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Friends Meeting for Sufferings of Vietnamese Children
Friends Meeting for Sufferings of Vietnamese Children Records
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The Friends Meeting for Sufferings of Vietnamese Children was founded in 1966, to bring injured and orphaned Vietnamese and Amerasian children to the United States for medical treatment. Some children were placed in foster homes or were permanent adopted. The organizers worked in cooperation with Welcome House in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and with other organizations. The group disbanded in October 1969.

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Historical Background
Friends Meeting for Sufferings of Vietnamese Children (FMSVC) had its beginnings in the Friends General Conference, held in June 1966 at Cape May, New Jersey. The escalation of fighting in Vietnam, particularly the bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong and the plight of the Vietnamese civilian population, led a group of Friends attending this conference to convene and discuss ways in which action might be taken. Twenty-five members of this group, led by Dutch author Jan de Hartog and his wife Marjorie, gathered at Pendle Hill in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, in July of 1966 and formalized the Friends Meeting for Sufferings of Vietnamese Children, "a group of individual Friends of various nations, united by a common concern." This concern was directed specifically "towards helping those burned, injured, and orphaned children who cannot be treated or adopted in Vietnam or a similar culture, and who, without our intervention, would probably not survive."

The FMSVC emphasised finding family foster care for children undergoing medical treatment in the United States, facilitated permanent adoptions of orphaned Vietnamese and Amerasian children, and explored ways to help finance medical treatment. Rachel de Leeuw, the recording clerk, wrote in 1968, "We are a private voluntary group of individuals, mostly Quaker, who simple felt the need to do something to alleviate the suffering of Vietnamese children, the most innocent victims of this war."

Headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania, during its three year existence, FMSVC was neither a political organization nor an adoption agency. It established a working relationship with Welcome House, an official adoption agency that worked especially with children of mixed race. Welcome House located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, was part of the Pearl Buck Foundation. FMSVC also worked cooperatively with the Committee of Responsibility, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), International Social Services, and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

In May 1967, FMSVC received from the government of South Vietnam a list of 60 Vietnamese children available for adoption. Morgan Sibbett of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, travelled to Saigon as the FMSVC representative and remained there approximately six months, working both with agencies in Vietnam and with Welcome House to make the necessary arrangements for some of these children to be sent to American families. Finally, in January 1968, seven children successfully completed the voyage to this country. Five more followed in May. All were placed for adoption with FMSVC families.

Welcome House, with whom FMSVC had worked so closely, did not wish to pursue further adoption arrangements for one year until it could determine how the first group of twelve children had adapted. This delay, and the failure to find another adoption agency with which to work, caused FMSVC to decide in May 1968 that "as an amateur agency with small resources, we should now leave the operation of adoptions in the hands of professional agencies," and it further decided to center its efforts on "education and rehabilitation of school-age homeless children" in Vietnam. In its final newsletter (October 1969) FMSVC announced that it had resolved to "lay down the meeting," dissolving the organization. The balance of funds was turned over to the AFSC to be used for its rehabilitation projects in Vietnam.

Collection Overview
This collection includes meeting minutes (1966-1968), newsletters (1967-1969), and mailings. The bulk of the collection is correspondence, much of which deals with adoption and finance. There is also staff correspondence, both domestic and with Morgan Sibbett, the MSVC representative in Saigon, as well as correspondence with Welcome House. There are adoption documents including one received by FMSVC from the South Vietnamese government in May 1967 describing 60 Vietnamese children. The collection also includes reference material about adoption and samples from the card files.

Correspondents include Barbara Burr, Jan de Hartog, Marjorie de Hartog, Rachel de Leeuw, Carla Dietze, Dawn B. Fulford, Wendy Grant, Mary L. Graves, Ruth Hartsough, C. Frank Ortloff, Morgan Sibbett, Phyllis B. Taylor, and Robert Wilson.

The papers of Morgan Sibbett were donated in June 1982. The bulk of his papers are dated 1967 and 1968, the time period when he served as FMSVC's representative in Saigon; these were incorporated into the rest of the FMSVC records. One folder of material that predates and postdates his time with FMSVC was removed and made a CDGA under his name.

Arrangement of Collection
Some of the MSVC material has been left as arranged originally by the staff, such as files of folders for Prospective Adoptive parents and Friends Meetings who supported this group. Otherwise, most material is in chronological order within the following categories: General, Financial Records, Programmatic Efforts, Correspondence, Questionnaires, Parents Adopting Children Through FMSVC, Correspondence with Prospective Parents, and Reference Material. These category titles are underlined. Series titles were not assigned because the collection is small enough for them not to be needed.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
Administrative Records
Letter re: incorporation
Meeting minutes, 1966-1968
Leadership / membership
Mailings, 1966-1968
Newsletters, 1967 (February) - 1969 (October)
Media coverage
Cards from card file [only a sample kept; rest of cards discarded]
Survey of card file
Financial Records
In-house correspondence re: finances, 1966 (December) - 1967 (June)
In-house correspondence re: finances, 1967 (July) - 1969 (November)
Lists of contributors
Correspondence re: contributions from individuals, 1966 (December) - 1967 (June)
Correspondence re: contributions from individuals, 1967 (July) - 1968 (June)
Box 2
Financial Records: Support by Friends Meetings
Amesbury Friends Meeting
Atlanta Friends Meeting
Austin Friends Meeting
Baltimore Friends Meeting
Birmingham Friends Meeting
Cambridge Friends Meeting
Cedar Rapids Friends Meeting
Croton Valley Friends Meeting
Davis Friends Meeting
Exeter Friends Meeting
Friends United Meeting
Goshen Friends Meeting
Greene Street Friends Meeting
Greenwich Friends Meeting
Haddonfield Friends Meeting
Harrisburg Friends Meeting
Hartford Friends Meeting
Hockessin Friends Meeting
Lancaster Friends Meeting
Lewisburg Friends Meeting
Lincoln Friends Meeting
Manhasset Friends Meeting
Media Friends Meeting
Middletown Friends Meeting
Monadnock Friends Meeting
Mountainview Friends Meeting
Moorestown Friends Meeting
Mt. Toby Friends Meeting
Muncy Friends Meeting
New Garden Friends Meeting
Newtown Preparative Meeting
New York Friends Meeting
Philadelphia Friends Meeting
Pittsburgh Friends Meeting
Rahway and Plainfield Friends Meeting
Reading Friends Meeting
Salem Friends Meeting [New Jersey]
Salem Friends Meeting [ Ohio]
San Francisco Friends Meeting
Sarasota Friends Meeting
Scarsdale Friends Meeting
Storrs Friends Meeting
Swarthmore Friends Meeting
Virginia Beach Friends Meeting
Washington Friends Meeting
Wellesley Friends Meeting
West Branch Friends Meeting
Westbury Friends Meeting
Yardley Friends Meeting
Yellow Springs Friends Meeting
Miscellaneous Friends Meetings, 1966-1968
Programmatic Efforts
Adoption procedure, etc.: documents, reports
Adoption procedure, etc.: notes
Adoption and foster care: lists of U.S. families
Box 3
Programmatic Efforts
List of Vietnamese orphans (received from Saigon, May 23, 1967) [includes photos of children]
Cooperation with Holt Adoption Program Inc.
Cooperation with Welcome House
Cooperation with Welcome House: correspondence, 1967 (January-August)
Cooperation with Welcome House: correspondence, 1967 (September-December)
Cooperation with Welcome House: correspondence, 1968
Morgan Sibbett: work file
Morgan Sibbett: notes and documents re: U.N. adoptions of Vietnamese children
Morgan Sibbett: letter reports from Saigon, 1967 (May) - 1968 (May)
Morgan Sibbett: miscellaneous correspondence
Morgan Sibbett: letters to/from Dawn Fulford
Morgan Sibbett: letters to/from Jan de Hartog
Morgan Sibbett: letters to/from Rachel de Leeuw
Morgan Sibbett: letters to/from Phyllis Taylor
Box 4
Letters to/from Barbara Burr
Letters to/from Jan de Hartog
Letters to/from Marjorie de Hartog
Letters to/from Rachel de Leeuw
Letters to/from Wendy Grant
Letters to/from C. Frank Ortloff
Letters to/from Phyllis Taylor
Letters with prospective foster parents
Letters with Central Committee members
Letters with Overseers
Letters, 1966
Letters, 1967 (January)
Letters, 1967 (February)
Letters, 1967 (March)
Letters, 1967 (April)
Box 5
Letters, 1967 (May)
Letters, 1967 (June)
Letters, 1967 (July)
Letters, 1967 (August)
Letters, 1967 (September)
Letters, 1967 (October)
Letters, 1967 (November)
Letters, 1967 (December)
Letters, 1968 (January)
Letters, 1968 (February)
Letters, 1968 (March)
Letters, 1968 (April)
Letters, 1968 (May)
Letters, 1968 (June)
Letters, 1968 (July)
Letters, 1968 (September-November)
Letters, 1969
Letters, undated
Questionnaires filled out by those possibly interested in adopting children
Questionnaires filled out by supporters (last names: A-K)

Box 6
Questionnaires filled out by supporters (last names: L-Z)
Parents Adopting Children Through FMSVC [photos removed to Photograph Collection]
Beck, Francis and Shirley: adopted Tran Van Huoc (received January 12, 1968)
Brodhead, Charles and Jean: adopted Nguyen Van Minh (received January 12, 1968)
Bryant, Gerald and Janet: adopted Nguyen Thi Hieu (received May 21, 1968)
Byhouwer, Pieter and Barbara: adopted Nguyen Thi Nhan (received January 12, 1968)
Gwyn, Robert and Martha: adopted Vo Thi Thien Nga (received May 21, 1968)
Holzinger, Charles and Millicent: adopted Nguyen Van Thuan (received January 12, 1968)
Lauber, Raymond and Gloria: adopted Ho Thi Tuyet Anh (received January 12, 1968)
[no file for the Pasternoster family]
Platt, Philemon and Sylvia: adopted Le Van Phuong (received January 12, 1968)
Polcer, Edward and Barbara: adopted Nguyen Van Dong (received May 21, 1968)
Reed, Theodore and Katherine: adopted Le Thi Hoa (received May 12, 1968)
Smith, Richard and Ruth: adopted Bui Thi Nghia (received January 12, 1968)
Correspondence with Prospective Parents
Bartz, Harvey and Connie
Bernzen, George and Betty
Beveridge, Irving C.
Boll, William and Constance
Brand, Erika
Brown Jr., David H.
Broffman, Morton
Brown, Gerry and Nancy
Buck, Arden [adopted a Vietnamese boy]
Burton, Richard and Elizabeth
Capon, Clarke and Ernestine
Conant Jr., Richard and Garda
Crane, Richard and Eleanor
Davie, Lynn and Linda
Devlin, Robert and Karen
Dick, Darol and Susan
Dorsey, Wesley and Ruth
Dzen, Eli and Marilyn
Engstrom, Paul and Mary
Esau, John and Bernice
Foust, Earnest and Barbara
Frederickson, Dick and Ann

Box 7
Correspondence with Prospective Parents
Gamble, John and Judith
Gaudissart, Pierre and Imelda
Gilborn, Craig and Alice
Goodman, Frank and Joan
Gordon, Marilyn
Goss, Robert
Graham, Rosetta
Grant, Duane and Wendy
Grundy, Kenneth and Martha
Haas, Charles and Carolyn
Haines, Arthur and Michele
Haring, Lee and Margery
Haworth, William and Myrtle
Hayes, Elaine
Herst, Robert and Jeanne
Hjerpe, Charles A.
Hood, Rodney and Carolyn
Huntington, Robert and Donna
Isard, Caroline and Walter
Jenkins, Gareth and Martha Jo
Kaplan, Paul and Amy
Kaufman, Victor and Vena
Keighton, James and Alice
Knight, Roy and Wanda
Knuttel, Adrian and Catherine
Kraus, Gary and Susan
Lake, Charles and Doris
Lefever, Harry and Esther
Manning, Morris and Joy
Marisseau, Kenneth and Nancy
McGonagle, David and Elizabeth
Mitchell, Alan and Janis
Mullarkey, Michael and Maureen
Myers, Stanley and Hanni
Neff, Samuel and Ruth
Nimmick, Gus and Debbe
Olds, Storrs and Shirley
Olnick, Michael and Judith
O’Neil, Daniel and Elaine
Osborne, Thomas and Jacqueline
Paternoster, P. Gary and Frances
Phillips, John [and Mrs.]
Phillips, Roger and Jane
Putman, Kendrick and Eleanor
Pye, Frederick and Carolyn
Reiss, Robert and Peggy
Reistrup, Paul and Mary
Rivkin, Malcolm and Goldie
Roberts, Howard and Martha
Roehl, John and Lynn
Rosser, William and Patricia
Runnings, John and Louise
Rusch, Frederik and Patricia
Rush, Philip and Gayle
Salive, Harold and Barbara
Sandstrom, Donald and Augusta
Sangree, Milton and Gail
Shepherd, Gil and Marie
Shotts, James [and Mrs.]
Spencer, David and Charlotte
Staab, Fred and Robin
Stahl, Sheldon and Louise
Stakland, Elias and Olive
Stoll, Frederick
Stolzenbach, Conrad and Mary
Stoppleworth, Leland and Ann
Stratton, Lewis and Wanda
Strong, Bill and Nancy
Sudofsky, John and Sandra

Box 8
Correspondence with Prospective Parents
Taylor, Alexander and Patricia
Treadway, Ray and Carole
Urquhart, James and Carol
Waddington, William and Jane
Walsh, Gene and Tedda
Weissberg, Alfred and Louanne
Wheat, Donald and Ann
Wright, Alan and Kathy
Reference Material
American Council of Voluntary Agencies (ACVA)
Committee of Responsibility (COR)
International Social Service (ISS)
Adoption: children in Vietnam [3 folders]
Orphanages in Vietnam
Orphans from Vietnam and Korea

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