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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
World Without War Council-Midwest
World Without War Council-Midwest Records
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DG 128

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The World Without War Council-Midwest developed about 1970. It was affiliated with the World With War Council national office, but functioned independently in terms of programming and operations. The WWWC-Midwest worked with leaders of NGOs, business, labor, religious bodies, professional organizations, and education, for the nonviolent resolution of international conflict and constructive global change.

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Gift of World Without War Council Midwest, 1981 [Acc. 81A-050/Acc. 81A-051]; 2012 [Acc.2012-010]
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This collection is unprocessed. This finding aid was created by SCPC staff May-June, 2012.
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Historical Background
The World Without War Council-Midwest developed about 1970. It was affiliated with the World With War Council national office, but functioned independently in terms of programming and operations. The WWWC-Midwest worked with leaders of NGOs, business, labor, religious bodies, professional organizations, and education, for the nonviolent resolution of international conflict and constructive global change.

Collection Overview
Most of this collection was created by WWWC-Midwest leader, Robert Woito and includes organizational files and reference informational files

Items removed:

Arrangement of Collection
This collection was organizationed by WWWC-Midwest leader Robert Woito and remains in the order in which he donated the material. Many folders were included in the original boxes, but arrived here empty. These folders were removed, but the titles retained in the finding aid, and designated as [empty]. The donor created a detailed and annotated finding aid, which is available on line. With the removal of books, periodicals, and photographs from the collection (now stored in appropriate collections), the box numbering of the collection has changed from the Woito finding aid. That number system has also been listed in this new finding aid.

Finding aid created by Robert Woito [Updated July 2012 version available in paper only. Contact SCPC staff for further information.]

Detailed Description of the Collection
Acc. 81A-050/81A-051
Acc. 2012-010

Acc. 94A-088

Box 1
[stored offsite] [Acc. 81A-050/81A-051]
World Without War Council Interne Program
Peace Conferenece and Workshops Materials, Proposals
Peace Education Programs
Miscellaneous World Without War Council Materials, including Internship Information and Grant Proposals
Human Rights Day Conference
Human Rights Day Materials
Peace Education and Action Program
Peace Education and Action Program Committee- Meetings
Organization Council Meeting- Extra Invitational Lists, Fall, 1966
Organization Council Meeting, 1967 (January 16)
Organization Nominating Committee
Miscellaneous World Without War Council Materials [2 folders]
Peace Ballot Information
Vietnam Materials
World Without War Council: Working with Religious Institutions
World Without War Council- Correspondence
Miscellaneous World Without War Council Materials- Correspondence and Memoranda
Miscellaneous World Without War Council Materials- Correspondence, etc.
Miscellaneous World Without War Council Materials
Blessed are the Peacemakers and Other Peace Materials
Miscellaneous Peace Materials [2 folders]

Box 2 [stored offsite] [Acc. 81A-050/81A-051 and Acc. 2012-010]
Miscellaneous Peace Materials [12 folders]
1972 Elections [2 folders]
World Without War Council- Tax Exemption Papers
Religious Work- American Friends Service Committee- World Without War Council
[Acc. 2012-010 begins here]
Organizations and Executive Directors [empty]
Chairperson, Boards of Directors [empty]
Colleagues in other Organizations [empty]
Robert Pickus [2 folders]
80th Birthday
Robert Pickus- See Hoover Institute
Harold Guetzkow
George Weigel
Bayard Rustin
Jack Bollens
Karen Egerer
Edward Doty [empty]
Lucy Dougall
P. Wesley Kriebel [empty]
Mary Liebman
Lowell Livezey
Byron Miller
Sherry Minert
Anthony Mourek
Herbert Neil Jr. [empty]
Reverand C. Theodore Roos
Terrence Rynne

Box 1 [stored offsite] [Acc. 2012-010]
Nancy Starr [empty]
Kale Williams [empty]
Robert Woito
Intern Fellows [empty]
Three Definitions of Peace [empty]
Basics, But What Do You Do?
Basics, three Turn Toward Peace Policy Frameworks [empty]
Basics, Seven Roads to a World without Peace
Basic, Distinctive Elements in the Council’s Approach
Basics, Camus
American Initiatives in a Turn Toward Peace
Basics, Peace and the Elections
Definitions- To End War, table of contents
Project South Africa
Guidelines- National Association of Evangelicals
Democracy Transcendent- Gershman
Extending the Democratic Peace (book)
Sharp- Hand Facts [empty]
Pickus and Weigel- Advices and Caution [2 folders]
Public Dialogue- Evaluating an Organization
Organization Management
International Human Rights quotient
101 ways [empty]
Vietnam Peace Proposals
Church Standards
Democracies and Dictatorships
Causes of War
Issues Work
Program Overview
Pictures Nobel/ Lowell and Staff
Comments and Criticisms [empty]
Central Intelligence Agency front
New Organization
Basic Brochures [Woito Box 2 begins here]
Overview and Introduction
Committees 1962
Basic Campaign, Document and Expansions
People and ten tasks
Incorporation 1962
Executive Committee minutes 1962
Robert Gilmore
10 minutes 1963
Norman Thomas
Newsletters Bloomstein and Mertz
Minutes 1962-1964
To honor five men
Memo to community centers
Several Staff letters
Literature- Mertz
Questions for Candidates
Berlin Crisis 1961
Policy Statements
After Cuba what? Thomas
American initiatives in a Turn Toward Peace
Policy Framework Turn Toward Peace
Disturber of the Peace, Pickus
Control of National Policy
Socialist Ideals and American Reality
Controversies- Who needs to change most
Norman Thomas, Election year 1964
Goals and Next steps 1964
Critique of thermonuclear war 1962
Bondurant- Forcing Change Without Violence
Turn Toward Peace materials, checklist 1961
Turn Toward Peace Basic Campaign Documents
Community Peace Centers
Peace Organs
Regional Conference
Voluntary Organizations and World Without War Conference
Roster Project
Peace Lobby
Action suggestions
Voluntary Organizations Response
Issues Work
Turn Toward Peace- Efforts to achieve a World Without War- 1965 (October 13)
Regional Work California
Programs Brochures and Specific Events [empty]
New York Times Advertisements
Washington Action- 1962 (February 16 and 17)
Voluntary Organizations and World Without War Conference- 1963 (December 13-15)
Research Council
Terms by which we judge our success- 1961
Progress Report on 10 tasks for Turn Toward Peace, Pickus
Turn Toward Peace, First Sixteen Months – Staff
Midwest Office Organization- 1965 (November 3)
Founding Meeting- 1965 (November 3)
By Laws and Illinois state Conference
Executive Committee
Council Members- 1966
Board of Directors- 1966
Staff- 1965
Board Meetings- 1966
Executive Committee- 1966
Staff Resources- 1966
Program Overview- 1966
Turn Toward Peace and American Friends Service Committee- 1965
Name Change?
National Meeting
Chicago Council- 1966
Board Recruitment- 1966
Draft Counseling
Budgets- 1966
National Turn Toward Peace Board- 1967
Executive Committee- 1967
Money Matters- 1967
National World Without War Council and Center- 1967 (April 15-17)
National Collegium Core
Policy Framework
Don Dewees memo on work- 1970
Future? Doty
Chicago Area Turn Toward Peace, Overview- 1965
American Initiatives in a Turn Toward Peace
Peace in the History of our Church
World Order Models Project
Our country, Right or Wrong?
Christian’s Responsibility for World Peace Committee- 1965
The American Crisis, Theodore Draper- 1967
Mike Kirby, Vietnam
Origins and Aims of the Viet Cong, Gail Kelly- 1966
Nonviolence and Disarmament, Olson
Settlements and Disarmament- 1969
Graubard, One-Dimensional Pessimism
Seven Examples of Work, Doty- 1965/1966
Program Outline- 1966
Program Report, Doty- 1966-1967

Box 2 [stored offsite] [Acc. 2012-010]
Standards of Responsibility
Peace education and United Church of Christ
War/ Peace Education, Robert Freeman 1968-1973
War, Peace and Local Churches, Staff- 1969
Peace Education and Action churches of Metropolitan Chicago
Protestant Program
Catholic Adult Education
Youth Affairs
Medic, Chicago Daily News
Midwest Voluntary Organization and a World Without War- 1965
Where We Are- 1965 (June)
Programs, Morality and Modern War- 1965
Christian Responsibility- 1965 (November)
Programs- 1966
Consultation 1966 (January 5)
Programs, Christian Responsibility- 1966 (January 31)
Programs, Peace, Disarmament, Vietnam and China- 1966 (April)
Liberal Churches- 1966 (February 28)
Programs, Students and a World Without War- 1966 (April)
Jewish- 1966 (October 27)
Programs, Toward a World Without War, Galbraith and Doty- 1966
Leadership Institute- 1966 (November 8)
Weekly Report- 1967
Programs, Vietnam and religious Community- 1967 (January)
World Without War and Leadership, Chicago
Civil Rights
Dr. Sacks on Vietnam- 1967 (February 24)
The best Vietnam
Youth Freedom Budget
Negotiation Now
Leadership in the United Church of Christ
Program, Women mourn Mother’s Day- 1970
Regional Office
Peace Interne Program- 1966
Bibliographical Resources
Brochures [Woito Box 3 begins here]
Presentational Booklet
National By-Laws
Lowell-Livezey Offered Directorship
Board- 1970-1976
Summary of Activities 1970 (October)
Nominees- Peace Education and Action Program
Getting Organized: Projected Midwest Program
Executive Committee/ Executive Director New Program Proposed
Purposes and Work, Livezey- 1970
World Without War education fund- 1971
Money Matters- 1971
Planning Memorandum- 1971-1972
Board of Directors’ Agendas, Minutes
National Collegium staff Meeting and Council Leadership, 108 all offices, roles
School Programs
North Suburban Project formed
North Suburban Project, Prospectus and Proposal
North Suburban Project, Meetings
North Suburban Project, Progress Reports
North Suburban Project, Programs
North Suburban Project, funding
Board agenda- 1973
World Without war council and World Without War Education Fund- 1972
An Intensified National Thrust, Robert Pickus- 1973 (January 23)
Post Vietnam: Northern Illinois Conference
Lowell Livezey’s Director’s report: Overview of council Program- 1974
Board Agenda- 1973
Board and staff Lists- 1972 and 1977
Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist church-Minutes
Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist church- Fund Requests
Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist church- Board Decisions
Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist church- Program
Peace and International Relations Committee of the United Church of Christ – Meetings
Peace and International Relations Committee of the United Church of Christ- Fund Requests
Peace and International Relations Committee of the United Church of Christ- Board Decisions
Peace and International Relations Committee of the United Church of Christ- Program
Individual Fund Raising
Name change to “Midwest Board of WWWEF”
Board Agenda’s Minutes- 1975
World Without War Board of Directors 1976-1977
Peace, Church, Vietnam
Dunn versus World Without War
Foundation Requests
Lowell’s move to New York
Finances- 1976
Correspondance- 1971
Certificate of Authority
Distinctive Elements- Robert Pickus
Peace Initiatives Not Bombing
Livezey “Churches and a World Without War”- 1971
Peace Education in Churches
Pickus “On Peace, Jews and Beth El”- 1972
Livezey- Democratic Party Platform- 1972
New Yorker- “New Man in Town”
Livezey Review- “The concept of Peace”
Livezey- Shalom Education- 1973
Livezey “Theological Education for Peace”
Shalom Is- A Curriculum
Rose “Let’s Reverse the Arms Race”
Zimmer “American Foreign Policy and a World Without War”
Rose “Submarine versus Anti-Submarine: the Billion-dollar Merry-Go-Round”
Ruffings “Don’t neutralize America”
Zimmer “That Person Should be the Next President who…”
Livezey “Syllabus- the Churches’ Peace Ministry”
Zimmer- Letters of a Conscientious Objector from Prison
The Professions [Woito Box 4 begins here]
Guidelines for Peace Ministry, Ted Roos
Schools Program
TV Project

Box 3 [stored offsite] [Acc. 2012-010]
Progress Report, Christian Education- Catherine Good Abbott
Introduction to Indochina Choices
Signing on Diocese
National Federal of Priests Council’s Peace Program- 1975
World Order and Right to Food- 1975
War, Peace and your Church
Diocese of Oakland Catholic Churches and Program
Guidelines, Northfield Community Church
Conscientious Objector in Church School
Standards and Criteria on Church and Issues
Work on Specific Issues
Northern California Psychiatric Society Council- 1972
Center for Parish Development
Working for a World Without War in your Church
Religion and Peace Resources Centre
Where do You Stand
Glenbrook Conference
Five Year Plan Center For Adult Learning, Archdiocese of Chicago
Bishops’ Call and Response
Initiatives for Peace Project
Books for Children
“Human Nature and War”, Nesbitt
Overview and Christian Perspectives- 1971
War/ Peace Discussion Group
Interfaith Consultation on the Middle East Crisis
Peace and Elections- 1972
North Suburban Project
Mikva-Young Debate
World Without War Retreat
Non-Partisan Political Rally
Rockford District Social Concerns
Americans Talk Peacekeeping
The Cross and the Sword
Teaching about War and War Prevention
Churches and World Community
Community Organizations and a World Without War
Decision- Makers
Glenbrook community Conference
Ministries for Peace
Bishops’ Call
Bishops’ Call- 1973
Nazi: Holocaust and Middle East Crisis
A positive Approach to Peace and Justice
Creating a Human Future
United Nations Peacekeeping
Creative Conflict
Peace and the Ministries of the Church
A Statement- Peace and Elections- 1972
Promotion- Peace and Elections- 1972
Opinion Leaders- Peace and Elections- 1972
Responses- Peace and Elections- 1972
Crisis in Pakistan Issues, kit, T. Zimmer
The Peace Ballot- 1975
The Peace Platform- 1976
Question and Answer concerning the Ballot and Platform- 1976
Study Guide to the Peace Ballot
National Programs launched in Midwest- Hearing
National Programs launched in Midwest - Promotion
National Programs launched in Midwest- Coordination
National Programs launched in Midwest- Responses
National Programs launched in Midwest- Press
National Programs launched in Midwest- Supporters
National Programs launched in Midwest- Democratic Platform
Fund Appeal- 1972 (June 2)
Correspondence- 1975 [3 folders]
Correspondence- 1976
Correspondence- 1977
Basic Brochure [Woito Box 5 begins here]
Board of Directors
Board Minutes- 1977
Board Minutes- 1978
Board Minutes- 1979
Board Minutes- 1981
Fund Appeals and Requests
Illinois Humanities Council grants
MacArthur Foundation
Program description- 1980 and 1981
United Church of Christ
National Program- Midwest
All Offices- Financial Overview- 1980 - 1981
Budget- 1980 - 1981
Management by Objectives Program
Personnel Review
Mission Statement
Board Discussions
Financial Audit, Year ending June 30, 1980
Lowell’s Evaluation
Archives on Lowell
State of Illinois Incorporation- 1978
Issues Center
Pope John Paul II- World Day of Peace
Pickus at Disarmament Conference- 1978
Human Rights Conference
Pickus on Disarmament
International Human Rights kit [empty]
101 ways to end the Cambodian Famine
The Iran Crisis, United Church
Religion and Disarmament
Nuclear Threat
Arms race Answer
Moral/ Ethical Issues to World Politics
Business Responses to Human Rights- 1979 (October 25)
Typology of World Affairs Organizations
Organizational Map Project [empty]
Pilot Directory [empty]
International Conflict and American Organizations
Program Overview
US Foreign Policy: At Issues in Illinois- 1977 (September 17 and October 1, 15, 29)

Box 4 [stored offsite] [Acc. 2012-010]
US Response to the arms race
US Foreign Policy Overview
National Council on Philanthropy
Human Rights Day- 1979
Labor and World Affairs [empty]
Business [empty]
Historians Project
US and World Community Interne
American Initiatives Project [empty]
Middle East Dialogue
SALT II [empty]
Helsinki Accords [empty]
Cambodian Famine [empty]
Public Effort for Peace in America [empty]
Terrorism and Self- Determination
Peace, Security and the Election- 1980
21st Anniversary of World Without War
Middle East Dialogue
Prospects for the Middle East Peace Negotiations
Initiatives for Peace in the Middle East
Conventional Arms Transfer
Louise Barry- 1977
Correspondence: Working for a World Without War- 1978 [2 folders]
Correspondence- 1979
World Peace under Law
United Nations Peace-Keeping
A Citizen’s Primer
Resources for Teachers
Nuclear Proliferation
Brochures [Woito Box 6 begins here]
Mission Statement
Board of Directors
Board Meetings and Minutes [2 folders]
Board Special Planning Process 1987
Income and Expense
Foundation Request
Annual fund Approval
National Board
Lifetime Achievement and Award
Project Democracy
Project Democracy Fundraising
Robert Pickus, Templeton Award
Audited Financial statement
National Overview and Midwest- 1992
National Linkage Program with National Endowment for Democracy
Change of Legal Status- Midwest
The All of it
Byrd Decision at Richmond
American Purpose, Our Purpose
To end War- 1982
Seven Roads to a World Without War- 1992
Kant and Democracy Peace [empty]
Is Peaceful Change in South Africa Possible?
Conscience and War kit- 1991
Reagan- Westminster Address
Carl Gershman- Universal Democratic Values
Weigel- Breaking the Doctrinal Gridlock
Historian’s Project
Advices and Cautions, Pickus and Weigel
Democratic Engagement- 1992 (March 1st)
Rose- Unilateral Arms Control Initiatives
Military Budgets
Democratic Peace in Eastern Europe
Toward a Strategy of Peace
Armed Conflicts- 1993
Ethnic Conflict
Fein- 10 Steps to stop Genocide
Human Rights
Civil Wars
Gulf War
Communism versus Freedom 1990
Boutros- Ghali, an Agenda for Peace 1992 (January 31)
Rummel- Power kills, absolute power kills absolutely
Robert Woito- After the Cold War, a strategy of peace
Access, Kenya’s difficult Road to multi-party Democracy
Between the Wars
Advisory commission (report removed)
NED Prospects for Democracy in Africa
Challenged Peace, Disputed Questions
Democratic Enlargement
USIP 1993 [empty]
Alan Keyes- Fixing the UN
Religion in Urban America, Lowell Livezey
Rethinking International Governance, Harlan Cleveland, 1985
Moral Reasoning, Limited War, and American Democracy: The Korean Warning, George Weigel
Charter of the UN, and International Law
Amnesty International 15 Point Program
The Case for Humanitarian Intervention
Environmentalism: Critics
Canada Multiculturalism
Oslo Accords 1991
The State of the Nation State, Economist, 1990 (December)
Project South Africa [Woito Box 7 Begins here]
Initial support from NED 1982
New Strategy of Change, Norman Foundation, Robert Pickus
Program, 1991-1992
National Program Overview 1993
American Initiatives
Project Democracy: Program Descriptions and Reports

Box 5 [stored offsite] [Acc. 2012-010]
Project Democracy Report
Project Democracy, organization and work
Project Democracy
III.9. China
III.10. Mexico
III.11. Poland/Czechoslovakia
III.12. Romania
III.13. Russia
III.14.a. Vietnam
III.14.b. Vietnam
III.15. Pluralism v.s. Multiculturalism
III.16. AAE Guidelines & “Expanding the Peace Movement”
III.17. International Network, Chicago, 1987
III.18.Assessing the Public Effort for Peace, 1984-1988
III.19. State/Independent Sector
III.20. Organization Map Project
III.21. Civic option, 1984
III.24. Peace and elections 1984-1992
III.27. 1995 Project
III.28. International Criminal court
IV.1. Historians Program, Chicago Scholars
IV.2. Human Rights Day Camp, terrorism and self-determination [empty]
IV.3. 1982 (December, 9) [empty]
IV.4. Is there a way out? Conference [empty]
Iv.6. Home/seek(?), 1984 (May 17) [empty]
IV.7, speakers 1989 [empty]
IV.8. Assessing the Public Effort for (?)- [empty]
State Department/Independent Sector- US Human Rights Policy
American Initiatives Project
Midwest Conference for US Institute of Peace, 1985
Grinnell College 1985 (April 18)
Speakers 1986 [empty]
Helsinki- Zimmerman [empty]
Bayard Rustin 1987 (May 26) [empty]
World Food day 1987 (June 19)
Human Rights Day 1988
Travel- Family Visits A Window
Awakening Civil Society- East Bloc
Appeal for Religious Liberty in the Soviet Union
Project South Africa [empty]
Chicago Peace Center 1988 (May)
Carl Gershman 1990 (February 5)[empty]
Poland and Year for Democracy, 1990
Assembling the Mosaic [empty]
Program Highlights 1992
Referendum 1992
3rd Tuesday 1993 (June 29)
Common Ground 1993
1995 (February 14)
Internal War, 1995 (February 16)
Internal War
Exchange conference
MacArthur Foundation, US Defense Budget, 1989 (December 4)
Peace Networks- Croatia, Lithuania, Russia
Internal War Bibliography
Definition of Field
2 Past Accomplishments [empty]
AFL-CIO 1993 (November) [empty]
War as an Institution
Reading Person’s Filter
Peace Education in Schools
Jordan Rain Water
Changing Our Ways
Improve Effectiveness of UN [empty]
How to Build and Maintain a Democratic State [empty]
Travel to USSR, Exchange Programs
The Folly of Arms Control by J.Schell
Unlabeled [empty]
Disarmament: the Unfinished Agenda [empty]
Index [Woito Box 8 Begins here]
Basic Brochure
Mission Statement
National Office, definitional piece
Income and expenses
Robert Woito, Lifetime Achievement Award
Fund Appeals
Program Overview, 1995-1996
USIP Grant Request
Successful Organizations
Eliminating Democide
Gulf War, Iraq
Good Global Governance
Internal War
Out of War on Terror
National Security Strategy of the US, William Clinton
20 nonviolent Transitions from Dictatorship to Democracy
Robert Pickus, New Approach, Peace Betrayed
Extending the Democratic Peace
Diamond- Democracy Assessment
___ ___ ___ (???) to war
Bloomfield- rethinking International Governance
Bringing Democracy into International Law
Road map- Middle East
Progress of Nations [empty]
Democratic Enlargement
Can the UN keep the Peace?
World Order: What Catholics Forgot- George Weigel
Conscientious Objection without a Draft
Islam and democracy [empty]
Local democracy in Poland
Bolton- Should we take global governance seriously?
International Criminal Court
The UN- Joshua Muravchik
Kampelman- Good Global governance
Who elected the WTO [empty]
Prevent Deadly Conflict [empty]
National Security Strategy: Response to Governmental Policy
US strategy: A Response Kit [empty]
Governance in World Politics
World Movement for Democracy
Unlabeled [empty]
Internal War
September 11th Report
Foreign Policy Questionnaire
Immigrants and Citizenship
Extending the Democratic Peace- Promotion
International Immigrant
Choosing an Audience
America and Bosnia
Democratic Values
Organizational Map Project, 1997
From a Democratic Peace to a World Without War

Box 6 [stored offsite] [Acc. 2012-010]
2004 Election
Consolidated, Transitional, and Thwarted Democracies, plus Dictatorships
World Movement for Democracy
Democracy in Peril
Specific Tasks [empty]
Democracy Nurturing Contact
Human Rights Organizations
Democracy News
Journal of Democracy [empty]
World Movement for Democracy- member organization
National Endowment for Democracy, 2002
Democracy Digest
Democratic Alerts
Nobel Prize Speech Response
Ukraine, 2004
Democratic Courage
Democracy in Africa
Northfield Church Series
Democrats in Peril [empty]
Immigrants and citizenship
Democracy, War and AIDS in Africa
Iowa [empty]
Global Realities
Democratic Values [empty]
Conscience and War
Interne/Fellows program
Organizational Map Project
E Pluribus Unum
Common Ground
Iraq 2003
1. Scholars at risk [Woito Box 9 Begins here]
V.1. Program Description
V.2. Planning
V.3. Heartland International
V.4. Civil Society: East and West
V.5. National Endowment for Democracy
5. NED Funding
V.6. World Movement for Democracy
V.7. Democratic Coalition
V.8. Scholars for Freedom- Roosevelt University
V.9 Crisis Watch
V.10. Center for Democracy in the USSR
V.11. Peace and Democracy
V.12. Global Spread of Nonviolence
V.13. Twenty Not Violent Transitions to Democracy, 1974-2001(?)
V.14. Forming a Democracy Working Committee
V.15 Democracy- Carl Gershman [empty]
V.16. China
V.17. Mexico [empty]
V.18. Poland
V.19. Romania [empty]
V.20. Vietnam
V.21. Fostering Democracy Abroad: Role of Business
V.22. Reconstructing Iraq
V.23. Decade of Democracy, 1990-2000
VI.1. Research Program
VI.7. Research- Genocide
7. Heller
Kriebel on unilateral(?) action proposals
Lipson, reliable partners
Genocide, Fein
Rummel- Democide
Weigel- Catholics World Order
Extending the Democratic Peace bibliography
Wars on-going, 1997
American Iniatives Strategy + why Ideal is Faulty, Ruffin
Asoka Day- Institution of War Conditions of Peace
Internal War
Saudi hate publications
Iraq’s Hussein Pre-war death toll
Making the UN Safe for Democracy
Why democracy helps, Weinstein
Alger, Tool chest for peace builders
September 11th Commission Study Guide
Democracy at Large [empty]
Lessons Learned
Democracy in Africa
Internal War
Middle East
Unlabeled [empty]
Peace initiatives
History of Peace Movement
Elections and War
UN- Civilian Police Corps?
Obama Inaugural Address
Must Intervention be legal?
Human Rights
Myth of Democratic Pacifism
Blackman- Pacifism
Haiti [empty]
Colombia (?) [empty]
Cuba [empty]
Brazil [empty]
Chile [empty]
Unlabeled [empty]
Lithuania [empty]
Romania [empty]
Serbia [empty]
South Africa [empty]
Germany (East)
Ivory Coast
Russia [empty]
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia [empty]
South Africa
I.1. National Overview Internes 1964-1966 [Woito Box 10 Begins here]
I.2. Training Camp 1962
I.3. New England Interne Program
I.4. Sourcing and Application
I.4. Inter-Organization Program
I.5. MacArthur [empty]
II.1. Peace and American Community- Olson [empty]
II.2. Chicago Interne Program, Doty(?) 1965
II.3. WWWCUS syllabus, 1970
II.4. Interne Syllabus, Zimmer, 1971/1972
II.5. Definition of Subsets(?) 1982
6. Joint Syllabus 1985
7. NAE Correspondence Course
II.8. Interne Syllabus 1993-1994
II.9.  Short Course(?) 2003
1. What an Interne Should Learn: A Checklist
2. Specializing in a Subject: Arms Contract and Disarmament
3. Reading Person’s Filter
4. Internet Research (See also research)
5. At Stake in World Politics- 22 Ways
6. U.S. Nuclear Forces- 2002
7. Existing Arms Control & Disarmament Treaties
8. Uniform Arms Reporting Matrix [empty]
9. A World at War- 2002
10. Consolidated transitional, thwarted democracies and dictatorships [empty]
11. Universal Declaration of Human Righta
12. New States & Boundary Disputes
13. IMF- International Monetary Fund
14. WTO- World Trade Organization
15. The World Bank
16. The Global Agenda
17. Global Warming
18. Nonviolent transitions from dictatorships toward democracy
19. Representative Democracy
20. 101 things you can do in a crisis
21. An American Peace Initiatives Strategy
22. Applied Peace Research
23. World Movement for Democracy
24. Aiding Transitions to Democracy: Specific Tasks
25. Typology of Organizations
26. Choosing an Audience
27. This I can do- 25 careers
28. Careers in World Affairs
29. Keeping Up- Annuals
IV.1. Attributes of a Competent Superpower
2. Management- Pickus
3. Management- Sherry Minert
IV.4. Program
5. Advises and Cautions to Peace Leadership
6. Good Global Governance
VI. List of Interne Fellows, 1961-2006
VI. Distinguished Graduates [empty]
Doug Bond [empty]
Deborah Gerner
Ngoan Le
Bennett Caplan
Karen Zener(?)[empty]
Kavita Ramdas
Victoria Holt, 1985
Augustin Nicolesa

Box 7 [stored offsite] [Acc. 2012-010]
Gloria Rouster- SGI
Katrina Severin
Interne Select Resumes
Timothy Zimmer, 1970-1972
VIII. Outsanding Fellow- Axel Kolb [empty]
VIII.2. DOS Reading List
VIII.3. Bibliographic Resources
VIII. Pictures
VIII.5. Internet [empty]
Index Box11 [Woito Box 11 Begins here]
I.A. Program Description
I.2.Weekly Report Kriebad (?)
3. Project Planning
I.C. Working Committees
I.C.C. Chinca
I.4.B. Mexico
C. Poland
D. Romania [empty]
E. South Africa [empty]
I.5. Global Change [empty]
I.F. Luncheon Fd. (?) 1989 (October 13)
I.G. Newsletter Program Democracy [empty]
2.A. Kant(?), OU Perpetual Peace[empty]
2.B. Doyle, Liberal Legacies
C. Russett [empty]
D. Lipson [empty]
2. C. Roundtable with Gershman
Sharp- Violence [empty]
2.E. Carl Gershman and the National Endowment for Democracy
3.A. Origins of NED
3.B. President Reagan, Westminster speech (?) [empty]
3.a. American Init. Project- Paper Democracy Program(?)
3.b. Allen Weinstein
3.d. Debates
3.F. Democratization Policy(?)
3.G. Carl Gershman
3.K. World Movement for Democracy
3.k. NDI Reports,- 1990, 1991 [empty]
4.A. Successful Nonviolent Transition- Dictatorship to Democracy
4.B. Peterson David- Peaceful Change and the Rise of Sudan’s Democracy Movement
4. C.a. China
4.C.b. Mexico [empty]
4.C.c. Poland
4.C.d. Romania [empty]
4.C.e. South Africa [empty]
4.C.f. Vietnam [empty]
4.C.g. Hungary [empty]
4.C.h. Prospects for Democratization of Russia/USSR 1990
4.C.i. Raising the Curtain
4. B.i. American Islamic College- Islam and Democracy 1993
5.A. Internal War and U.P.P. Transitions
a. Bosnia [empty]
Kosovo [empty]
c. Burma [empty]
3.B. Democrats in Peril [empty]
3.C. Likage
5.D.Affirming National Identity of Poland 1979
5. E. Global Civil Society
5.F. Transisitions
Consolidated transitional democracies and dictatorships
3.H. Activities
I. Democide
3. Gastil Community of Democracies
5.K. Democracy in Palestine 2002 (December)
L. Democracy in Africa
5.M. Democracy Nurturing
5.N. Journal of Democracy
3.O. Civilian Democracy Corps 1990
3.p. International democracy quotient
Democracy is wrong!
Critic: Defend interests no democracy
Scholars for Freedom – Roosevelt University
3.B. Democracy in Peril
Reviving Mexico
Connor- Why were we surprised?
Dahl, Transitions to Democracy
U.S. Assistance and emerging Democracies 1992
Unlabeled- Miscellaneous
Hagan, Darfur and the Crime of Genocide [empty]
Huntington, A New Era in Democracy: Democracy’s Third Wave
International Crisis Group- Working to Prevent conflict Worldwide
Kondracke- “Freedom Bummer” 1990
Richard John Neuhaus- the Democratic Prospect
Lancaster, Caro- democracy in Africa
Michael Novak- Apology for Democratic Capitalism
Democratic Peace Prom (?)
Promoting & Extending the Democratic Peace
8. Internet Websites- 2002
Democracy & Peace- USIP June 1990
Index Box 12- Project South Africa [empty] [Woito Box 12 Begins here]
I.1. Brochure
I.2. South Africa kit 1985
I.3.A. Correspondence, Louw, 1988 (September 9)
I.3.B. Starr 1989 (February 2)
1.3.C. Starr- Program Rent (?)
I.4.Midwest Common
I.5. Ten More? (?)
I.6. 1994 Reports on Elections
II.1. Perspective, South Africa, Survey
II.2. Rustin “A Wus[?] Out?” 1983 [empty]
II.3. Perspective- Is Peaceful Change Possible?
II.4. Perspective Rustin, Next Step [empty]
II.5. Down the Line [empty]
II.6. Perspective- Scoring Corporate Card (?)
II.7. Perspective- Keyes- After Apartheid
II.8. Perspective- Election Day [empty]
III.A. Strategy of chase(?)- How do we link?
III.B. Strategy of chase- An Invitation
III.C. Strategy of Chase- South Africa
Walner Township Dew. Project
Women’s Informal Training Institute
Zimelemi (?) Furniture & Upholsters Co-op
Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development
Gadpalelwe Pre-School
Alexandra Art Centre
Edendale Lay Ecumenical Centre
Pietermaritzburg Agency for Social Awareness
Interchurch Media Programme
Programme for Technical Careers (Protec)
Krueersdorp Advice and Self-Help Center
Hireleng-Sechaba Community Programme
Avril Elizabeth Homes for the Mentally Handicapped
Umtapo Centre
Johannesburg Central Advice Office[empty]
GADRA- Grahamstown Area Distress Relief Association
Institute of Race Relations- Human Awareness Program
Union of Jewish Women
Wesley Center of Cancer
The Valley Trust
Using Spoken and Written English
Tswelang Pele Aged and Unemployment Club
Sonqoba Advice Centre
Society of St. Vincent De Paul
The Read Educational Trust
Port Elizabeth Crisis Education Centre
Orlando Children’s Home
Midlands Information Centre
Johannesburg Central Advice Office
Grassroots Education Trust
English Language Teaching Centre (ELTIC)
Alexandra Health Centre
Wesley Center of Concern
Association of Law Societies (SA)
Boiteko Women’s Club
Strategy of change, Linkage Facilitators
Strategy of change, Links in Progress
Citizen’s Democracy Corps: Compendium, US. Nonprofit Assistance to Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States- Volume 1 (A-L), part 1

Box 8 [stored offsite] [Acc. 2012-010]
Citizen’s Democracy Corps: Compendium- Volume 1 (A-L), part 2
Citizen’s Democracy Corps: Compendium- Volume 1 (A-L), part 3
Citizen’s Democracy Corps: Compendium- Volume 2 (M-Z), part 1
Citizen’s Democracy Corps: Compendium- Volume 2 (M-Z), part 2
Citizen’s Democracy Corps: Compendium- Volume 2 (M-Z), part 3
Citizen’s Democracy Corps: Compendium- Volume 3 (reference materials)
I.A. But What Can I Do? A Self- Survey [Woito Box 13 Begins here]
I.B. Choosing an Audience
I.C. This I Did, 25 Careers in World Affairs
I.D. Conscience and War Kit [empty]
I.E. 198 Non-Violent Acts Individuals can Do or Organize, Gene Sharp [empty]
I.F. Sharp, Abolition of War [empty]
I.G. Sharp, Civilian Based Defense [empty]
101 Things You Can Do in a Crisis
II.F. Community Peace Center Handbook- 1962 [empty]
TTP Policy Framework [empty]
American Initiatives in a TTP [empty]
Interne- Democracy
Assessing the Public Effort for Peace
The Organizational Map Project, 1997
Assessment Project, Robert Woito
South Africa: Is Peaceful Change Possible?
The Public Effort for Peace in America, 1984-1987
New Approaches
Historians Project
Promoting Democracy Abroad
Kosovo [empty]
V.A. Typology
V.B.  H.R. Quotient
V.C. Non-Profit Organisations [empty]
V. D. Ashoka Day [empty]
V.E. CIVICUS, Publications and Members
Opinion Headers
Unidentified-Opinion Lecturers Lists(?)
Unidentified- ISA Membership Directory (?)
Unidentified- Housing Assistance for Developing Countries, & List of US Non-Profit Organizations in Food   Production Abroad, 1974, 1975 (?)
Unidentified- List of US Non-Profits in Medicine and Public Health Abroad, 1973 (?)
Typology of Field: Engagement by Sector
Unidentified- Person and Organization Mailing Lists (?)
Unidentified- Typology and Mailing List (?)
Unidentified- Mailing List (?)
Unidentified- Voluntary Organizations and a World Without War, 1971-1981 (?)
3.A. But What Can I Do? [Woito Box 14 Begins here]
3.B. 192 Non-Violent Acts, Gene Sharp [empty]
3.C. Sharp, Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal, 1980
3.D. Strategic Non-Violent Defense, Keyes, 1981 [empty]
3.E. Sharp, Civilian-Based Defenses, A Post-Military Weapons System [empty]
3.F. Wilson, Raymond, a New Way of Thinking about Preserving Peace, 2001
Sharp, Non-Violent Revolutions
III. Extending the Democratic Peace in Time and Geographically
IV. A Consultant to other Organizations
Democratization Policy Institute, 1996
Moore, Beyond the Democratic Peace
Democrat Peace Draft
Diamond: Institute for Global Democracy
Pax Democratica [empty]
Humtts(?), Pax Democrats [empty]
Superordinate Goals: Jordan Valley Water
Initiatives [empty]
From Initiatives to a Strategy
Memo to initiative writers
American Initiatives Project Status
Unlabeled (American Initiatives Leaflet- Text?)
Goals and Next Steps, 1964
Unilateral Initiatives, Six Cases
Peace and Elections 1972
Peace Bulletin(?) 1976
Peace Platforms, 1976 [empty]
Peace, Security and the 1980 elections, 1980
2000 [empty]
2006 [empty]
National Strategy
Initiatives Research Book
To Avert War in Iraq
Research Aid Strategies of Peace
Peace Brigade International 1993 [Woito Box 16 and 17 Begin here]
Camus Preface- Pickus
Pinker States Provide Security- Violence Down 2010 [empty]
Podhoretz vs Ginsberg
Radical Middle [empty]
Religion and Democracy- 1992, 1993 [empty]
State Formalities, Susan Rudolph 1987
Snyder- Myths of Empire- 2003
Pure Tolerance-Spitz, David- Dissent 1962
The Stanley Foundation 2009
Nixon Doctrine, DOS
Sharp, The Meaning of Nonviolence- 1956
Spitz, David, Anti-Democratic Thought
Stephens, Statecraft as Warcraft
USIP- Periodicals 1998 [empty]
Democracy Wrong- Paul Treanor
The Forgotten UN,  United Nations Association of the USA, 1990
Ujamaa, Nyerere Forges a Synthesis
World Without War Calendars, 1978-1981
World Without War Calendars, 1982-1984
Global Justice, Human Rights, Vanness(?) 1990 (August/September) [empty]
War & Bible
Weigel, The Morality of War
Weigel, Hard-Nosed Idealism: A Model for Disarmament [empty]
Weigel, Moral Clarity
What we are fighting for [in Iraq], 2002
Why is Africa poor?
Pacificism critical, Woito, 2010 [empty]
Wolf, American Imperialism and Peace Movement [Vietnam]
Word Refugees, 2001
World Social Forum
Woito, Law: National, International, & World [empty]
World Trade Organization
Young Socialist Review, 1969 [empty]
Global Research on the Web, Strauss(?), 2002 [empty]
International Bill of Rights, UN 1997
Research [Woito Box 18 Begins here]
Peace Research, EDP 2002 [empty]
2. WWWC Inc. Research Program
3. Definitions
4. International Peace Research Organization
5. Achievements
Aall, Pamela: NGOs & Conflict Management
Middle East Peace, Abrams[?] [empty]
AFL-CIO: Department of International(?) Affairs [empty]
Applebaum, Anne: Victims of Communism 1995 (December)
America’s  Place in the Post Cold War World, poll, 1993
Balkan War Repeat 1993, 1994 [empty]
Marilyn Benser: An Appeal for Thought , 1978 [empty]
Ben Barber, Jihad v.s. McWorld, 1992
 Berube, Michael, Toward and Ideal Antiwar Movement [empty]
Why Wars End, Lincoln Bloomfield
Bloomfield on land mines
Bloomfield, Lincoln, Rethinking International Governance
Bloomfield, coping with conflict in the 20th century
Middle East votes, AFSC, 1993 (July) [empty]
Pinochet and International Law [empty]
Brinkley, Clinton’s Enlargement
Islamic Democracy, Iraq
Building Conflict Prevention Capacity: Methods, Experiences, Needs, by David Carment & Albrecht Schnabel

Box 9 [stored offsite] [Acc. 2012-010]
The Carter Center
Choices, 21st Century Edition Project
Conflict of Domino Theory [empty]
Constitutional(?)/Constituent(?) Rights [empty]
Waging Congo(?) Wars 2003 [empty]
Diamond, In Search of Consolidation
Dave Dellringer 2004 [empty]
Diversity in Philanthropy
Chapter 13 The E________(?)
Government Communication
Environment Copenhagen 2009
European Union in Brief
Richard Falk, Contending Approaches (?)
FCNL At the Crossroads: Disarmament or Re-Nuclearization
FMN, Politics in a Free Society
Leslie Gelb and Justine Rosenthal: The Rise of Ethics in Foreign Policy [empty]
Capitalism, Socialism, & Democracy, Hook, Rustin, Gershman, Kemble
Glasnost, Moscow, 1987 (June) [empty]
_______(?) 2003 [empty]
Globalization, 2002
Gulf War: Something yes, war no
Hague Conference
Hayes, Stephen, Saddam’s al Qaeda Connection (2003)
Human Rights Commission Nicaragua 1990
Humanitarian Interventions
Just War & Jihad, Hitchens, Chris, 2003 (June)[empty]
Italy: Ideological Battleground, Gardner 1982
Lost Lives- Ireland [empty]
Global Communities Institute for Policy Studies 1991 [empty]
Multilateral Coercive Diplomacy Robert Keohane, 2002
Kaufman, Robert- Democracy , Morality, and the National Interest, 1992
Kennan- A proposal for international disarmament, 1981
13 Days Robert Kennedy 1998
World Rule of Law- Arthur Larson
New Directions for Peace , Jane Lawrence 1980
Leadership C_____ (?)Corporation, 1998 [empty]
American Arms Debate, Robert Levine
Gandhi- Biography 2010 [empty]
Prospects for Democracy Change in Iraq 2002
International Rescue Committee
Intervention Across Africa [empty]
P. Wesley on International Criminal Court
Ledeen, How to Support the Democratic Revolution, Commentary March 1985
Many Cultures- One Human Rights Standard? 1981
Magazine Article
Marxist Theories [empty]
Mearsheimer- Guns Won’t Win the Afghan War [empty]
Bush Manifesto
Open Society Institute
Conor Cruise O’Brien- Contemporary Forms of Imperialism
Molly O’Brien
Terrorism [empty]
WWF Global A_____? With T____ ? 2002 [empty]
United Nations Iraq Resolution
Nkrumah- I Speak of Freedom 1968 [empty]
American Character v.s. P.C.  [empty]
Media Analysis Center Jerusalem, 1990 (March)
Mennonite Central Committee/Commission(?) 1993 (May-June) [empty]
Mearsheimer & Walt- Contra Iraq War [empty]
Muravchik, Joshua- The Bush Manifesto- 2002
Nitze, Paul- A Plea for Action 1979
Nuclear Policy [empty]
W-2’s [empty]
Debating Nuclear Policy- Obama Adminstraation
Obama National Security Strategy
Assorted Pamphlets- Part 1
Assorted Pamphlets and Papers- Part 2
Assorted Pamphlets and Papers- Part 3
Obama Blueprint for Change
Box 19 Index Finances [Woito Box 19 Begins here]
I.3. WWW Inc. 1982 (June 30)
I.2. Summary All Offices
Income & Disbursements 1971-1972
The Nonviolent Prince Folder 1
The Nonviolent Prince Folder 2
The Nonviolent Prince Folder 3

Acc. 94A-088 and Miscellaneous
Box 1 [stored offsite]
Historians' Project [3 folders]
Miscellaneous begins here:
Material from Refile Box, 1994
Material from Refile Box, 1993
Material from Refile Box, 1992
Material from Refile Box, 2002
Material from Refile Box, 1991 (April 29) [2 folders]

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