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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Exploratory Project on the Conditions of Peace
Exploratory Project on the Conditions of Peace (ExPro) Records
Inclusive Dates
1985 - 1991
Call Number
DG 160

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Materials in English
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The Exploratory Project on the Conditions of Peace, founded by W. H. Ferry, was established at Boston College in 1987 to explore the conditions for a sustainable peace. The group worked on concepts such as "peace systems" and "war systems", and its members developed the Citizens' Peace Treaty. After relocating to Washington, D.C., the organization ceased operation 1990 or 1991.

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Gift of Exploratory Project on the Conditions of Peace, 1991 [Acc. 91A-132]; 1992 [Acc. 92A-007 and Acc. 92A-026]
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Historical Background
The Exploratory Project on the Conditions of Peace was established in 1987 by W. H. Ferry as a forum to explore the conditions needed for a sustainable peace, and to develop positive alternatives for security in the nuclear age. The organization's headquarters were located first at the Sociology Department of Boston College (Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts), and later in Washington D.C. The group published peace-related books and background papers until it ceased operationin 1990 or 1991.

Collection Overview
This collection includes correspondence, administrative files, manuscripts, minutes of meetings, tearsheets of articles and newspaper clippings, reference files, and photographs. Correspondents include W.H. Ferry.

Items removed:
Published Books and Pamphlets

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was received.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 91A-132
Acc. 92A-007
Acc. 92A-026

Box 1 [Acc. 91A-132]
Committee of the Whole Meeting- Political Economy- Planning, Correspondence, 1987 (September)
Meeting Agenda, 1987 (September)
Travel Logistics, 1987 (September)
September Meeting
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (September 10)
Committee of the Whole Mailing (September 3)
Material Available Committee of the Whole, 1987 (September)
Material Available
Letter to W. H. Ferry from George Rathjens
Letter to Committee of the Whole from George Rathjens
Overview Report to Committee of the Whole (September 27)
Committee of the Whole- Notebooks, 1987
Committee of the Whole- Agenda, 1987 (May)
Meeting, Director's Report, 1987 (May)
Travel Logistics, 1987 (May)
Meeting, 1987 (May)
Committee of the Whole Mailings
Bob Holt Paper
Elise Boulding Paper
Myriam Miedzian Paper
Bill Ganson Paper
Bob Tucker Paper
Beth's Paper, 1987 (May)
Notes, 1987 (January)
Meeting- Invites, Guest Responses/Correspondences, 1987 (January)
Committee of the Whole Notes, 1987 (January)
Meeting Notes- Research Agenda- ExPro's Direction, 1987 (January)
Director's Report/Fundraising Letter (Draft), 1987 (January)
Executive Committee- Committee of the Whole, 1987 (January 15-18)
ExPro 2-Year Plan, 1987 (January)
Committee of the Whole Business Meeting, 1987 (January)
Committee of the Whole Packet/Handouts, 1987 (January)
1987 (January 15-18)

Box 2 [Acc. 91A-132]
ExPro Presentation, 1987 (January 15)
Agenda, 1987 (January)
Gar Alperovitz- ExPro Future
Mark Sommer- 2 Years
The Call (retyped)
ExPro 2-Year Plan- Robert Borosage, Mark Sommer, Elise Boulding, Charles Derber, AMC [?], Guy Gran, Eleanor LeCain, 1987
Eleanor LeCain 2-Year Plan
Correspondence Pre-Committee of the Whole Meeting, 1987 (January)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1986 (December 18)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (January 9)
Committee of the Whole Meeting Logistics, 1987 (January)
Meeting Notes, 1986 (September)
Notes- Committee of the Whole- Alternative International Security Systems- Bellarmine House, Cohasset, Massachusetts, 1986 (September 18-21)
Committee of the Whole Business Meeting (September 19)
Committee of the Whole Mailing- Alternative International Security, 1986 (August 13 – September 18-21)
Pre-Fall Meeting Correspondence, 1986 (September 18-21)
Logistics, 1986 (September 18-21)
Papers, 1986 (September 18-21)
“The United States, United Nations, and a New Code of International Conduct” Draft- Robert C. Johansen
Alternative International Security- Committee of the Whole- Original Papers, 1986 (September 18-21)
Papers, 1986 (May 15-18)
Agenda, 1986 (May 15-18)
Committee of the Whole Agenda- Bellarmine, Cohasset, Massachusetts- Ideas and Strategies for Social Change, 1986 (May 15-18)
Logistics, 1986 (May 15-18)
Guests’ Information Packet, 1986 (May 15-18)
Committee of the Whole, 1986 (May 15-18)
Committee of the Whole Notes, 1986 (May 15-18)
Notes- Bellarmine House, Cohasset, Massachusetts- Social Change, 1986 (May 15-18)

Box 3 [Acc. 91A-132]
Papers, 1986 (January 23-26)
Business Issues/Executive Committee/Committee of the Whole Agenda, 1986 (January 23-26)
Logistics, 1986 (January 23-26)
Committee of the Whole Papers, 1986 (January 23-26)
Sale, “Centrifugal Force”, 1986 (January 23-26)
Notes- Committee of the Whole, 1986 (January 23-26)
My Copies of Papers, 1986 (January 23-26)
Meeting Agendas, Papers, 1985 (September 12-15)
Meeting- Committee of the Whole- Logistics, 1985 (September 12-15)
Minutes- Committee of the Whole, 1985 (September 12-15)
Minutes- Committee of the Whole 1985 (May)
Meeting, 1985 (February)
Final Proposal Sent to Christian Science Monitor
Christian Science Monitor Proposal
Christian Science Monitor Meeting (May)
Christian Science Monitor
The Universalist Papers- Executive Committee
Boston College- Deborah K. Welsh
Deborah K. Welsh
Project Coordinator
Advertising Promotion
Internship- Deb Jackson
Licensing Agreement
Board Letter, 1990 (February 26)
ExPro Board
Board Meeting, 1990 (October)
Notes- Board of Directors Meeting, 1989 (March 23-24)
Board Meeting Minutes and Notes
Board Meeting Minutes, 1990 (October)
Board Minutes, 1989
Board Minutes, 1988

Box 4 [Acc. 91A-132]
Pittsburgh Peace Institute Proposal
Institute for Peace and International Security Proposal
Board Meeting, 1989 (March 23 - 24)
Board Meeting, 1989 (January 22)
Board Meeting, 1989 (June 1-2)
Board Meeting, 1989 (September 27)
Board Meeting (June 27)
Board Meeting, 1988 (May 17)
Board Conference Call, 1989 (April 10)
Board Meeting, 1988 (March 19)
Board Meeting, 1988 (January 17)
Mishuman- Board Mailings, 1989 (August 25 - 31)
Board Mailing, 1989 (August 25 - 31)
Board Mailing, 1989 (August 21)
Board Mailing, 1989 (August 2)
Board Mailing, 1989 (July 20)
Board Mailing, 1989 (July 19)
Board Mailing, 1989 (May 26)
Board Mailing, Liane Norman, 1989 (May 26)
Board Mailing, 1989 (May 12)
Board Mailing, 1989 (April 26)
Board Mailing, 1989 (April 12)
Mike Shuma, A. W. Singham- Memoranda to Board, 1989 (April 11)
Board Mailing, 1989 (April 4)
Deb's Memorandum, 1989 (April)
Board Mailing, 1989 (March 10)
Board Mailing, 1989 (February 13)
Board Mailing, 1989 (January 6)
Board Mailing, 1988 (December 15)
Board Mailing, 1988 (December 1)
Executive Committee Mailing
Board and Track Meeting Mailing, 1988 (October 11)
Board and Track Meeting Mailing, 1988 (October 7)
Board Mailing, 1988 (September 16)
Board Mailing, 1988 (September 15)

Box 5 [Acc. 91A-132]
Project Coordinator Search, 1988 (Fall)
Interviewed Applicants
Conference Call Applicants
Initial Ten Applicants Screened Out
Board Mailing, 1988 (September 7)
Board Mailing, 1988 (August 11)
Board Track Mailing, 1988 (August 4)
Board Mailing, 1988 (June 21)
Board Mailing, 1988 (June 15)
Board Fundraising Mailing, 1988 (June 9)
Board Mailing, 1988 (June 3)
Board Mailing, 1988 (May 6)
Board Mailing, 1988 (April 25)
Board Mailing, 1988 (April 18)
Board Mailing, 1988 (March 25)
Board Mailing, Meeting, 1988 (March 19)
Board Mailing, 1988 (February 8)
Institute for Peace and International Security
Synthesis Writer
Executive Committee
Membership Committee, 1989
Personnel Committee
Program Committee
Meetings with Randy Kehler
The Boston Group
Research Agenda
Payment Policy
Personnel Policy
ExPro Bylaws
Payment Policy
Board of Directors
Board Agreements
Participants (January)
Full Meeting Agenda
Meeting (January)
Planning, 1989 (January)
Meeting Correspondence, 1989 (January)
Replies (January)
Meeting (January)

Box 6 [Acc. 91A-132]
Material Available
Stony Point Meeting, 1989 (January)
Meeting Correspondence, 1988 (January)
Meeting (January)
Travel Logistics, 1988 (January)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, Letter and Agenda, 1987 (December 17)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1988 (January 8)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1988 (January 6)
ExPro Meeting- Strong Point, 1988 (January)
Old Membership Lists
Redone Board Members Bios
Andrea Ayvazian
Grace Boggs
Robert Borosage
Elise Boulding
Robert Chrisman
Carol Cohn
Daniel Deudney
W. H. Ferry
Dietrich Fischer
Sharon Howell

Box 7 [Acc. 91A-132]
Bob Irwin
Robert Johansen
Kermit D. Johnson
Gay McDougall
Pat Mische
Randall Kehler
Arjun’s Paper
Arjun Makhijani
Liane Ellison Norman- Member
Beth Richards
Kirk Sale
Archie Singham
Mark Sommer

Box 8 [Acc. 91A-132]
Mike Shuman
Richard Smoke
Carolyn Stephenson
Robert Tucker
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1988 (March 30)
Member Mailing, 1988 (February 16)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (December 10)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (December 3)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (November 20)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (October 27)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (October 22)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (October 15)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (August 17)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (July 22)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (May 30)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (February 13)
Committee of the Whole Mailing, 1987 (February 3)
Committee of the Whole Correspondence
ExPro Reading List
ExPro Speakers
Members Outreach- ExPro Visibility
Good Ideas
Working Groups- International Organizations/Conspectus #2
ExPro- United States/Soviet Working Groups
Carolyn Stephenson- Convention on Force, Authority and Organization
Randy Kehler- Weapons/Relationships Conversation
Members' Biographies
Gifts to ExPro Members
Past ExPro Internal Correspondence
Patricia Mische
Arjun Makhijani- Correspondence
Mailing Track Buddies (August 25)
Integration Meeting, 1989 (April)
Track and Board Meeting (September 26 - 27)
Next Executive Committee Meeting
Track Mailing (August 25)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (August 2)
Track Mailing, 1989 (August 2)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (June 6)

Box 9 [Acc. 91A-132]
Liane Norman, Track Director Mailing, 1989 (May 26)
Liane Norman, Track Director Mailing, 1989 (May 5)
Liane Norman, Track Director Mailing, 1989 (April 18)
Track Directors, 1989 (April 22)
Track Director Mailing (April 21)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (April 12)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (April 5)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (April 3)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (March 29)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (March 8)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (February 13)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (January 10)
Track Director Mailing, 1989 (January 4 - 5)
Track Director Mailing, 1988 (December 14)
Track Director Mailing, 1987 (December 29)
Track Director Mailing, 1988 (November 18)
Board/Track Mailing (October 11)
Track Director Mailing, 1988 (August 11)
Board/Track Mailing (October 7)
Track Director Mailing, 1988 (September 1)
Track Director Mailing, 1988 (September 16)
Track Director Mailing, 1988 (August 30)
Board/Track Mailing, 1988 (August 4)
Track Director, 1988 (August 23)
Track Director Mailing, 1988 (July 11)
Track Director Letter, 1988 (June 15)
Track Director Outlines/Summaries, 1989 (September)
Gender/Race Mandate
Timelines, 1989 (January)
DeAnne's Report, 1989 (March 18)
Track- War/Peace System Characteristics
Citizens’ Peace Treaty Description
Proposal to Committee of the Whole, 1987 (September 10)
Draft- Track Work Plans, 1988 (August)
Interim Track Reports, 1989 (January)
Interim Summary Report, 1989 (January)
Track Timelines, 1988 (September)
Track Director- Track Agreements
Grace Boggs’s Comments on Arjun’s Work
W. H. Ferry’s Comments on Arjun’s Work
Individual and Collective Defense

Box 10 [Acc. 91A-132]
Information and Culture
Economic Justice
Ecology and Technology
Political Participation and Dispute Settlement
Track Director Biographies
Track Director Principles
Citizens’ Peace Treaty Description-Proposal
Reading List
Reading List- Originals
Citizens’ Peace Treaty Common Reading List (Beth's)
Pat’s Report
General Outreach- W. H. Ferry
Harlan Cleveland
Outreach Notes- Randy Kehler
Kathleen Teltsch
ExPro Board/Track Director Outreach- Citizens’ Peace Treaty
Citizens’ Peace Treaty Outreach
Outreach Correspondence for Future Contact
Implementation of Citizens’ Peace Treaty [2 folders]
Possible Sequence- Citizens’ Peace Treaty
Clarity- Citizens’ Peace Treaty
Interest from ExPro Members on Tracks, 1988 (February 3)
Associate Members
Gar Alperovitz
Charles Derber
Jan Douglas
Jaulyne Dotson
Bob Holt
Helen Kelley

Box 11 [Acc. 91A-132]
Eleanor LeCain
Marc Raskin
George Rathjens
Betty Reardon
Fundraising Proposal Draft, 1988 (June)
Fundraising Notes (old), 1988 (June)
Old Lists
Proposal Original
Fundraising Proposal, 1987 (February)
Fundraising Proposal [4 folders]
Current Fundraising Proposal and Responses
Funders Meetings
Foundation Response- Proposal and Progress Report, 1986 (November)
Responses- Elise’s Paper
Elise’s Paper
Pat Mische- Citizens’ Draft Peace Treaty Mailings, 1987 (August 19)
Beth Richards
Ben Ferencz
Citizens’ Peace Treaty Mailing, 1987 (September 10)
Proposal to Committee of the Whole (August 14)
The Call, 1988 (January 6)
The Call
Track- Common Security
Track- Economics
Track- Ecology and Technology
Track- Political Participation Conflict Resolution
Track- Communication (Culture and Information)
Track- Organizing/Outreach

Box 12 [Acc. 91A-132]
Boulder Meeting
Inner Correspondence- Pre-Boulder Meeting
Citizens’ Draft Peace Treaty- W. H. Ferry Memorandum
All Responses to Citizens’ Draft Peace Treaty- Pre-Boulder Meeting
Committee of the Whole Questionnaires
Robert Borosage
Robert Irwin
Mark Sommer
Michael Shuman
Ann Fagan Ginger
Crane Haussman
Dad’s Response
Robert Chrisman
Dietrich Fischer
ExPro Call
Directions for ExPro (from Op-eds)
Consensus Document Copies- Part I and Part II, 1985 (August)
Two-Page Summary
ExPro- New Directions
Report, 1985
Fundraising Overview
ExPro- Description
Planning, 1985 (July)
Director’s Report
Potential Funders [3 folders]
Funders Meeting in New York City- Background Papers, Mailing List, 1986 (June 3)
Funders Meeting- New York City, 1986 (June 3)
Third Tier of Funders (Potential)
Ark Foundation
Joan Arnow
Ben and Jerry’s Foundation
Benton Foundation
Boehm Foundation
Chuck Blitz
Bydale Foundation- Joan Warberg
Martin Buzel, Deborah Hertz
CS Fund.
CarEth Foundation
Dana McLean Greenley Foundation for Peace and Justice
Burkhard Luber Foundation- "Die Schwelle"
Marion Edey
Friends of the University for Peace Foundation
Fund for Peace
Ford Foundation- Enid Schottle
Harp Foundation
Gund Foundation- Henry Doll

Box 13 [Acc. 91A-132]
J.M. Kaplan Fund
Hewlett Foundation
Harriet Barlow HKH Foundation
Institute of Soviet American Relations
Alan Kay
Bob Kaiser- Joan B. Kroc Foundation
Henry P. Kendall Foundation
Laucks Foundation Inc.
J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation [2 folders]
Joshua Mailman
Stewart Mott
Merek- Orville Schell
Norman Foundation- Hildy Simmons
Vic Palmieri/W. H. Ferry Correspondence
Dan Petrie
Stanley Platt
Donald K. Ross
Scherman Foundation
Sid Shapiro
Topsfield Foundation
Mark and Lillian Shafer
John Steiner
United States Institute for Peace
Unitarian Veatch
The Veatch Program
The Villers Foundation
Joanne Woodward
Working Assets
Sample Letters to Funders
Generic Letters, 1988 (December)
Funders Letter, 1987 (November)
Letters to Funders
Fundraising Notes- Past
Directories and Resources
Fundraising- Overall Lists Used- Internal Correspondence
Notes on Fundraising Follow-ups
Finance Committee
Fundraising Committee
Finances Meeting- Beth, 1988 (January)
Funders Meeting (January 19)
Fundraising Committee Mailing
Fundraising Committee Meeting (November 14)
The Funders
MacArthur Foundation
Scarsdale Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Freeze
Ruth Lauder
Save the Earth Trust
Samuel Rubin Foundation- Cora Weiss
Ruth and Ralph Shikes
Stern Fund- David Hunter
Sunflower Foundation

Box 14 [Acc. 91A-132]
Milton Taubman- Tides Foundation
Streisand Foundation
Tides Foundation
Winston Foundation [2 folders]
W. Alton Jones Foundation
The Youth Project
Miscellaneous Notes- Liane Norman and Patricia Mische
Aaron Diamond Foundation
Arca Foundation
The Field Foundation- George Perkovich
J. K. Harris, IV
General Service Foundation
Annie Hess/Leosa Fund (National Committee Funds)
D. Hunter
International Foundation
Sylvia Kaye
Sally Lilienthal
The Levinson Foundation
HKH Foundation
Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation
Vincent McGee
Josephine Murray
Peace Development Fund
Carol Guyer- J.C. Penney Foundation
John D. Kathervet- MacArthur Foundation
Corliss Lamont
Kenneth and Harle Montgomery
National Community Funds
New Land Foundation
New World Foundation
Ploughshares Fund
The Resource Group
Dorian Yates Kinder- Ann Roberts
Ottinger Foundation- Betsy Taylor

Box 15 [Acc. 91A-132]
Correspondence with Funders
Boston College Accounts
Order Forms for ExPro Papers
Mailing Lists
Peace Studies Questionnaires
Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies
Canadian Institute for International Peace
Academy for the Development of Global Peace
American Friends Service Committee
Alternative Defense Commission
Ark Foundation, Gordon Feller
Better World Society, Ted Turner
Beyond War
Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age
Center for Defense Information (CDI)
Center for Study of Conflict
Center for War and Peace Studies
Citizen's Network (Project of Cresp)
Civilian-Based Defense Association
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy
Maryanna Colwell
Committee of Correspondence
Center for Common Security (COMSEC)
Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development (COPRED)
Center for Innovative Diplomacy (CID)

Box 16 [Acc. 91A-132]
Disarmament Action Network (DAN)
Elmwood Institute
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Friends of United Nations (May 14)
Hauman, Howard
Harvey, Hal
Herrington, R.W.
Hollins, Harry
Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies (IDDS)
Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies-Alternative Defense Network (IDDS-ADN) [2 folders]
Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies (IDDS) Working Group
Institute for Social Inventions
Institute of Noetic Sciences
International Peace Academy
Institute for Peace and International Security (IPIS)
Institute for Peace and International Security (IPIS)- The New Security Debate, 1987 (Jan 30-Feb 1)
Institute for Poilcy Studies (IPS)
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University: Center for Science and International Affairs
Joan B. Kroc
LATHROP, Dont Marion
Laucks, Eulah
Marin Peace Institute
MNS- Social Movement Empowerment Project

Box 17 [Acc. 91A-132]
Moulton, Philip
National Peace Institute Foundation
New Options
Notre Dame, Fr. Hessberg
Nuclear Free Armenia
Nuclear Times
Operation Real Security
Oxford Research Group
Pax Christi
Peace Action
Peace and Environment Project Care Casebolt
Peace Review
Planetary Citizens
Rocky Mt. Institute
Rocky Mt. Peace Center
SANE Freeze
Search for Common Ground
Sharp, Gene
UN General
War Control Planners
War Resisters League
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Burns Weston
B. Wien
World Constitution and Parliament Association
World Council of Churches
World Federalists
World Policy Institute
World Peace Association

Acc. 92A-007
Box 1
Conditions of Peace- An Inquiry (Book)
Building a Peace System Outline- Robert Irwin
“From Domination to Partnership: The Foundations of Global Peace”- Riane Eisler
“How can the Church Help to Re-Civilize Detroit?”- Grace Lee Boggs
“Communication and Information Technology for War and Peace”- Vincent Mosco
“Communication, Peace, and International Law”- Howard D. Frederick
“On the Beginnings of Economic Systems”- Juliet B. Shore
“The United States, the Soviet Union, and the International Arms Trade”- Michael T. Klare
“Sustainable Development: A Critical Review”- Sharachchandra Lélé
“Rescuing the Reform Process: A Marshall Plan for the Reunited Europe”- Mark Sommer
“Democracy, Technology, and International Security: Exploring the Linkages”- Richard E. Sclove
“Reaganomics: Politics, Results, Alternatives”- Arjun Makhijani
“Steps Toward an Ecology of Peace”-  Mark Sommer
“Beyond Tinkering”- Andrea Ayvazian
“A Framework for Sustainability and its Application in Visualizing a Peace Society”- Sharachchandra Lélé
“The Promise of Economic Conversion” and “Economics and Alternative Security: Toward a Peacekeeping International Economy”- Lloyd J. Dumas
“August is the Sanest Month”- Kirkpatric Sale
“Gender and the Global Economy”- Lourdes Benería
“Economic Justice and the Political Economy of Peace”- Arjun Makhijani

Box 2 [Acc. 92A-007]
Works by ExPro Members- Reading List
“Nuclear Forgetting” and “Political Discourse and Collective Action”- William Gamson
“A Review of the Living Economy”- Sean Gervasi and Jennifer Smith
“The Vienna Force Reduction Tasks: Some Unresolved Issues”- Jonathon Dean
“Report from Prague: The Helsinki Citizens Assembly”- Liane Norman
Members’ Thoughts on ExPro’s Direction
Member Op-Eds
ExPro Papers- Originals

Acc. 92A-026
Box 1

Original Manuscripts of Five Tracks
Common Security [6 folders]
Information and Culture: Colleen Roach, "Information and Culture in War and Peace"
Information and Culture: Howard Frederick, "Communication, Peace and International Law"
Information and Culture: Vincent Mosco, "Communication and Information Technology for War and Peace"
Information and Culture: Peter Bruck, "The Role of Mass Media and the Promoting of Peace"
Information and Culture: Sheila Collins, "The Culture of Western Bureaucratic Capitalism"
Information and Culture: Riane Eisler, "From Domination to Partnership"
Economic Justice: Arjun Makhijani, "Economic Justice and the Political Economy of Peace"
Economic Justice: Juliet Schor, "On the Definitions of the Boundaries of an Economic System"
Economic Justice: Sharachchandra Lele, "A Framework for Sustainability"
Economic Justice: Lourdes Beneria, "Gender and the Global Economy"
Economic Justice: Michael T. Klare, "The U.S., the Soviet Union and the International Arms Trade"

Box 2
Economic Justice: Sharachchandra Lele, "Sustainable Development"
Political Participation
Environment and Technology: David Orr, "The Ecological Underpinnings of National Security"
Environment and Technology: Richard Sclove, "Democracy, Technology and International Security"


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