nonviolent Peaceforce is an unarmed civilian peace force that works internationally by protecting civilians in conflicts and helping to resolve conflicts peacefully through dialogue. Records include the early development and planning of the organization, funding and financing, media and publicity attention the organization received, committee minutes, international trip reports, and training of the civilian peacekeepers. There are also papers dealing with activities of the co-founders prior to the Nonviolent Peaceforce from the 1990s, with a focus on Bosnia and Yugoslavia.

Arrangement of Collection
This collection remains in the order in which it was donated.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [Acc. 2016-035]
Feasibility Study and Field Study [2 folders]
Decision Making, 2001 (August)
Ottawa Organizing Meeting, 2000 (May 11)
Business Plan
East Coast, 1999
Europe, 1999 (Fall)
Early Development, 2000
Strategy Session, 2000 (May)
Criteria for Engagement and Withdrawal
Organization Evaluation, 2002-2003
Wood, Piers

Box 2 [Acc. 2016-035]
Implementation Committee
International Steering Committee
International Steering Committee Materials, St. Paul, 2001 (July)
Convening Event, 2002 (November)
International Convening Event- Journeys in Nonviolence: Delegates and Staff of the Nonviolent  Peaceforce, 2002
Convening Event
Endorsement Letters
Peaceforce Flyers
Fundraising Letters
Peaceforce Logo

Box 3 [Acc. 2016-035]
Promoting/Marketing Strategy
IGC Gathering, 2003 (28 February – 5 March)
Peace Bond Design Contest
Local Chapters
Rolf C. Carriere Workshop
USNPCA (U.S. Nonviolent Peaceforce Chapters Association)
Affinity Group Resources
Local Chapter Conference, 2004
General, 1998
General, 1999
General, 2000

Box 4 [Acc. 2016-035]
General, 2001 [2 folders]
General, 2002
General, 2003
Canada- Corporation
Minnesota Sales Tax Exemption Forms
Organizational Review, 2004 (January)
Northern Uganda: Understanding ad Resolving the Conflict, 2004 (April)
IGC, 2004
General, 2004
General, 2005

Box 5 [Acc. 2016-035]
General, 2006
General, 2008
IMT Invitation, 2009
General, 2010
General, 2011
General, 2012
General, 2013
Code of Conduct
Nonviolent Peaceforce Letterhead
Blank Sign-up Sheets
Sign-ups, 1998-1999
Sign-ups, 1999
Sign-ups, 2000-2001

Box 6 [Acc. 2016-035]
Sign-ups, 2000-2001
Sign-up Lists, 2003
Sign-up Lists, 2004-2005
Sign-ups, 2005; 2007
David Hartsough Address Book
Peaceforce Advisors
Bay Area Local Group
Local Chapter Conference
Los Angeles Affinity Group
New York Affinity Group
Philadelphia Affinity Group
Boston Local Group
Budget, 2005-2006
Annual Reports
Business Plan

Box 7 [Acc. 2016-035]
Capacity Building Committee
Capacity Building Job Search [2 folders]
Co-creators Africa
Africa- Joan
Co-Creators- Asia Trip #1
Co-Creators- Asia Trip #2
Co-Creators- Cambodia
Co-Creators- Former USSR, Eastern Europe, Balkans
Co-Creators- Indonesia
Co-Creators- Japan

Box 8 [Acc. 2016-035]
Co-Creators- Korea
Co-Creators- Latin America
Co-Creators- Malaysia
Co-Creators- Middle East
Co-Creators- Multivarious
Co-Creators- North
Co-Creators- Philippines
Co-Creators- Thailand
Co-Creators- Contacts
Co-Creators Table
Contact Groups
International Convening Event: India, 2002 (29 November - 3 December)
Convening Event
International Convening Event [2 folders]
Convening Event Support Materials
Convening Event: Correspondence on Invitations

Box 9 [Acc. 2016-035]
Correspondence / Advisors
Correspondence: Africa
Correspondence: Heads of State
Correspondence: India
Correspondence: General Kermit Johnson
Correspondence: Nonviolence, 2002; 2007 (August)
Directors Team
Fundraising Events, 2004
Fundraising Events, 2005
Fundraising Events, 2006
Fundraising Events, 2008
Fundraising Events, miscellaneous dates
Peace Bonds
Feasibility Study [2 folders]

Box 10 [Acc. 2016-035]
Gracefield, Quebec: International Interim Steering Committee, 2002 (15-18 March)
International Governing Council: Mexico, 2004 (July)
Advocate Team Retreat, 2007 (9-11 March)
International Governance Council Meeting: Barcelona, 2009
Directors Meeting, 2013 (24 February - 2 March)
Interim Steering Committee Minutes, 2001 (January-July)
International Steering Committee Minutes, 2002 (March)
International Convening Event Minutes, 2002 (November-December)
International Governing Council Minutes, 2003 (March)
International Governance Committee Minutes, 2004 (July)
Acta del Comité Internacional de Gobierno, 2004 (July)

Box 11 [Acc. 2016-035]
Staff Meeting Minutes, 2000-2005
Final Report (for Grant Number USIP- 015-00S) to the United States Institute of Peace, 2001 (September) [2 folders]
Convening Event: India, 2002 [2 folders]
Nonviolent Peaceforce- USA Board Minutes, 2001-2002
Nonviolent Peaceforce- USA Board Minutes, 2003-2005

Box 12 [Acc. 2016-035]
Executive Committee Minutes, 2003
Executive Committee Minutes, 2003-2004
Acta del Comité Ejecutivo, 2003
Executive Committee Minutes, 2004
Acta del Comité Ejecutivo, 2004
Co-Chairs Minutes, 2003-2004
International Governance Committee Meeting: Mexico, 2004
Sri Lanka Project Review, 2005 (May)
Board of Advocates, 2005
International Governing Council Meeting: Guatemala, 2005 (22-27 August)

Box 13 [Acc. 2016-035]
International Governing Council Minutes, 2005
Executive Committee Minutes, 2005
Co-Chairs Minutes, 2005
International Governing Council Minutes, 2006
Executive Committee Minutes, 2006 [2 folders]
Co-Chairs Minutes, 2006
Executive Committee Minutes, 2007
Highlights (articles, letters, flyers), 2007 [2 folders]
Highlights (articles, letters, flyers), 2008 [2 folders]

Box 14 [Acc. 2016-035]
Implementation Committee Minutes, 2006
International Governing Council Meeting: Sri Lanka, 2007 (15-18 February) [2 folders]
International Assembly: Nairobi, 2007
Strategy Committee
Biographies: Steering Committee
Chaiwat Satha-Anand
Peaceforce Strategy I: David’s Reflections / Questions
Nonviolent Peaceforce Strategy: David Hartsough Concerns / S2
Future of the Nonviolent Peaceforce by David Hartsough
Strategy: Conflict Areas
Peaceforce Strategy
Peaceforce Strategy I: Strategy Input from Europe
Peaceforce Strategy I: David Grant
Peaceforce Strategy I: Rolf Carriere
Peaceforce Strategy I: Tim Wallis

Box 15 [Acc. 2016-035]
September 11 Strategy
Peaceforce Strategy I: George Lakey
Peaceforce Strategy I: Hans Sinn
Peaceforce Strategy II: Strategy Feedback by senders last name (A-Z)
Peaceforce Strategy II: Responses to Key Questions by senders last name (A-Z)
Tim Wallis
Tim Wallis- Peaceworkers UK Conference, 2001 (November)
Nominating Committee: International Steering Committee
Steering Committee Nominations
Strategy- older
Steering Committee, 2000
Steering Committee, 2001

Box 16 [Acc. 2016-035]
Nonviolent Peaceforce Strategy: Lederach
Peaceforce Strategy II: Drafts- Management, Planning
Peaceforce: Uniform
Miscellaneous Strategy Correspondence [2 folders]
Structure Committee
Training Sub-Committee [2 folders]
Training: Evaluations

Box 17 [Acc. 2016-035]
Ecuador Training, 2007
Potential Trainers
Training / Trainers
Training Pamphlets
Trips: Africa (David Grant)
Asia Trip Reports
Asia Trips, 2001
Asia Trip
Trip Reports: USIP
Rabia and Elias

Box 18 [Acc. 2016-035]
International Nonviolent Peacemaking
Peace Collection Correspondence
Nonviolent Peaceforce Members photos
Convening Event: India, 2002 / 2nd Convening Event: Kenya, 2007 photos
Jan Passion in Arafat, Palestine photo
Team Philippines photos
Guatemala photos
Sri Lanka Team photos
Team Training photos
European Member Organization photo
Team Southern Sudan photos
Mel Duncan, Rolf Carriere, UN General Assembly District President photo, 2009 (January)
Youth Program
Youth Conference
Executive Committee Meeting, 2006 (May)
Ottawa: International Steering Committee
Religious Outreach Committee Meetings
Nonviolent Peaceforce Philippines: Staff Retreat, 2009 (July)
Minnesota Office
Media Ideas
Church Statements
Rapid Response Network
National Press Club Information: Alessandros’ Strategy Papers; Engaging Nonviolent    Peaceforce Supporters Notes

Box 19 [Acc. 2016-035]
Newspaper Articles
Press, Minnesota
Copy for Articles Miscellaneous
Pamphlets / Promotions
Annual Reports, 2001-2007
Annual Reports, 2008-2015
The European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights- Grant Application Form
Global Employee Handbook
One Year of Nonviolent Peaceforce: Organizational Review

Box 20 [Acc. 2016-035]
Peaceworkers Board Meeting Minutes
International Governance Committee Minutes: Mexico, 2004 (2-5 July)
IGC [International Governing Council / Governance Committee]
Peaceforce Brochure
Every Donor Meetings
Major Gifts
Funding / Fundraising
Miscellaneous Finances / Budget

Box 21 [Acc. 2016-035]
Fundraising Strategy, 2013
Communications- Lemke Anderson
Presentation Outlines
Storybook v2.0, 2008 (May)
Talking Points: Rajiv Tour
Work a Day for Peace, 2004
Founders Circle
Reviews of SC1- Assessment and Training
Peace Bonds
House Party
Sri Lanka Insight Trip, 2005
Money Policies
India Insite Trip, 2006
Advocate Team Retreat, 2008 (February)
Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping Training Guidebook
Core Training Curriculum: Draft Version
Core Training Reading Packet
UN- Canada Mission

Box 22 [Acc. 2016-035]
One-Day Nonviolent Conflict Intervention Training / Nonviolent Peaceforce Donor – Advocate Retreat: Georgia, 2008 (17 February)
Unarmed Civilian Training
International Model Proposal for Unarmed Civilian Peace Keeping, 2004 (April)
Peacekeeper Training [2 folders]
UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Framework Agreement
UN: Sexual Violence in Conflict
UN: Proposal to Counter Sexual Conflict
UN: Strategy Planning
UN Briefing, 2008 (June)
U.C.P. (Unarmed Civilian Protection)

Box 23 [Acc. 2016-035]
UNFIP (United Nations Fund for International Partnerships) / Training and Capacity
UN Department of Public Information Application
ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council) Application
Events / Workshops
Structure / By-Laws
International Steering Committee
List of Endorsers
Endorsement Correspondence

Box 24 [Acc. 2016-035]
Colombia / Ecuador
Guatemala Exploratory Trip
Guatemala Proposal
Israel / Palestine Proposal
Israel Palestine Exploratory Trip
NW Tour- Bob Fitch
Events, 2005
Ellsberg Event, 2004 (April)
Friends House
Euro Fundraising
Major Donor Visit Materials
Endorsements Final

Box 25 [Acc. 2016-035]
Fundraising, 2001
Fundraising: Letters
Peaceforce Grant Proposal- Template
Fundraising: Major Donor Foundation
Fundraising: Professionals
GPPAC (Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict)
Global Peace Service Conference (18-20 November)
GPS (Global Peace Service) Documents
GPS (Global Peace Service) Affiliates Letters
Global Peace Service
Nonviolent Peaceforce History

Box 26 [Acc. 2016-035]
Nonviolent Peaceforce History
Peaceforce Proposal- Drafts, 2000 (May)
International Governing Council
IGC: Cuernavaca, 2004
IGC Members
IGC Meeting Minutes
IGC Nominating Information, 2002
IGC Notes
Unarmed Peacekeeping: Large Scale
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Structure / Proposal

Box 27 [Acc. 2016-035]
Structure Proposal Correspondence
Peaceworkers: Europe, 1994
Peaceworkers History: Nonviolent Peacemakers Teams Articles
German Peace Corps (GPS), 1990s
Hague Appeal for Peace Conference, 1999 [2 folders]
David Grant Email, 1998 (December)
Nonviolent Peaceforce
David Hartsough Articles
Roth- Leadership Education
Kosova, 1999 (February)

Box 28 [Acc. 2016-035]
Peaceworkers History: Peace Team Consultation, Washington, D.C.
INPMT: Background Goon Information
Peaceworkers History
Global Nonviolent Peaceforce Research Review Seminar, 2001
Peaceworkers History: Working Group
History File IPT
Board of Advocates, 2005
Fund Appeal and Newsletter, 1997
Fund Letter and Brochure, 1997 (December)
Peaceworkers: Funding Proposal
Interns / Volunteers
General Press Duplicates
Fundraising History, 1995 (November)
Fundraising Letters, 1994
Fundraising Letters: $5,500 raised, 1994 (December)
Fundraising [2 folders]
Fundraising Letter, 1993 (15 December)
Funding Mailing, 1995 (May)
Samuel Rubin Foundation

Box 29 [Acc. 2016-035]
Winston Foundation
Friends Peace Teams Copies- David Hartsough: Co-Founder
Nonviolent Peaceforce
Nonviolent Peaceforce Staff Calls and Reports
Staff Reports
Field Team Members
Old Proposals
Working Group: Nick Mele Correspondence
Working Group: Korea
Working Group: Tibet
South Caucasus
Working Group: Israel / Palestine
Sri Lanka Recruits
Working Group Proposal

Box 30 [Acc. 2016-035]
Sri Lanka [4 folders]
Evaluation of Nonviolent Peaceforce’s Project in Sri Lanka Report
Sri Lanka: Final Project Evaluation Report, 2009 (31 October)
NPSL (Nonviolent Peaceforce Sri Lanka) Registration
NPSL: Review Workshop, 2005
NPSL Security
NPSL: Wanni
NPSL: Evaluation, 2008
Satellite Offices and Sri Lanka, 2004
Sri Lanka Exploratory Team
NPSL: Protection Needs, 2009

Box 31 [Acc. 2016-035]
IGC Barcelona
Philippines [4 folders]
NPP (Nonviolent Peaceforce Philippines): Agreement on the Civilian Protection Component
NPP (Nonviolent Peaceforce Philippines): Trip Notes, 2008 (September)
NPP (Nonviolent Peaceforce Philippines)
South Sudan
Sudan [3 folders]
USIP Proposal: Sudan

Box 32 [Acc. 2016-035]
Guatemala: Exploration for Pilot Project
Working Group: Burma
NPG (Nonviolent Peaceforce Guatemala) Evaluation, 2008
Nonviolent Peaceforce Guatemala, 2003
Nonviolent Peaceforce Guatemala, 2007-2008
Implementation Committee
Implementation Committee, 2002 (October)
International Steering Committee Conference Calls, 2001 (November)
International Steering Committee Conference Calls and Urgent, 2001 (September / Fall)
International Steering Committee Conference Calls, 2001 (April-July)
Large Scale

Box 33 [Acc. 2016-035]
San Francisco - Bay Area Support Group
Bay Area: Bank
Old Newsletters and Brochures
Media: Old List, etc., 1993
Release Re: Nonviolent Peaceforce / Short Articles
Media: Resources, Contacts, Training
Media: Old
Media: Letters to Editor
Pilot Project Priorities
Pilot Projects, 2002 (August)
Sri Lanka and Nonviolent Peaceforce [2 folders]

Box 34 [Acc. 2016-035]
Member Organizations Brochure / Information
Academic Associates Peaceworks
Organization: Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Bund Fur Soziale Verteidigung
Center for Nonviolent Communication
International Peace Bureau
ISM (International Solidarity Movement)
Karuna Center
Michigan Peace Team
Partners for Democratic Change
Pax Christi International
Peace Boat
Peaceful Tomorrows
The Peace Foundation
Peaceworkers Bound- older, 2007-
Tikkun Community
Training for Change
Women in Black
WOPD (Women Organization Peace and Development)
Women Peacemakers
Member Organizations Welcome Packet Documents
Member Organizations: No

Member Organizations Confirmed Information / Correspondence

Box 35 [Acc. 2016-035]
Yes! Youth for Environmental Sanity
Potential Collaborating Organizations and Individuals
Member Organizations and Member Organizations’ Pamphlets
Asia: Rajiv Vora, India
Latin America Office
Yugoslavia: We Share One Peace
Yugoslavia: Old Peace Teams, 1996 (November)
Yugoslavia: Next Steps, 1993 (September)

Box 36 [Acc. 2016-035]
Yugoslavia: David Hartsough Correspondence, 1996
Yugoslavia: David Hartsough, 1990 (October)
Kosovo: Post Milosevic
Yugoslavia, 1995
Croatia and Bosnia Accompaniment, 1997 (July)
Croatia and Bosnia Funding Proposals- Tauber Osijck [sp?], 1999
Kosovo: Training Manual
Idea / Proposal for Peace in Kosovo [2 folders]
Kosova Students: WWW Page

Kosova, 1996
Kosova News clippings, Arrests, etc., 1998 (March)

Box 37 [Acc. 2016-035]
Kosova News clippings, Arrests, etc., 1998 (March)
Kosova Support Group: West Coast / Bay Area, 1998
Kosovo: Fotos (1 October)
Request for P.T. from Kosova
Trip Reports, 1998 (March)
Kosovo-Boston Trip
Kosova: Students (1 October)
The Advocacy Project
Kosova: ERN
Kosova: Volunteers Information
Daily Reports from Kosova
Kosova Nonviolent Conference, 1998
Reports / Media, 1998 (April)
Kosova: Correspondence

Kosova Accompaniment Proposal, 1996
Kosovo: Letter to Editor, 1997 (December)
Yugoslavia Articles
Kosova: Nonviolent Trainers / Resource People
Kosovo: good background information
Win - Win Proposal
Kosova Nonviolent Movement
Kosova Trip, 1999

Box 38 [Acc. 2016-035]
Kosovo: Key Articles, 1998
Kosova, 1998
Kosova, 1999
Yugoslavia: Carrot Proposal, 1999 (April)
Kosova, 1998 (August)
Macedonia Training (July)
Yugoslavia: David Hartsough Speech, 1996 (December) – 1998
Students Packet
Institute for New Leadership
Kosovo Prison Support Letters, 1998 (March)

Philadelphia Area Chapter
Staff Calls / Reports
Sri Lanka: Proposal
Requests for Peaceforce, 2001 (August)

Box 39 [Acc. 2016-035]
Requests for Peaceforce, 2001 (August)
Rapid Response
Rapid Response Corps
RR (Rapid Response): Speed Up Decision-Making
Rapid Response Committee

Rapid Response Committee
Rapid Response Corps
Peaceforce Books / Resources
Key Documents: Job Description, etc.
Jan Passion

Box 40 [Acc. 2016-035]
Commonway (Sharif Abdullah)
Project Development / New Projects
Peaceforce Research
Program Committee
Media: Articles about Peaceforce
Media: Good Articles
Media: Resources and Contacts
Media: Websites to link and use
Peaceforce: Papers
David Hartsough Talk

David Hartsough Talk [2 folders]
Speeches, 1999 (August)
David Hartsough Speech
Speech, 2001
Speech Archive

Box 41 [Acc. 2016-035]
Mel Duncan’s Miscellaneous Notes [6 folders]

Box 42 [Acc. 2016-035]
Mel Duncan’s Miscellaneous Notes [6 folders]

Box 43 [Acc. 2016-035]
Mel Duncan’s Miscellaneous Notes [6 folders]

Box 44 [Acc. 2016-035]
Mel Duncan’s Miscellaneous Notes [6 folders]

Box 45 [Acc. 2016-035]
Mel Duncan’s Miscellaneous Notes [5 folders]

Box 46 [Acc. 2016-035]
Mel Duncan’s Miscellaneous Notes [6 folders]

Box 47 [from SCPC Collected Document Group files]
Purpose; staff/officers/Board
Material, 2000
Material, 2001
Feasibility study, 2001
Feasibility study, 2001 (cont.)
Material, 2002
Material, 2003
"Sri Lanka Peacekeeping Pilot Project" grant proposal, 2003
Material, 2004
Efforts, 2005-2006
Efforts, 2007-2009
Efforts, 2010-
Affinity group manual (1st draft), n.d.
reference material: "Building Nonviolent Intercultural Peace Teams" paper by Jan Passion, 2000
Philadelphia area chapter, 2001-2003
Philadelphia area chapter, 2004

Box 48 [Acc. 2017-029]
Media: Articles about Peaceforce
Internal documents, correspondence
Newsletter, 2001-2013
Hartsough-Duncan Founders Circle
Annual Reports, 2001-2011

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