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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Atlanta Sanctuary Committee
Atlanta Sanctuary Committee Records
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DG 180

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The Atlanta Sanctuary Committee began in 1985 under the care of the Social Concerns Committee of the Atlanta Friends Meeting. The organization soon included representatives from other religious communities and provided information about the sanctuary movement and sanctuary of Central American refugees, escaping the civil wars in that area of the world.

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Gift of Frank Cummings, 1998 [Acc. 98A-005]; 2001 [Acc. 01A-038]; 2003 [Acc.03A-062]; Atlanta Monthly Friends Meeting 1995 [Acc. 95A-020]
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Unprocessed ; this finding aid created by Wendy E. Chmielewski, July 2009.
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Historical Background
The Atlanta Sanctuary Committee began in 1985 under the care of the Social Concerns Committee of the Atlanta Friends Meeting. The organization soon included representatives from other religious communities and provided information about the sanctuary movement and sanctuary of Central American refugees, escaping the civil wars in that area of the world.

Collection Overview
Includes correspondence, reports, newsletters, flyers, reference files

Items removed:
1 audio cassette tape "Sanctuary- Stories and Issues"

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated. The boxes are arranged by each accession.

Acc. 95A-020
Acc. 98A-005
Acc. 01A-038

Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 95A-020
Box 1
Meeting/Declaration and Endorsements
Letters to AJIC
Meeting/Sanctuary Committee agendas and letters
Atlanta/Miscellaneous Events/Conferences
Atlanta/Rigoberta Menchu visit- 1988 October
Atlanta/Rudolfo Robles 1989 November
Atlanta/Seeds of Hope series 1990 (January-February)
Atlanta/Valenzuela 1993 (March)
El Sito correspondence and material
Visit of El Sito pair 1994 (October)
Trip Reports

Box 2
Atlanta- Letters to Cummings from Congress
Atlanta/ Cummings Letters to Congress
Alliance of Sanctuary Committees Steering Committee 1991 (October)
Arizona Sanctuary Trial
National Sanctuary Issues
National Meeting
Sanctuary: Newsletters
Atlanta: Atlantas in Central America

Box 3
Letters from Central America
Sanctuary/Background Materials
Atlanta/Carter Center
Atlanta/Atlanta Medical Aid to Central America (AMACA)
Atlanta/Atlanta Network for Central America
Atlanta/Pledge of Resistance
Region/Articles, Letters and Meetings
U.S. Groups/ Jubilee Partners
U.S. Sanctuary Groups/ San Diego
U.S. Groups/Su Casa/Chicago
U.S. Sanctuary Groups/ Philadelphia
U.S. Sanctuary Groups/St. Louis
U.S. Sanctuary Groups/ El Refugio
U.S. Sanctuary and related groups
U.S. Groups/ Overground Railroad

Box 4
N: Cantera
Quest for Peace
Nicaragua Network
Wisconsin Coordinating Committee
Projects: Mexico
U.S.: Texas Border
El Salvador/ Comadres
U.S. Groups/ School of America Watch
U.S. Groups/ Peace Brigades International (PBI)/ U.S.A.
U.S. Groups/ Central America Working Group
Central America/ Health Groups
Central America/PVOs/Oxfam
Pastors for Peace
Central America Macroanalysis Seminar
Seeking Safe Haven: A Congregational Guide to Helping Central American Refugees in the U.S.
Conflict in Central America: Where is Guatemala and What is Quetzal?

Box 5
Toward Understanding Central America
Sanctuary Information Packet- Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Sanctuary: Europe
Canada/ Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC)
Canada/ Refugee Update
Guatemala: December 1989 Meeting
Guatemala: Phillips-Van Heusen Campaign
Guatemala: National Coordinating Office on Refugees and Displaced of Guatemala (NCOORD)
Guatemala: U.S. Groups
Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA)
Guatemala: Legislative Updates
Guatemala: Jennifer Harburg
Peace for Guatemala
Guatemala Human Rights Commission (GHRC)
500 Year Resources

Box 6
Atanasio Tzul
Comite de Unidad Campesina Guatemala
Guatemala: Campaign for Peace and Life
El Salvador: Voices on the Border
Guatemala: Justicia and Paz
El Salvador: Groups
El Salvador/ PVOs/ Project Salvador
El Salvador: Going Home
El Salvador: Comunidades Eclesiales de Base
Central America/ U.S. Groups/ Salvadoran Refugee Committee, D.C.
Guatemala Scholars Network
El Salvador/ U.S. Groups/ CRISPAZ (Christians for Peace in El Salvador)
Resource Center Bulletin
Guatemala: National Meeting 1993 (July)
Guatemala: Torture Conference 1992 (November)
Guatemala: National Meeting 1990 (June)

Other boxes contain misc. pamphlets and booklets

Acc. 98A-005
Box 1
I.A. Visit of Sandra Moran of Guatemala
I.A. Visit of Juan Leon of Guatemala, 1996
I.A. 10 th Anniversary Celebration, 1995
I.A. Miscellaneous speakers, 1997
I.A. Atlanta Sanctuary associated events and letters, 1995-1997
I.A. Letters to newspapers and companies, 1995-1997
I.A. El Sitio correspondence and reports, 1995-1997
I.A. Other reports and proposals, 1995-1997
I.A. Trip reports, 1995-1997
I.A. Letters to public officials in Untied States of America and Guatemala, 1995 and 1997
I.A. Letters from public officials, 1995-1997
I.C. Atlanta Network for Latin America, May 1994-April 1996
I.C. Nostros, June 1996-January 1997
I.C. Doctors for Global Health
I.C. La Solidaridad
I.C. Schools of America Watch (SOA), Georgia
I.C. Letters from long term people in Central America: Brian Pierce, Heather Dean, Patty Lawles
I.D. Interconnect, January1995-November 1997
I.E. Chicago Metropolitan Sanctuary Covenant, 1995-1997
I.E. East Bay Sanctuary Committee, Exodus and letters, 1995-1997
I.E. San Francisco Jewish Sanctuary Coalition
I.D. Philadelphia Area Alliance for Central America / Romero Interfaith Center, “Committeeunity” and letters, 1995-1997
I.E. Jesuit refugee service / Canada, “Refugee Update”, #20-31
I.E. Miscellaneous US Groups: Kairos, Casa Rutilio Grande, ST. Louis Interfaith Committee on Latin America, Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean
II.A. Committee for Health Rights in the Americas (CHIRCA)
II.A. Latin America Working Group (LALWG): Legislative Update, 1995-1997
II.A. Pastors for Peace / The Interreligious Foundation for Committeeunity Organization (IFCO)
II.A School of the Americas Watch
II.B. Cantera, Capacitar, Center for Development in Central America
II.B. Quest for Peace, letters and “Quest for Peace News”
II.B. Nicaragua Network Education Fund
Box 2 [Acc. 98A-005]
II.B. Nicaragua Committeeunity Development Loan Fund
II.B. Groups in Nicaragua: University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (URACCAN), Pro-Nica, Council of Evangelical Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD)
II.C. Refugio del Rio Grande
II.D. The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
II.D. Companion Committeeunity Development Alternatives (CoCo)
II.D. Project Salvador, materials and “Project Salvador Update”
II.D. Christians for Peace in El Salvador (CRISPAZ)
II.D. Fundacion Nacional para el Desarrollo (FUNDE), brochure and “Alternative para el Desarrollo”, #22-32
II.D. SHARE Foundation
II.D. Voices on the Border
El Salvador groups, CONTA
II.D. Groups in El Salvador: Comité de Reconstrucción y Desarrollo Económico-Social de las Comunidades de Suchitoto-Cuscatlán (CRC), Centro Español de Derochos Reprográficos (CEDRO), La Corporacion de Proyectos Comunales de el Salvador (PROCOMES)
II.E. Amnesty International: Guatemala campaign
II.E. Campaign for Peace and Life
II.E. Coalition Missing including Diana Ortiz fast
II.E. Foundation for Human Rights in Guatemala
II.E. Guatemala Human Rights Committeeission / United States of America
II.E. Guatemala News and Information Bureau
II.E. Guatemala Support Network
II. E. Guatemala Partners
II.E. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Medicines for Guatemala
II.E. Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA)
II.E. National Coordinating Office on Refugees and Displaced of Guatemala (NCOORD)
II.E. Jennifer Harbury campaign
II.E. Guatemalan groups
II.E. US / Guatemala Labor Education Project
II.F. Guatemala Solidarity Conference, June 1997
III. Cerigua (4 reports)
V. Campaign for Labor Rights
V. Committee for Health Rights in the Americas (CHIRCA) News
V. Companion Committeeunity Development Alternatives (CoCo)
V. Guatemala Human Rights Update, no.1, 1995-no.23, 1997
I.A. Atlanta Sanctuary Committee notice and letter, 1995-1997
Central America NewsPak
V. Guatemala Scholars Network News, February 1995-November 1997
V. El Salvador Watch, no. 56-no. 64
V. National Coordinating Office on Refugees and Displaced of Guatemala (NCOORD) Newsletter, Vol. III, no. 1-Vol. VI, no. 1
V. Resource Center Bulletin, Issues no. 34-no. 48
V. Reunion, Vol. 1, no. 7-Vol. 4, no. 1
V. Salvanet, February 1995-December 1997
V. Solidarios, no. 31 (Spanish)
V. Solidarity Update, January 2, 1995-December 1997
VI. Mexico / United States of America Border Reports (3)
VII. A. General (3)
VII. B.1. Guatemala Human Rights (5)
V.B3. Guatemala: Signing of Peace Accords, December 27, 1997
VII.C. Nicaragua (2)

Acc. 01A-038
Box 1 [Acc. 01A-038]
I.A. Sanctuary Movement: Atlanta/Sanctuary
--Atlanta Sanctuary Committee Notices
--Atlanta Sanctuary Associated Events
--Visit of Justo Mendoza, October 1998
--Visit of Juana Tipaz, October 1999
--Visit of Enrique Villeda, October 2000
--Miscellaneous Speakers and Events
--El Sitio: Correspondence About
--El Sitio: Correspondence with AFM
--El Sitio: Agreements for Projects with AFM
--Trip Reports: May 1998
--Trip Reports: November-December 1998
--Trip Reports: February 2001
--Other Reports and Proposals
--Atlanta Refugee Project
--CRC Agreements
--Guatemala Maya Delegation Proposal
--Letters: to Newspapers
--Letters: to Public Officials
--Letters: From Public Officials
I.C. Sanctuary Movement: Atlanta/Central AmericaGroups
--Amnesty International Group 75
--Atlanta Network on Cuba
--Doctor’s for Global Health
--Jubilee Partners
--Miscellaneous Groups
--North America Neighborhood Assn.
--School of the Americas Watch, Georgia
I.D. Sanctuary Movement: National
--Atlanta Sanctuary Committee, Meeting Attendees
I.E. Sanctuary Movement: Local Groups
--Chicago Metropolitan Sanctuary Alliance
--East Bay Sanctuary Committee.
--San Francisco Jewish Sanctuary Committee.
--Philadelphia Area Alliance for Central America
--Miscellaneous Groups
--Weston Priory

Box 2 [Acc. 01A-038]
II.A. Central AmericaGroups/General
--Alliance for Global Justice
--AGJ: Stitch
--AGJ: Campaign for Labor Rights
--Center for Democratic Education
--Christian Task Force on Cetrnal America
--Fellowship of Reconciliation Central America Task Force
--Hurricane Mitch
--Latin America Working Group
--National Labor Committee
--Pastors for Peace/IFCO
--Peace Brigades International
--School of the Americas Watch
--Witness for Peace
--Witness for Peace/Southeast
--Center for Development in Central America (CDCA)
--Quest for Peace
--Nicaragua Network Education Fund
--Wisconsin Coordinating Council
II.C. Central America Groups/U.S. Mexican Border
--Refugio del Rio Grande
II.D. Central America Groups/El Salvador
--El Salvador Groups
--Project Salvador
--SHARE Foundation
--Voices on the Border

Box 3 [Acc. 01A-038]
II.E. Central America Groups/Guatemala
--Campaign for Peace and Life
--Case of Portillo Family
--Case of Carmen Valenzuela
--Coalition Missing/TASSC
--Dossier Report
--Geradi Case
--Guatemala Human Rights Committeeission/USA
--Guatemala News and Information Bureau
--Guatemala Partners
--Historical Clarification Committee
--NISGUA Materials
--NISGUA Material
--Guatemala Groups
II.E. Central AmericaGroups/Guatemala Cont.
--Guatemala Groups: Myrna Mack Foundation
--US/Guatemala Labor Education Project
II.G. Central AmericaGroups/Mexico/Chiapas
--Chiapas Media Project
--Mexico Solidarity Network
III. Central America Newsletters
--Central America NewsPak:1999
--Report on Guatemala
V. Newsletters and Organizations

Box 4 [Acc. 01A-038]
VII.A, Reports: General Latin America
VII.B. Reports: El Salvador
VII.C. Reports: Guatemala

Box 5 [Acc. 01A-038]
VII.D. Reports: Nicaragua

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