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Great Peace March For Global Nuclear Disarmament Records, 1986-

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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament
Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament Records
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DG 147

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Materials in English
26 linear feet [papers only]
In 1986 six hundred people marched across the United States to demonstrate their opposition to the world-wide nuclear arms race. The march took nine months from California to Washington, D.C. The marchers wrote: "we will create a non-violent focus for positive change; the imperative being that nuclear weapons are politically, socially, economically and morally unjustifiable, and that, in any number, they are unacceptable." The GPM was also a traveling intentional and communal society.

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List of Memorabilia

1) Wooden Key , plywood, 20” long, “Earlham, Iowa Your hope gives us hope”
2) Wooden Key, painted gold, with red and gold rosette ribbon, 21 1/2” long.
3) Wooden Key, painted gold, “City of Brooklyn, Iowa,” 16” long.
4) Wooden Key, with red peace symbol, one side “10/30/86,” other side “Princeton, NJ, 14” long.
5) Wooden Key, plywood, painted black, with round sticker on each side, “Overton the heart of corn country,” 20 1/4” long.
6) Wooden Key, solid wood, sanded, “To The Great Peace March West Branch, Iowa, 1986,” 16” long.
7) Wooden Key, “Lewis, Iowa,” 17 1/2” long.
8) Polished Metal Key, “Town of Keenesburg June 3, 1986,” 13” long.
9) Cardboard Key, covered with tin foil, blue ribbon and label “Merino, California,” 12” long.
10) Metal Key with pretzel head, “Reading, PA, The Pretzel Capital of the World,” “Mayor Karen A. Miller,” 9” long.
11) Metal Key “City of Columbus, NE.” 7” long.
12) Metal Key “Shabbona” 8” long.
13) Metal Key “Avon Lake, Ohio,” 7” long.
14) Metal Keys and bottle openers (2) “City of Hubbard, Ohio,” “Mayor Wm. S. Colletta,” 7” long, in boxes.
15) Metal Key “Town of Phillipsburg New Jersey,” 5 1/2” long, in box.
16) Metal Key “City of Des Moines, Iowa,” 9 1/4” long.
17) Pewter Metal Key “City of Iowa City, Iowa,” 7 1/2” long.
18) Black Cardboard Key, “Sedgwick Bill Sander Mayor” with striped ribbon, 14” long.
19) Metal Key “City of Chicago, Incorporated 4th March 1837,” “Harold Washington, Mayor,” 8 1/2” long, in box.
20) Plastic Key (chain) “City of Sterling, CO,” 6 3/4” long, in red cloth case.
21) Metal Key pin “City of Grand Island,” 1 3/4” long, in case.
22) Metal Key pin, “City of Newark, Delaware,” 1 3/4” long, in case.
23) Metal Key “City of Kent, Ohio 9-16-86,” 6” long.
24) Metal Key ”City of Papillionm Nebr.” 8 1/4” long.
25) Metal Key [maybe CO.] 7” long.
26) Metal Key “Miles Michigan, City of Four Flags,” 7 1/2” long.
27) Metal Key “MIshawaka, Indiana,” 6” long.
28) Metal Key “Town of Avon, Colorado,” “State of colorado 1876,” “Key to the City,” 6” long.
29) Metal Key “Perrysburg, Ohio,” “Key to the City,” 5 1/2” long.
30) Gold Seal of Aurora, IL., paper.
31) Plastic button, “Porter Pride... Yes! Merger... NO!!” [Indiana].
32) Metal button, “Welcome to adel, Adel Chamber of Commerce,”
33) Metal button, “We heart [love] Shippensburg.”
34) Metal buttons (2), “I Love Mitchellville.”
35) Metal button, “Ragrbrai Xii Adel July 24, 1984.”
36) Metal button, “Adel, Iowa Homecoming July 2-6, 1986”
37) Metal button, “Forget the Rest Brady’s Best Brady, Ne.”
38) Metal button,Davenport Celebrate 150 years 1836-1886,” on yellow card.
39) Metal button, red smiley face [Adair Iowa].
40) Metal button, “Heartland * Peace * Pilgrimage” “Journey to the Center,” [Columbus, NE.]
41) Plastic key chain “Livingston College” Rutgers New Jersey.
42) Fabric patch on yellow card from City of Davenport, Iowa.
43) Fabric patch “Freedom Police”
44) Fabric patch “Harrisburg Police”
45) Envelope (cover) Moscow, Iowa July 5, 1986
46) Leather luggage tag “Seal of the State of Illinois”
47) Chocolate box from Hershey, PA.
48) Owl made from nuts and other metal pieces
49) Brass belt buckle “Frisco Summit County Colorado.”
50) Metal label pin “City of Newark Delaware.”
51) Metal label pin “City of Bettendorf, Iowa.”
52) Metal label pins (2) “ 1876-1976 Colorado USA Centennial”
53) Metal label pin “Ohio the heart of it all.”
54) Metal pin “Frisco.”
55) Metal pin “Silverthorne Colorado”
56) Wooden tokens, (4) Shabbona, IL.
57) Metal medallion “100th anniversary Julesburg, Colorado,” “Wickedest City in the West, 1886-1986.”
58) Metal medallion “Swanton Ohio” “Village of Swanton State of Ohio.”
59) Metal medallion “Glenwood Springs Centennial” “Garfield County Centennial”
60) Metal medallion “Wauseon, Ohio 125th Anniversary,” “Chief Ottokee 1979”
61) Metal medallion “Seal of Everett Bourough Bloody Run 1795” in box.
63) Metal and paper plaque, West Unity, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, 1986.”
64) Metal medallion on marble base “Garfield County Centennial l883 to 1983.”
65) Metal medallion on wooden base “City of Portage Michigan.”
66) Three balloons from Soviet Delegates on Mississippi Peace Cruise.
67) Wooden item from Girard, Ohio.
68) Rubber stamp on wooden block, “The Great Peace March 1986.”
69) Wooden gavel from mayor of Economy, PA.
70) Paper banner from school children.
71) Proclamation with envelope from the Mayor of Harrisburg, PA declaring Great Peace March Day.
72) Round fabric collar (?) painted with miniture items glued on to it from artist in Idaho Springs, Colorado.
73) Metal key on wooden plaque, with brass plate “The Great Peace March Sturgis, Mich. aug. 27, 1986.”
74) Signed base ball “In honor of the Great Peace March.”
75) Nylon banner, “We can create life without war,” “The Great Peace March 1986”.
76) Envelope from the office of the Mayor of Ligonier (PA).
77) Brass plate on wooden plaque “The Great Peace Marchers We beseech you; emissaries of Peace with Justice. Go out now with our universal love dwelling in your hearts. With friendship and pity for all beings, and hate for none. With a well of forgiveness; and a firm, unshakeable resolution to do the work at hand.”
78) Wooden key, painted gold, “Anita, Iowa,” 16 3/4” long.
79) Green “pinny” “Green-keepers” “The Great Peace March.”
80) Book “The Promise of World Peace.”
81) T-Shirt, Yellow, (2, one child, one adult), “It’s Up to Us to Stop Bailly.”
82) T-Shirt, White, “Walking for Our Lives, The Great Peace March.”
83) T-Shirt, White, “The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament.”
84) T-Shirt, Blue, “The Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament. LA Wash. DC.”
85) Apron, Green, with white polka dots.
86) Fabric flyer, “The Great Peace March Across America,” with map.
87) Red Cross banner from medic van.
88) Fabric sign “Our taxes must be used for life not death.”
89) Proclamation, framed, from Mahor of the Borough of Leonia.
90) Fabric piece with red heart.
91) Ribbon banner, yellow, in Russian(?)
92) Arm band, blue “Peace Day Roosevelt Island
93) GPM identification card of Virginia Mangus.
94) Proclamation, paper on wooden plaque from the Mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico

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