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Physicians for Social Responsibility

Document Group: DG 175
Size: 9 Boxes [Acc. 97A-003]
Restrictions: None
Microfilm: None
Finding Aids: Preliminary Checklist
This checklist is the property of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection

DG 175 Acc. 97A-003
Box 1
HoD and BoD Mailings
PSR National Meeting 1988
House of Delegates 3/88
Board of Directors 7/88
HoD and BoD
Draft of PSR History
Board of Directors 1987
HoD Meeting 1st Board Meeting March 9
New Board Meeting March 12
Additional Documents
Unlabeled Folders
Box 2
Physicians for Social Responsibility International Committee 1987
Board Conference Call Materials June 10, 1990
Minutes, BoD, Executive Committee, 1993-1995
Policies Internal/External
January May 1989
June December 1989
Chapter Mailings January May 1987
Chapter Mailings June December 1987
Chapter Mailings January May 1991
Chapter Mailings June December 1991
Board of Directors Procedures Manual
Chapter Mailing December 1986 BoD 9/12-13/86
ECCC 6/10/86, EC Meeting 7/13/86
EC Meeting 5/11/86, BoD Mailings 4/9/86, ECCC 4/6/86
BoD Meeting 3/13-16/86, ECCC 3/2/86, EC Meeting 1/17-19/86
Board of Directors, Board Meeting June 1992
Board Packet 1991
Box 3
January 1987 March 1987
April 1987 May 1987
June 1987 December 1987
House Packet
Board Packet
Members Survey and Misc. Material
Board of Directors Procedures Manual
Board Meeting September 26-28 Book 3
Board of Directors, House of Delegates Meeting October 1990
BoD, HoD Meeting October 1990
September 26-28, 1987 Board Meeting Book 1
Procedures Manual for the Position of Information/Resource Coordinator
BoD Executive Committee Minutes 1990-1992
BoD, HoD, Executive Committee Minutes, 1986-1989
May-December 1986
Box 4
Congressional Letters 1994
Executive Letters 1994
PSR Voter Education Packet
AI’s Talking Back Project
Web Page/Lockwood
PSR Lobby Day 1994
Clippings From Redlener’s Office
Unlabeled Files
Box 5
Executive Committee
Enola Gay Script Changes
Antenna Theater
EG Meeting 11/22
Nagasaki Journey
EG Opening
Great Lakes Survey
Sensible Safeguards, Risk
NPI Cortright Pieces
White Paper
Press Conference Extras
Press Packet Originals
Harwitt Meeting 12/94
E.G. Texts
Security Dec/95
NASM Correspondence
E.G. Clips
E.G. General + Other
Anola Other
Speakers 1987
Military Toxins
Box 6
PSR History
GWU Health Insurance Applications for Enrollment
Executive Administration
Finance Office
Development Department
Program Department
Unlabeled Folders
Box 7
Executive Committee 3/23/95
PSR Staff Insurance
PSR Insurance
Strategic Planning Member Survey
Gregg Wilkenson 1993-
Adam Goldstein
Cope, Oliver, M.D.
Katrina Kearfott
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Box 8
Vic Sidel
CTB Materials Europe ‘94
CTB Europe Trip
Geneva Trip Exp
CTB Europe General
Chapter Contributions ’93 ‘94
Biblio Project
Perkivich Campaign
Benjamin Project 1st Mail
Benjamin Project 2nd Mail
Benjamin Project
Benjamin Project 3rd Mail
Unlabeled Folders and Misc. Documents
Box 9 [consists only of videocassettes and is located in AV Collection]
Salt Syndrome
Soviet Physician for the Prevention of Nuclear War
"Radiation Induced Cancer, A Report of the Evidence" Mar. 15, 1980 (3 tapes)
Nova Nuclear Strategy for Beginners
Ground Zero: Victory Road
"The Last Epidemic" The Medical Consequences of Nuclear War (2 tapes)
Symposium: "The Medical Consequences of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War." (3 tapes)
"Say Yes to the Earth"
Labor Looks at the Arms Race
Critical Mass 

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