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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
National Council to Repeal the Draft
National Council to Repeal the Draft Records
Inclusive Dates
1969 - 1973
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DG 085

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Materials in English
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The National Council to Repeal the Draft (NCRD), organized in January 1969, worked to eliminate militaryconscription. Over forty organizations joined forces with NCRD to end the system of compulsory registration, classification, and induction. With a board power base the National Council to Repeal the Draft worked actively to get draft repeal legislation passed in Congress. With the official end of the draft on June 30, 1973, NCRD closed down its Washington operation in July of that year.

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Gift of National Council to Repeal the Draft, E. Raymond Wilson, 1981 [Acc. 81A-009]
Partially processed by SCPC staff, 1980
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Historical Background
The National Council to Repeal the Draft (NCRD), organized in January 1969, with headquarters in Washington, DC, had as its objective the elimination of conscription. Over forty organizations representing labor, religion, politics, women, youth, and business joined forces with NCRD to end the system of compulsory registration, classification, and induction. With its broard power base, which included those radicals, liberals, moerates, and conservatives who agreed on draft repeal, the National Council to Repeal the Draft worked actively to get draft repeal legislation introduced and passed in Congress. Individuals particularly instrumental in the leadership of the NCRD were James E. Bristol, John Hancock, Charles Harker, Stewart Kemp, and Thomas C. Reeves. With the official end of the draft on June 30, 1973, NCRD closed down its Washington operation in July of that year, thus bringing to an end their effort to end conscription in the U.S.

Collection Overview
Records include minutes, correspondence, auditor's reports, Congressional hearings testimony, lists of contacts and sponsors, state organization files, pamphlets produced by NCRD and by other groups, press releases, newspaper clippings, and newsletters.

Items removed:
AV materials-sound recordings, slides

Arrangement of Collection
The collection is partially processed. A second accession, donated in 1981 remains in the original order.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
Articles of Incorporation- Lawyers, Taxes, etc.
Minutes of Council- 1969-1973
Tax Statements
Financial Reports and Budgeting- 1972-1973
Auditor's Reports/Finance Reports
Council Mailing- 1973 (March 27)
1973 (May 17)
1973 (June 12)
Old Council Mailings
Lenhart, William C.- American Baptist Convention
Schardt, Arlie- American Civil Liberty Union
Isaacs, John- Americans for Democratic Action
Silard, Bella- American Ethical Union
Bristol, James E.-American Friends Service Committee
Everngam, Howard- American Pax Association
Fischer, Rabbi Frank- B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation
Robert Musil- Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Fangmeier, Robert A.- Christian Church
Fred Hofrichter- Christian Church (Disciples)
Smeltzer, Ralph- Church of the Brethren
Baird, Mary Hazel- Church Women United
Fernandez, Richard- Clergy and Laymen Concerned
Ericson, Edward L.- Council for Humanist and Ethical Conclusions
Richard Deats- Fellowship of Reconcilliation
Snyder, Edward F.- Friends Committee on National Legislation
Goodman, Naomi- Jewish Peace Fellowship
Hardin, Georg C.- Friends Peace Committee
Franz, Delton- Mennonite Central Committee
Lutz, Charles- Lutheran Council USA
Schulz, John- Public Law Education InstituteMaterials from Refile Box- Refiled 1991 (October)

Box 2
Melich, Tanya- Ripon Society
Gottlieb, Sanford- SANE
Davis, Jerome- Promoting Enduring Peace
Wolf, Sandra
Braden, Carl-Southern Conference Educational Fund
Jones, Robert E.- Unitarian Universalist Association
Will, Herman Jr.- United Methodist Church
Hamlin, Joyce- Women's Division of the United Methodist Church
Maxwell, Howrad- United Presbyterian Church
Quigley, Thomas E.- US Catholis Conference
DiGia, Ralph- War Resisters League
Zigas, Irma- Women Strike for Peace
Samuel, William- Women's International League for Peace and Justice
Burbank, Beth- World Federalist, USA
Norton, Jerry- Young Americans for Freedom
Keth, Raymond C. Jr.- YMCA
American Freinds Service Committee- Regional Offices
Regional and National Council Organizations
Group Positions (Not for Repeal)
National Coalition for Repealing the Draft- Sponsors

Box 3
Organizations Correspondence- 1968
General Correspondence- Jim Bristol 1973
Correspondence from Jim Bristol
Hester, H.B.
Correspondence-Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Correspondence- Stewart Kemp
General Correspondence- 1973
General Correspondence- 1971-1972
General Correspondence- 1970
Bevenesse, Ron
E-mailings to Regional Groups and/or Key Contacts
National Coalition for Repealing the Draft- Letters to the Editors

Box 4
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Mailing to Questionable Keep- 1972 (April 14)
Mailing to San Diego- 1972 (May 8)
Mailing to Coucil Members- 1972 (May 8)
Mailings to Pennsylvania and Maryland key contacts- 1972 (May 12)
Letters to Key Congressmen- 1972 (May)
Letters to Key Senatores- 1972 (May)
Mailing to Regular Groups- 1972 (June 22)
Mailing to Key Contacts- 1972 (July 26)
Senate Armed Services Committee Members- 1971 (February)
Letter to Civilian Services- 1972 (September 8)
Tom Reeves- Memo to Key Regular Groups1972 (September 1)
Memos to Members of Congress
"Super-Keys" Letter 1972 (October 13)
Action Letter- 1970 (April 14)
Regular Group Mailings
Potential Key Contacts

Box 5
Letters to Regional Groups
State Organization Files for the National Coalition for Repealing the Draft
Alabama- 1969-1972
Alaska- 1973
Arizona- 1971-1972
Arkansas- 1973
Colorado- 1969-1973
Connecticut- 1971-1973
Delaware- 1970-1973
District of Columbia- 1971-1973
Florida- 1969-1973
Georgia- 1969-1973
Hawaii- 1969-1973
Illinois- 1969-1973
Indiana- 1969-1973
Iowa- 1969-1973
Kansas- 1970-1973
Kentucky- 1971
Maine- 1971

Box 6
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Muriel C. Hyman
New Mexico
New York City
New York State
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Vermont (Upper Valley)- See New Hampshire File
West Virginia
Fieldworkers' Responses
(Northern) California
Maryland- Delaware
New England
New Jersey
(Downstate) New York

Box 7
(Upstate) New York
Field Secretaries (Possible Candidates)
Mid-America Coalition
Action letters
Association for a Volunteer Army
Black Community
Chruchmen to End Draft in 1971
Conference 1973
Conference Registration- 19723
Conference Schedules, etc.
National Coalition for Repealing the Draft- 1972 (January)
Draft Counseling Centers
College Contacts Mailing List
Educational and Scientific Organizations
Emergency Convocation to Repeal the Draft

Box 8
Endorsements: Non-Council
Farm Organizations
Final Draft
Interfaith Committee on Draft Information
Labor Organizations
Libertarian Party
Military Service Organizations and Associations
National Coalition for Repealing the Draft
Parents Against the Draft
Regional Groups and Key Contacts- 1970
Peace Movement

Box 9
Religious Groups- Protestants
Religious Groups- Jewish
Servicemens's Organization and Newsletters
Society for Individual Liberty
Student Groups
Student and Youth Groups- 1968-1969
Veterans for Peace
Wednesdays in Washington
Young Americans for Freedom Conference- Rough Draft
Women's Groups- 1968-1969
Miscellaneous [2 Folders]

Box 10
Lobby Registration Reports
Congress: Testimony- 1970 (August)
Brooking Institutes's Study of an All-Volunteer Army
Civilianization of Military Jobs
Classic Quotes
Conscientious Objectors
Conservative Opposition to the Draft
Court Cases
Democratic Party
Department of Defense Publications and Reports
The Doctor (M.D.) Draft
1970 Elections
Kelley, Roger T.- Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserves
Equal Rights Amendment Draft

Box 11
Kennedy Hearings
Local Draft Brands
Lewis, Jerry
Manpower-Force Levels
Military Budget
Military Counseling
Military Justice
Military Pay Legislation
Military Procurement Authorization- 1973
Military Selective Service Act and Pervious Selective Service Laws
Draft Laws (Possible)- 1973
Military Waste
National Security Arguments
National Security Council
National Service

Box 12
Polls and Surveys
Presidential Candidates
Professional Army
Recruiting Scandal
Recruitement and Enlistment
Religious Statements on the Draft
Repeal Legislation
Reserves and ROTC
Press Opinions
Selective Service System Newsletters
Selective Service System News Report
Selective Service System- National Headquarters

Box 13
Selective Service Publications
Standby Draft
National Youth Advisory Panel- 1970 (June 29- July 2) [2 folders]
Veterans (Research)
All-Volunteer Army
Costs, Volunteer Army
Volunteer Army
Westmoreland, General William- Army Chief of Staff
White House Conference on the Draft
White House Releases re-Draft
Women Groups
Senator's Positions on the Draft- 1971

Box 14
1972 Elections
House of Representatives- Key Votes
1972 Election
Not Re-Elected
Candidates Not Re-elected- 1972
Party Platforms- 1972
State Campaigns and Votes
Committee for 12
Congressional Election Campaigns- 1972
1972 Elections- National Campaign to Repeal the Draft Opponents
Congressional Candidates 1972
Regional Contacts
Convention Delegates

Box 15
Financial Year 1974- Selective Service Appropriations
Photos of Tom Reeves and Stewart Kemp
The End of the Drat (Reviews)- 1970
Conscription: The Debate Continues- Drafts and Correspondence 1972
“What Could You Buy…?” Resource Materials
American Report- Draft Issue
Armed Forces Journal
Army Times Clippings
Editorial Comment- Draft Repeal
Evening Star- Daily News
Washington Post
Press Release- 1973 (January 1)
Allen, Robert S.
Alsop, Stewart
Anderson, Jack
Harvey, Paul
Hoppe, Art
Kilpatrick, JJ
Knubel, John
Lang, John
Lawrence, David
Levine- Wall Street Journal
Pusey, Merlo J.
Von Hoffman, Nicholas
Wells, Chas
Press Contacts
Press Conference- 1970 (February 26)
Press Conferences- 1969 (October 29)
Scrap Book Clippings
Draftables Under Deferment- 1973 (February)
Newspaper Opinion: Grass Roots
Massachusetts Test Case

Box 16
Press Meeting- 1971 (January 20)
Press Luncheon
Press Clipping Bureaus
Press Releases and Conferences
Press and Publications- Articles
Press Release- 1972
Press Release-1973
Press and Publicity
Press Kit- 1969 (May 22)
Press Release for Republican Convention- 1972 (August 21)
Press Release- Vote on Hatfield Amendment- 1972 (August 1)
National Council for Repealing the Draft- 1972 (May 3)
Press Release- 1973 (September 5)
Press Release- 1973 (March 8)

Box 17
National Council to Repeal the Draft Book- End of the Draft 1970
Current Resource Letter
National  Council Financial Appeals
Memorandum/Mailings- Councils, Contacts, etc. (1968-1972)
National Council to Repeal the Draft News Updates
An All-Volunteer Army of the Poor and Black?
W. Allen Wallis- Abolish the Draft
An All-Volunteer Professional Army?
An Analysis of the Gates Commission Report- 1970
SANE- Background Statement on Compulsory National Service
Barry Goldwater on Draft Repeal
Beyond the Volunteer Army: Perspectives on Draft Repeal
Black Draft Resisters: Does Anyone Care?
The Case for Draft Repeal in 1970
Meckling, William- The Case for an All-Volunteer Army
The Case for Repeal of the Military Selective Service Act- Robert Musil
Selective Service System- Channeling (excerpts)
Congressional Action- 1972 (July/August)
Shenk, G.E.- Conscription: The Debate Continues
Ognibene, Peter- A Dodge to End the Draft
Public Information Center News- Dodging the Draft
Wald, D. George- Don’t Reform the Draft- Get Rid of It!
Excerpt from “The Draft”
Katz, Howard Z.- “The Draft and the Question of Amnesty in Relation to the Constitution”

Box 18
John Poppy-The Draft: Hazardous to Your Health?
Ron Young- The Draft: Reform or Repeal
David Greenberg- Draft Repeal and the Anti-War Movement
Gerald Shenk- The Draft: The Great Panacea
Young Americans for Freedom- The Draft: There is an Alternative
Jim Bristol- The Draft, Volunteer Army and National Service
Robert Moskin- The Dump: The Draft Talk is Double Talk
Arlo Tatum- Duplicity in High Places
National Council to Repeal the Draft: Eighteen Month Program for Draft Repeal
End All Wars like Vietnam! End the Draft!
Ernest Gruening- End the Draft Now
Southern Conference Educational Fund- An Enemy of the People
“Fifty-Five Years Ago His Father Left Poland Because of the Draft”
Representative George E. Brown, Jr.- For an All-Volunteer Military
Geberal Lewis Hershey vs. Daniel Webster
Editorial from The Philadelphia Inquirer- “Goodbye to those Draft Greetings”
A Guide to Organizing for Draft Repeal- 1973
Hatfield Speech- 1970 (July 7)
Hatfield Amendment to Military Procurement Act of 1970
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom- “Have You Thought What the Draft Means in Your Life?”
High School Men!
If You Agree With Any of these Views
The Impact of the Draft and Draft Repeal- 1970 (January)
Kenneth Boulding- The Impact of the Draft on the Legitimacy of the National State
T. Reeves- Let Us Repeal the Draft Now! 1969 (July)
Chicago Area Draft Resisters (CADRE)- Letter from Richard M. Boardman to Local Board Number 114- 1967
Manipulation of the Draft: What SSS is Thinking about these Days
Manpower Makes Warpower
The Military-Civilian Complex
Nixon Speaks Out- The All-Volunteer Armed Force- 1968 (October 17)
Muriel Hyman- “No Draft Calls in January; Delay till April is Possible”
Organizational Support for Ending the President’s Induction Authority in 1972
Polls Show Majority Opposition to the Draft- 1970 (January)
Ernest Alexander- Position Paper on Black Draft Counseling
New York Times- “Poverty in Uniform”
Jerome Davis- Profits for War, Profits for Peace
American Friends Service Committee: Indochina Summer Draft Brochure
Allan Brick- Repeal the Draft: But How?
Republicans Speak Against the Draft
Selective Service System Under Siege- Friends Committee on National Legislation
Nicholas von Hoffman- “The Selective Slavery System”
Senate Votes on the Draft and the War- 1970
Friends Committee on National Legislation- Seven Questions
Ben Seaver- Should the Draft be Dropped?
National Council to Repeal the Draft Brochure- Should We Have a Standby Army?
Summary of the Gates Commission Report
New York Times- “A Tax on G.I.’s”
Harry Applewhites’ Testimony at Democratic Platform Hearings- 1972
T. Reeves- Testimony Submitted for the Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure
Third World Representatives Discuss the Draft
A Vigil for Peace- The White House
Stewart Kemp: A volunteer Army?
The 1947-1948 Voluntary Army
War and Conscription Timetable
Washington Report on Amnesty
Steiger- “Welfare, Extra Jobs Sustain G.I. Families”
What about Draft Reform or National Service?
What about the Draft Lottery?
Ken Lawrence- “What are you being drafted for?”
Mark Morris- Why Draft Repeal?
National Council to Repeal the Draft - What Could You Buy Instead of a Standby Draft?
National Council to Repeal the Draft- What Makes You Think the Draft is Ending?
John M. Swomley, Jr.- Why the Draft Should Go
Elsie Forhan and Dan Miller- Why We Lost in 1971—Looking to the Future
World Federalist Youth- “To Free Mankind” Declaration of Principles
Richard J. Levine- Zero Draft vs. Zero Reform
The Feasibility of Ending the Draft in 1971
Supplement to the Feasibility of Ending the Draft in 1971
Fact Sheet on All-Volunteer Armed Force this Year- 1972
Women and the Draft
Fact Sheet on the Equal Rights Amendment
Miscellaneous [2 folders]

Box 19
Senate Armed Services Committee Hearings
Testimonies [4 folders]  

Box 20
Action for Phase-down or Start-up
National Council Meeting- 1970 (June 9)
Continuation Committee (Executive Committee)- 1969-1973
Executive Committee- 1973
Contributions- 1969 (May-December)
Miscellaneous[5 Folders]

Acc: 81A-009

Box 1
National Council Minutes
News Articles
Financial Report- 1970
James Allen
John Sparkman
Mike Gravel
Ted Stevens
Paul Fannin
Barry Goldwater
J.W. Fulbright
John McClellan
Alan Cranston
John V. Tunney
Peter Dominick
Floyd Haskell
Abe Ribicoff
Senate Armed Service Committee
Lowell Weicker
Joseph Biden, Jr.
William Roth
Lawton Chiles
Edward Gurney
Herman Talmadge
Sam Nunn
Hiram Fong
Daniel Inouye
Frank Church
James McClue
Adlai E. Stevenson III
Charles Percy
Birch Bayh
Vance Hartke
Harold Hughes
Richard Clark
Robert Dole
James Pearson

Box 2
Marlow Cook
Walter Huddleston
Russell Long
Edmund Muskie
William Hathaway
J. Glenn Beale, Jr.
Charles Mathias
Edward Brooke
Edward Kennedy
Robert Griffin
Philip Hart
Hubert Humphrey
Walter Mondale
John Stennis
James Eastland
Thomas Eagleton
Stuart Symington
Mike Mansfield
Lee Metcalf
Roman Hruska
Carl Curtis
Alan Bible
Howard Cannon
Norris Cotton
Thomas McIntyre
Clifford Case
Harrison Williams
Joseph Montoya
Peter Domenici
Jacob Javits
James Buckley
Sam Ervin

Box 3
William Steiger
Teno Roncalio
Armed Service Committee-House
Armed Services- Senate
Appropriations Committee- Senate
Counselors’ Mailing
CBS Morning News
Interviews (Used)
Liberal Arguments
Senator Tunney
Sen Saxbe
Dan Inouye
William Hathaway
Don Edwards
Spark Matsunaga
Senator Bennett
Birch Bayh
New Members of the Senate and House
Vote Summary of the Senate
Summary of Congressional Votes
Coalition for Human Needs and Budget Priorities
Black Caucus
Appropriations Committee- House
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina

Box 4
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
House Armed Services Committee
House Vet Services
Jack Edwards
William L. Dickinson
Bill Nicholas
Tom Bevill
John Buchanan
John Rhodes
Morris Udall
Sam Steiger
John Conian
Wilbur Mills
Don Clausen
Harold Johnson
John E. Moss
Robert L. Leggett
Philip Burton
William Mailliard
Ron Dellums
Peter Stark
Don Edwards
Charles Gubser
Leo Ryan
Burt L. Talcott
Charles Teague
Jerome Waldie
John McFall
B.F. Sisk
Paul McCloskey
Robert Mathias
Chet Holifield
Carlos Moorhead
Augustus Hawkins
James Corman
Del Clawson
John Rousselot
Charles Wiggins
Thomas Rees
Barry Goldwater, Jr.
Charles Bennett
William Chappell
C.W. Bill Young
Sam gibbons
Lou Frey
J. Herbert Burke
Dante Fascell
Jack Brinkley
John Flynt, Jr.
Phil Landrum
Spark Matsunaga
Patsy Mink
Steven Symms
Edward Derwinski
Harold R. Collier
Sidney  Yates

Box 5
Philip Crane
Robert McClory
Leslie Arends
John Anderson
Robert Michael
Tom Railsback
Paul Findley
George Shipley
Melvin Price
Ray Madden
Earl Landgrebe
John Brademas
J. Edward Roush
Elwood Hillis
William Bray
John Myers
Roger Zion
Lee Hamilton
David Dennis
William Hudnut
John Culver
H.R. Gross
Neal Smith
William Scherle
Keith Sebelius
Garner Shriver
William Natcher
Romano Mazzoli
M. Gene Snyder
Tim Lee Carter
F. Edward Herbert
Joe D. Waggoner
John Rarick
Peter Kyros
Clarence Long
Paul Sarbanes
Marjorie Holt
Lawrence Hogan
Guodloe Byron
Parren Mitchell
Gilbert Gude
Edward Boland
Harold Donohue
Robert Drinan
Michael Harrington
Thomas P. P'Neill
Margaret Heckler
James Burke
Gerry Studds
John Conyers
Marvin Esch
Garry Brown
Gerald Ford
Charles Chamberlain
Donald Riegle, Jr.
James Harvey
Guy Vander Jagt
Elford Cederberg
Philip Ruppe
James O'Hara
Charles Diggs, Jr.
Lucien Nedzi
William Ford
John Dingell
Martha Griffiths
Robert Huber
William Broomfield
Albert Quie
Ancher Nelsen
Bill Frenzel
Joseph Karth
Donald Fraser

Box 6
Donald Brotzman
Frank Evans
William Armstrong
William Cotter
Robert W. Steele, Jr.
Robert Giaimo
Pierre S. Dupont IV
John Zwach
Bob Bergland
John Blatnik
Jamie Whitten
G.V. Montgomery
William Clay
James Symington
William Randall
Ricard Ichord
William Hungate
Bill Burlison
Dave Martin
David Towell
Louis Wyman
James Cleveland
John Hunt
Charles W. Sandman, Jr.
Frank Thompson, Jr.
Peter Frelinghuysen
Edwin B. Forsythe
William Widnall
Henry Helstoski
Peter Rodino
Matthew Rinaldo
Dominick Daniels
Edward Patten
Manuel Lujan, Jr.
Harold Runnels
Otis Pike
Angelo Roncallo
Norman Lent
John Wydler
Lester Wolff
Joseph Addabbo
Ben Rosenthal
Mario Biaggi
Shirley Chisholm
Bertram Podell
Hugh Carey
Elizabeth Holtzman
John Murphy
Edward Koch
Charles Rangle
Bella Abzug
Herman Badillo
Jon Bingham
Peter Peyser
Ogden Reid
Hamilton Fish, Jr.
Benjamin Gilman
Howard Robison
Samuel Stratton
Carleton King
Robert McEwen
Donald Mitchell
James Hanley
Frank Horton
James Hastings
Walter Jones
L. H. Fountain
David Henderson
Ike Andrews
Richardson Preyer
Earl Ruth
James T. Broyhill
Roy Taylor
Mark Andrews

Box 7
William Keating
Donald Clancy
Charles Whalen, Jr.
Tennyson Guyer
Delbert Latta
Clarence Brown
Walter E. Powell
Thomas Ashley
J. William Stanton
Samuel Devine
Charles Mosher
John F. Seiberling, Jr.
Chalmers Wylie
Ralph Regula
John Ashbrook
Charles Carney
James V. Stanton
Louis Stokes
Charles Vanik
William Minshall
Carl Albert
Wendall Wyatt
Al Ullman
Edith Green
John Dellenback
John Ware
Lawrence Williams
Edward Biester
Joseph McDade
Lawrence Coughlin
Edwin Eshleman
Joseph Gaydos
John Dent
Joseph Vigorito
Robert Tiernan
Floyd Spence
William Dorn
James Mann
John Duncan
Joe Evins
Richard Fulton
Ed Jones
Wright Patman
Olin Teague
William Archer
Robert Price
Richard White
George Mahon
Henry Gonzales
O.C. Fisher
Bob Casey
K. Gunn McKay
Wayne Owens
Richard Mallary
G. William Whitehurst
W.C. Daniel
Joel T. Broyhill
Lloyd Meeds
Floyd Hicks
Brock Adams
Robert Mollohan
Les Aspin
Robert Kastenmeier
Clement Zablocki

Box 8 [Miscellaneous files]
Quentin Burdick
Milton Young
William Saxbe
Robert Taft Jr.
Henry Bellmon
Tom Steed
Robert Packwood
Richard Schweiker
Hugh Scott
Claiborne Pell
John Pastore
Ernest Hollings
Strom Thurmond
James Abourezk
George McGovern
Howard Baker
William Brock
Lloyd Bensten
John Tower
Wallace Bennett
Frank Moss
George Aiken
Robert T. Stafford
Harry Byrd
William Scott
Henry Jackson
Warren Magnuson
Robert Byrd
Jennings Randolph
Gaylord A. Nelson
William Proxmire
Clifford Hansen
Gale W. McGee
Aphonzo Bell
George Danielson
Edward Roybal
Charles H. Wilson
Craig Hosmer
Jerry Pettis
Richard Hanna
Glenn Anderson
George E. Brown Jr.
Clair Burgener
Victor Veysey
Patricia Schroeder

Box 9
News Articles [3 Folders]
Conscientious Objector File
The National Council Against Peacetime Conscription Now

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