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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Central American Historical Institute
Central American Historical Institute Records
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DG 174

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Materials in English and Spanish
30.5 linear feet [papers only]
Central American Historical Institute (CAHI) was established in 1982 as an independent educational and research center based at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. It was affiliated with the Instituto Historica Centroamericano, a 25 year-old documentation center of the Jesuits of Central America; worked in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. The CAHI ceased operation around 1993.

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Gift of Central American Historical Institute, 1995 [Acc. 95A-010]
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This collection is unprocessed. This finding aid was created by Wendy E. Chmielewski, August 2009.
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Historical Background
Central American Historical Institute (CAHI) was established in 1982 as an independent educational and research center based at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. It was affiliated with the Instituto Historica Centroamericano, a 25 year-old documentation center of the Jesuits of Central America; worked in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. The CAHI ceased operation around 1993.

Collection Overview
This is an unprocessed collection. It contains reference files on various Central American countries in the 1980s, especially concerning work of Jesuits in Central America; most material is about El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua; in English and Spanish.

Items removed:

Arrangement of Collection
This collection remains in the order in which it was donated

Re-File Box

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [This box is stored off-site]
Arms Transfers
Contras relations with Honduras
Israel and Central America
Nicaraugua to Salvador Opposition
to Third World, 1984 (May)
Attacks II
Contras Relations with Costa Rica and Guatamala
Defectors from
Defectors to
FDN Chronological from 1983
FDN Documents
FDN Leadership, Lists, Statements
Box 2 [This box is stored off-site]
Contra Demobilization and Transition
Historical Background
Human Rights Violations
Uno and Pro-Uno
Radio Station
Central America Military
Refugees General
CA Coming to U.S.
El Salvadorans
U.S. Visas: Ideological Exclusions
Box 3 [This box is stored off-site]
Central American Overview
U.S.: Policy on Nicaragua
U.S.-Nicaragua Negotiations
Central American Peace Accord: Official Documents and Meetings
Central American Peace Accord: General Compliance
Central American Peace Accord: U.S. Policy Debate
Central American Peace Accord: Other
Central American Peace Accord: Nicaragua Compliance
Nicaragua: Sandanista- Contra Negotiations
Arias Peace Plan
Contradora: general
Contradora: general II
Contradora: Official Documents
Box 4 [This box is stored off-site]
Contradora: Official Documents II
Economy- Central America: General
Central American Economies: 1990’s
Alternative Aid to Central America: 1990’s
Economic Reforms: Comparative
U.S. Aid
Trends to Aid in Central America: 1990’s
Multilaterals: IMF, World Bank, etc.
Structural Adjustment
Enterprise for the Americas
Latin American Debt
Latin American Demographic Center
International Statistics
Education: general
Box 5 [This box is stored off-site]
Foreign Relations: Europe and Central America
Canada- Central America
Central America – USSR
China and Latin America
Religion- Nicaragua
History- pre-1979
History (con’t)
Nicaragua: general
Nicaragua: general II
Nicaragua: Social Conditions
Hurricane Juana
Nicaragua: Government Who’s Who
Nicaragua: Constitution
Box 6 [This box is stored off-site]
Nicaragua: FSLN
Nicaragua: Laws, Government Programs, Statutes
Nicaragua: Official Articles and Speeches
Nicaragua: Council of State
Nicaragua: Military Build-up
Nicaragua: Military Build-up II
Nicaragua: Costs of the War
Nicaragua: Amnesty
Nicaragua: general, Political Parties
Nicaragua: Laws, Lists, Analyses
Mass Organization
Nicaragua: Unions
Nicaragua: Press Freedom- Analysis, Documents
Nicaragua Press: Samples, Censored Material
Box 7 [This box is stored off-site]
Nicaragua: General Economic
Nicaragua: Debts, Loans
Nicaragua: Debts, Loans II
Nicaragua: Private Sector
Nicaragua: Foreign Bi-Lateral Aid, Other
Environment and Conservation
Nicaragua: Foreign Aid with Western Europe
Nicaragua: Foreign Aid with Socialist Bloc
Nicaragua: Foreign Aid and Trade with Asia
Nicaragua: Foreign Trade
Nicaragua: Foreign Investment
Nicaragua: U.S. Trade Embargo
Nicaragua: 1984 IHCA and CAHI
Nicaragua Government and Pro-Government
Nicaragua: U.S. Organizations and Press Articles
Box 8 [This box is stored off-site]
Nicaragua: Opposition Press
Nicaragua: Election Report
Computer Conference Elections, 1990
Nicaragua: Electoral Laws, 1990
1990 Nicaraguan Elections, General
1990 Nicaraguan Election: U.S. Press Coverage
Polls: 1990 Nicaraguan Elections
Public Opinion Poll: Originals
Election Results: Results and Analysis 1990
Godoy and Right Wing, 1989-
NIC: Labor 1990’s
Popular Movements
Uno Policy, 1990’s
Box 9 [This box is stored off-site]
UNO Policy: Health
Human Rights
Property Debate: 1991-
Atlantic Coast: 1990-
U.S. Policy/ Chamorro Government
U.S. Commentary, Nicaragua, 1990
Contras/ Demobilized Recontras 1990-
Women 1990’s, Chamorro Government
Aid to Nicaragua, 1990’s
Quick References
Nicaragua: Belli, Macias
Nicaragua: Church-State (1) 1982-1985
Nicaragua: Church-State (2) 1986-date
Nicaragua: La Religion en los Periodocos Publication
Box 10 [This box is stored off-site]
Nicaragua: La Religion en los Periodocos Publication
Nicaragua: Church-State (3): Priests in Government
Nicaragua: D’Ecosto Fast and Via Cruces
Nicaragua: Expulsion of Priests
Nicaragua: Incidents Lasalle Carballo
Nicaragua: Bishops’ Statements/ Responses
Nicaragua: Bishops’ Statements/Responses II
Nicaragua: Pope
Nicaragua: Sandanista Policy
Non-Allied Movement
Nicaragua-Costa Rica, 2 nd Guatamala
Nicaragua-Latin America
Nicaragua and Socialist International
Nicaragua and 3 rd World Countries and Organizations
Nicaragua: Statements on Attacks
Nicaragua: Statements to U.S. Government and Public
U.S. Intervention
World Court: Nicaragua vs. U.S.
Box 11 [This box is stored off-site]
Honduras and Nicaragua
Nicaragua: general
Nicaragua: Laws, Practices
Nicaragua: Reports
Nicaragua: Amnesty International
Nicaragua: CPDH
Guatamala: U.N. Reports
Guatamala: GAM
Guatamala: General
Guatamala: Amnesty International
El Salvador
Human Rights, General
Nicaragua: Culture and Sports
Box 12 [This box is stored off-site]
Reagan Policy: Articles
Contra Aid Strategy: Humanitarian Aid
Reagan-Bush Contra Aid Strategy
U.S. Documents: Confidential
U.S. Reagan Policy: Kissinger Commission
Reagan Policy: Legal Aspects
Reagan Policy: News Clippings 1983
Reagan Policy on “Terrorism”
Box 13 [This box is stored off-site]
Reagan Speeches, Statements
Other Reagan Administration Speeches, Statements
Psych Ops Manual for Contras
State Department: Speeches
State Department: Miscellaneous Reports I
State Department: Miscellaneous Reports II
U.S. Government News Releases
U.S.: IRD and Responses
U.S.: Liberation Theology
Central America Working Group,1989-1990: Legislative updates, etc.
Bush Administration: Foreign Policy, general
Bush Policy- Articles
Bush Speeches, Statements
State Department: Speeches, Jan. 1990-
Box 14 [This box is stored off-site]
U.S. Funding: NED rwn
Word of God/ Cuidad de Dios
Private Aid- Specific Groups
U.S. Funding of U.S./ OAS
Inter-American Foundation
Sister Cities
Congressional Research Service
Right Perspectives, 1990’s
The Right
The Right II
Contra Supporters: Recent Activity 1991
North and Company Aid to Contras
Private Aid- General Articles
Aid: Intervention and Solidarity Groups
Miscellaneous Folder
Box 15 [This box is stored off-site]
United Nations
Guatamala: General
Guatamala: Constitution
Guatamala: Counter-Insurgency
Criticism of Government
Guatamalan Foreign Policy
Guatamala History I
Human Rights
Guatamala History II
Guatamala: Land Issues
Box 16 [This box is stored off-site]
U.S. Congress: Comments on Guatamala
U.S. Congress: legislation
U.S. Congress on El Salvador
U.S. Congress: Members, Aides of Congress
U.S. Congress: Miscellaneous Laws and Reports
U.S. Congress: NGO Legislative Bulletins
U.S. Congress: Letters and Testimony on Nicaragua
U.S. Congress: Statements, Positions
U.S. Congress: Swing List, Tallies
U.S. NARC Control
U.S.- Nicaragua Drug Accusations
U.S.- Central America, general
U.S. and El Salvador
U.S.- El Salvador Aid
U.S. and Guatamala
U.S.- Guatamala Aid
U.S. and Honduras
Box 17 [This box is stored off-site]
U.S.- Honduras Aid
U.S. Honduras Maneuvers
U.S.- Honduras Military Construction
National Guard
U.S.-Eastern Europe
U.S.- GAO and Other Oversight Reports
Military Policy- General
U.S.- Nicaragua Relations- general
Peace Accords
El Salvador- general
AFSC Reports
El Salvador- ARENA
Boycott of Salvadoran Products
El Salvador- Death Squads
Box 18 [This box is stored off-site]
El Salvador: Economy
El Salvador: Elections/Political Parties
El Salvador: FMLN/FDR
El Salvador: FMLN: Government Negotiations
El Salvador: Government
El Salvador: pre-1980 History
El Salvador: Environment
El Salvador: Human Rights
El Salvador: Military
El Salvador: Jesuits- general
El Salvador: Murder of Jeuits
El Salvador: Popular Movements
El Salvador: Pro-Peace Articles
El Salvador: Unions
U.S. Policy: El Salvador
El Salvador: U.S. Private Organization Publications
Panama: Economy
Panama: Elections and Political Parties
Panama: Government
Panama: pre-1980 History
Panama: Human Rights
Panama: Immigration
Aid to Panama: 1990’s
Invasion of Panama
Box 19 [This box is stored off-site]
Nicaragua News Service I
Nicaragua News Service II
Nicaragua News Service III
Nicaragua News Service IV
Nicaragua News Service V
Nicaragua News Service VI
Nicaragua News Service VII
Originals: LH’s Articles
Miscellaneous Folder
Educational Materials and Activities on Central America
Box 20 [This box is stored off-site]
Military Conflict and Relocations
Kisan and Yatama
Human Rights
Miscellaneous I
Miscellaneous II
Miscellaneous III
Miscellaneous IV
Miscellaneous V
Autonomy and Negotiations
Vista Desde Abajo
Newspaper Indices
Miscellaneous Folder
Atlantic Coast: General Historical Background
Miscellaneous Folder
Box 21 [This box is stored off-site]
Anti-Intervention Movement: Bulletins, Debates
U.S. Labor Unions on Central America
U.S. Involvement in 3 rd World Elections
U.S. Media Analysis 1984: CAHI Analysis
Press- Non- Central America
FBI Surveillance of Central American Groups
Covert Operations: Non- Central American Countries
Covert Operation Legislation
CIA in El Salvador
CIA in Guatamala
CIA in Nicaragua
CIA Electronic Surveillance Activities
U.S. Public Opinion
U.S. Church on Central America
U.S. Congress: Articles
U.S. Congress: “Dear Colleague” Letters
Box 22 [This box is stored off-site]
Guatamala Military
Guatamala Opposition
Guatamala: Popular Movements
Publications on Guatamala
URNG Government Negotiations
U.S. Policy: Guatamala
Costa Rica
Costa Rica: history
Costa Rica: Human Rights
Costa Rica: Military- Formation of Army
Honduras: general
Honduras: Economy
Honduras: Human Rights
U.S. policy- Honduras
Honduras: multinationals
Honduras: history
Honduras: Army Life
Women Religions in Honduras
Honduras: Agrarian Reform
Box 23 [This box is stored off-site]
Updates: 1982
Updates: 1983
Updates: 1984
Updates: 1985
Updates: 1986
Updates: 1987
Updates: 1988
Miscellaneous Literature
Box 24 [This box is stored off-site]
Miscellaneous Booklets:
Nicaragua/Sandanista; Guatamala; Honduras; Costa Rica;
Panama; Venezuela; El Salvador. Education, Economy, Revolution,
Human Rights.

Box 25 [This box is stored off-site]
Miscellaneous files

Re-File Box
Material from Re-File Box, 2002

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