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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy Records
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Coalition for a New Foreign Policy was the leading organization lobbying the U.S. Congress on behalf of a broad spectrum of peace and social justice organizations from the early 1970s through the 1980s.

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Historical Background
The Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy (CNPMP), was founded in 1969. The Ad Hoc Coalition for a New Foreign Policy (AHCNFP) had been formed in January of 1973 as the Coalition to Stop Funding the War. This organization changed its name to AHCNFP in mid 1975. CNPMP and AHCNFP merged and re-named the new organization the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy in 1976. In 1988 the group changed its name one more time to Coalition for a New Foreign Policy. It was the leading organization lobbying the U.S. Congress on behalf of a broad spectrum of peace and social justice organizations from the 1970s through the 1980s.

Collection Overview
This collection includes a variety of records produced by the Coalition for a New Foreign Policy.

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This collection remains in the order in which it was received. It remains organized by accession.

Acc. 90A-113
Acc. 91A-099
Acc. 92A-042
Acc. 99A-006

Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 90A-113
Box 1

Donor Lists FPEF (October 1 - December 29, 1987)
Donor Lists FPEF (May 1 - September 28, 1987)
Donor Lists FPEF (March 2 - April 29, 1987)
Donor Lists FPEF (January 2 - February 26, 1987)
Coalition Schedule of Postage (September 1987)
Donor Lists CNFP (October 1 - December 30, 1987)
Donor Lists CNFP (August 11 - September 30, 1987)
Donor Lists CNFP (May 1 - August 10, 1987)
Donor Lists CNFP (March 3 -April 30, 1987)
Donor Lists CNFP (January 2 - February 24, 1987)

Box 2 [Acc. 90A-113]
General Journal
Cash Receipts
December Ledgers
Cash Disbursements
FPEF Financial Statements
December 1987 Statements
November 1987 Statements
October 1987 Statements
September 1987 Statements
August 1987 Statements
July 1987 Statements
June 1987 Statements
May 1987 Statements
March 1987 Statements
February 1987 Statements
January 1987 Statements
December 1986 Statements
November 1986 Statements
October 1986 Statements
September 1986 Statements
August 1986 Statements
Reports 1984

Box 3 [Acc. 90A-113]
Financial Records
June Ledger
May Ledger
April Ledger
March Ledger
February Ledger
January Ledger
General Journal
General Ledger
Cash Disbursements Journal
Financial Statements
Administrative Notes
Transfers 1988
Bills- Outstanding 1988
Money Stuff Reports 1988
Donor Lists and Financial Records
Hardware Service/ Support

Box 4 [Acc. 90A-113]
$ 5 Year Stuff, 1983-1987
Coalition Vendors 1988
Coalition Printing 1988
DC Unemployment 1988
Financial Reports to EC/Bd
Time Sheets
Payroll Cards
General Ledger
November Ledger
October Ledger
September Ledger
August Ledger
July Ledger
June Ledger
May Ledger

Box 5 [Acc. 90A-113]
April Ledger
March Ledger
February Ledger
January Ledger
July 1986 Records
June 1986 Records
May 1986 Records
April 1986 Records
March 1986 Records
February 1986 Records
January 1986 Records
Financial Records
General Ledger 1984
General Journal 1984

Box 6 [Acc. 90A-113]
Cash Receipts Journal 1984
Cash Disbursements Journal
Financial Statements 1984
Financial Statements 1985
Financial Records, Checking Register (December 1987)
Financial Records, Checking Register (June 1987)

Box 7 [Acc. 90A-113]
Financial Records, Checking Register (August 1 - December 31, 1986)
Financial Records, Checking Register (January 1 - July 31, 1986)
Time Sheets, 1986
FPEF Invoices/Receipts, 1987

Box 8 [Acc. 90A-113]
FPEF Cash Receipts, 1985
FPEF Cash Flow Records, 1976
CNFP Cash Flow Records, 1986
Coalition Checking, 1986
The Progressive Group, Inc.
Fund Raising- Annual Repts., guidelines, etc.
Donor Lists FPEF
FPEF Financial Records, 1985
Other Mail

Box 9 [Acc. 90A-113]
Donor Lists (June 2 - December 30, 1986)
Donor Lists (January 2 - May 30, 1986)
FPEF Cash Flow, 1985
Cash Flow, 1985
Coalition Cash/Disbursements, 1987
Coalition Income, 1987
Coalition Cash Flow, 1987
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy - Security National Bank Checking/Bank Reconciliations
Payroll Sheets, 1985
Federal Taxes, 1985
DC Taxes, 1985
Foreign Policy Education Fund - Security National Bank Checking and MM extra A/C's Bank Reconciliations

Box 10 [Acc. 90A-113]
NHEP Work Papers
Coalition Bank Statements, 1987 (Security National Bank, now Signet Bank)
Money Stuff, 1987
Payroll Sheets, 1987
Coalition and FPEF 1099's and W2, 1987
990 Tax Stuff, 1987
Tax Stuff, 1987

Box 11 [Acc. 90A-113]
Time Allotment, 1987
December 1987
November 1987
October 1987
September 1987
August 1987
Financial Books: Cash Receipts. Disbursements, Trial Balance (August - December 1987)
Financial Books: Cash Receipts. Disbursements, Trial Balance (January - July 1987)
Bank Statements, 1985
Canceled Check and Financial Records, 1985
CNFMP Bank Reconciliation SNB- MM extra A/C
FPEF - NEP Checking/ Bank Reconciliations
Time Sheets, 1985
Donor Lists CNFMP (October 1 - December 30, 1985)
Donor Lists CNFMP (July 1 - September 30, 1985)
Donor Lists CNFMP (April 1 - June 27, 1985)
Donor Lists CNFMP (January 2 - March 29, 1985)

Box 12 [Acc. 90A-113]
CNFMP Checking Register (December 31 - October 30, 1985)
CNFMP Checking Register (October 29 - August 30, 1985)
CNFMP Checking Register (August 29 - July 1, 1985)
CNFMP Checking Register (June 28 - May 1, 1985)
CNFMP Checking Register (April 30 - March 1, 1985)
CNFMP Checking Register (February 28 - January 4, 1985)
CNFP Financial Statements

Box 13 [Acc. 90A-113]
CNFP Financial Statements
Southern Africa Project
Coalition Balance Sheet Backup, 1986
Tax Statements
Payroll Sheets, 1986
Time Allocation, 1986
Postage Schedule, 1986
Federal Taxes, 1986
Virginia Taxes, 1986
Money Stuff, 1986
FPEF (December 1987)
States Taxes, 1986
Certificate of Exemption
FPEF Checking Register, 1985
Coalition Mailings, 1983 [2 folders]

Box 14 [Acc. 90A-113]
Coalition Mailings, 1981-1982 [2 folders]
Coalition Mailings, 1981 [2 folders]
Coalition Mailings, 1980 [2 folders]
Coalition Mailings, 1979 [2 folders]

Box 15 [Acc. 90A-113]
Citizen's Action Guide- H.R.
Challenge Candidates
Action Alert
Carter's Military Budget
Carter's 1980 Budget
Coalition Party, Fonda/Hayden
CIA's Covert Operations
Faith in Action, 1984 Election
Election Year Organizing, 1980
Draft Registration
Disarmament Appeal
DAG 1987-1978
El Salvador (February 1981)
Action Alert- Stop El Salvador
Survival Summer
Student's Guide to Guide
Speaker's Brochure, 1980
SALT Statement II
Dividing the Pie: Guns vs. Butter
Priorities Action Guide (PAG) 1978
Nicaragua Action Alert
United States Policy: Lessons of Iran
Guns vs. Butter Action Alert
Far East
Transfer Amendment
Teachers' Jobs Lost
Survival Summer, 1980
Perliminary Voting Record, 1986
Voting Record, 1986
Voting Record, 1985
Voting Record, 1984
Voting Records and Errata, 1983
Voting Records, 1982
Voting Records, 1981
Voting Records, 1979
Voting Records, 1978
Voting Records, 1977
Women's Unemployment and the Pentagon
The War at Home
Your Taxes Your Choice
Nuclear Hotline
National Action/Research on the Military-Industrial Complex (NARMIC) - CNFMP Nuke Weapons
Which Way to National Security
Where Does all Our Money Go?
Trillion #2
Trillion and 1/2
Trident II Missile
"Talking Points" for the President's address on Central America (Wednesday, April 27, 1983)
South Africa Votes
Toward a New South Africa, 1986
Pentagon Tax
National Campaign for Peace in Central America
Prepare (July 1983)
Winnersa and Losers: PP #3
Policy Paper #1 Updated: A few Billion for Defense, 1987
New Policy Papers #2: Super Power Battlefields, 1986
Policy Paper #1: A few Billion for Defense, 1986
Iran-Contra Monitor
Legislative Update
Development Director Search: Management Style
More Jobs
Military Spending, 1984
Military Spending [2 folders]
H.R. Reagan Administration
Central America Action Alert (August 1987)
Changing the Name
Evolving Policy
The Empty Pork Barrel
Food Exports from the Third World: Honduras
Economic Benefits of the Freeze [2 folders]
Draft Leaflet
Disappearing Policy
First Strike, 1984
Human Rights Action Guide (HRAG)
How Congess Acts on the Military Budget and Arms Control
Guns Vs. Butter
A few Million for Defense
Dangerous Deception
Foreign Policy Speakers
Disarmament Action Guide (DAG)
Cuts in Aid to the Poor [2 folders]
Cutting Aid to Education
Creating a Presence
Costs and Consequences

Box 16 [Acc. 90A-113]
Toward a New South Africa, 1986
How to Follow Congress on Central America (March 1985)
United States Aid to El Salvador, Abridged Version (February 1985)
Central American War: A Guide to the U.S. Military Buildup
James Early/Ann Schwartz "New Possibilities in the United States- Soviet Relationship"
Fred Halliday "The Great Powers and the Middle East"
Conventions: Democrat and Republican
Fannie Lou Hammer Convention
"Housing, Not Bombs" Jesse Gray Housing Bill H.R. 918
"The Human Costs of the Cold War" Dialogue in Alabama: Jack O'Dell
Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice (SOC) Materials
Beyond Containment Conference Agenda
Washington Post article - Oberdorfer
Global Strategy/Strategy Paper
Nation article
Klare and Kornbluh article
Related Press Articles
Strategy Paper
Containment as Global Strategy (Overview)
Discriminate Deterrence
Discriminate Deterrence Summary
Middle East Working Paper
Latin America/Caribbean Paper
Southern Africa Working Paper
Disarmament Working Paper
Asia/Pacific Working Paper
Development Working Paper
Beyond Containment (BC) Project Description
Beyond Containment Press Releases
Information Packets
Bankrupting America
Challenging the Reagan Doctrine APPENDIX
Challenging the Reagan Doctrine
Costs and Consequences of Reagan's Military Buildup

Box 17 [Acc. 90A-113]
Central America 1985: Basic Information
November 16, 1982 - CNFMP Fall 1982 Board Meeting
Brief Overview, 1984
Brief Overview with Finance
By-laws etc.
Robert Tiller memo
CNFMP New Projects for 1983
First Strike
"Dear Friend" Letters
Direct Mail- TX
Literature List (July 1987)
Form Letters for Literature Reminders
Benefit Contributors
Close-Up Extra (May 28, 1982)
Close-Up Extra (February 1, 1982)
"First Strike" Script
First Strike Papers 1986: Anti-Submarine Warfare
First Strike Papers 1986: First Strike Targets
First Strike Policy
Star Wars And First Strike
We Must Learn how to Live with the Soviet Union- Healey
Are We Readying a First Strike? 1985
"Whose Budget is it Anyway?" Script
"Transfer: from Military Spending to Human Needs" Script
Advertisment: El Salvador
Advertisments [9 folders]
Covenants Action Guide (CAG)
Income, 1980

Box 18 [Acc. 90A-113]
Executive Committee
Full Board
Income, 1979
Income, 1978
Miscellaneous, 1982
Executive Committee Meeting [2 folders]
Full Board meetings
Coaltion Board: Policies and Procedures Changes
Articles of Incorporation: Amendment By-laws
By-laws: Coalition on National Priorities

Box 19 [Acc. 90A-113]
Board Handouts, Agenda, etc. (September 28)
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) Intern
Harrop and Ruth Freeman Intern
Interns in Process
Personal Job Descriptions/Reports
Mailing Permits
Personal Policies: Approved October 9, 1985/ Revised September 9, 1987
DC Post Office Permits
Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam (MOBE) Evaluation
Iran/Contra Monitor
Intern Programs (college/other)
Correspondence (Alabama - Michigan)
Correspondence (Mississippi - Wyoming)
Correspondence (Berlin and DC)

Box 20 [Acc. 90A-113]
Administrative Caucus Notes, 1983
Staff, 1987
Administrative Caucus, 1984-1988
Coalition Staff Minutes (September 8, 1980 - April 13, 1981)
Coalition Staff Minutes (January 28, 1980 - September 8, 1981)
Staff meeting Book Additions
Staff, 1984-1986
Staff Meeting Notes, 1982-1983
Administrative Caucus, 1987
The Beyond Containment Reader
Middle East Peace Project
Coalition and Middle East Questions
Coalition Russians Statement
Executive Committee, 1987
Affirmative Action Plan

Box 21 [Acc. 90A-113]
Executive Minutes, 1988
Executive Committee (EC) Miscellaneous
Overnight Committee, 1988
Executive Committee (EC), Foreign Policy Education Fund (FPEF) Board Lists
Foreign Policy Education Fund
Correspndence, 1988
Executive Committee Minutes, 1986
Executive Committee Minutes, 1985
Executive Committee Minutes, 1984
Executive Committee Minutes, 1983
Executive Committee, 1982
Executive Committee, 1981
Coalition Membership Applications, Rejected
Board Communications
Board Meeting, 1988
Board Meeting (May 13, 1986/ November 18, 1986)

Box 22 [Acc. 90A-113]
Board Meeting, 1985
Board Meeting, 1984
Board Minutes, 1983
Board Minutes, 1982
Name Change Ballot (August 1986)
Board Correspndence, 1987
Board Correspndence, 1986
Board Meeting (May 13, 1986/ November 18, 1986)
Public Interest Group in Transition: J.F. Coates Report (August 1983)
Mail Permit FPEF
FPEF History, 1982
Alternative Foreign Policy Project
Office Moving

Acc. 91A-099
Box 1
El Salvador: AC-47 Gunships (September 1984)
Central America: Allegations of Secret United States Military Operations, Combat Operations
El Salvador 1984: Human Rights General
El Salvador 1985: United States Training of Salvadoran Police Forces and Section 660 of Foreign Assistance Act (FAA)
The Christian Science Monitor, 1984
El Salvador: Napalm- Allegations of Use in War on Civilian Population
El Salvador: General Politics Under President Duarte
Duarte/El Salvador: "Peace Talks" with FDR/ FMLN (October 1984)
El Salvador Op-Eds (January 1984)
Contadora (October 1983)
El Salvador: FDR/FMLN (July 1984)
El Salvador
El Salvador: Military Strategy, Air War, etc. (September 1984)
El Salvador: Humanitarian and Auxiliary Assistance
El Salvador: Military Aid 1982- Troop Training in the United States

Box 2 [Acc. 91A-099]
El Salvador: Hatfield/Leach/Miller Analysis of Aid to El Salvador (February 12, 1985)
El Salvador: Talking Points (March 1985)
Foreign Aid/Authorizations, Fiscal Year (FY) 1986
United States Student Association (USSA)
Peace and Justice Mobilization (Spring/ April 19-22, 1985)
Witness for Peace (1984-1985)
United States Out of Central America (USOCA), 1984: Central America, Mailings, etc.
Inter-Religious Task Force (IRTF) Joint Strategy of Central America (May 21-22, 1984)
National Lawyers Guild
National Pledge of Resisitance
Christians for Peace in El Salvador (CRISPAZ)
CISPES: The "Alert" and Key Mailings (July 1984)
Religious Task Force on Central America
El Salvador 1985: Op-Eds and Key Clips
El Salvador 1985: Killing of Four United States Marines (June 1985)
El Salvador 1985: Human Rights
Reagan Official Policy, 1985

Box 3 [Acc. 91A-099]
Death Squads in El Salvador: Alburquerque Journal and LA Times (December 1983)
Honduran Airfields: House Vote (August 1982)
Honduras Hearings: Inter-American Affairs Subcommittee (IASC), House, Barnes (September 21, 1982)
El Salvador: Certification (July 28, 1982) [2 folders]
Ed Zschau, California
Murder of Dutch Journalists in El Salvador (March 1982)
El Salvador: Reagan Policy General, 1981 [2 folders]
Articles on Central America, 1983-1984

Box 4 [Acc. 91A-099]
Latin America Information Current (1984)
Covert Aid: Grassroots
Congressional Visits [2 folders]
Mobilization for Justice and Peace in Central America and South Africa
Referendum: Organizer's Packet
National Guard
Central America/Western Hemispheres

Box 5 [Acc. 91A-099]
Target List on Broomfield Amendment to H.R. 5119 (May 1984)
Analysis of Section 506 of FAA
Central America Conference Follow-Up
United States Map of Cong. Districts (after reapportionment), 1983-1984
98th Congress: General Information on Members of Congress (M.C.'s)
H.J. Resolution 492: Senate Caves on Covert Operations, Conference Report (June 25, 1984)
Talking Points on Covert Operations, Center for Ntional Security Studies (CNSS)
Covert Operations: Funding- House, FY 1985
El Salvador: Events in ESG (January 1983)
El Salvador and Central America
H.R. 1270: Null and Void El Salvador Certification (January 1983)
El Salvador Certification: Non-Govermental Organization (NGO) Activities (January 1983)
El Salvador: Military Aid Supplemental, FY 1982
El Salvador: Positions of Other Governments
H.J. Resolution 492: House-Senate Conference Committee (April-May 1984)
H.J. Resolution 492: Talking Points to Reject "Emergency" Military Aid for el Salvador (April 1984)
House Covert Operations: Appropriations Swing Lists (September 14, 1983- )
Covert Operations: House Intelligence Committee (HIC) Report (May 13, 1983)
Harkin Amendment on Covert Operations, which precipitated on Boland (December 1982)
Nicaragua/Covert Operations: Harkin-Boland Amendments Debate (December 8, 1982)
Nicaragua/Covert Operations: Senate Debate (December 18, 1982)
El Salvador, FY 1983
Nicaragua/Covert Operations: Press and Leg Strategy (January 1983)
"Talking Points" for Congress in Response to Reagan's speech to J7. Session (April 27, 1983)
Response to "Emergency" Aid for El Salvador (March 1983)
El Salvador: Michael Kline
S. 1741 Military Combat Troops in Central America (Kennedy-Hart)/ H.R. 3778 (Markey)
Senate Covert operations: SIC "New Finding" (September 20, 1983)

Box 6 [Acc. 91A-099]
Honduras: United States Military Policy, 1983
NGO Opposition Statement to United States Covert Operations/Nicaragua (May 1982)
United States Invasion of Grenada: General Background/ Press Clippings/ Talking Points
Genada: Press Reports (October 26- December 6, 1983)
The United States in the United Nations, 1983
Congress on Central America
Honduras: Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) Summaries, 1983
S. Resolution 181: Bingaman- Inouye/ H. Resolution 282: Barnes- Alexander
Caribbean Basin Project, Amanda Spaeke [2 folders]
Guatemala: Heli Spare Paris Sale (January 1983)
El Salvador: Certification (January 1983)
Central America: Demonstration (November 12, 1983)
Central America Strategy Meeting (July 27)
H.R. 2968: House Covert Operations Swing List, FY 1984 Intelligence Authorization Act (September 14, 1983- )
Central America (September 1983)

Box 7 [Acc. 91A-099]
El Salvador: Certification on Human Rights and Reforms (July 1983)
Central America: Military Manellvers by United States (Summer 1983)
Nicaragua Covert Operations: Senate Strategy- Targetted Field WRK (September 1984)
Central America: Foreign Aid Appropriations Bill, FY 1985
Voting Records
Central America Conference
Studds Perfecting Amendment to H.R. 5119, Foreign Aid Authorizations Bill (FY 1984 supp. FY 1985)
Negotiations/ El Salvador
El Salvador: Legislative Initiatives
El Salvador: ESG since March 28, 1982
Nicaragua: Covert Actions, National Organizations Response
Nicaragua: Coalition Campaign, NGO Statement
Nicaragua (1)

Box 8 [Acc. 91A-099]
Nicaragua (2)
Foreign Aid to Central America [2 folders]
Continuing Resolution: Covert Aid and Foreign Aid, FY 1985
Center for Defense Information (CDI) Resource in United States Military Involvement in Central America (May 1984)
El Salvador: Military Aid (Cindy Arnson)
Reaga: Religion and Politics
Elections, 1986
United States Student Association: Central America and Peace Project
Vietnam Veterans and Central America
Presbyterian Church (PC) United States of America, Advocates on Central America
Police Aid: Old Public Saftey Program Abolished in 1973
Foreign Aid Figures for Central America

Box 9 [Acc. 91A-099]
Right (RT) Wing Organizing on Central America
Salvadoran Refugees
Southern Strategy
House on Covert Operations
Central America: Public Opinion Polls
Students and Central America
Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid, Research, and Education Foundation (SHARE): Refugee Information
Central American Refugee Defense Fund Newsletter, 1984
Canada Response to United States Policy in Central America
Central America Health Rights Network- LINKS
Latin America- General (NOT Contadora)
Mexico/Latin America
Central America: United States- Israel Aid Collaboration
United States Crackdown on Sanctuary (January 1985)
Prosecution of Sanctuary Movement- Religious Workers (May 1984)

Box 10 [Acc. 91A-099]
Central America: United States Labor Response
Central America Lobby Group
Information on National Labor Committee to El Salvador (June 1985)
Human Rights Law
Church Contacts
Immigration and Refugees
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
East Asia Conference Fundraising
Covert Operations
East Asia Conference Advisory Group Meeting/Minutes
Central America: House and Senate Swing List Analysis (December 1983)

Box 11 [Acc. 91A-099]
Ernest Lefever
Salvadoran Refugees
East Asia Conference Sample Packet
Newsletter Announcements, re: Conference
Travel Arrangements Conference Registrations
East Asia Conference, 1980
Correspondence: East Asia Conference, 1980

Acc. 92A-042
Box 1
People's filibuster
Going home share
Funding proposals
Nicaragua's emergency measures
Hotline: old
Hotline: recent
1985 Central America key list/ 1987 Coalition key list
In House
CNFP [ineligible word]

Box 2 [Acc. 92A-042]
Early CNFP documents
California, Southern: Citizen action on Central America
Connecticut: citizen action of Central America
Response to CNSS- CNFMP mailing on senate strategy on covert ops (July, 1984)
Central America Field
Human Rights in Nicaragua
Nicaragua: bilateral negotiations
1984 Elections and Central America
Central America: Foley-Conte Amendment on combat troops
Nationa lappeal for peach with justice in Central America (March, 1983)
Nicaragua/Cover OPS: CIA training manual for contra's (October, 1984)

Box 3 [Acc. 92A-042]
Florida: citizen response on Central America
Hawaii: citizen action on Central America
Kansas: Citizen action on Central America
Maine: Citizen action on Central America
New Mexico: Citizen response on Central America
Ohio: Citizen action on Central America
Oklahoma: Citizen response on Central America
Utah: Citizen action on Central America
Virginia: Citizen action on Central America
Washington D.C.: Citizen action on Central America
Washington state
West Virginia
Miscellaneous responses from 1986 CNFMP questionairre

Box 4 [Acc. 92A-042]
Miscellaneous responses from 1986 CNFMP questionairre
Cindy Buhl

Box 5 [Acc. 92A-042]
Central America aid
Organizations' geographic strength
Contra Aid: talking points
Nicaraguan civic opposition
Lobby day
Moratorium idea
Central America week
Church statements on Nicaragua
Peace missions project
State of the movement
CNFMP background resource on Central America

Box 6 [Acc. 92A-042]
Boland -General
Grassroots Activities
Hotlines/referal info/speakers
Counter-terrorism bill
Congress members
"Sister distric", Jim Mulherin
Miscellaneous legislation
Contra aid "swings"
Working congress (ideas)
10 year anniversary
Southern states project
National guard
1987 Coalition budget Central America
People's filibuster
3rd world budget
Organizations in the States: Alabama-Georgia
States: Hawii-Missouri
States: Montana-Tenessee
States: Texas-Wyoming
Boland 3 month strategy, Iowa
Boland 3 month strategy, Arkansas
Thank you letters to grassroots key contacts on April 1985 covert and vote
Long term West Virginia
Sample letters
Maine Peace Mission
CNFP- general information

Box 7 [Acc. 92A-042]
Five state senate campaign
Military Police Aid
Contras/aid to... [2 folders]

Box 8 [Acc. 92A-042]
Contras / Aid to... [2 folders]
Human Rights Legislation
Slattery / Cohen Letters
Honduras: General Information

Box 9 [Acc. 92A-042]
NGO Group Materials: General
Northern California: Citizen Action on Central America
Georgia: Citizen Action on Central America
Indiana: Citizen Action on Central America
Louisiana: Citizen Response on Central America
Massachusetts: Citizen Action on Central America
Minnesota: Citizen Action on Central America
Nebraska: Citizen Action on Central America
New Jersey: Citizen Action on Central America
New York: Citizen Action on Central America
North Carolina: Citizen Action on Central America
Rhode Island: Citizen Action on Central America
Tennessee: Citizen Action on Central America

Box 10 [Acc. 92A-042]
Covert Operations Op-Eds, 1984 (January)
Regional Contacts
All Fifty States Tentative Contact File
IFCO Report
Reference Material: Government
Americas Watch
Affirmative Actions
Contra Watch
Miscellaneous Reference Material [2 folders]
Democratic Study Group: Special Report
Nicaraguan Perspectives
Health and the War Against Nicaragua, 1981-1984
A Political Opening in Nicaragua
Respect and Dignity: Cost and Promise in Central America

Box 11 [Acc. 92A-042]
State Department: Resource Books on Elections
Seeking Safe Haven
The Philadelphia Foundation 1987-1988 Annual Report: Seventy Years of Giving
An Americas Watch Report: Human Rights in Nicaragua
Nicaragua: Revolutionary Justice
Selected Articles Censored from La Prensa
The Torture Victim Protection Act of 1985
Human Rights in Nicaragua Under the Sandinistas: U.S. Department of State Report
Contra Aid Legislation
AID: Deliveries to Contras in Honduras, Contra Aid packet
Contra Aid vote, 1988 (August)

Box 12 [Acc. 92A-042]
Dan on Embargo
Nicaraguan Figures: Embargo
Embargo: IMF Report
Confidential: WBON Nicaragua
Embargo Proposal
U.S. Companies Network in Nicaragua
CIP Documents on Peace Plan
El Salvador CISPES Reports
Arias Clippings
Central america Working Group (CAWG) notes and handouts
Text Translation Peace Plan
Congress and Arias
Congressional Reports
Contra Aid Swing Voters
Arias Peace Plan: Region

Box 13 [Acc. 92A-042]
Peace Plan: Region
Contra Aid Vote, 1988 (February)
"Stop Contra Aid" forms: Alabama - Massachusetts
"Stop Contra Aide" forms: Maryland - Oklahoma

Box 14 [Acc. 92A-042]
"Stop Contra Aid" forms: Oregon - Wisconsin
Beyond Contragate: The U.S.-Nicaragua Conflict
Press Briefing on Central America and the Legislative Season, 1985 (February 21)
Eyewitness Week, 1988
Talk Not Troops, 1984 (July 15-19)
Response to Presidential Address on Central America, 1983 (April 27)
The Caribbean: U.S. Policy and Self-Determination, 1980 (June 7)
The Economic War Against Nicaragua Information Packet, 1985 (June)
Commission and U.S. Central America Relations
Packet for Editorial Boards on Boland
U.S.-Honduras Relations Briefing Packet, 1984 (May)
Reactions to Kissinger Report, Military Aid Requests and Proposed Human Rights Compromise, 1984 (January 17)
Lobby Packet, 1983 (March 23)
"Day of Advocacy" Lobby Packet, 1983 (March)
The Boland Ammendment
Health RTS Delegation to El Salvador Press Conference Packet, 1983 (January)

Box 15 [Acc. 92A-042]
Providing Sanctuary: The Jewish Role
Trade Union Delegation to Guatemala, 1984 (March)
El Salvador Update: Counterterrorism in Action, 1986
U.S. Economic Aid in Central America, 1987 (June)
Central America Study / Reflection /Action Guide, 1983
Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)
Briefing on the Kissinger Commission and Upcoming Legislative Events
The Center for National Security Studies: Stennis (D-MS)
The Center for National Security Studies: Chiles (D-FL)
The Center for National Security Studies: Covert Operations, 1985 (February)
Labor Rights and the Generalized System of Preferences Press Packet, 1985 (June)
Information Packet on Central America Policy, 1984 (May 10)
Worker Rights and the New World Order

Box 16 [Acc. 92A-042]
Education and Human Rights in El Salvador, 1983 (January 3-10)
El Salvador Update: Democracy or Police State?, 1986 (May)
The Center for National Security Studies: Covert Aid Talking Points, 1985 (March)
The Center for National Security Studies: Cindy Buhl
The Center for National Security Studies: Grassley (R-IA)
One Week in El Salvador: A Report on Four Human rights Violations, 1987 (September)
U.S. Covert Operations Against Nicaragua: An Open Forum, 1982 (May)
If You Could Just Stop the Bombing
U.S.-Nicaragua Relations: Cronology of Policy and Impact, 1981 (January) - 1984 (January)
Crucible of Hope
The Costs and Consequences of Reagan's Military Buildup
Anti-Apartheid Organizing: On Campus and Beyond
Outcast Among Allies
Nicaragua: Civilian Victims of the U.S. Contra War, 1986 (July) - 1987 (January)
Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) Local Group Directory
Resources for Activists
State and National Freeze Staff Directory
El Salvador's Opposition

Box 17 [Acc. 92A-042]
Human Rights and Peace, 1986 (July 1)
Nicaragua Information
El Salvador Update: Labor Under Seige
Socio-economic and Political Crisis in El Salvador and Alternatives for Solving It
El Salvador newletters, miscellaneous
From the Ashes, 1987 (March)
The Essential Need to Urge Respect for Human Rights in Order to Stregthen the Search for Peace, 1987
U.S.-Honduras Relations: Background Briefing Packet, 1984 (May)
Thirty Years of Bitter Fruit, 1954 (June) - 1984 (June)
Information Packet on U.S.-Central America Policy
Questions and Answers: Restricting the CIA in Nicaragua
Washington D.C.
RAW 1/25
Letter to Editor, etc.
Field List: Original, 1988 (August)
Days of Decision (D of D) Labels

Box 18 [Acc. 92A-042]
Miscellaneous notpads [2 folders]
Endorsers / response to endorsement mailing
Endorsement mailing list, categorized
Initial endorsers / participants
List of potential endorsers
Empty Campaign Forms
Mailing Lists
Locals Masterlist
Vets Fast / Concord action
Correspondence: Answered or Entered
Days of Decision Fundraising
Budget (November 19)
Financial Stuff
Days of Decision (D of D) flyers
Days of Decison miscellaneous documents
Days of Decision Campaign Members

Box 19 [Acc. 92A-042]
Nicaragua Miscellaneous
Arrest (November 4)
Days of Decision Steering Committe, 1987 (July-October)
Central Americal Working Group (CAWG), 1987 (November) - 1988 (March)
Central America Working Group (CAWG), 1988 (April) -
Documents from Member Organization
Mailing List: Original
Phone-banking manuals
Miscelaneous Pieces of Coalition Members
Days of Decision (D of D) Steering Committee, 1988 (January-March)
Days of Decision Steering, 1988 (April-May)
Days of Decision (D of D) Steering Committee, 1988 (November-December)
Early Documents
National Press or Newsletters
National Press
Fundraising Letter, 1987 (July 27)
Vet's @ Action, 1987 (September)
Rapid Response Network
Days of Decision Peace / War Calendar
Insert / Emergency Response
Original Mailing, 1987 (July 27)
Days of Decision Original Goals
Register your Opposition, 1987 (September 15)
Days of Decision and Religious Leaders
Originals, 1987 (September 15)
The Way of the Heart in a Violent Time
Duarte Visit

Box 20 [Acc. 92A-042]
Days of Decision and Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Joint Mailing, 1987 (October)
$3-5 Million Action Alert
Original (September 28)
Original Mailing, 1987 (July 24)
Mailing Originals (September)
Mailing, 1987 (October 5)
Miscellaneous "How To"
Phone Bank "How To"
Rapid Response Network
Organizers Packets
Campaign Highlights (October-November)
Demonstration Press Packet, 1987 (november 4)
Mailing, 1987 (November 9)
Mailing, 1987 (November 20)
Mailing, 1987 (November 24)
Press Advisory, 1987 (December 15)
Hilldrop El Savador, 1987 (December)
Christie Report Mailing, 1988 (January 7)
Mailing, 1988 (January 8)
El Salvador Mailing Originals
Boxer Stuff Originals
Washington Times, 1988 (January 15)
Washington Post, 1988 (January 25)
Press Packet Originals (January 25)
1988 (February)
Days of Decision (D of D) Mailing, 1988 (May 2)
El Salvador A.W. Petition, 1988 (April 22)
The Situation of Human Rights in Honduras, 1988
Congressional Letters to Constituents of California
California (Los Angeles)
California (San Francisco / Berkeley)
Maryland (Balitmore)

Box 21 [Acc. 92A-042]
Massachusetts (Boston)
Missouri (St. Louis)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
New York (New York)
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Ohio (Cleveland)
Law and Watch Seneca Report
Nicaragua miscellaneous
Invasion: a Guide to the U.S. Military Presence in Central America
La Penca: Report of an Investigation

Box 22 [Acc. 92A-042]
Accounting of Actions
Contra Aid (March 30)
Democratic Alternative to Fenruary 3rd [2 folders]
El Salvadore Task Force, 1987 [2 folders]

Box 23 [Acc. 92A-042]
El Salvadore Task Force, 1987
Cease-fire Negotiations
Central America Working Group (CAWG): Names / Agendas
Embargo: Official Documents
Embargo: Congress
Embargo: Literature
Embargo: Workig Group

Box 24 [Acc. 92A-042]
Days of Decision (D of D) Steering Meeting, 1988 (April 18)
Mailing, 1988 (April 1)
Days of Decision (D of D) "Wind Down" Meeting (March 30)
Mailing, 1988 (Feruary 29)
Positive Alternative Condenced (February 15)
Local materials / articles / graphics / photos
Evaluation Report
Returned Evaluation Questionnaires
Mailing Originals, 1988 (February 11)
Press Release, 1988 (February 3)
Countdown Press Release, 1988 (February 4)
Press Release (February 3)
Letter (February 6)
UAW Anti-Contra, 1988 (January)
Media Advisory (January 25)

Acc. 99A-006
Box 1
Congressional Record
H.R. 2760 (Boland/Zablock)
Covert Aid 1985: Grassroots Reports and Assignments (April 1985)
Miscellaneous [5 folders]
Miscellaneous Literature
National Day of Advocacy on Central America (Tuesday- March 20, 1984)
Voting Records
Bowling Green Packet
Swing Voting Lists
Declassified and Released Documents
Middle East
Nicaragua Education Project (NEP) Speaker

Box 2 [Acc. 99A-006]
Nicaragua: $75 Million Reconstruction Aid
Miscellaneous Notes
Information Inquiries
Studds: Honduras Bill
LA. List
Day After Planning
National Day of Advocacy on Central America (Tuesday- March 20, 1984)
Peace and Justice Summer
Key Contacts
Human Rights Working Group Material
Nicaragua: "Dear College" Letters

Box 3 [Acc. 99A-006]
El Salvador: Congress/Senate, 1981
Nicaragua: Hearings
Foreign Policy
Central America Week, 1984: Attendees at National Training Seminar
Walker Amendments
Other Mailings on Central America Week
Nicaragua Elections
Central America
Central America Week: Religious Convocation
Activities/ Conference/ Forums
Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) and Central America: October All-Day Meeting of Reflection/Projection
Congress and Central America
Covert Aid: Summary of Lobby Group Reports and Head Counts, 1985
Nicaragua Military Power/ Contras
Nicaragua [2 folders]
New H.R./Central America Resources for CNFMP (January 1986): Mailings, Contracts, Letters, Outlines (September - December 1985)
Miscellaneous [2 folders]

Box 4 [Acc. 99A-006]
Guatemala, Amnesty International
Trade Union Packet
Central America [2 folders]
El Slavador: Copies of Constituents Letters to Congress
El Salvador: Information on Members of Congress/House, 1981
El Salvador [2 folders]
Congressional Visits
Refugees/Political Asylum
El Salvador Update
Nicaragua Background

Box 5 [Acc. 99A-006]
Bread for the World: Human Needs and World Security
Our Church and Central America
El Salvador Elections
Past Coalition Publications
University Packet
Chile [2 folders]
El Salvador: Police Training Counter Terrorist Units, Repeal of 660, etc. / Central America Regional Counter- Terrorism program (September 1985)
Foley Department of Defense (DOD)
Letters to Congress
Bugdet Spending on Central America
The Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA): National Conference on Guatemala
Bonior-Leach Response in Support of Mexico-Venezuela Peace Initiative (October 6, 1982)
Central America

Box 6 [Acc. 99A-006]
Court of Appeals
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
H.R. 1509: El Salvador
Central America Monitor
Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) Impact of Elections (November 19)
Nicaragua, Rule Vote (May 1980)
Coalition: Central America, Legislative Update Mailings
El Salvador [2 folders]
Kissenger Commision
Covert Operations- Senate
Covert Aid Debate: Senate Visits, 1985
Coalition: Central America, Legislation, Notes
Murder of Nuns (December 1980)

Box 7 [Acc. 99A-006]
Covert Aid Debate: House Visits, 1985
National Guard Information
Guatemala [2 folders]
Central America: Model Legislation (March 1985)
Guatemala: The Unnatural Diaster Guatemala Teach-In (October - November 1981)
Central America Week: National Day of Advocacy (March 19-20, 1984)
Latin America/Central America

Box 8 [Acc. 99A-006]
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
Central America
Central America Week: National Training Seminar (March 19, 1984)
Central America Week, 1984: Endorsers
Counter..... Attack on the Americas!
Inter-Relious Task Force on El Slavador: New York City- Ben Keene
Student Activists
El Salvador: Foreign Aid Appropriations, FY 1986
Amnesty International
Disappearing Policy, H.R. Last Copies (September 1981)
Legistration on El Salvador

Box 9 [Acc. 99A-006]
Phillipine Business for Social Progress
Notes and Contacts
El Salvador: Role of United States Military
Coalition Mailings
Latin America Weekly Report, Updates
Guatemala: United States Policy (Current)
"Emergency" Military Aid for El Salvador and Covert Operations- Senate/H.J. Resolution 492, 1984
El Salvador [2 folders]

Box 10 [Acc. 99A-006]
El Salvador [3 folders]
El Salvador Conference: All-Day Working Consultation on El Salvador (June 27, 1980)
Central America
Gautemala, 1981
El Salvador: The War Powers Act [2 folders]
National Conference on Nicaragua

Box 11 [Acc. 99A-006]
Lopez Portillo
Latin America
Central America, Nicaragua
Central America: Planning and Coordination Retreats (June - October, 1985)
Human Rights in El Salvador
Attacks on Civilian Populations by Government Armed Forces
Covert Operations: National Security Council (NSC) Involvement (August 1985)
Organize Ballot Initiatives
Central America Special Action
El Salvador: War Colonel. Jose Garcia
Nicaragua Crisis 1978-1979
El Salvador [2 folders]
El Salvador: Assassinations of FDR and Four American Women (November 28, 1980- )
El Salvador: Consultation on United States Policy

Box 12 [Acc. 99A-006]
El Salvador and Angola
El Salvador: Military Aid, FY 1985 Appropriations and General Information
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
World Court
Information Packet Materials
Top Candidates: Priorities Coord.
Responses to Nicaragua Action Alert (Spring 1980)
Priorities Search [2 folders]

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