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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Cortright, David (1946 - )
David Cortright Papers
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David Cortright is an anuthor and antimilitarist. He was a co-founder of GI's United Against the War in Vietnam. After the early 1970s Cortright led several peace organizations, including SANE, Inc. and SANE/FREEZE. Cortright current serves as president of the Fourth Freedom Forum [ca. 1996 - date]

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Gift of David Cortright, 1987 [Acc. 87A-003], 1992 [Acc. 92A-083]. 1998 [Acc. 98A-075], [Acc. 98A-084]
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This collection is unprocessed; this finding aid by Eleanor A. Fulvio, July 2009.
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Historical Background
David Cortright is an anuthor and antimilitarist. He was born November 15, 1946 in East Stroudsberg, Penssylvania. He was educated at Notre Dame University; and received a Ph.D. from the Union Graduate School in 1975. While while serving three years in the Army (1968-1971), Cortright was active in GI organizing at Fort Hamilton and Fort Bliss. He was a co-founder of GI's United Against the War in Vietnam. In the mid 1970s Cortright studied at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C., and research led to his book Soldiers in Revolt. He also organized environmental action groups in Pennsylvania. from 1972-1974. From 1977-1987 Cortright served as the Executive Director of National Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy (later called SANE, Inc.). After SANE's merger with the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, he became Co-Director (with Carolyn Cottom) of the merged organization, called SANE/FREEZE. Cortright current serves as president of the Fourth Freedom Forum [ca. 1996 - date]

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This collection is mostly unprocessed.

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Computer disks 42.1-42.22
Audio Cassette 329 (2 boxes) taped interviews for Left Face

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This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated. Files are organized by accession.

Acc. 75A-105
Acc. 87A-003
Acc. 92A-083
Acc. 98A-075

Acc. 98A-084


Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 75A-105

Box 1
[Acc. 75A-105]
David Cortright preliminary checklist
Overseas Weekly – Germany clips [with notes]
Project description
Ad Hoc Military Buildup Committee
[David] Zeiger Report [history of Oleo Strut Coffeehouse, 1968 – 1972 (Killeen, Texas)]
GI Press
Letters to GIs for Peace
Concerned Officers Movement (COM)
Vietnam seminar
Conscription articles, newsletters
Draft defiance records
Notes and reports of USSF Conference
Pat Chenoweth
Art 15
Testimony outline
Movement pamphlets
GI Movement – material from “Link”
Bay Area SOS
[Miscellaneous loose articles]
D. Carea – GI Alliance
POW material
GIFP leaflets, releases, reports (GIs for Peace)
Box 2 [Acc. 75A-105]
GI Solidarity
Pentagon Papers [D. Carea’s notes and annotated newsletters]
Rostow and Pentagon Papers (notes on W.W. Rostow and bibliography)
[Loose material]
Documents of Ft. Ham Case
David Cortright
Old GI movement material – no use for book
FTA Shows (clippings)
Box 3 [Acc. 75A-105]
Manuscripts of published material
Indochina articles [reprints; loose]
NPAC etc. [National Peace Action Coalition]
Box 4 [Acc. 75A-105]
GI movement calendars, 1972 – 1973 [oversize; loose]
Various movement materials
PCPJ Mayday Parade Peace Treaty Committee
VVAW material (Vietnam Veterans Against the War)
Mailing lists
Box 5 [Acc. 75A-105]
Final outline
The GI Press – 2 nd draft
The GI Press – 1 st draft
Material for final revision
Armed Forces – personal philosophy, writings
Remnants, chapter 1
Chapter 1, 2 nd draft
Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 (extras)
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 (extras)
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Box 6 [Acc. 75A-105]
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 (extras)
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 12
“Sources” Appendix
Appendix B – the GI Press
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Box 7 [Acc. 75A-105]
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
Old outlines
Outline changes
Chapter info needs
Box 8 [Acc. 75A-105]
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
“Seasick” manuscripts
“Seasick” final revisions and Joe corrections, 1973 (May 25)
Final recr revision I
Recruitment Put-On, revision II, 1973 (June)
Good copy – Recruitment Put-On
Final – Recruitment Put-On, revision I, 1973 (April)
Miscellaneous writings
Things to do (MIL)

Acc. 87A-003

Box 1 [Acc. 87A-003]
[Ft. Bragg testimony] – moved to larger Box 8
Blaylock interviews
Paterno interviews, AGR
Association of Guard and Reserves
Unionization and other efforts
Manley-McNichols survey
GIs United, Hawaii
Steve Rees Paper
Recruitment fraud
Conditions and benefits
Socio-economic composition
Benefits and compensation
UCMJ reform
Military justice
Bad discharges
Report on discharges
Trainee expeditious discharge program
Racism clips and documents
Articles and Reports on GI Movement, 1970 – 1975 [divider, not folder]
Notes on GI protest and unrest
Ewc drug story
Armed Forces’ collapse articles
GIs in court
Drugs and alcohol
Usareur – drugs, hair, protests
Haircut material from Pat Schroeder
Marine Corps – personnel problems
Dan Pruitt Case, 1974 (January)
GI movement articles and reports
Navy blues
Recent general newsclips
General articles
Calley and Mylai
McRae and Dixon
Old notes from book, chapter 7
Air Force problems in Indochina
Citizen Soldier
“Servicemen’s Papers and the First Ammendment” – R. Eshenaur
B-52 pilots incident
Pendleton 14
USS Little Rock incident
CSR proposal
Korean incident, 1973 (October)
Korea / Michael Kerr
Academy problems
PCS proposal
Notes on black protest and racial unrest
GI movement, resistance, and AVF
Armed Forces decline in general
“What Could Be Done”
Azores letters
Diego Garcia
GI movement conference and other materials, 1974
GI movement conference, 1974 (October 12)
“GI Join Us”: Beheiren and the Vietnam Era Protest Movement in Japan, by Jerry O. West, 1975 (May)
Box 2 [Acc. 87A-003]
Interviews, Peace Works
White House interviews
[untitled folder]
SANE/CND chart
To add: Europe, 1991 (September)
To add: Soviet, 1991 (September)
Table and To add: Reykayavik, 1991 (May)
Chatfield comments, 1992 (May)
Meyer comments on PW, 1992 (March)
Notes, re Reagan, 1990 (September)
Notes to add, 1992 (April)
Notes to add, general
Vienna completed research tasks
PW commentaries on MS already incorporated
Sections deleted (for possible use later)
White House interviews, letters, calls
Curdy Buhl comments, 1992 (January 21)
Congressional interviews, work
Notes from “Making History” and “Who Won?”
Notes used for appendix chapter
Central America, unused
Notes used, Central America chapter
Central America Articles
Nicaragua Contra ads
Contra ads, local papers, 1986 (April)
Unused notes, Soviet chapter
Notes used for Soviet chapter
Notes, Europe chapter, 1990 (October)
Evangelista, “Sources of Moderation”; Deudney and Ikenberry, “International Sources”
Notes used for Star Wars and Reykjavik, 1991 (March)
Scientists’ pledge
Sources on ASATs
Star Wars articles, used for chapters, 1991 (April)
SDI and Reykjavik chapter, unused notes
Bibliography, SDI
Star Wars articles, used for chapter
SDI chapter, unused notes
Gromyko-Reagan meeting, 1984 (September)
Polls, open letter – scientists vs. SDI
Notes for “Impact of Freeze”
Arms control victories, Congress, 1986
MX chapter notes, unused, 1991 (July)
MX – Frances’ comments, 1992 (April)
MX – sources for MS
MX chapter
[“The INF Treaty is the People’s Transforming Initiative”, Glen H. Stassen]
Unused notes, Europe, 1991 (July)
Christie Brinkley event, 1985 (November)
“Read Our Lips” ad, 1988 (October 25)
S/F materials, miscellaneous
Notes used for “Peace Opinion”
Public opinion and foreign policy – Roosevelt Center Study, 1988 (January)
Peace Media Review, 1985 (July)
Peace Media notes
Amerika event, 1987 (February 18)
Mailing to Funderson, NC media, 1982 (March)
Russians are coming, 1987 (February)
Notes already used for culture chapter, 1991 (January)
Unused notes, culture
Notes from religious chapter, 1990 (December)
Riverside: A History, by Marjorie K. Horton
Notes used, for prevention
From protest to policy notes
FRZ chapter notes, 1990 (June)
Notes used for intro chapter, 1991 (June)
Survival Sunday, 1981 and 1982
Nuclear winter
Dan Pleisch, “The Missiles We Stopped”, 1985 (September)
Notes from Deadly Gambits, 1984
“Spend Up”, Fallows, 1986 (July)
Right wing articles
Paul Joseph letter
Robert Ware, “Peace and Victory”, 1991 (April)
“End of Cold War”, Paul Joseph
Impact of People's Movement, Paul Joseph, 1990 (January)
“Do Peace Movements Influence National Security Policy”, David S. Meyer, 1989 (September)
INF Monthly Review, 1988 (June)
Bilateral box
MacDougall articles, Congress and the MX
Bulletin, 1989 (January – February)
Latin America Solidarity , Van Gosse
Martin Anderson, "The Reagan Legacy", 1990 (July)
Lofland, Consensus Movements
Bibliography guide and syllabus for Chambers at Rutgers
Peace Action in the 80s, 1989 (July)
Bibliography most recent, 1990 (March)
Box 3 [Acc. 87A-003]
Files of the Enlisted People’s Organizing Committee (EPOC) , Washington, DC area, 1975 – 1977 [divider, not folder]
[unlabeled folder]
[unlabeled folder]
Union pamphlet distribution
Marine poster orders
Union pamphlet
Union pamphlet (old notes)
Press clippings, GI union petition, 1977 (May 20)
EPOC press packet
Issue, 1976 (November)
Local AFGE contact
Next issue
EPOC petition mailing list
Left Face, notes, photos, etc., 1977 (July)
Box 4 [Acc. 87A-003]
AFGE leaflets
[unlabeled folder]
GIPA report, 1976 (September)
Union petition
EPOC fundraising
Phil – Korea protest
Al Caesar
Counseling – cases
Duty roster, FOIA request from F.M.C.
Next Left Face, 1977 (Summer)
Business – organizational contacts
On watch
Press conference, 1977 (May 20)
Tom Doran
Paste up – previous News Notes
Paste up – Left Face, I, 2, 1976 (March)
EPOC report to GIPA, 1976 (April)
CSR summer project report
Conference report
Henderson Hall / Enlisted Policy Board
Box 5 [Acc. 87A-003]
Counter Recruitment Files [divider, not folder]
[unlabeled folder]
Economic conscription
Counter recruitment
Recruit feedback survey, USAREC, 1976 (April)
AVF-related policy changes
Recruiting results (DOD)
EPOC – most recent business
Bethesda case
Quality and use of GEDs
New military policy changes
Articles on recruitment
Notes and reports of C-R conference
APAG convention (Mike Lewis)
[“The Counselor and Armed Forces Recruitment”, Michael D. Lewis]
Job training and MIL
DC Area recruitment
Militarism – civilian intrusions
JROTC at Fairfax
Counter-recruitment conference literature
APGA, 1976
Box 6 [Acc. 87A-003]
Counter-recruitment literature
Reserves, recent
APGA, 1975
‘Progressive’ personnel proposals – military
New enlistment agreement, 1975 (June)
Task force on recruitment and militarism
Recruitment Awareness Information [packet]
From Files of David Cortright: Documents on Military Unionism in the US and Conditions in the Military , 1975 – 1977 [divider, not folder]
DOD response
Box 7 [Acc. 87A-003]
5.274 and DOD Dir 1345.1
Library of Congress – Legal Studies of Military Union
Bob Shand’s legal study
US Navy Institute article
Opposition to US unionization
Union debate – pro and con
US seminar on unions, 1977 (January 20)
[unlabeled folder]
Union seminar, 1976 (August)
Alaskan Workers Alliance
Unionization – papers and theses by military and friends
Federal Employers for Peace
[unlabeled folder]
Box 8 [Acc. 87A-003]
GI union
Internal AFGE position papers, memos, and transcripts
EPOC petition complete – original copies, 1977 (May)
[Ft. Bragg conflict testimony, 1971 (?)] – originally in Box 1

Acc. 92A-083

Box 1 [Acc. 92A-083]
Kennedy Memorial – business, letters (8 – 1)
Letters received (8 – 2)
Letters received (8 – 3a) [originally part of one larger folder, 8 – 3]
Box 2 [Acc. 92A-083]
Letters received (8 – 3b) [originally part of one larger folder, 8 – 3]
Letters received (8 – 3c) [originally part of one larger folder, 8 – 3]
Letters sent (8 – 4), typed copies, carbons, and drafts
Box 3 [Acc. 92A-083]
Letters sent (8 – 5)

Acc. 98A-075

Box 1 [Acc. 98A-075]
Denmark – military unions
Outline thesis chapter
Decline and reforms
Why decline?
Chapter 9 – Spain
[Notes of tapes, 1980 (July)]
Liberation, 1975 (December 12) – 1976 (January 2)
[unlabeled folder (newspapers)]
VVDM interview, 1981 (March)
Articles on VVDM, BVD
VVDM notes
VVDM, Dutch
Tom Conrad's translation Twintig, 1976
Letter to Max, Dutch, and Ecco
[Cortright’s report on trip to Holland, 1984 (August 24)]
BWIC incitement to disaffection case
British military – unions
British Rita and morale
Britain – Lower Deck movement
Soldier's charter for unions
"Mutinies", David Lamb
British recruiting
British military, general
British military pay
“Canada's Professional Military”
[“Civil Liberties and Service Recruitment” pamphlet]
Denmark – documents professional unions
[unlabeled folder]
Denmark – stam personnel
Malmoe and Putten, from tape, 1979 (December 27)
Documents, reports from Malmo
Ecco documents
Scandinavian conscripts and "bad company"
Notes on Scandinavian conscripts
Notes from interviews with Danish and Norwegian conscripts and draftees
Denmark draftees’ organization
Sweden – Vpl AG
Kanonen and Varnplikts NYTT
Vpl AG – documents in Swedish
Tillitsman – Norway
Germany – military unions
Bundeswher – notes from Boykin
German soldiers’ movement material
Bundeswher Verland materials in German
OTV – Wehr report
Fleckenstein paper on Germany
Fleckenstein paper on Germany
Germany section notes
Interview with OTV
French white paper on defense
Rivkin article
France – 1 st draft transcript
Articles from Liberation
French soldiers’ movement – general
French soldiers’ union – notes
French union – notes, writings
CFDT postal workers and soldiers
Italy – main notes for MS
Box 2 [Acc. 98A-075]
Max comments on full MS, 1988 (February 11)
Left Face – reviews
Left Face – index, 1991 (January)
Greenwood Press
Left Face production – Barbara
Left Face – correspondence notes
Left Face edit
Left Face – last minute changes, 1990 (December)
Manuscript section
Ecco newssheets
Postscript – Left Face
Left Face – editing
New info for Left Face
Indiana University Press
Left Face, table of contents
Chart on Western European Armies
Table of percentages of draftees in European armies – also comparative military sizes
GNP per capita table, originals, 1985 (November)
Bibliography – Left Face, 1990 (July)
Left Face – Intro, 1990 (August)
Book outline
Left Face outline, 1989 (March)
Bibliography – Left Face
Left Face – footnotes, 1990 (June)
Left Face – footnotes
Kathy Gibberd's material
Left Face – footnotes, good copy, 1990 (February)
Footnotes – Indiana University Press version, 1989 (October 20)
Footnotes, old copy
Max, footnotes, 1989 (May 25)
Left Face – footnotes
Left Face – current work
Soviet manuscript
Sources for Soviet section
Sources notes clips, re DDR
Left Face – The East: GDR; Soviets, 1990 (May)
Max – Eastern European ms
The East – DDR manuscript
Max – East Europe, draft, 1990 (March)
Matlovich – manuscript by Mike Hippler
Yesh Gvul
Adam Keller ms, Israel, 1990 (March)
Europe outline
University of Manchester Press
Praeger – Mary Curtis
Restless Youth
Breaking ranks, GI antiwar newspapers
Philippines, dictator, 1987 (February)
[unlabeled folder]
[unlabeled folder]
Research needs
Phil’s research info
Manpower, discipline statistics, 1987 (September)
General articles on Rita in NATO
Left Face – general memos and facts
Europe interviews – file copy
Europe interviews – good copies
Interview notes from second trip
Articles on Europe
Objection, etc.
Volunteer Army chapter – introduction, 1983 (June)
Fragments for a chapter 8 – state response; volunteer forces
Volunteer Army article, 1978
Professional unions "Dialectics of Military Unions", 1977 (July)
Danish Professional unions in English
Box 3 [Acc. 98A-075]
Italy – general
Esercito e Popolo , 1975 (April and July)
Italy – Beltin interview, 1976 (June)
Proletari in Divisa and other Italian soldier newspapers
Spain – notes used for MS, 1983 (July)
SUV clippings, Portuguese
Iran, 1978 (December)
Iran – Bahman's paper, 1979 (August)
Port and Iran
South Africa
South Africa
SAMRAF and South African War Resisters
South Africa – SALSCOM documents
Belgium – VVDM
Austrian soldiers’ movement
Interview – Werner Grusch, Austria, Rita
Theses – Why?
Israeli testimonies on West Bank brutalities, 1980 (May)
European unions generally, CAFGE report
European unions – list
Box 4 [Acc. 98A-075]
Belgium – professional unions
Belgium – military unions
Sweden – military unions
Norway – military unions
Sweden – civil service unionism

Acc. 98A-084

Box 1 [Acc. 98A-084]
AFGE proposal
AFGE organizing memo
Clips on progress toward union / AFGE et al
AFGE Convention, 1976 (September)

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