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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these records.
Washington Peace Center

Washington Peace Center Records
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DG 252

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The Washington Peace Center was formed in 1963 upon the dissolution of the Peace Action Center of Washington, D.C. The organization seeks to educate the public on peace issues through youth programs, conscientious objector/draft counseling, film screenings, speakers, workshops on peace topics, discussions, and the publication of a newsletter. Its mission statement as of 2013 includes : "The Washington Peace Center is an anti-racist, grassroots, multi-issue organization working for peace, justice, and nonviolent social change in the metropolitan Washington DC area."

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Gift of Washington Peace Center, 2013 [Acc. 2013-044], [Acc. 2013-061]
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This collection remains unprocessed and in the order in which it was donated.
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Historical Background
The Washington Peace Center was formed in November 1963 upon the dissolution of the Peace Action Center of Washington, D.C. Many of the same programs were taken over by the newly-formed Washington Peace Center, a non-profit organization housed (until 1997) in the Florida Avenue Quaker meetinghouse in Washington D.C. The first Executive Director was Gelston MacNeil, a Quaker pacifist and activist. The WPC worked in cooperation with the American Friends Service Committee. The organization seeks to educate the public on peace issues through youth programs, conscientious objector/draft counseling, film screenings, speakers, workshops on peace topics, discussions, and the publication of a newsletter. Its mission statement as of 2013 includes : "The Washington Peace Center is an anti-racist, grassroots, multi-issue organization working for peace, justice, and nonviolent social change in the metropolitan Washington DC area."

Collection Overview

The collection includes materials on a wide variety of peace and social justice issues. Includes reports, correspondence, administrative files, financial records, flyers, typescripts, minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings, periodicals, publicity materials, reference files, photographs, posters, and audio visual items.

Items removed:
Audio Visual items

Arrangement of Collection
This collection remains in the order in which it was donated

Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 2013-044
Acc. 2013-061
Acc. 2014-019

Box 1of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Articles and Information
Correspondence re:Police Miscon
Middle East
Ken's Grant
Current Sign-up Sheets
Persian Gulf War: Costs of the War/Who Pays
Persian Gulf War: Resistance Within Military/Sanctuary/C.O.
Persian Gulf War: History of U.S. Intervention in Region
Bush on the War (Justifications, Goals, etc.)
Peace Talks, Summits, Proposals
War: U.S. Energy Policies
Persian Gulf War: Harassment of of Arab-Americans and Anti-War Movement
War: U.S. Energy Policies Oil
War: Opinions/Polls
Contacts and Addresses
Marcia (1982)
Nat Campaign
High School Outreach

Box 2 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
SOA Watch
Science for Democratic Action
NY Voices for Peace and Social Justice Peace News Letter
National Coalition for Peace and Justice
Bring it Home WBF/IMF Outreach
Coalition for Housing Justice 2000
Political Affairs
Psychologists for Social Responsibility
War Times
Washington Notes on Africa
Miscellaneous Items
September 11th Washington Peace Center Statement and Action
Miscellaneous Items
Media Resources

Box 3 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Miscellaneous Items
Bright Morning Star
Oppressed People
Program Copy

Box 3 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Miscellaneous Items
A.C.E. 1950 Manuals
Brochure Graphics
Summer Tand R Staff 1972
Miscellaneous Files
SCII 1978
20th Anniversary (October 1983)
Washington Peace Center Newsletter
For Peace Letter Article: Mikey Weinstein

Box 5 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
January 1994

Box 6 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Just Peace Works
Organic Consumers Association
CFC 2003
National Archives
UFPJ Conference
Congressional Youth Leadership Council
Darfur 2005
Vigils, Actions, Etc.
IVAW- Iraq Veterans Against War/Answer
Magazines, Advertisements, Pamphlets
Witness for Justice
United for a Fair Economy
Faces of the Fallen
September 2005/Actions
Lacy Macauley
Washington Peace Center Miscellaneous1994-1999

Box 7 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Sherry Glaser
Gray Panthers
1982 Guide to Demonstrating DC
FCNL Friends Commitee on National Legislation
Carol Moore
Center Recruitment
DC Demonstration Rules January 17, 2002
High School Outreach
Activist Alert
PL Distributor
Critical Mass
Little Friends for Peace
Serbian Nationalist Demo vs. Croatia: Stop Torturing Orthodox People! August 5, 2007
ADC Info
Religious Activism
Stop Loss Congress
Anti-Torture Material
Art of Living
Co-op America
Tower Guard Vigil August 25-September , 2007
Longest Walk July 11-12, 2008
DC Asians for Peace and Justice
Citizens Watch Funding February 4, 2005

Box 8 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Park Watch
Legal Comm.-Names
David Bates
Military Family Support Network
Meeting Agendas
Tax Resistance
Co-op Contemporary Afffairs Test for College Studies
WRL Scrapbook
Annual Report Tips
Youth Dialogue: Juvenile Justice, Racism, Strategies June 6, 2001
WTO: 2003
Spirit House Fiscal Sponsor
Reunited Intervention
Ladyfest DC 2001
April 20 Mobilization (Fiscal)
UMD Graduate Peace Form
Justice Action Movement January 2001
DC Women in Black
Jose Brito Ribeiro 1997
Network Solutions
E Base
Cesar Chavez High School

Box 9 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Happy X-Mas
Other Organization Statements
Mid East Clippings September 1988
Phone Numbers
Coordinating Commitee
Volunteer Task
Peace Park-Pres
February 24 Original Statements of Witnesses
M.E. Coalition Contacts

Box 10 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Phone Packets
Student Organizing
Coalition Literature
Canada Peace Letter
Type Setting
Police Monitoring
Police Harassment
Media Committee
Bridge the Gulf Committee
Materials Commtitee
Legal Committee
Education Committee
Outreach Committee
Middle East Communication
Hospitality/January 26
Central America

Box 11 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
DC Aportion Fund (DCAF)
DC Anti-Terrorism Legislation
DC Organizations
Demonstration Rules
Youth and Militarism
About the Center Overview of the Washington Peace Center
Afghanistan Articles/Sheets
Press Kit
Teach In September 20th, 2001
Peoples Property Campaign
Cesar Chazev Military Program
Rainforest Action Network
Peoples Property Campaign
Washington Peace Center Outlines
Other People's Propoganda
Police Brutality
Log. Briefing
DC High Schools
Blue Dog Coalition 2007
Rep. Earl Blunenous, OR, 2007
Press Alerts
Rep. Peter Welch, VT, 2007
Anti-War Literature
Congressional Progressive Caucus 2007
Nuclear Weapons Notes
Army Recruitment Info
DC Justice and Solidarity Collective
Covert Action
Casa de Maryland
The Foundation Center

Box 12 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Harper's: Cheney's Song
IMC Brochures
IMC Staffing
Info Requests
Rally 4 Peace
Orientation Materials
CFC Campaign
Julia Tell/Film Project
Youth for Democrats Fiscal and Positive Change
Mobilization for Global Justice
U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (Palestine!)
Iraq Legality Internal Report
Associates in Community Psych. (Fiscal)
Permit Applications
Board Meeting October 1999
Cesar Chavez Public Policy Fellowship
Contribution to Death/Taxes
DG National Guard Letter
One DC
Fleming Center
MLK: Beyond Vietnam
Muslim Voices
Noam Chomsky Event
No War on Cuba
AFSC American Friends Service Committee
SWARM on Congress - Tina Richards
Vets for Peace
The Leadership Program

Box 13 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Chris Lotz 2007 Summer
Jay Marx
Washington Peace Center Activist Guide 2005
September 27, 2005 Work Sheets
Refugee Issues
Speaker Series
Website Links
Lease 1998
Organization Policies and Procedures
Washington Peace Center Board Members Agreement
Press Contacts
Friends of the Peace Center
CFC 2003
Miscellaneous Reciepts
1987 Annual Report Issue
Board Meetings
Board Stuff 1995
June 25, 1995 Board Meeting
Board Meeting October 18, 2000
Board Meeting August 14, 2000
Ramona's Way - OSN
Toward a World Without Violence LR Smith (Fiscal)
Fammed Animal Welfare - Europe
Gulf War Lists
Prospect Names
March 13, 2000 Monday Board Meeting
April 10, 2000 Monday Board Meeting
June 12, 2000 Board Meeting
July 10, 2000 Board Meeting

August 7, 2000 Board Meeting
1994 Board Minutes

Box 14 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Co-Op English Form
Court Case
FBI Files
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-Sub C-39
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-1A-9A
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-13
Washington Peace Center File Unknown
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-Sub C-26
Washington Peace Center Unknown File
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-1B
Washington Peace Center 62-107350

Box 15 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-1A
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-1A-90
Washington Peace Center 100-43152
Washington Peace Center
Unknown File
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-1A-9A
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-1A-67

Box 16 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-1A
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-10
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-1A 51
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-233
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-1A-1
Washington Peace Center 100-43152-224
Washington Peace Center Unknown File

Box 17 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
20th Anniversary
Banquet Tickets
Need Tickets Sent
Meeting Attendance
Miscellaneous Items
Stuff of Other Groups for Swarthmore
Miscellaneous Files

Box 18 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Administrative and Financial Information
Pendle Hill
May 21, 2000 Board Developmet Meetings
Board Meeting December 11, 2000
Summer of Resistance 2006 Evaluations
1985 Washington Peace Center Coordinators Description and Application Host Letter
Sign-up Forms
Student Nominations
Fax Cover Sheets
Washington Peace Center Operating Instructions
Workplan July 2003
Coordinating Job Description
Winning Ways

Box 19 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Nuts and Bolts
1993 Project Change
Youth LeadershipSupport Network
WPF Policy Manual
Phone Stuff

Sound System
Equipment Loans (Blank)
Equipment Loans (Receipts)

Peace Talks Volunteers
Intro Letter
National Mobilization to End the Sanctions on Iraq August 6, 2000
Graphics: Issues and Themes Part 1
Graphics: Issues and Themes Part 2
Graphics: Issues and Themes Part 3

Box 20 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Advertisements in Peace Letter
Graphics: Issues and Themes Part 4
Miscellaneous Image Items
Miscellaneous Items
War and Peace Part 1
War and Peace Part 2
War and Peace Part 3

Box 21 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
[Roledex card file]

Box 22 of 22 [Acc. 2013-044]
Newspaper Clippingss
Annual Reports
Promotional Materials

Acc. 2013-061
Box 1 (of 1)
Washington Peace Center correspondence, miscellaneous
Washington Peace Center relationship with Friends Meeting Washington
Resumes and applications
"How to be a Peace Center Volunteer" [manual]
Washington Peace Center literature, miscellaneous
Washington Peace Center annual reports, 1988-2009
Washington Peace Center anniversary celebrations, 1983-2013
Washington Peace Center event notices
Washington Peace Center awards, 2005-2012
Washington Peace Center fundraising efforts, 1970s-1980s [2 folders]
Reference files [3 folders]
Washington Peace Center 50th anniversary oral histories [DVD in SCPC AV collection]
Oral history 1980s, Latin America, solidarity movements [CD in SCPC AV collection]

Acc. 2014-019
Washington Peace Center Annual Reports, 1987-1994; miscellaneous brochures and literature
Washington Peace Center, miscellaneous files, 1970-2013
Washington Peace Center, newspaper clippings, 1966-1995

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