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Series E


Programs of FOR & Special Projects with Other Organizations

15 boxes


Mainly A-Z by subject/key word, then by date


Programs of FOR & Special Projects with Other Organizations

* indicates a half-size box (2.5 inches)

Box 1

American Civil Liberties Union

-Correspondence; bylaws, 1940-1948
-Correspondence, policies, reports, 1949-1951
-Correspondence, policies, reports, 1953-1958
-Minutes, 1943-1945
-Minutes, 1947-1950, 1957

Bombing: Data & quotations from press, President Roosevelt, etc., 1939-1944
Bombing: Massacre by Bombing, 1944

-Vera Brittain's manuscript
-Supplement to Fellowship; related corres.
-Distribution to press, Congress, etc.
-Press clippings
-Reactions from Wm. Shirer, White House, et al.

Bombing: Obliteration bombing protest in Parliament; US clergy support
Bombing: "Peace by Total Bombing" (Sayre's ms. 1944)
Bombing: Protest of Germany's robot bombing, 1944

Box 2

Bombing: Atomic bomb, 1945 (Appeal to Pres. Truman to outlaw the bomb)
Bombing: Bomb tests, 1954-1958. Articles, etc.
Bombing: Bomb tests, 1945-1948. Corres. & statements
Bombing: Miscellany, 1939-1966
Brookwood (community school) 1919-1921
Brookwood Labor College, 1921-1937
Brookwood Labor College: financial matters, 1924-1939
Chaplaincy, Military, 1924-1955
Chaplaincy, Military, 1958-1967
Chaplaincy, Military, 1930s (Harold E. Fey's file) (2 folders)

Box 3

Central America

Central America Mission (FOR & AFSC) 1927-1928 (continued in Box 4)

-Journals & reports by mission members
-Correspondence, releases, etc.
-Sayre's speeches in Central America
-Clippings from Central American press
-Sayre's speeches, notes & articles in US (mss.)
-Clippings from US press

Liga de Reconciliación (FOR in Latin America), 1928-1932:

-Statement of purpose, correspondence, literature
-Thomson, Charles A., Latin America secretary: corres. & reports (2 folders)
-Thomson: Newsletters
-Thomson: Articles & other writings
-Thomson: Material about him

Nicaragua: Correspondence, etc. 1925-1931:

-De la Selva, Alemán Bolaños & Nicaraguan exiles
-Medina, Francisco J.
-Sacasa, Juan B.
-Sandino family; miscellany
-Thomson, Charles A., et al.
-Tijerino, Toribio
-US government officials
-Press releases & letters, 1927-1932
-Central American press clippings; misc., 1928-1930

Box 4*

Central America addenda & Central America Mission:

-Sayre's diary, photographs & negatives, 1927-1928
-Documents of 1927-1931 in National Archives (photocopies)
-Sayre corres. with Cummins, Jones, Macaulay, 1962-1963:
-Articles in Fellowship 1983,The Americas 1988

Box 5

Conscription: Registration, October, 1940
Conscription: Non-registrants, 1939-1942
Conscientious objectors: National Committee on COs, 1942-1943
COs: National Service Board for Religious Objectors. Corres. 1943-1946
COs: N.S.B.R.O. Minutes, reports, finances, 1943-1946
COs: N.S.B.R.O. Board of Directors memos, 1944-1946 (2 folders)
COs: N.S.B.R.O. Executive Camp Directors, 1944-1945
COs: N.S.B.R.O. and FOR, 1943-1945
COs in prison, 1943-1945
COs: Amnesty, 1945-1947

Box 6

C.P.S. & Selective Service: Corres., releases, etc. 1940-1945
C.P.S. camp visitation, 1942-1944
C.P.S. "Guinea Pig" unit, 1944-1945 (Univ. of Minn.)
Disarmament, 1931-1932
Disarmament: Interorganization Council, 1931-1935 (2 folders)
Emergency Peace Campaign, 1936-1937
Emergency Peace Campaign: corres. & minutes, 1936-1937
Emergency Peace Committee, 1931-1933

Box 7

Far East Peace Mission, 1932
Far East Peace Mission: Corres. with England & Europe
Food for Europe campaigns, 1940-1941 (2 folders)
Food for Europe campaigns: Sayre's speeches, Nov. 1940
Food for Europe Pilgrimage, 1941
Food for Europe campaigns, 1942-1943
Food for Europe: Pres. Hoover's speeches 1940-1943; Sayre interview 1940
Food for Europe: K.W. Sayre's corres. 1940, 1943
Food for Europe: Articles, leaflets (2 folders)

Box 8

French war resisters in French Guiana prison, 1928-1930: (FOR-WRI project) (4 folders)

-Publicity & fundraising
-Robert Porchet's correspondence & "memoir"

Gripsholm liner bringing Americans interned by Japanese, 1942-1944
Hopi Indians, 1943-1944
Hopi Indians, 1945, 1949, 1952
Japan & US naval maneuvers, 1935
Japan & world settlement. Statement by missionaries, 1945 (2 folders)

Box 9

Japanese Americans:

-Articles, etc. 1942-1944
-Corres. 1942-1946 (5 folders)
-Corres. with Caleb Foote, 1942-1945
-Corres. with War Relocation Authority
-FOR Loan Fund (2 folders)

Box 10

Japanese Americans: FOR publications; Sayre's report & notes
Japanese Americans: FOR work (material for Home Missions Council book)

Japanese war crimes prisoners in Philippines:

-General corres., 1950-1959 (6 folders)
-Corres. with prisoners, 1950-1954
-Reports, statistics, 1950-1957
-Articles & releases, 1949-1958

Keep America Out of War Congress. Joint statements, 1938-1940

Box 11

Militarism in education

CME (Committee on Militarism in Education) History & first publications
CME: corres., minutes, etc. 1925-1940 (2 folders)
CME: corres. (Villard's file) 1927-1940 (2 folders)
CME: Disarmament package, 1931
CME: "Needs of Youth" statement, 1943
CME: Forbes bequest, 1948
CME: Attacks & responses
CME: Sayre's lecture outlines & notes, 1920s-1930s
High School Victory Corps, 1942-1943
ROTC (Univ. of Oklahoma) 1941

Box 12

National Peace Conference:

-General material, 1935-1942
-Correspondence 1936-1947 (3 folders)
-Brussels Peace Congress, 1936-1937
-Conference on World Economic Cooperation, 1938
-Conferences & corres. with Pres. Roosevelt, 1936-1939
-Delegation to Secy. of State Hull, 1940
-Peace Kit, 1936

National World Court Committee, 1931-1932
Peace Roll Call, 1942-1954
Post-war planning:

-Dumbarton Oaks proposals, 1945
-"Good Will Ambassadors" (proposal) 1945
-Inter-Amer. Military Cooperation (H.R. 3836) 1947
-International Voluntary Service for Peace, 1946-1947

Box 13

-Just & Durable Peace Conference, Cleveland, 1945
-North Atlantic Pact, 1949
-Pacifist conferences: New Windsor & Atlantic City, 1945
-Peace planning, Miscellaneous, 1941-1943 (2 folders)
-UN Conference of International Organizations, 1947
-"War in the Pacific" statement, 1945

Refugees, 1938-1946:

-General correspondence
-Individuals, A &emdash; K
-Individuals, L &emdash; Z
-Refugees: Eisner, Paul, 1939-1941
-Refugees: Fried, Oscar, 1938-1941
-Refugees: Klein, Hans & Lisa, 1938-1941
-Refugees: Solzbacher, Wilhelm, 1940-1943
-Refugees from Germany, 1934-1935

Relief work (FOR)

-Brethren Service Committee & Heifer Project, 1945-1948
-Children: Adoption, 1948
-Children: Evacuation, 1940-1941
-Church World Service, 1947-1951
-German relief, 1946-1949

Box 14

-German relief: A.P. Beverage, 1946-1947
-German relief: George Hogle, 1946-1951
-German relief: Eugene Ries, 1947-1948
-Gift parcels campaign, 1946-1951
-Gift parcels, 1945-1946: correspondence of Herbert Jehle & Emily P. Simon
-Gift parcels of literature, 1946-1950
-War Victims Fund, 1943-1961 (3 folders)

Box 15

Tax refusal: FOR Committee, 1947-1948
U.N.R.R.A. (UN Relief & Rehabilitation) 1943-1945
War debts & reparations, 1931
Wartime registration & FOR: Dept. of State, 1938-1942
Wartime registration & FOR: Dept. of Justice, 1942
Wartime registration & FOR: President's War Relief
Control Board, 1943-1944
World Council of Churches, 1948 Assembly: corres. re book The Church, the Gospel and War (2 folders) World Council of Churches, 1961 Assembly: general material
World Council of Churches, 1961 Assembly: corres. on war/peace issues (2 folders)
World Council of Churches, 1961 Assembly: corres. re pamphlet Therefore Choose Life
World government, 1946
World peace conference (proposed 1936)

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