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Series G: Records of the National Office of SANE (Washington, D.C.), 1971-1987

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SANE, Inc.
SANE, Inc. Records
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SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

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SANE, Inc. Records (DG 058) [SANE, Inc. Table of Contents]

Historical Background
SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

Arrangement of Series G

When Series G was established in 1982-1983, it was intended to contain all files of the SANE National Office after the office moved to Washington, DC, in 1971. However, the large volume of SANE material which was sent to the Peace Collection in the 1980s made this scheme impractical. Several other series were established, partly in order to make Series G more manageable in size, but also to bring together in one place materials relating to several special projects and to separately incorporated entities related to SANE, Inc. See the descriptions below for the content and arrangement of Series H, K, L, M, and N, all of which were found mixed in with records which are now in Series G.

The arrangement of Series G is based partly on the arrangement of Series A in that certain types of material are grouped together, with each type arranged in chronological order. Minutes, materials relating to the Board of Directors and to the SANE staff, financial records, literature, releases, and clippings about SANE are placed near the beginning of the series. Each type of material is arranged in chronological order, the exception being an alphabetical file of information about members of the Board of Directors.

Many factors entered into the overall arrangement of Series G. The plan has been to bring together the files of individual staff members, to group them according to areas of responsibility (e.g., legislative work, publications), to keep things in chronological order as much as possible, and to work with the existing arrangement of the files when they arrived in the Peace Collection. If a section of files appeared to be in alphabetical order, that arrangement was maintained or re-established. More frequently, folders have been placed in rough chronological order because there was no discernible order. Files on the same topic or project have been brought together if they seemed to be from the files of one staff member. When several staff members worked on the same topic or project, there may be information in several different places in Series G on that topic or project.

The arrangement of material within folders is not consistent. Many folders have been left in order as found Often, this is very rough reverse chronological order. When many items are undated, it is not possible to put things in chronological order without spending an enormous amount of time trying to date each item. Rearrangement into chronological order also disturbs the relationship which may exist between adjacent items.

However, in some cases, material within a folder has been refiled in straight chronological order in order to make it easier for researchers to follow a project from beginning to end and also to make it possible to identify duplicate copies of the same item so that duplicates could be discarded.

It should be noted that some topical files contain material dating from before 1971. Presumably, folders used by staff members in the Washington Office were kept and used by the same or other staff members after the Washington Office became the National Office. Also, material giving background on a particular topic may have been collected and used by staff members long after the date on the item.

Please note that there are some materials in Series E, Records of the Washington Office, which really belong in Series G, Records of the National Office, Washington, D.C., 1971-1987. Section #6 of Series E contains correspondence (arranged by state) from the early 1970s. Similarly, Section #10, File Topics, contains some material from 1971-1973. Researches interested in SANE activities in the early 1970s should consult Series E as well as Series G.

Also, note that some correspondence, 1971-1987, has been moved to Series H, described below.

Series G: Records of the National Office of SANE (Washington, D.C.), 1971-1987

Box 1
Corporate name changed to SANE, Inc., October 1972
By-laws, 1972-1983 (4 fldrs.)
Policy Statements, 1968-1975 (files of S. Gottlieb)
Board Policy Statements, 1979-1983
National Board and Executive Committee meetings, 1971-1976
Minutes, agendas, financial reports, and related material

Box 2
National Board and Executive Committee meetings, 1977-1979
Minutes, agendas, financial reports, and related material

Box 3
National Board and Executive Committee meetings, 1980-1981
Minutes, agendas, financial reports, and related material

Box 4
National Board and Executive Committee meetings, 1982-June 1983
Minutes, agendas, financial reports, and related material
Strategy meeting, December1982
Goals, strategic plan, May 1983

Box 5
National Board and Executive Committee meetings, July 1983-March 1985
Minutes, agendas, financial reports, and related material
Board organization, 1983 (Seymour Melman)

Box 6
National Board and Executive Committee meetings, April 1985-March 1986
Minutes, agendas, financial reports, and related material

Box 7
National Board and Executive Committee meetings, April 1986-November 1986
Minutes, agendas, financial reports, and related material

Box 8
National Board and Executive Committee meetings, January-June 1987
Minutes, agendas, financial reports, and related material
SANE/FREEZE Transition Team meetings, February 22, 1987, June 6, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Personnel Committee, June 1987
SANE/FREEZE Presidential search, April-July 1987 [files of Stacey Michael, Executive Assistant]

Box 9
SANE/FREEZE Transition Team meeting, July 17, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Joint Executive Committee meeting, July 18, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Board of 100, Preparatory materials, July-September 1987
SANE/FREEZE Board of 100 meeting, September 19-20, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Executive Committee meeting, November 19, 1987

Box 10
Files of Sam Tucker, Board Member, on Transition to SANE/FREEZE, 1986-1987
Freeze/SANE Commission, April-December1986 [See also: records of SANE/FREEZE (DG 151)]
Minutes, reports, memoranda, etc., 1987
By-laws, 1987
Strategy, 1987
Membership and affiliation, 1987
Finances, 1987

Box 11
National SANE Education Fund
Legal papers, 1978-1985
Board meetings, 1979- [incomplete]
Reports, 1985
National Grant Program, 1982-1983 [See also two folders on Athletes United for Peace, 1983-1985, in subject files of Mike Mawby]
National Grant Program: Arkansas Peace Center, 1983
National Grant Program: Northern Wisconsin SANE, 1983
Grant from The Youth Project, November 1983
Fund-raising letters, brochures, 1981-1986
Publications, 1980-1983 [NOTE: Additional NSEF publications filed with other SANE literature in Boxes 29] Memoranda, 1980-1981
Events, 1983-1986
Financial reports, 1981-1983 [NOTE: Additional financial reports filed with SANE financial records in Boxes 23-24a or with National
Board and Executive Committee Meetings, Boxes 2-8]
SANE, Inc., Legal Papers 1980-1986
Building Fund, 1980-198l
SANE Fund, Inc., Certicate and Articles of Incorp., May 1982
Asher, Thomas R. (SANE's Attorney), 1978-1985
Motorola v. SANE, 1982-1986
Lease, Chicago SANE, 1985
Box 12
National Advisory Council
Background, 1981-1982
Letters sent, 1982
Responses, 1982
Letters sent and responses, 1983
Current work, 1982-1984
Acceptances, 1982-1985
Invitations to join, August 1985
List, December1985
Corres. and meeting, 1986
Scientific Advisory Group, 1986
Board Committees, 1971-1987
Board Operations Committee, 1987
Chapter Policy Committee, 1985
Chapter Relations Committee, 1986
Finance Committee, 1980-1984
Finance Committee meeting, December1980
Nominations and Elections Committee, 1982-1987
Personnel Committee, 1971-1973 (files of Sam Tucker)
Personnel Committee, 1985-1986
Political Action Committee, 1983-1984 (files of Sam Tucker)
Radio Editorial Committee, 1978-1979
Strategy Committee, 1986
Box 13
Board Elections, 1978-1984 [12 folders]

Box 14
Board Elections, 1984-1987 [11 folders]

Box 15
Board of Directors, mainly 1979-1987 (Biographical information, writings by, and correspondence) Board lists with biographical information, 1980-1984
Board of Directors biographies, 1985-1987
Anderson, Marion
Blackwell, Unita
Bloom, Robert
Brammer, Bob
Brandon, Herbert A.
Brion-Meisels, Steve
Corona, Bert
Dellums, Ron (Carlottia Scott)
Dow, John
Dumas, Lloyd Jeff
Ellis, Helene
Fitzgerald, A. Ernest
Foecke, David
Frank, Jerome
Frederick, Norris
Freeman, Mike
Furse, Elizabeth
Garcia Granado, Lorraine
Gittelman, Martin
Goldberg, Beth
Granholm, Heidi
Guyer, Carol
Harkin, Tom
Hogarth, Connie
Jack, Homer
Jackson, Jesse
Jones, Paul
Kennedy, Frances
Klare, Michael
Marquis, David (Board of 100)
Mason, Hilda
Melman, Seymour
Moss, Linda
Raskin, Marcus
Richmond, Fred
Romaine, Stan
Rosenberg, Alex

Box 16
Board of Directors, mainly 1979-1987 (Biographical information, writings by, and correspondence) Board of Directors biographies, 1985-1987 Salzberg, Doris
Sarnoff, Irving
Schaffer, Don
Schwartz, Robert J.
Smeal, Eleanor
Smith, Alex
Stout, Linda
Tobin, Mary Luke
Trevino, Joe
Tsipis, Kosta
Tucker, Sam
Ullmann, John
Walker, Nancy
Weiss, Ted
Wenzler, Marcy
Wilham, Mary
Wilkins, Roger
Wood, Jean
Correspondence with former Board members, 1985

Box 17
Memoranda to Executive Committee or Board, and Staff Reports, 1971-1987 (7 fldrs.) and SANE History
SANE history: Miscellaneous articles, 1975-1985 SANE history: Notes and drafts [by David Lehman, 1983?]; material from Milton Katz, 1983; articles about SANE
SANE history: Background material, 1959-1969 (primarily about Steve Allen and Hollywood for SANE)

Box 18
Board and Staff Directories; Personnel
Board and Staff Directories, 1971-1987
Staff Directories, 1979-1985 [NOTE: earlier staff directories are at the end of Board directories. See preceding folder]
Biographies of SANE Staff and Board Members
Cortright, David. Biographical information and writings, ca. 1977-l985
SANE personnel, 1970-1977
SANE personnel: Resumes received, 1978-1979
SANE personnel policy, 1983 [from files of Mike Mawby]
SANE personnel, 1983-1985
Personnel forms, n.d.
Job announcements, 1982-1986
Cartoon of SANE staff, ca. 1980
Report on January internship by Paul Murphy, 1978
SANE internships, n.d.
SANE letterhead, 1971-
Guest Book, SANE Headquarters, 1982-1985

Box 19
SANE Staff
Minutes, staff meetings, 1978-1982
Minutes, staff meetings, 1983-1984
Minutes, Department Head meetings and other staff meetings, 1985
Minutes and memoranda, 1981-1984 [from files of Ed Glennon]
Minutes and memoranda, 1985 [from files of Ed Glennon)
Department Head meetings and memoranda, July-December1985 [from files of Ed Glennon]
Minutes, Department Head meetings and other staff meetings, 1986-1987
Notes on staff meetings, 1986 [files of Stacey Michael]
Notes and minutes, Department Head meetings, 1986-1987 [from files of Esther Hill?]

Box 20
SANE Staff Memoranda to staff, 1979-1987 [7 folders]

Box 20a
Sane Staff Files of Tom Siegel, Director of Development
SANE Strategy and planning, 1986
SANE Strategy, 1987-1988
Memoranda re Transition to SANE/FREEZE, 1986-1987
SANE/FREEZE merger, 1986-1987

Box 21
Files of Margo Hill and Jean Beyler, Business Managers, 1978-1985 Staff minutes and memos, 1978-1983 [5 folders]
Staff memos, January-August 1984[3 folders]
Correspondence of M. Hill, 1978-1983[3 folders]
Ex-German volunteers (ASF), 1978-1979
Radio mailing, 1980-1981
Radio spots, "American Voices," 1982

Box 22
Files of Margo Hill and Jean Beyler, Business Managers, 1978-1985 Intern programs, 1978-1985

Box 23
Financial and Membership Records [NOTE: Financial reports and membership reports will also be found with National Board and Executive Committee
meetings in Boxes 1-8] |
Financial records, 1971-1979
Fund raising, 1971-1978
Membership, 1971-1975

Box 24
Financial and Membership Records [NOTE: Financial reports and membership reports will also be found with National Board and Executive Committee
meetings in Boxes 1-8]
Financial records, 1980-1985

Box 24a
Financial and Membership Records [NOTE: Financial reports and membership reports will also be found with National Board and Executive Committee
meetings in Boxes 1-8]
Financial records, 1986-1987
Membership, 1980-1985

Box 25
Files of Grace Kimm, Director, Membership Department, 1984-1986

Box 26
Files of Duane Shank, Assistant to the Director, 1982-1986 (later Administrative Director)
Direct mail (or membership acquisition) reports, 1981-1986 Divoky and Associates: Renewal returns, 1982-1983
Divoky and Associates: Direct mail results, 1983
Renewal packages A - E, 1982-1983 [5 folders] PAC mailing, August 1986

Box 27
SANE Serial Publications and Reprints
SANE Action, 1971-1986
SANE News, 1971-1982
SANE Report, 1971-1981
Reprints, 1971-1987

Box 28
SANE Literature, 1971-1979
Literature and releases, 1971-1975
Literature and releases, 1976-1979
Form letters to SANE members, 1971-1979
Form letters, including fundraising appeals, 1971-1979
Board strategy and policy statements, 1971-1979
Testimony, statements, letters to public officials, 1971-1979
Voting records and related material, 1971-1979
SANE membership conferences, 1971-1975
Literature lists, 1971-1979
"Disarmament Report," 1971-1974
"We Tried It and It Worked; Background for Communicators," January 1972
Presidential election materials, 1972
Presidential election materials, 1976
Greeting cards, n.d.
Incomplete andundated items

Box 29
SANE Literature, 1980-1987 Literature and releases, 1980-1983Literature and releases, 1984-1987
Form letters to SANE members and SANE activists, 1980-1983
Form letters to SANE members and SANE activists, 1984-1987
Form letters, including fundraising appeals, 1980-1983
Form letters, including fundraising appeals, 1984-1987
SANE Associates reports, 1982-1983

Box 30
SANE Literature, 1980-1987
Mailings to Rapid Response Network (RRN), district coordinators, and chapter leaders, 1982-1986
Arms Control/Military Spending Alert and Arms Control
Legislative Alert, 1982-1986
Action Alert, 1987
Press releases, 1980-1987
Board strategy and policy statements, 1980-1987
Testimony, letters to Congress and the President, 1980-1987
Voting records and related material, 1980-1987
SANE membership conferences:
"Peace is Primary," 1984
"Peaceworks," 1986 Literature lists and mailings from SANE Publications, 1980-1987
SANE PAC mailings, 1982-1986 [See also Series L]
SANE/FREEZE merger, 1986-1987

Box 31
Literature Packets, 1971-1987
Arms Conversion, [1971] Chemical/Biological Warfare, [1971]
Dialogue with Middle America, [1971?]
Disarmament, [1971?]
Military-Industrial Complex, [1971?]
Peace and the News Media, [1971?]
Taxpayer's Guide to the Federal Budget, 1972
Dialogue with Middle America, [rev. 1973]
Peace and the News Media, [rev.1973]
Economic packet, [1975?]
Campaign Issues, [1976]
Communications, [1978?]
Disarmament, [rev. ca. 1978]
SALT, [1978?]
Soviet Reading Packet, [1983?]
Days of Decision Packet, 1987
Box 32
Files of the Literature Department Use of SANE material by others, 1971-1972
Congressional Voting Records, 1971? -1977
Miscellaneous literature, 1972-1978, possibly used in literature packets

Box 33
Clippings about SANE, 1971-1987
Geneva Summit, October 1985-February 1986
Bob Edgar campaign (PA): Clippings, 1986
SANE local branch activities, collected by Stacey Michael, July 1986

Box 34
Files of Naomi Pullman, Director of Community Action, 1971-1973
Communicators' Workshops, Ohio and Philadelphia, 1971-1972
Communicators' Workshop, Ohio evaluation mailing, 1971
Workshop for Communicators, Denver, CO, March 1972
Resource materials: Pressure on Congress, 1973
Copies of SANE forms and mimeographed materials, 1960-l963, 1971, n.d.
Membership and dues structure, l963, l968, and n.d.
Files of Tom Riddell, Education Director, 1971-1973
Ads for Peace, 1971-1972
Overkill/Overrun booklet and film, 1971-1973
Labor contacts, 1972
Boxes 35
Files of Victor Lloyd, Director of Development, 1975-1977;
Administrative Director, 1977 Topics, A - M

Box 36
Files of Victor Lloyd, Director of Development, 1975-1977; Administrative Director, 1977
Topics, N - W
[See also Correspondence of Victor Lloyd in Ser. H, Box 5]
Box 37
Files of Sanford Gottlieb and David Cortright, Exec. Directors, re: SANE radio programs -- "SANE Views the World" and "Consider the Alternatives," 1974-1985
Radio program: Business correspondence, etc., 1974-1977
Radio program: Business correspondence, etc., 1978-1985
Radio Committee, 1978-1979
Radio program report, March 1979
Memo on radio listener outreach program, June 1979
Radio: NEH project, 1979
"Consider the Alternatives": Reports and releases, 1980
Radio: SANE Media Board agreement, 1981
SANE Media Board, 1981-1982
"Consider the Alternatives" report, January 1982
"Consider the Alternatives" special appeal, 1983
Promotional brochure for "Consider the Alternatives" and
"Insights" series, [1983]
"Consider the Alternatives"/SANE Education Fund of
Pennsylvania, 1984 annual report

Box 38
Files of Beth Baker, Staff Associate, re: SANE radio programs -- "SANE Views the World" and"Consider the Alternatives," 1974-1985 Radio responses and correspondence, ca. 1978-1981 (arranged by states)

Box 39
Files of Charlie Kraybill, Staff Associate, re: SANE radio programs -- "SANE Views the World" and"Consider the Alternatives," 1974-1985 Referred radio respondees, ca. 1980-1981
Referred radio response to active groups, ca. 1981
Correspondence and memoranda, 1981
Corres. with local groups, 1980-1981
Adopt-a-station, 1981
Radio transcripts, ca. 1981

Box 40
FBI Files on SANE released through a Freedom of Information Act inquiry Files released January 1977

Box 41
FBI Files on SANE released through a Freedom of Information Act inquiry Files released by U.S. Army, March 1978
Files released January 1979
Box 42
FBI Files on SANE released through a Freedom of Information Act inquiry Files released January 1979, [continued]

Box 43
FBI Files on SANE released through a Freedom of Information Act inquiry Files released January 1979 and May 1980
Box 44
Topical Files, ca. 1954-1977 (alphabetical order imposed by processor) Americans for Democratic Action, 1962-1967
Catholics, 1960-1975
Church groups, 1973-1977
Civil Defense, 1959-1965
Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy, 1969-1970
Congressional District Project, 1975
Congressional District Project, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1975
Department of Defense. Joint Strategic Bomber Study, 1974
Draft, Volunteer Army, etc., 1966-1969
Education, 1962-1971

Box 45
Topical Files, ca. 1954-1977 (alphabetical order imposed by processor) Education and Peace, 1963-1971
Foundation for a Sane World, 1969-1974
InterSANE, 1971-1973
"Military Budgets and Social Needs" by Ruth Leger Sivard, 1971
Negotiations Now, 1967-1970
New Democratic Coalition, 1969-1975
News Media, 1971
Nuclear Testing/Nuclear War, 1962-1970
Nuclear Tests, 1974
Outreach Agreement, 1974
Peace Keeping, 1961-1971

Box 46
Topical Files, ca. 1954-1977 (alphabetical order imposed by processor) Peace Movement, 1968-1972
Peace Movement Media, 1972-1973
Peace Research, 1971,1975
Pentagon, Department of Defense, Military-Industrial Complex,
Militarism, 1968-1970
Public Opinion, 1970-1971
Public Opinion on Vietnam, 1971-1972
Right Wing, 1972
Travel Program, 1968-1969
U.S.S.R., 1971-1973
Vietnam Material (Basic Collection), 1954-1970
World Federalists, U.S.A., 1960-1973

Box 47
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions)
Afghanistan, 1979-1980 Anti-nuclear movement (Lists), n.d.
Anti-submarine warfare, 1979
Americans for SALT, 1978-1979
April 26 Coalition for a Non-Nuclear World, 1979-1980
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency/
George M. Seignious, 1978-1979
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1974-1981
Arms race, 1978-1981
Association of the U.S. Army (A.U.S.A.)
"Arms Bazaar" Demonstrations, 1978-1979
Atmospheric Nuclear Testing, 1977-1980
Australian Peace Movement, 1977-1979

Box 48
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions) B-1 bomber, 1975-1981
B-X bomber, 1978-1979
Backfire bomber, 1975-1979
Bread for the World (Organization), 1975-1980
Budget, 1979-1981
Caldicott, Dr. Helen, 1978-1980
Campaign for Economic Democracy (Fonda/Hayden), 1979
Campaign for Peace (Ramsey Clark, Stewart Mott), 1978
Catholics, 1975-1983
Civil defense, [1981?]
Clergy and Laity Concerned, 1967-ca. 1978
Conversion (Proposal for a Labor Conversion Project), 1978
Conversion Materials, 1978-1979
Conversion Packet and other information, 1978-1980
Council on Economic Priorities,
Conversion Information Center, 1978-1979
Council on Economic Priorities, 1980

Box 49
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions) Cruise missile, 1976-1981
Defense Department, 1975-1981
Democrats, 1976-1977
Department of Energy, 1979-1981
Detente, 1976-1978
Disarmament and arms control, 1974-1981
Disarmament - booklets, 1964-1981
Disarmament: general and complete, 1961-1979
Disarmament Working Group, 1976-1979
Double dipping, 1977-1979
Eastern Europe: military policies, 1979
ELF (Extremely low frequency radio network), 1979-1982

Box 50
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions) Freeze, 1980-1981
Ground Zero, 1980-1982
H-bomb article by Howard Morland in The Progressive, 1979-1980
Hiroshima/Nagasaki, 1971-1980
Human rights in Cambodia, 1977-1978
Human rights in Cambodia, State Department Report, 1978
Box 51
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions) In the Public Interest, 1977-1979
Indian Ocean, 1977-1979
Institute for Policy Studies, 1978-1981
Institute for World Order, 1976-1978
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, 1980-1982
Iran, 1978-1979
Jackson, Henry M., ca. 1971-1976
Kennan, George F., 1980-1981
The Longest Walk Manifesto, 1978
Melman Political Memo (1978) and N.Y. Times articles, (1970-1979)
Military Airlift Command (MAC), 1978
Military Audit Project, 1976-1979
Military balance, 1976-1982
Military budget, 1978, 1980-1981
Military personnel, 1981
Military Procurement Bill, 1981
Military spending and the economy, 1979-1981
Military spending: World, 1977-1980

Box 52
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions)
National Center for Economic Alternatives, 1977-1980
National Taxpayers Union, 1979-1983
NATO and West European security, 1974-1979
NATO, 1979
Naval power, U.S., 1976-1981
Naval power, U.S.S.R., 1978-1981
No Nukes Strategy Conference, Louisville, KY, 1978
Nuclear energy - Documents by progressive groups, ca. 1976-1982
Nuclear Explosives Control Policy Working Group (Nuclear Club), 1982
Nuclear opponents, 1979-1980
Nuclear power/weapons links; proliferation, 1976-1981

Box 53
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions)
Nuclear power: International, 1976-1980
Nuclear power: Public reaction, ca. 1979-1981
Nuclear power inquiries, 1979
Nuclear proliferation, 1973-1981
Nuclear safety, 1978-1980
Nuclear terrorism, 1976-1979
Nuclear test ban treaties, 1973-1982
Nuclear tests, 1976-1980
Nuclear waste, 1977-1981

Box 54
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions)
Nuclear waste, 1977-1981 (fldr 2)
Nuclear weapons/Disarmament, ca. 1977-1981
Nuclear Weapons Facilities Task Force, 1979-1981
Nuclear weapons: research anddevelopment, 1978-1979
Nuclear weapons systems, 1976-1981
Nunn, Sen. Sam, 1980
Overruns (Department of Defense), 1978-1981
Peace Academy, 1981
Peace education (colleges), 1971-1972
Peace education (grade school, high school), 1971-1972
Peace education, 1976
Peace movement, 1973-1975
Pentagon: Liaison, n.d.
Pentagon lobbyists, 1961-1981

Box 55
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions) Persian Gulf, 1980-1981
Phillips, John Aristotle, 1977-1978
Portsmouth Strike Support Group, n.d.
Radiation, 1953-1981
Radiation exposure: Legislation, 1980
Radiation, low level (LLR), 1977-1981
Radioactive waste, West Valley, New York, 1978-1981
Rapid Deployment Force (RDF), 1979-1981
"Red-Baiting," 1981-1982
Research: Peace, 1970-1972

Box 56
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions) SALT II Files, 1973-1982

Box 57
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions) Scientists (Peace types), 1958-1974
Skylab, 1979
Smart bombs, 1978-1979
Soka Gakkai International, 1981
Solar lobby, 1979
Star Wars, 1973-1982 [2 folders]
START Talks, 1981-1982
State Department, 1975-1979
"Stealth" Aircraft, 1980-1981
Summit meeting, Vienna, 1979
Survival Summer, 1980
Titan II missile, 1980-1981

Box 58
Topical Files (1982 and 1984 accessions) Trident submarine, 1976-1981
Truong Dinh Hung Case, 1979
"Turning Point 77: Confronting the Nuclear Arms Race," April 1977
Union of Concerned Scientists; Convocation on the Threat of Nuclear War, November 1981
U.S.S.R., 1976-1979
U.S. - U.S.S.R. relations, 1977-1981
War Control Planners, 1977-1978
War powers/War-making powers, 1973-1980
War tax resistance, 1971-1982
Winpisinger, William (SANE Co-Chairman), 1979
World Federalists USA, 1974-1976
XM-1 tank, 1976-1980
Youth Policy Institute, 1980

Box 59
Topical Files from 1986 Accessions Businessmen (peace types), 1967-1973 (primarily Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace 1967-1971)
Peace groups, International, 1972-1981 (primarily International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, 1972-1976)
Peace movement, 1969-1981
[NOTE: These three folders were originally in the files of Sanford Gottlieb and contain his correspondence, ca. 1967-1976. Later material added is primarily reference material and newspaper clippings]

Box 60
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor) Abernathy, Ray (Public Relations), 1981
Address book list (old), n.d.
AM-NET, American Public Information Network, 1978
Anti-Nuclear Demonstration, Washington, DC (May 6 Coalition), May 6, 1979
Anti-Nuclear stance. Criticism of SANE, 1979
Atomic veterans, 1979
B-1 Committee, 1977 (Interim National Coordinating Committee, Stop the B-1 Bomber/National Peace Conversion Campaign)
Baneberry Trial, 1976-1979
Bernstein, Leonard: Commencement address at Johns Hopkins University, May 30, 1980
California Ad (Peace Sunday), June 6, 1982
Call to Halt the Nuclear Arms Race (Randall Forsberg), [1980?]
Cambodia, 1977-1978: Testimony before Senate Foreign Relations Comm.; Notes; Prelude to McGovern Intervention statements.
Campaign for Human Development, 1983
Campaign for Peace, 1978
Campaign for Peace, 1979-1980
Carter Press Release, September 14, 1979 "SANE Opposes Carter Re-Nomination"
Catholic Action lawsuit, 1981 (Hawaii nuclear weapons storage case)
China's Vietnam Invasion, February 1979 (information from Sen. Charles Mathias)
Clinch River Breeder Reactor, 1977-1978
Colgate University, Peace Studies Program andInternship, 1978

Box 61
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
Commercial Reprocessing for Nuclear Warheads, 1981
Committee Against Registration and the Draft [See Box 68]
Comprehensive Test Ban, 1981
Conversion program [2 folders] David Cortright trip to California, Political contacts, January 1979
Material from trip to California and the Northwest, February 1979
Corporation Day, n.d. (proposal from Center for Science in the Public Interest)
Cruise Conversion Alert, Tucson, Arizona, 1983
"The Day After" project, 1983
"The Day After" organizing packet, 1983
"The Deadly Connection" conference, November 11, 1983
Democratic National Convention. Platform, 1984
Department of Energy: Weapons Facilities Study, 1978-1979
Department of Energy: Reply re Norm Solomon piece, 1980-1981 (concerning underground nuclear tests)
Draft [See Boxes 68-69]
Eleanor Roosevelt Peace Award presented to Senator Edward Kennedy, 1978
Employment project, 1979
Organizing for Social Change, Inc.
Euromissiles [See Boxes 70-71]
Field Organizing Retreat for SANE, Freeze, and other groups, 1983-1984
Fonda-Hayden Tour, fall 1979
Frontiers Foundation/Project Ploughshares, Canada, 1977-1979

Box 62
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor) German U-boat information (in German), n.d.
Grassroots Peace Directory, 1984
Hart, Senator Gary: Meeting with arms control activists, May 16, 1984
Hinkie Case, 1979 (legal challenge to nuclear testing program)
Hinkie Case: Information on nuclear testing, 1950s
Hispanic Think Tank, Denver, Colorado, February 1984
Hoffman, Stanley, June 1984: Comments by David Cortright on paper by Hoffman
Hollywood letters, 1980
Inflation Conference, Washington, DC, May 1979
Institute for Policy Studies. Soviet threat study, 1979
International Disarmament Strategy Meeting, June 10, l982
Intervention issue, The Nation, June 9, 1979
Iran, 1980
"Jobs, Energy and Security" paper by Michelle Stone, 1980
Johnston, Carla B.: Report on National Political Education Field Project, 1982
Kennedy, Senator Edward, June 1979: Letter to him concerning SALT II Treaty
King Center: Mobilization for Jobs, Peace and Freedom, 1982-1983 (20th anniversary of 1963 March on Washington)

Box 63
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
King, Coretta, reception, March 1983
Legs Against Arms, 1983
Lems, Kristin (feminist singer/songwriter)
Litton Industries, 1982 (re unions)
Los Alamos: Dede Feldman's series in the Albuquerque Journal, 1979
Low Level Radiation, 1977-1979
Low Level Radiation: Project proposal, 1978-1979
Madison Peace and Jobs Referendum, 1979
Massachusetts Fair Share: Door canvass, 1984
Miale, Walter: Doctoral program, n.d.
Moffett, Toby, 1983-1984
Mondale, Walter F. [2 folders] Meeting with arms control groups, January 23, 1984
Letter re MX vote, April 1984
Morgan, Michael, 1979-1980:SANE research program on South Africa's nuclear capability
NBC Poll, December1978
NATO [See Boxes 70-71]
National Youth Pilgrimage for Jobs, Peace and Justice, May 17, 1980
Neutron bomb, 1977-1979
Neutron bomb petitions, 1978
Neutron bomb petitions, 1978: Corres. and notes
Neutron bomb work, fall 1981
Neutron bomb: reference material, 1977-1981
Neutron weapons: SANE press conference, August 12, 1981
New Line Presentations, 1981-1983
Nicaragua Trip with volunteer coffee brigades, late 1983-early 1984
Observation trip during elections, November 1984

Box 64
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
Nuclear energy and nuclear weapons: SANE statement, September 1975
Nuclear war conference, Washington, DC, December7, 1978
Nuclear war policy and MX missile: SANE statement, August 1980
Nuclear waste, 1979? [file of Charlie Kraybill]
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign [5 folders] National Committee meeting, Atlanta, June 25, 1982
Materials from meeting, June 1982
National Committee meeting, San Francisco, December1982
National Strategy Task Force, 1982-1983
Stategy memo, November 1982
Oui advertisement, 1978
Opinion research, Harris andYankelovich, 1978 and 1982
"Peace is Primary" Conference, March 1984
Physicians for Social Responsibility: Proposal for mobilization, June 1982
Pisello article, "Zirconium Connection," 1979
Progressive incident, 1979
Project Freeze Vote, 1982

Box 65
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
Public Affairs Analysts, 1982
Public Interest Video Network "National Security and the Nuclear Arms Race," 1980
PUSH materials, 1979-1980
Radiation Fact Sheet, 1979
Rapid Deployment Forces (RDF), Persian Gulf, 1980-1981
Rapp andCollins, Inc., Direct Marketing, 1982 [4 folders]
Market plan, April 1982
New York Times ad, May 1982
Focus group research report, June 1982
Richmond Conference on the Arms Race, October 1979
Riegle Budget Analysis, [1979]
Riverside Church, Reverse the Arms Race Convocation, December 1978
Run for Peace Proposal, 1979
SALT II, U.S. government publications, 1979
Sakharov, Andrei, 1981
SANE Program Memo, September 1977
SANE, 20th Anniversary, June 2, 1978
SANE, 25th Anniversary. Proposal for benefit, 1981

Box 66
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
SANE, TV program on taxes and military waste, 1978
SANE, film on Conversion, 1978-1979
SANE, TV memo and script ("Guns?--or Better"), 1979
Scientific American article, Military strategy, October 1978
Seignious, Gen. George M., 1979
Confirmation hearings, Senate Comm. on Foreign Relations, (as Director of Arms Control andDisarmament Agency)
Skills training proposal. SANE, Freeze, and WAND, 1984
Soviet Peace Committee demonstrations Photographs, 1982
Soviet threat: John Siegal's work, [1980?]
Soviet trip, July 30-August 8, 1984
Institute for Policy Studies
Soviet trip. "Report on the Third Annual IPS U.S./Soviet
Exchange" by Marcus Raskin, 1984
Space warfare, 1977-1978
Spock article, Redbook, August 1979
Spock, Ben [2 folders] Relationship with SANE, 1981-1982
Ad, 1982 ("Dr. Spock is Still Worried")
Star Wars: Distribution of SANE booklet, 1978
Star Wars proposal, [1978]
Steinbruner andPranger testimony, Senate Budget Committee, February 28, 1979
Survey project, 1980
TV program: Gil Friend's ideas, March 1982
Taxes, Press Conference, September 12, 1978: Statement by David Cortright
Toronto Conference "Operation Dismantle," October 23, 1982
U.N. Special Session on Disarmament, 1978

Box 67
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
U.N. Special Session on Disarmament, 1982 [4 folders]
Benefit, June 9-10, 1982
Demonstration, June 12, 1982
June 12 contact list (1500)
June 12 freeze film
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, 1981: Dave DeShant
"We Are the Guinea Pigs," 1979
Weapons and Capabilities, US/USSR, 1973-1978
Winpisinger press conference and fallout, 1979
Working Assets, San Francisco, California, 1984
Yemen, [1979?]
Zill, Anne: Report on peace groups, February 1982

Box 68
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
Opposition to the Draft, 1979-1982
Committee Against Registration and the Draft, 1979-1982 [3 folders]
Draft renewal, 1979
Draft vote and debate, September 12, 1979
Draft contacts, letters, 1980
Mobilization Against the Draft: National March and Rally, March 22, 1980
Draft Action, Spring 1980
Draft: Debate on Registration in U.S. House of Representatives, April 22, 1980
Emergency National Meeting to Stop the Draft, May 31, 1980
"The Risks of Registering for the Draft" by David Goodman, [1980?]

Box 69
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
Opposition to the Draft, 1979-1982, [continued]
Draft: Manpower documents, 1980-1981
National Anti-Draft Conference, Detroit, February 1981 (4 fldrs)
Resolutions, statements
Aftermath andresults
Financial records
CARD, Third World Caucus, 1981
Draft: May 3 Demonstration, 1981
Anti-draft material, 1982
Draft: Reference material [5 folders]
Readings, articles, 1979-1981
Clippings, 1979-1981
Congressional Record, 1980-1981
Air Force Current News, clippings, 1980-1981
Articles, clippings, 1981
Box 70
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
NATO and Euromissiles, 1978-1981
NATO demonstration, May 30, 1978
NATO exercise, 1978
NATO nuclear weapons demonstration, December8, 1979 General
Reference material: unpublished
Reference material: clippings andpubl. articles
Reference material: U.S. gov't reprint publications on NATO andEuro-strategic weapons
European peace movement: Contacts, 1980-1981
Disarmament groups in Europe (list), 1981
Holland, IKV: Nuclear weapons out, 1981
Center for Defense Information Conference on Nuclear War in Europe, Groningen, The Netherlands, April 1981
Pasti, General Nino: Briefing, May 5, 1981
Schmidt demonstration, Washington, May 21, 1981
Weiss resolution on European Theater Nuclear Forces, June 9, 1981
International Conference Against the Arms Race and For Disarmament in Europe, Stockholm, June 1981

Box 71
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, ca. 1977-1984 Acc. no. 85A-22 (alphabetical order imposed by processor)
NATO and Euromissiles, 1981-1983
"NATO Nukes Meeting," July 14, 1981
Conference on Disarmament: Opportunities for European and American Cooperation
Other SANE work on Theater Nuclear Forces (TNF), Summer 1981
Harbottle seminar, September 16, 1981
Reagan announcement on strategic systems, October 2, 1981
SANE statement on Reagan nuclear arms plan, October 5, 1981
Reagan's speech to the National Press Club, November 18, 1981
SANE response press conference, November 18, 1981
Statement by peace groups on Reagan administration's Euromissile proposal, [November 1981?]
Euromissiles conference, December2, 1981
Press tour by European peace leaders, November-December1981
Norway, trial of Gleditsch and Wilkes, 1981
Gene Carroll's report on European unions, January 1982
Betsy Taylor's report on European peace movement, January 1982
Euromissile memo by David Cortright, November 1982
SANE statement on Soviet Euromissile proposal, December30, 1982
David Cortright trip to Germany, February 1983
Labor Tour, June 1983: West European trade unionists speak in U.S.
Cruise andPershing Project, 1983
Euromissiles: articles and information, 1978-1983
Euromissiles: "Countdown; Briefing for the Euromissile Debate," [1983]

Box 72
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, 1979-1984 (1986 Accessions)
Removal forms
Citizens' Hearings for Radiation Victims, 1979-1981 Clark for President: White Paper on Foreign andMilitary Policy, [1980? 1984?] [NOTE: David Cortright was on the Task
Force on Foreign and Military Policy for Ed Clark, Libertarian candidate]
Correspondence (misc., found loose), 1982 andn.d.
"Expanding the Peace Movement" (1st draft) by David Cortright, October 1984
Meetings with Pollsters, Media Consultants, and Ad Executives, May-July 1985 (David Cortright and Richard Pollock)
North Carolina Media Project, Charlotte, NC, 1981-1983
Media project , 1981-1983
Media project , 1982-1984
Dean Smith, 1982-1983
Radio campaign report to funders, March 1983
Mail package, 1983
Mail responses, 1983
Letters, thanking us, 1983
North Carolina press, 1983
Bills paid, 1983
Box 73
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, 1979-1984 (1986 Accessions)
Federal Budget, 1980-1984 Military budget: Paper by David Cortright, July 1980
"Military Budget Manual" and press release, 1982
Military budget manual: Highlights, [1982?]
Military budget report: Important sources, 1980-1981
Congressional Black Caucus, FY '82 and FY '83 alternative budgets, 1981-1982
Children's Defense Fund, FY '83 budget (military part), [1982]
FY '84 Budget: PED staff memo, 1983 (sent by George Kohl)
Budget packet, 1984

Box 74
Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, 1979-1984 (1986 Accessions)
Fair Budget Action Campaign (FBAC), 1981-1983 Fair Budget Action Campaign, 1981-1983
Budget, Campaign, etc.: Work, 1982-1983
Trade Union Conference on Arms Spending, [1981?]
Michelle's memo, Union andDomestic Contacts, [1982?]
FBAC press conference, April 8, 1982, and other 1982 material
Lou Gordon report on P.R. for FBAC, May 1982
FBAC Consultation, June 30, 1982
FBAC packet, January 1983
Box 75
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no 92A-83)
SANE material Removal forms
Staff memoranda re: SANE program and personnel, 1978-1985
Cortright, David: Notes on SANE staff meetings, 1982-1985
Glennon, Ed: Research memos, 1985
SANE program/activities reports, 1985-1986
McMichael, Jane: Report to SANE on Organizational Assessment and Management Systems Recommendations, 1986
NTL Institute, Senior Managers' Conference, January 1987
Raskin, Marcus: Writings on disarmament and common security (program treaty), ca. 1984-1986
Raskin, Marcus: "Alternatives with Hope," 1986
ACDA publications on McCloy-Zorin Agreements, 1962 (background for Marcus Raskin writings)
Cortright, David: Strategy papers, 1982-1987
Strategy, July 1984
Cortright, David: Organizational vision, 1987

Box 76
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no 92A-83)
Arms Control Computer Network Arms Control Computer Network (ACCN), 1982-1987
Arms Control Computer Network: Funders, 1982-1985
Arms Control Computer Network, 1983-1985
Box 77
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no 92A-83)
Other Organizations Directors' Forum, 1983-1986
Thursday Group, 1983-1984
Progressive Constituency Network (PCN), 1984-1986 (outgrowth of Thursday Group)
Rainbow Coalition/Jesse Jackson, 1984-1986
Rainbow canvass proposal, 1984
Rainbow Coalition, [1985?]: "Why the Peace Movement Should Work with the Rainbow Coalition" (draft)
Rainbow Coalition: Fundraising, 1985
Rainbow Coalition, 1986
Citizenship Education Fund, 1985-1986
Box 78
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no 92A-83)
Central America Central America: Information, 1982-1984
Central America Peace Campaign, 1983-1984
Reports on SANE's Central America educational activities, 1983-1985
Armed Forces Education Project (work), 1985
International Court of Justice: Nicaragua vs. United States of America, June 1986
People's Filibuster (No War in Central America), August 1986
El Salvador Conference, November 1986
National Mobilization for Justice and Peace in Central America and Southern Africa, April 25, 1987

Box 79
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no 92A-83)
Military Budget Gordon Adams' research re Defense Budget Project of Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 1983
Clippings andreports on FY 84 budget, January-February 1983
Budget information: General, 1983-1984
Budget campaign (new), 1983-1984
Budget: strategy, 1983-1985
Military budget, FY 86, February 1985
Gordon Adam's report re FY 86 defense budget, April 1985
Pentagon bake sale, May 1985, May 1986
Military spending campaign: Peace media proposal, 1985
Howard Morland's military budget, 1985
Gramm-Rudman information, December1985-January 1986
Gordon Adam's report re Gramm-Rudman military budget, January 1986
Military budget, FY 87, 1986
Activities and Projects, 1979-1984 (rough chronological order imposed by processor) TV memo and script outline ("Guns ?- or Better"), 1979
TV program ideas, 1981
Public interest TV: Network proposal, ca. 1981-1984
North Carolina SANE, 1982-1984
North Carolina ads, April 1984
Democratic National Convention: Letter and press conference re Jackson planks, July 1984
Stony Point retreat for peace leaders, August 1984
Response to National Conservative Political Action Committee, December1984
Endowment for Peace, 1984
Arms Control Education Project (with Friends of the Earth), 1983-1984
Concert proposal from Claudia Satow, 1984

Box 80
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no 92A-83) Activities and Projects, mainly 1985 Catholics, 1983-1985
Geneva arms control talks, March 1985
April Actions for Peace, Jobs and Justice (April 1985), 1984-1985
Martha's Vineyard peace brainstorming weekend, July 1985
LaRocque Plan: International campaign to halt nuclear testing, August 6, 1985
Memo of agreement, SANE/Freeze/WAND joint projects, July 1985
Joint Training Project: Thank you letters from participants, 1985
Marttila andKiley report: "Survey on American Attitudes Toward Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control," [September 1985]
Nuclear testing: Background information, 1985
Summit history, 1985
Summit petition, Pittsburgh, October 1985
Geneva Summit: Rough notes, November 1985
Geneva Summit, November 1985
Geneva Summit: Meeting with Gorbachev, May 1985-January 1986
PRO-Peace, 1985
Test ban campaign, 1985-1986

Box 81
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no 92A-83)
Activities and Projects, mainly 1986 U.S.-Soviet relations project: Interim report, January 1986
SANE "Peaceworks" Conference, March 1986
SANE "Peaceworks" Conference: Information re Olof Palme, 1982, 1985-1986
SANE "Peaceworks" Conference: Peacework Alternatives, Louisville, KY, 1986
Dinner with Chinese delegation, March 16, 1986
Libya demonstration, April 1986
Chernobyl, USA: A Citizens' Hearing on the Health Risks of Nuclear Production in America, June 1986 (fldr 1)
Chernobyl Hearing, June 1986 (fldr 2)
Peoples Summit, [1986?]
"Test Peace, Not Bombs" demonstration, September 19, 1986
Reykjavik Summit meeting, October 1986
Reykjavik Summit: What was said, or not said, October-November 1986
Soviet trip: Correspondence, October 1986
Testing referendum, 1983, October-November 1986
Santa Claus event, December 22, 1986

Box 82
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no 92A-83)
Activities and Projects: Test ban polls, 1985-1986 Telephone surveys conducted by Opinion Research Corp.,
Detailed tabulation of survey resultsMarch 1985 (questions re MX missile) August 1985 (questions re suspension of nuclear testing)
April 1986 (questions re suspension of nuclear testing)
September 1986 (questions re suspension of nuclear testing)

Box 83
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no 92A-83) Activities and Projects, 1987 Iran-Contra scandal: Teach-in, 1987
Lobby day (test ban), June 8-9, 1987
Test ban caravan, June 1987
Participant's packet for Test Ban Caravan Lobby Day, June 1987
Peace platform, 1987

Box 84
Files of David Cortright, Media Projects (Acc. no. 91A-7)
Media Projects, 1983-1984 Public relations and arms control, 1983-1984
Cortright's plan re peace media, December1983
Peace Media Project, November 1983-January 1984
Peace Media Project, February-March 1984
Peace Media Project, April-July 1984
Peace media poll (Peter Hart), June 1984
Peace Media Project, August-November 1984 (also known as Committee for a Strong Peaceful America

Box 84a
Files of David Cortright, Media Projects (Acc. no. 91A-7)
Media Projects, 1983-1984 A Survey of Voter Attitudes Toward Nuclear Arms Issues, Peter D. Hart Research Associates, September 1984
Box 85
Files of David Cortright, Media Projects (Acc. no. 91A-7) Media Projects, 1983-1984
Peace Media Project, March-May 1985
Peace Media Project: Work, 1985
Lou Harris polling, March-June 1985 (mentioned in previous folder)
Asher media plan, April 1985
Summary Findings, Peace Media Exploratory Project,July 1985
Peace media: Structure, July 1985
Peace media strategy session, July 25, 1985
Media coordination meeting, October 3, 1985
Peace media, 1985 (correspondence, memoranda, ads from various sources)
Peace Media Project, September 1985-August 1986
Peace media, 1985-1986
Contra media campaign, 1985
Contra media campaign: Documentation, etc., 1985
Fenton project (Contra campaign), 1985
Contras: Swing district advertisements, Spring 1986
Radio ad on SALT II abrogation, June 1986

Box 86
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no. 93A-39)
SANE material, 1985-1987
Speaking engagements, trips (Past), 1985-1987
McMichael, Jane: Management training, 1986
Organizing, Field Development, 1986-1987
SANE publications, 1986-1987
SANE PAC correspondence, 1986-1987
Targeted chapter development, January 15, 1987
Transition Team: PAC Committee, 1987
SANE/FREEZE: New name, 1987
Transition to SANE/FREEZE: Proposal for fast affiliation financial model, [1987?]

Box 87
Files of David Cortright, Activities and Projects (Acc. no. 93A-39)
Nuclear Testing and the Arms Race (SANE Background Series), June 1985
Boston reception to announce the Peace Empowerment Plan, October 7, 1985
Comprehensive test ban (CTB): Miscellaneous, 1985-1986
Comprehensive test ban (CTB): Press packets, 1986 Libya, April 1986
Conference on low-intensity warfare, May 1986
"Rock Summit '86; A Festival for Peace and Understanding," 1986
People's Summit (or Citizens' Summit), 1986
Contra aid, 1986-1987
Mississippi Peace Cruise and Promoting Enduring Peace, 1986-1987
Correspondence: USSR, 1986-1987
Strategic homeporting, 1986-1987
Western Union, 1986-1987
Peace platform, 1987
Citizens' Train, 1987
People's Peace Treaty meeting with White House, 1987
Summit: Mayors' delegation, 1987
Iran/Contra teach-in (April 27, 1987), 1986-1987
Statement on disarmament and development, SANE/FREEZE and OXFAM America, September 1987
Iowa activist information (Nuclear test ban), 1986-1987
Iowa test ban campaign, 1987
Election '88: Memos/correspondence, 1986-1987
Election '88: Presidential candidates, 1987
Election '88: Euromissile letter, March 1987
Election '88: INF candidate mailing, August 31, 1987
Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF): General program file, 1987
Green Party, West Germany [Die Grunen], 1987

Box 88
Activities and Projects, 1986-1987 Material found loose in Acc. no. 91A-4 and 91A-7 [not necessarily from David Cortright]
Draft of membership appeal via computer network, [1986?]
Bork, Judge Robert: Supreme Court nomination, 1987
Central America: Human rights in Honduras, 1987
Economic conversion: Summary of the Defense Economic
Adjustment Act, H.R. 813, January 1987
Monday Lobby, March 1987
National Referendum to End the War in Central America, 1987
Files of Tom Siegel, Director of Development, 1986-1987 (Acc. no. 94A-96)
"Rock Summit '86: A Festival for Peace and Understanding," 1986
Educational videos "The Next Generation," [1986?]
Fundraising event, Los Angeles, September 1987
Files of Rich West, Publications Director, 1986-1987 (Acc. no. 94A-96) Award certificates, 1986 and earlier
"SDI Victims" brochure (not a SANE publication), 1986
Action Alert, 1986-1987
Files of David Cortright and/or ??, ca. 1986-1987 (Acc. no. 94A-96)
Hollywood for SANE, 1960-1987
"How to Get Nuclear Issue Films on TV," Educational Film andVideo Project, [1986]
Advertisements: SANE, Freeze, and SANE/FREEZE, 1962-ca. 1988

Box 89
Files of David Cortright: Fundraising, 1977-1987 (Acc. no. 91A-7)
Correspondence with donors, 1977
Correspondence with donors, 1978
Thank You letters, October-December1978
Correspondence with donors, 1979
Thank You letters, 1979
Foundations, 1980
MX donors - thanked, 1980
Thank You letters to $100+ donors, 1980
Individual high donors, 1980-1981 (alpha order)

Box 90
Files of David Cortright: Fundraising, 1977-1987 (Acc. no. 91A-7)
Foundations, 1981
Thank You letters to $100+ donors, 1981
Building fund solicitations, October-November 1981
Building fund contributions and Thank You letters, December 1981-Jan 1982

Box 91
Files of David Cortright: Fundraising, 1977-1987 (Acc. no. 91A-7)
Correspondence with donors, 1982 [4 folders]
Individual high donor and foundation Thank You letters, 1982
Wills and bequests, 1979-1982

Box 92
Files of David Cortright: Fundraising, 1977-1987 (Acc. no. 91A-7)
Correspondence with donors, 1983 [4 folders]
Thank You letters to $100+ donors, 1983
Foundation letter, May 12, 1983
Responses to minority proposal, 1983
Houghton Chemical stock (44 shares) sold May 1983
Foundations: Busts, 1983

Box 93
Files of David Cortright: Fundraising, 1977-1987 (Acc. no. 91A-7)
Correspondence with donors, 1984 [4 folders]
Thank You letters to $100+ donors, 1984
Houghton Chemical stock (35 shares) sold June 1984
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, 1982-1984

Box 94
Files of David Cortright: Fundraising, 1977-1987 (Acc. no. 91A-7)
Correspondence with donors, January-June 1985 [2 folders]
Geneva funding letter, March 1985
Thank You letters to high donors, 1985 (6 fldrs)

Box 95
Files of David Cortright and Tom Siegel, Director of Development, 1985-1987
Foundations: Busts '85, 1985-1986
Foundations: Prospects '86, 1985-1986
Individual high donors: Prospects, 1986
Individual high donor prospects: Victor Honig, 1985-1986
Taggart Deike (performer), 1986-1987
General funder correspondence, 1985-1987
Daphne Zuniga, 1986-1987
Board fundraising mailing, May 28, 1987
High donor letter, July 6, 1987
West Coast national office, 1987

Box 96
Files of David Cortright: Fundraising/direct mail, 1979-1987 (Acc. no. 92A-83)
Fundraising/direct mail, 1977-1983
Mailing returns (old), 1979-1981
1977 mailings
Year end special appeal, December1977
2nd renewal, Daniel Ellsberg letter, April 1978
4th renewal, "Prop One," September 1978
High donor mailing, 1978
Direct mail, Tom Harkin letter, 1978
Year end special appeal, December1978
Conversion Progress Report (draft), [1978?]
Direct mail, George McGovern letter, [1978?]
Conversion direct mail, Weiss, February 1979
3rd renewal, Three Mile Island, May 1979
Direct mail, William Winpisinger letter, September 1979
SALT II, September 1979
MX funding, Tom Harkin letter, December1979
"A" letter, year end, December1979
1st renewal 1980 (conversion), December1979
Direct mail, conversion, February 1980
2nd renewal (anti-draft), March 1980
3rd renewal, April 1980
Special draft appeal, May 15, 1980
4th renewal, Ted Weiss/MX, September 1980
Prospect donor appeal, MX, September 1980
Ed Asner letter, Consider the Alternatives, October 1980
MX direct mail, Ted Weiss letter, October 1980
Conversion direct mail, Winpisinger letter, October 1980
MX letter, May-June and December, 1980
For MX letter, [1980?]
Year end special appeal, "A" mailing, December1980
Year end special appeal, Tom Harkin letter, December1980
Year end special appeal, David Cortright letter, December1980
1st renewal 1981, December1980
2nd renewal, March 1981
"L" appeal (manual - 2 types), April 1981
"P" appeal (manual), April 1981
3rd renewal, May 1981
New direct mail prospect appeal (draft), September 1, 1981
MX letter, October 1981
Building fund, membership mailing, October 1981
Building fund, high donors, October 1981
Year end special appeal (version 1), December1981
Year end special appeal (version 2), December1981
1st renewal 1982, December1981
Direct mail, Ted Weiss letter, February 1982
2nd renewal, April 1982
Rapp andCollins orig., June 1982
Pledge mailing, July 1982
"A" renewal, July 1982
Nuclear war direct mail package, September 1982
SANE PAC mailing, September 1982
"B" renewal, October [1982]
Year end appeal, December1982
"C" renewal, January 1983
Economics/budget direct mail appeal, February 1983
Organizing special appeal, February 1983

Box 97
Files of David Cortright: Fundraising/direct mail, 1979-1987 (Acc. no. 92A-83)
Fundraising/direct mail, 1983-1987
Patron mailing letter, April 1983
Telepost mailing (MX), May 1983
Building fund appeal, September 1983
SANE PAC, October 1983
Year end appeal letter, December1983
Direct mail econ. letter (not done), December1983
Fat cat appeal (not sent), January 18, 1984
New direct mail package, January 1984
Pledge special appeal, February 1984
SANE PAC mailing, May 1984
Appeal to "LM" list, May 1984
RRN fund letter, May 1984
Anti-Reagan mass mailing, June 14, [1984]
Reagan mailing, $50+ version, June 1984
Post-election letter, November 1984
Year end appeal, November 1984
Squeeze military budget, March 1985
Plan to disarm the peace movement (Heritage Foundation), May 1985
Plan to disarm the peace movement: Public response, June 1985
Spock bequest mailing, June 1985
Central America appeal, July 1985
Operation Turning Point, September 1985
Summit special appeal, September 1985
Year end mailing, December1985
Peace Empowerment Plan letter (not used), [1985?]
Military budget letter, February 1986
Draft "penny" letter on military budget (not used), March 1986
Summit Festival letter (not sent), [March 1986?]
Test ban telepost, high donor, April 1986
Nuclear testing special appeal (full list), April 1986
Testing telepost, May 22, 1986
SALT II letter, June 1986
Special appeal, June 1986
Year end appeal, November 1986
Special appeal re merger (not sent), December1986
Divoky: Special appeals, 1986
Test ban appeal (not sent), January 1987
Communications appeal, 1987
Peace '88 special appeal, September 1987
Iran-Contra appeal, 1987

Box 98
Files of David Cortright: Funding Proposals and Projects, 1978-1987 (Acc. no. 92A-83)
Funding Proposals and Projects, 1978-1979
Foundation information, ca. 1978-1986
Old project proposals, 1978-1980
Old donor, foundation, bequest files, ca. 1978-1981
List of foundation grants received, 1979-1980
Lamont estate bequest, 1978
Paul Newman and Nosutch Foundation, 1979
Wilbet: Reserve fund, 1979
California fundraising report, February 1979
California funding contacts , ca. 1974-1979
California funding contacts, ca. 1979-1980
MX proposal (and memo), October 1979
Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project: Proposal andmaterials, 1979

Box 99
Files of David Cortright: Funding Proposals and Projects, 1978-1987 (Acc. no. 92A-83)
Funding Proposals and Projects, 1980-June 1981
Veatch: Conversion project, 1979-1980
Ed Aberlin: Promoting Enduring Peace press campaign, 1979-1980
MX environment proposal, [early 1980?]
Labor conversion, March 1980
Mott letter/annotated list, March 1980
Stop MX: Full budget, March 1980
Public Welfare Foundation: Teaching peace proposal, June 1980
Communication Workers of America (CWA) request, July 1980 [economic conversion project]
MX environment proposal letters, July-August 1980
Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project: For conversion proposal, August 1980
Kendall Foundation, August 1980 [MX]
Benefit concert, 1978-1980
Benefit concert proposal, 1980
Veatch: Conversion, September 1980
Veatch: Conversion, fall 1980
MX environment proposal: NM/TX version, October 1980
MX EIS proposal (2nd version), October 1980
Materials for Veatch, Ed Lawrence, conversion, October 1980
Needmore Fund, October 1980
Shalan Foundation application, December1980
Columbia Foundation: Conversion grant, 1980
Scherman Foundation, 1980
National SANE Education Fund (NSEF): General program, 1980
Top prospects list - "P", 1980-1981
MX proposal, January 1981
Proposal to Cora Weiss (Rubin Foundation), January 1981
Field Foundation addendum, January 1981
Budget proposal (earlier version), February 1981
NATO Nukes proposal, February 1981
Columbia Foundation: Interim report on labor conversion project, February 1981
MX proposal, March 1981 update
Guns andButter proposal, March 1981
New York proposal, April 1981
Cost of the arms budget, April 1981
European theater nuclear forces (TNF) proposal, May 1981
MX/ABM program memos, May 1981
Materials for New York Community Trust Foundation, June 1981

Box 100
Files of David Cortright: Funding Proposals and Projects, 1978-1987 (Acc. no. 92A-83)
Funding Proposals and Projects, July 1981-December1982
National SANE Education Fund: MX/ABM, July 1981
National SANE Education Fund: MX project, September 1981
MX program memo, September 1981
MX issue memo, September 1981
National SANE Education Fund: Euromissiles ($58,300 version), 1981
National SANE Education Fund: Euromissiles ($72,500 version), September 20, 1981
Cost of arms race, September 1981 version
Economic project: Program addendum, October 1981
European TNF project: Preliminary 1982 proposal, [November 1981?]
MX grassroots proposal, November 1981
Outreach memo for Mott, November 1981
Marshall letter and memo, November 16, l981
MX proposal (new version), November 1981
Arms spending and the economy, December1981
National SANE Education Fund: Cost of the arms buildup, 1981
National SANE Education Fund: MX missile project, 1981
Veatch: Radio grant, 1981
MX proposals, 1979-1981 (found loose between folders)
National SANE Education Fund: Euromissiles, 1981-1982
National SANE Education Fund: Arms spending and the economy, 1981-1982
National SANE Education Fund: General support, 1982, January 1982
European Theater Nuclear Forces project, January 1982
Outreach proposal, January 1982
Field Foundation: Building the Movement for Arms Reduction (original proposal), February 1982
Public Welfare Foundation: MX memo, February 1982
Norman Fund (Wye retreat), February 1982
Mott's proposal, March 24, 1982
Additional material for Ruth Mott Fund, March 30, 1982
Building the Movement for Arms Reduction: Proposal and budget, March 1982
Fair Budget Action Campaign (FBAC) proposal, March 1982
Fair Budget Action Campaign (FBAC), April 1982 (SANE version)
Expanding support for arms reduction, April 12, 1982 version
Needmor Fund: MX proposal, May 20, 1982
Levinson Foundation: MX proposal, May 24, 1982
Memo to Field Foundation: Program implementation, May 1982
Public outreach and network development, July 1982
Discount Foundation: FBAC funding proposal, August 1982
General support, September 1982
Nuclear arms reduction, September 1982
Economics of the arms race, for FY '83, September 1982
Public outreach and network development, for FY '83, September 1982
Budget, memo andproposals sent to Field Foundation, September 22, 1982
Veatch: Great Neck SANE proposal, September 1982
Arms Control Computer Network (ACCN) proposal, October 1982
ARCA: SANE communications proposal, October 1982
ARCA (one page summary), November 4, 1982
Network and outreach (for Babcock), November 1982
Expanding support for arms reduction (clean version), 1982
1983 SANE outreach proposal, [1982?]
Operation Freeze Vote fund proposal, [1982?]

Box 101
Files of David Cortright: Funding Proposals and Projects, 1978-1987 (Acc. no. 92A-83)
Funding Proposals and Projects, 1983-1984
National SANE Education Fund/ACCN funding agreement, January 1983
Tickler file mailing re Susana Cepeda, January 1983
Consider the Alternatives: 800-number membership proposal, February 1983
General support, March 1983
Proposal sent to CarEth Foundation, March 1983
Field education and outreach, March 1983
Report on outreach project, March 1983
Minorities and the arms race, April 1983
Hispanic symposium proposal, June 1983
General support, September 1983
Funders meeting, Chicago, September 1983
General support proposal, October 1983
Field Foundation: Proposal andmemo, October 1983
Field education and outreach, October 1983
Economics of the arms race, October 1983
General support, December1983
CHD project memo (incomplete), December1983
Athletes United for Peace, correspondence with foundations, 1983
Military budget project: Proposal, 1983
Military budget project (Betsy Taylor project): Funds dispersal, 1983-1984
Ansara, Michael, 1983-1984
Los Angeles education program, January 1984
Vision proposal, February 1984
National SANE Education Fund: General support, program summary, March 1984
ACCN proposal, March 1984
New Hope: Media communications, March 1984
SANE field education reports, March andApril 1984
Peace and Central America, April 1984
Great Neck SANE: Peace Development Fund grant application, April 1984
Teaching peace, April 1984
Nuclear arms reduction, spring 1984
North Carolina field education, spring 1984
Reagan proposal, April 1984
Reagan proposal (short form), SANE '84 peace campaign, May 1984
U.S.-Soviet relations proposal, June 1984
Planning project proposal (constituency plan), August 1984
Pyramid mail, August 1984
General support, fall 1984
ACCN proposal, September 1984
Expanding proposal (preliminary version), September 27, 1984
Expanding proposal (first draft - good copy), October 10, 1984
What About the Russians? proposal, October 1984
Georgia SANE Education Project, October 1984
Central America proposal, October 1984
Grand Plan, addenda [ca. October 1984]
Armed Forces Education Project, November 1984
Standup for Peace in Central America, [1984?]
Religious $ (from Kathy Donahue), [ca. 1984]
Information on foundations, [ca. 1984]
North Carolina SANE Education Fund, 1984-1985

Box 102
Files of David Cortright: Funding Proposals and Projects, 1978-1987 (Acc. no. 92A-83)
Funding Proposals and Projects, 1985-March 1986 Cooperation andexpansion, SANE/FREEZE joint projects, January 1985 (for Field Foundation meeting)
Membership and financial development, January 1985 (SANE, phonathon and canvass)
Leadership training for the prevention of nuclear war, January 1985
General support, early 1985 ($719,000 version)
General support, early 1985 ($741,000 version)
Seymour Melman Fund, February 1985
Mertz-Gilmore Foundation: General request, February 1985
Stern Fund: SANE/FREEZE joint request (for David Hunter), February 1985
Stern Fund: Summary memo, March 5, 1985
National SANE Education Fund: General description, March 1985
Proposal for self-sufficiency (telethon), April 1985
Expro proposal, April 1985
What about the Russians?, May 1985
Media development proposal, May 1985
ACCN proposal, July 1985
Armed Forces project, August 1985
Citizenship Education Fund proposal, September 1985
Field Foundation: General support, September 1985
Summit peace media campaign, SANE/FREEZE, September 1985
National SANE Education Fund: Central America project, September 1985 (for ARCA)
General support (for CS), full version, October 1985
General support (without Central America), October 1985 (for PW Foundation)
Home parties fundraising concept, 1985
Toward the Summit and Beyond, [1985]
Georgia Peace Education Project, 1985-1986
Operation Turning Point proposal, January 1986
Armed Forces support project, January 1986
What about the Russians?, January 1986
General support proposal, January 31, 1986
Military budget campaign, February 1986
Building support for test ban, Feb 1986
Hispanic conference proposal (for LULAC), February 1986
New York SANE proposal, February 1986
Maryland training project, [early 1986?]
The People's Summit proposal, [early 1986?]
Ploughshares: Lobbying on Star Wars andtest ban, March 28, 1986
Festival for peace and understanding, proposal, March 1986
Documents: Expanding the peace movement, 1984-March 1986
Box 103
Files of David Cortright: Funding Proposals and Projects, 1978-1987 (Acc. no. 92A-83) Funding Proposals and Projects, April 1986-1987 Reducing the military budget, April 1986
Lobbying: CTB/SDI, April 1986
Test ban campaign, May 1986
Verification and the nuclear test ban, March-August 1986
"Say Yes" campaign, September 1986
Toward Peace America, general support, October 1986
SANE/FREEZE projects 1987: Summit/Referendum/Star Wars, November 1986
Public Welfare Foundation: Strengthening the Peace Community for the Long Haul, December1986
Freeze membership proposal, 1986
Next Generation Campaign, [1986]
Winston Foundation: Test ban referendum, 1986
Joint SANE/FREEZE general support, March 1987
SANE/FREEZE transition proposal, March 1987
New Hampshire proposal, April 1987
SANE/FREEZE lobbying, May 1987
Field Foundation: Local organizational development report, May 1987
Security Choices '88 [1987?]
Folders from Acc. no 93A-39:
Ed Lawrence project, 1985-1986 (human rights and foreign policy project)
Building a Congressional majority for peace, August 1987
Peace Endowment, [1987?] (for a merged SANE and Freeze)

Box 104
Files of David Cortright, ca. 1969-1981 Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6) Conversion bibliographies, 1976-1979 and n.d.
Economic conversion, articles and clippings, 1969-1972
Conversion, 1969-1979
Conversion: General, 1975-1981
Conversion Committee, 1977-1979

Box 105
Files of David Cortright, ca. 1977-1978
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Labor lists, 1966-1982
Renegotiation Board, annual reports, 1976-1977
Pell, Claiborne. Speech on arms control to Graphic Arts International Union, 1977
McGovern bill: Defense Economic Adjustment Act, 1977-1978
Labor conversion project, December1977
Conversion pamphlet: Background information (1966-1977);
Reaction to (1977-1978)
Conversion pamphlet "More Jobs - Converting to a Peacetime Economy," January 24, 1978 (draft)
Conversion pamphlet: final revision [1978]
Executive Order on Defense Economic Adjustment Programs, 1978
Anderson, Marion. Congressional interviews, May 1978
SANE conversion program, discussion memo, July 1978
Dodd conference on "Defense Dependency and New England," August 21, 1978
Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project, Solar Study, August 1978
Fort Sheridan memo, September 20, 1978
Stanley Foundation Conference, "Conversion of Defense Industries," October 5-8, 1978
Sheehan, Jack. Luncheon forum on "Saving Jobs: Civilian and
Military Dislocations," November 28, 1978
Conversion progress report, [1978?]
Conversion legislation and action guides, 1978-1979
Strike in Portsmouth, Ohio. Health andsafety issues, 1978-1979
Lucas Aerospace, 1978-1980
Trade Union Committee for a Transfer Amendment, 1978-1980

Box 106
Files of David Cortright, ca. 1979-1980
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Conversion Organizers Conference, Washington, DC, March 1979
American Federation of Government Employees, memo, 1979
Council on Economic Priorities, bibliography on defense economics, June 1979
Conversion program memo, September 1979
Metalworkers unions and armament industry, IMF, October 1979
Italy, FLM, conversion memos, 1979-1980
Orsky, Ken. Interview, November 1, 1979
Base closing memo, 1979
Surplus military property memo, [1979?]
Aron, Cliff. Lobbying reports, 1979
Conversion: Business contacts, 1971-1979
Business Advisory Committee, 1971, 1978-1979
Base housing project, 1979
OEA study, George Kohl, 1979
Conversion legislation in the 96th Congress, [1979?]
Conversion legislation memo, drafts, [1979?]
United Steelworkers of America, Newport News shipyard strike, 1978-1979
Shipyard study, 1979-1980
Corporations and war, 1979-1980
"What Makes America Strong?" (SANE publication, 1980?) and related information
Discussion memo on SANE econ. conversion program, February 1980
Article on economic impact by Virginia Witt andCliff Aron, February 1980
Data Resources, Inc., study "More for Defense?," March 1980
Melman, Seymour. "Barriers to Conversion," April 1980
Conversion conference, 1980
Alcohol fuels, 1980
Winpisinger, William. Letter, October 1980
"Bite the Bullet" by D. Cortright and W. Winpisinger, N.Y. Times, October 26, 1980
Gold, David. Paper on effects of military spending, November 1980
Stone, Michelle. Article on Central America, 1980 OSHA, 1980
Full Employment Action Council, "Blueprint for Working America," [1980?]

Box 107
Files of David Cortright, ca. 1980-1984
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Budget priorities/conversion, 1980-1981
Grumman project, 1979
Grumman shadow board, 1980-1981
Briefing on "The Military Budget and Today's Economy," March 26, 1981
Briefing on "Military Spending and Inflation," Galbraith, Gold, and Nulty, June 17, 1981
Wall Street briefing, 1981
Solidarity Day, 1981
Democrats for Peace Conversion, 1981
Head Start flyer, 1981
Iron Triangle: summary, 1981
Recent articles on economic impact and waste, 1981-1982
Best of economic impact articles - for distribution with proposals, 1981
Jobs with Peace, 1981-1984
National SANE Education Fund project: The Cost of the Arms Budget, 1982
Conversion job search, 1982
Conversion work, 1982-1983
Responses on Dodd-McKinney, 1979-1983
Weiss conversion bill, HR 6618, June 1982
Project on Military Procurement, [1982]
Conversion legislation, 1982-1984
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, "Defense Budget Cuts and Jobs" by Gordon Adams, April 1983
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, "The Freeze Economy," 1983
International Economic Conversion Conference, Boston College, June 1984
Union education, n.d.

Box 108
Conversion Legislation, 1952-1978 [primarily files of Cliff Aron]
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Defense Production Act, 1952-1954
Kennedy conversion bills, 1970-1973
Other conversion legislation, 1970-1975
Economics of conversion hearings, 1970-1973
McGovern, George. Conversion legislation/statements, 1970-1972
Rhodes, Representative John. Economic impact of McGovern defense budget, October 1972
McGovern, George, 1974-1975
Proposed legislation on economic conversion, 1974-1977
Conversion Adjustment Assistance Act, 1975, 1977 (Jonathan Bingham)
Federal Acquisition Act, 1977-1978: S. 1264 (1977) and report (Chiles)
Federal Acquisition Act: Renegotiation Board, 1977-1978
Property Disposal Act (H.R. 4811), 1977-1978
Human Resources Development Act, 1977-1978 (Moorhead)

Box 109
Conversion Legislation, 1978-1979 [primarily files of Cliff Aron]
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Labor law reform, 1978
Jobs and energy hearings, March 15, 1978
Joint Economic Committee, Subcomm. on Energy
Conversion hearing, March 22, 1978
House Budget Committee, Task Force on Human Resources
OEA amendments to Military Construction Authorization, 1978 (Senator Hathaway)
Executive Order 12049, Defense Economic Adjustment Programs, Pres. Carter, March 1978
Executive Order 12049. Meeting with Under-Secretary of Defense White, 1978
"Labor-Peace Alliance: New Hope for Conversion" by Cliff Aron, SANE World, April 1978
Defense Dependency and Conversion Act of 1978, discussion paper by Gordon Adams, May 1978
Base closing policy hearings, Senate Military Construction Subcommittee, August 4, 1978, and Cliff Aron statement,
April 25, 1979 Defense Economic Adjustment Act (DEAA): (McGovern/Mathias) Drafts and comments, 1977-1978
DEAA (McGovern/Mathias), November 1978
DEAA (Dumas revision), December1978
Defense Adjustment andRecovery Act (Riegle), 1978
Transfer Amendment, Human Services Additions, FY79 [1978?]
DEAA (Ted Weiss), January 25, 1979
Military Construction Authorization Act, 1979
Federal Property Disposal Act, H.R. 1734 (St. Germain), January 1979
DEAA, H.R. 3196 (McKinney), March 1979
Economic Diversification Act, H.R. 3300 (Dodd), 1979
DEAA, S. 1031 (McGovern/Mathias), 1979
Defense Production Act of 1979, May 1979
Public Works and Economic Development Act, S. 914, June 1979

Box 110
Conversion Legislation, 1979-1983 [primarily files of Cliff Aron]
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Public Works and Economic Development Act, H.R. 2063, 1979
EDA amendment to Public Works bill (H.R. 2063) (Oberstar/Dodd), 1979
Defense Economic Adjustment amendments, H.R. 4099 and 4100 (Moorhead), 1979
Plant closings bills, July 1979
Conversion Legislative Update and Alerts, 1979
Defense adjustment arguments, [1979?]
Displaced federal employee program, [1979?]
Dodd/McKinney amendments, Legislative fight, 1979-1982
McKinney/Dodd/Oberstar amendments to Defense Production Act, 1979-1980
Davis/Bacon Act, 1979-1981
Blanchard amendment to Defense Production Act, 1978-1983
Defense Production Act and IAM response, March 1982
Weiss hearings on H.R. 6618, October 12, 1982
Local Legislation Washington State Legislation, 1979

Box 111
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Conversion Projects List of local conversion projects, n.d.
Bay State Conversion Group, 1979
Bendix Conversion Project, 1979-1980
Delaware Valley Conversion Project, Friends Peace Committee, Philadelphia, 1979
Diablo Conversion Project, 1979-1981
Hanford Conversion Project, 1978-1979
Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project, 1976-1981
Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project, Solar study, 1978
Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project: Information packet, ca. 1977-1978
Oak Ridge, TN, 1979-1981
Offut Air Force Base, SAC, Nebraska, 1980
Orange Co. Conversion Project, 1978-1981
Pantex Conversion Project (NW Texas CALC), 1982
People for a Nuclear Free Future, Santa Cruz, Lockheed Conversion, 1978-1981
Puget Sound Conversion Project, 1979-1981
Rocky Flats, 1977-1978
Rocky Flats Hearings on Draft Environmental Impact Statement, May 1978
Rocky Flats/Nuclear Weapons Facilities Task Force, 1979-1981
"Rocky Flats Action" and "Rocky Flats Monitor," 1978-1979

Box 112
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Conversion Projects St. Louis Economic Conversion Project, McDonnell Douglas, 1975-1982
Social andEconomic Analysis Corp., Boulder, Colorado, 1977-1979
Texas Economic Conversion Project, 1979-1981
UC Nuclear Weapons Labs Conversion Project (California), 1977-1981
Western New York Peace Center, 1977-1978, 1981
Wisconsin Peace Conversion Project, 1982
Box 113
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Arranged by State Military personnel by states, DOD statistics, 1977
New England defense dependency (updated Spring 1979) Alaska, [1979?]
California defense dependency, 1978-1979
California: Santa Barbara News andReview, January 5, 1978 (special issue on Santa Barbara's war economy)
Colorado defense dependency , 1977-1979
Colorado: Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, 1977-1979
Connecticut defense dependency, 1978-1981
Connecticut: Dodd's efforts, 1978
Florida, 1978-1981
Hawaii, [1979?]
Indiana, n.d.
Indiana: Fort Wayne, 1979
Illinois, 1979
Massachusetts defense dependency, 1979
Massachusetts: Chelsea, 1973-1979
Maine, [1979?]
Maine: Dow Air Force Base conversion, Bangor, 1964-1977
Maine: Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, 1977-1979

Box 114
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Arranged by State Maryland, [1979?]
Michigan, [1979?]
Michigan: Detroit, 1979
Minnesota: Duluth Air Force Base project, 1978-1979
Mississippi, 1978-1979
Missouri, [1979?]
New Jersey defense dependency, 1976-1979
New Jersey: Fort Dix, Wrightstown, 1978-1979
New Mexico, [1979?]
New York, 1979
New York: Hancock Field, Syracuse, 1976-1980
Ohio, [1979?]
Ohio: Rickenbacker Air Force Base, Columbus, 1979
Pennsylvania, [1979?]
Pennsylvania: Harrisburg area, New Cumberland Army Depot, 1975, 1979
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, 1978-1980
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia area. Delaware County, Frankford Arsenal, etc., 1977-1980
Rhode Island, 1978
Vermont, [1979?]
Virginia, 1979
Washington State, 1979-1980
West Virginia, [1979?]
Wisconsin/North Dakota, 1979

Box 115
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Other Organizations Contacts, mailing lists, n.d.
Americans for Democratic Action, 1982
AFSC offices, 1978-1979
Boston Mobilization for Survival, 1977-1979
Bread for the World, 1980-1981
Bridge the Gap (Los Angeles), 1979
CBS News, "The Defense of the United States," transcripts, 1981
Campaign Against Arms Trade, Britain, 1978-1982
Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition, 1979
Citizen's Energy Project, n.d.
Congressional Black Caucus, 1979-1981
Consumers Opposed to Inflation in the Necessities (COIN), 1978-1980
Corporate Data Exchange, Company-Labor Relations Project, 1980-1981
Council on Economic Priorities, incl. Conversion Information Center, 1977-1982
Data Resources, Inc., "More for Defense?," report for Senate Budget Comm. Hearings, March 1980
Democrats for Peace Conversion, 1981-1982
Environmentalists for Full Employment, 1978-1980
Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), 1981
Friends Peace Committee, 1977-1980
Full Employment Action Council, 1979-1980

Box 116
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6) Other Organizations
Human Services Information Center, 1981 Hunger groups, 1980
In the Public Interest, 1980-1981
Jobs with Peace, mailing list, 1982
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1981
Lucas Aerospace Combine Shop Stewards Committee, 1978-1980
Lucas/CAITS (Centre for Alternative Industrial and Technological Systems), 1980-1982
Mobilization for Survival, 1978-1979
National Conference of Black Lawyers, 1981
National Conference of Black Mayors, lists, 1980
National Council of Senior Citizens, 1981
National Education Association, 1982
New Directions, 1979
Northeast-Midwest Institute, reports, 1978-1982
Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition, 1979
Social action groups, lists, n.d.
SOLARCAL, Solpower Industries, Pacific Studies Center, 1978
Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice, 1980-1981
U.S. Peace Council, 1979-1981
United States Student Association, 1979-1980
Wider Opportunities for Women, 1981
Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), 1978-1979

Box 117
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Union Files
AFL-CIO, Union Membership and Employment, 1959-1979
AFL-CIO legislative agenda (FY80), 1979
AFL-CIO transfer resolution, August 1979
AFL-CIO, Industrial Union Department (IUD), 1977-1979
AFL-CIO, Industrial Union Department Conference, Washington, DC, 1980
AFL-CIO defense positions, 1980-1982
AFL-CIO fact sheets on legislative issues, March 1981
AFL-CIO statement on Reagan, military spending, etc., 1981-1982
AFL-CIO Budget Coalition, list of groups, 1981-1982
AFL-CIO shift on defense spending, February 1982
Connecticut Labor Alliance for a Nuclear Arms Freeze, Peter Fisher, 1982
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), 1978-1981
IAM packet on Rebuilding America Act of 1981
Labor Committee for Safe Energy, 1979-1981
National Union of Hospital andHealth Care Employees, Resolution on nuclear weapons and the arms race, 1981
Trade Union Committee for a Transfer Amendment and Economic Conversion, 1981
International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), ca.1945-1978
UAW, Walter Reuther, 1940-1976
UAW, 1971-1978
UAW, Doug Fraser testimony on FY79 budget, Joint Economic Committee , March 1, 1978
UAW, Howard Young statement before House Budget Committee, Task Force on Human Resources, March 22, 1978
United Electrical Workers (UE), 1972-1978
United Food andCommercial Workers, [1980?]
United Steelworkers of America. "In Search of Job Security: How Europeans Deal with Shutdowns," Steel Labor, August 1978

Box 118
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Information on Labor National Commission on Employment Policy, Seminar on Economic Dislocation and Public Policy, July 1979
Articles on Labor, ca. 1979-1980
Bureau of Labor Statistics publications, 1979-1982
Pullman, 1980
Related Union Issues Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), 1978-1981
Safety andHealth/OSHA (Files of Ed Glennon) OSHA grant proposal, 1979
OSHA project, 1979-1981
OSHA: General file, 1974-1979

Box 119
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Safety andHealth/OSHA [Files of Ed Glennon] OSHA: Legislation, 1980
General information, 1979
Federal government, 1978-1979
DOD and DOE, 1974-1980
Shipyards, 1975-1981
Naval nuclear propulsion, 1979
Hazardous substances disclosure liability, 1979
Hill Air Force Base, Toxic chemicals (AFGE), 1979

Box 120
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Away from Defense Industries/Towards Conversion Committee on the Economic Impact of Defense and Disarmament, Report, July 1965
ACDA Studies, 1965
ACDA, California study on skill transfers, 1968
Fort Detrick conversion study, 1972
"Earnings Losses of Workers Displaced from Manufacturing Industries," Department of Labor studies, 1976
"Alternative Work for Military Industries," Richardson Institute for Conflict and Peace Research, London, 1977
Trade Adjustment, 1978
Plant closings: General articles, 1975-1978
Base closings, 1977-1979
"Hooked on Defense," article in Hartford Advocate, September 1978 (Connecticut defense dependency)
Conversion study of Griffis Air Force Base, Rome, New York, January 1979
President's Economic Adjustment Committee (EAC), 1979-1981
Defense dependency in Connecticut, February 1980
Civilian plant closings/layoffs, 1980
Department of Defense,"1961-1981, 20 Years of Civilian Reuse, Summary of Completed Military Base Adjustment Projects, November 1981

Box 121
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Aftermath: After the Military Leaves Conversion possibilities: Miscellaneous, 1971-1972
"Disarmament: Economic Consequences and Developmental Potential" by Stephen P. Dresch, Yale University, December1972
"Boon or Burden? The Cost of Operating Former Military Installations," Booz, Allen andHamilton report, April 1978
"The Aftermath: Problems Communities Face After a Military Installation Closes," Paul Travis andLaurence Zabar, 1978
"A New Strategy for Military Spending," P. Morrison andP. Walker, Scientific American, October 1978
"Economic Conversion for Defense Industries," study by Ruth Landsman, Washington University, December1978
"Old Military Bases Aid City Economies," New York Times, April 26, 1979
"Economic Dislocation: Plant Closings, Plant Relocations and Plant Conversion," Labor Union Study Tour, May 1979
"Jobs To People: Planning for Conversion to New Industries," Phil Webre study, 1979-1980
"Jobs to People: A New Approach to Industrial Reconstruction," 1980
"Economic Conversion: What Should be the Government's Role?" CBO study, January 1980
Worker owned companies: Examples of conversion planning, 1980
Joblessness: Impact on minorities, 1980
The War Economy Cost overruns, 1969-1981
"The Economic Impact of Military Spending," CEP report by Michael Edelstein, 1977 and ACDA reports, 1969-1972
"Armament Dynamics and Presidential Elections in the USA," by Hans Gunter Brauch, December1977
Inflation, 1973-1981
Dumas, Lloyd J. "Productivity andStagflation" and other articles, 1977-1980
Reindustrialization, 1974-1981
The Economy, 1975-1981
International Trade, 1975-1976

Box 122
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
The War Economy Military Industries: overview, economic performance of, non-military awards, aerospace, 1975-1981
Military audit project, 1977-1978
"Shaping the Defense Civilian Work Force," U.S. Senate, Committee on Armed Services, 1977
Munitions Industry: Number of workers employed, 1977-1978
Economic costs of arms buildup, 1978-1981
Defense contract awards, 1978-1979
Foreign defense contracts/arms sales, 1978-1981
Aerospace industry, 1978-1981
Aerospace/Defense Investment Conference, Washington, DC, 1980
Jobs andmilitary spending charts, 1979-1980
Pentagon symposium on economic impact of higher defense expenditures, October 1980
Business Week, 1980
Corporate tax study, Congressman Vanik, 1980
"Bankrupting America: The Military Budget for the Next Five Years" by James R. Anderson, 1980
"Economic Costs of Renewed Militarism," CEP, [1980?]
Waste [military budget]. Goldwater andMetzenbaum letter, February 25, 1981, etc.
Fallows, James. High tech weapons, boondoggles, 1981
Coalition for a New Foreign andMilitary Policy, Reading packet on
Economics of Defense Spending, 1981
Economic decline. "Puff Piece for a War Economy" by Seymour Melman, The Nation, May 9, 1981
Council of Economic Advisers, Report on the economy and defense, 1982
Productivity decline, 1980-1982
Economic impact of Reagan's defense budget, 1981-1982
Research and Development, 1980-1982
Skilled labor shortages, 1981-1982
Industrial base: Capacity, 1980-1982
Defense industrial base, 1981-1984
Reagan's Defense Buildup, Newsweek, June 1981
Wall Street objects to Reaganomics, 1981
Reaganomics, 1981-1982
Impact of Military Spending, Robert DeGrasse, n.d.
Foreign sourcing, n.d.
Box 123
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Military Contracting and Budget Requests Foreign military sales: economic impact, 1976-1978
Iranian arms sales (proposed impact study), 1979
Department of Defense budget, 1979
Department of Defense procurement policies.
Testimony by Carlucci and Weinberger, 1981
Military contracting, 1976-1981
Defense contract awards, 1979-1981
Revolving door, 1980-1981
Future contracts; weapons, 1980-1982
Arguments against Military Spending "The Defense Workers Dilemma" by William Winpisinger,The Nation, May 27, 1978
Social Issues andHuman Needs (alphabetical) Busing amendment, SANE letter and contacts, July 1979
"City Care: Toward a Coalition for the Urban Environment" Conference, Detroit, April 1979
Energy and economics, 1972-1978
Energy, 1980
Housing project, 1979
Mass transportation, 1979-1980
Solar jobs, 1978
Shipbuilding Information [files of George Kohl] Shipyard discussion paper by George Kohl, [1980?]
Correspondence of George Kohl on shipbuilding, 1979-1980
Shipyard studies, 1970-1979

Box 124
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Shipbuilding Information [files of George Kohl] Litton Shipyard, 1975-1978
D.M. Mack-Forlist, 1979, n.d.
Shipbuilders Council of America, 1979
Shipbuilders stuff, 1979
Testimony on shipbuilding, 1979
Shipyard suppliers, n.d.
Articles and speeches by Seymour Melman, William Winpisinger and others Galbraith, John Kenneth. "How to Control the Military," June 1969
Greenwood, Richard. "Living in the Nuclear Age," October 1977
Melman, Seymour. Articles and speeches, 1969-1975
Melman, Seymour. Articles and speeches, 1976-1982
Winpisinger, William. Articles and speeches, 1978-1979
Winpisinger, William. Articles and speeches, 1980-1981

Box 125
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Files of Sally Dinsmore and others, ca. 1977-1981
Conversion Progress Reports, 1978-1979
Drafts for "More Jobs" brochure, [1977-1978?]
Conversion reading packet, December1978
SANE reports, form letters re economic conversion, 1979-1980
Conversion program, 1978-1980
Conversion Organizers Conference, Washington, DC, March 1979
Conversion Organizers Conference, Washington, DC, March 1979: Conference packet
Conversion Organizers Conference, Washington, DC, March 1979: Registrations and responses
Conversion Organizers Conference, Washington, DC, March 1979: Files of Teri Tredwell, SANE Conversion Intern
Organizing Projects. Follow-up to Conversion Organizers Conference of March 1979
Inflation symposium, May 22, 1979
Regional Conversion Conference, St. Louis, October 1979
IAM conversion meetings, 1979-1981
Campaign for Human Development, ca. 1979
Conversion packet - old [1979?]
Conversion packet - [1979?]
"Why Economic Conversion?" SANE paper, [1978? 1979?]
Jobs with Peace initiatives, 1978-1981

Box 126
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Files of Michelle Stone and others, 1980-1982
Correspondence of Michelle Stone, 1980-1982
Questionnaire to develop key conversion list, ca. 1980
EFFE conference materials and article, 1980
Minimum wage, 1980-1981
"More Jobs" brochure, 1980-1981
MX conversion, 1980-1981
MX conversion project: Boeing, 1980-1981
MX conversion project: Martin Marietta, 1981
MX conversion project: Rockwell, Canoga Park, 1981
MX conversion project: Rockwell, Anaheim, and Orange County Peace Conversion project, 1981
Op-ed contacts, 1980-1981
Op-ed article on economic impact of defense spending, August 1981
Budget briefing, March 1981
Galbraith briefing, June 17, l981
Meeting of peace organizations and women's groups re cooperation, September 1981
Women's brochure information, 1980-1981

Box 127
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Files of Michelle Stone and others, 1980-1982 SANE World article on Reagan's defense advisors with related material, [1980-1981?]
ACTWU briefing, 1981
Freeze, 1981
Conversion program: discussion, 1981 and n.d.
Conversion legislation, 1981
"SANE Takes New Tack; National Conversion Organizing," by Michelle Stone, July 1981
"Summary of Economic Arguments Against Excessive Arms Spending" and "A Response to Defenders of High Arms Spending," [1981?]
Logistics committee file, 1981
Budget process, n.d.
Defense budget, FY82, 1981
Defense authorization debate, FY82, 1981
Defense budget: Congressional Quarterly reports and analysis, 1981-1982
Conference proposal on Military Spending and National Priorities (later FBAC), 1981
"Our Coalition" (later FBAC), fall 1981
Fair Budget Action Campaign (FBAC): letters about packet, January 1982
FBAC: Field committee, 1982
FBAC: Lou Gordon press stuff, 1982
Gene Carroll's memo on organizing strategies for labor outreach by Freeze campaign, April 1982
"Effects of Military Spending on Lives of Working People and
Their Children" by Steven Brion-Meisels, 1982
Businessmen Against the War, 1982 (with material from Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace, 1968-1974)
Ideas for flyer on inflation, n.d.

Box 128
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Conversion Planner
and Labor Clips; Mailing Lists
[NOTE: Issues of The Conversion Planner (1978-1982) and SANE Labor Clips (1980-1982)

are shelved in SCPC periodical collection] Promotional letters on Conversion Planner and Labor Clips 1979-1982
Add to Conversion Planner list, 1979-1980
Stuff for Planner, 1979-1980
Conversion Planner survey, 1981
Conversion Planner ideas - general, 1981-1982
Conversion Planner, 1982
Labor Clips: Proposal and subscriptions, 1980-1981
International Association of Machinists "Keeping in Touch," 1980-1981
Possible graphics, ca. 1979-1980
Possible graphics, ca. 1978-1981
Mailing list: Social and public interest groups
Mailing list: Labor
Mailing list: Labor editors
"Campaign mail list" [Fair Budget Action Campaign?]
Economists list
Disarmament Working Group (DWG) list

Box 129
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Files of Robin Madrid, 1981-1983
Base closings, 1982
Budget information - current, 1982
Budget manual promotion: Unions, 1982
Conversion correspondence, 1982-1983
Conversion legislation, 1979-1982
Conversion: International
Centre for Alternative Industrial and Technological Systems, ca. 1982
Conversion: Local, 1982
Conversion: Meetings, 1982
Conversion: Miscellaneous, 1982
Conversion resources, ca. 1982
Conversion workshops, n.d.
Conversion workshop materials (except packet), n.d.
Critical Mass Energy Project, 1981-1982
Daggett, Stephen: Coalition for a New Foreign andMilitary Policy, Papers on military spending, 1982
Defense and employment, 1981-1982
Economic analyses, 1980-1981
Economic and Social Bill of Rights (ESBR), 1982
Education, 1982
Fair Budget Action Campaign (FBAC), 1981-1982
FBAC mailings, 1982
FBAC general correspondence, 1982
FBAC consultation, June 1982
FBAC report on consultation, June 1982
FBAC regional conferences, 1982
FBAC budget briefing, 1981-1982
FBAC local actions, 1982
FBAC, new orders, 1982
FBAC - related, n.d.
FBAC press

Box 130
Economic Conversion Files, 1977-1983 (Acc. no. 86A-6)
Files of Robin Madrid, 1981-1983
Freeze, 1982
Intervention: SANE positions, 1980-1982
Jobs with Peace, 1982
Middle East: SANE positions, 1980-1982
Middle East correspondence, 1982
Middle East Working Group letters, 1982
Middle East: Background, 1982
Middle East: Other papers, 1982
Miscellaneous, 1982
Nuclear Weapons Facilities Task Force, 1982
Other Organizations, 1982
Pershing II, 1982
Population, 1982
Project Vote, n.d.
Proposals for grants, 1981-1982
Resources, 1982-1983
Social Security, 1982
20th anniversary celebration of the 1963 March on Washington (Martin Luther King), 1982
Unions, n.d.
Voting records, 1978-1982

Box 131
Files of Ed Glennon, SANE Research Associate (Acc. no. 86A-20, 86A-102)
[NOTE: Ed Glennon also worked on publications for SANE. He is listed as Publications Director in the Staff List for August 1982 and February 1983. Later he is listed as Research Assistant, Publications or Research Associate]
NATO and Euromissiles, ca. 1979-1983 Posters (removal forms)
Mike Mawby's contacts in Europe, 1980-1981
Theater nuclear force (TNF) lobbying, 1980-1981
Weiss resolution on European Theater Nuclear Forces, 1981
NATO Project file, 1980-1982
NATO Project , correspondence, 1981-1982
NATO, primary resources, 1980-1983
Conference on Nuclear War in Europe, Groningen, April 1981
Conference on Nuclear Disarmament: Opportunities for European and American Cooperation, Washington, July 14, 1981
Testimony of Ed Glennon before House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, July 29, 1981
December'81 NATO Conference. "NATO Missiles--A European Perspective," Washington, December2, 1981 ( 3 fldrs) Correspondence andmemoranda, 1981
Participants, 1981-1982
Press, 1981
Wattenberg show/Reagan comments, December1981
U.S. groups on NATO, 1981-1982

Box 132
Files of Ed Glennon, SANE Research Associate (Acc. no. 86A-20, 86A-102)
Neutron bomb, NATO, and Euromissiles, ca. 1977-1983
Neutron bomb, 1977-1982
Neutron bomb press conference, August 12, 1981
Neutron bomb press, August-September 1981
Neutron bomb contacts, 1981
Neutron bomb: Legislation, 1981-1982
Cooperation group, Stop the Neutron Bomb, Amsterdam, 1981-1982
[NOTE: The following 11 folders are primarily clippings]
Military balance/ Europe, 1975-1982
Military balance/ Europe, 1981-1983
1979 NATO file, Fall 1979
TNF/NATO politics, 1980-1982
European press, TNF, 1981
Washington Post NATO series, "The War Game," November 1981
NATO, general articles and clippings, 1981-1982
Conventional forces, NATO, 1982-1983
Nuclear weapons in Europe, 1980-1983
Limited nuclear war, 1980-1983
Changes in U.S. Army strategy, 1982-1983

Box 133
Files of Ed Glennon, SANE Research Associate (Acc. no. 86A-20, 86A-102)
European peace groups, Visits to U.S., and Euromissiles, 1978-1983
Lists (peace organizations in Europe), 1981-1982
World Disarmament Campaign, London, 1978-1983
European Nuclear Disarmament (END), 1981-1983
Generals for Peace, 1980-1982
France, 1981-1983
Sicily, 1981-1983
U.S. Friends of Comiso, 1983
Trade Unions in Europe, 1982
U.S.-Europeace Tour 1982 (CALC and AFSC sponsored)
U.S.-Europeace Tour 1982 - Tour Report
West European Labor Tour for Peace, June 1983
Green Party visit, July 1983
U.S. Europeace Tour 1983
West German politics, 1981-1983
"Countdown: Briefing for the Euromissile Debate,"
Ploughshares Fund, [1983]
"Euromissile stuff" (unfiled), ca. 1982-1983

Box 134
Files of Ed Glennon, SANE Research Associate (Acc. no. 86A-20, 86A-102)
Euromissiles, 1983-1984; Freeze, space weapons, etc., 1984-1985
Euromissiles, 1982-1984
Euromissile organizing, 1982-1983
Euromissiles: Resources, 1983
Euromissiles: Packet, 1983
Mailings re Euromissiles, 1983
Freeze Campaign, Euromissiles packet, 1983
Freeze Campaign, Euromissile organizing packet, 1983
Euromissile workshops, 1983
October Actions to Stop Euromissiles, 1983 (formerly Bradford Group)
October Actions: Grassroots action, 1983
October Actions: Media Committee, 1983
October Actions: Media applications, 1983
October Actions: Follow-up, 1983-1984
Euromissiles: Recent articles, June-October 1983

Box 135
Files of Ed Glennon, SANE Research Associate (Acc. no. 86A-20, 86A-102)
Euromissiles, 1983-1984; Freeze, space weapons, etc., 1984-1985
Cruise andPershing II: General project file, 1983-1984
Cruise andPershing II: Freeze Campaign, 1983
Cruise andPershing II: 1984
Euromissiles: Legislative file, 1983-1984
Freeze legislation, 1984-1985
Space weapons, ASATs, 1983-1984
Papers and proposals, 1984
April Mobilization (1985), 1984-1985
Geneva arms control talks: Demands presented by European and U.S. peace movements at start of talks, March 1985

Box 136
Files of Ed Glennon, SANE Research Associate (Acc. no. 86A-20, 86A-102)
Correspondence of Ed Glennon
Correspondence, March 1981-May 1982
Correspondence, May-December1982
Correspondence, 1983
Correspondence, 1984 (includes correspondence written by interns)
Correspondence, 1985
Reference material[3 folders]
Conversion, 1972-1980
Disarmament, 1965-1981
MX, 1979-1980
Box 137
Files of Ed Glennon, SANE Research Associate (Acc. no. 86A-20, 86A-102)
Safety andHealth/Radiation Victims, 1977-1983; Other Issues
Safety andhealth: Low level radiation, nuclear plants, 1977-1979
Safety andhealth: Low level radiation, misc., 1980
Labor and labor unions, misc., 1979-1981
Safety andhealth in nuclear industry: Portsmouth, Ohio, plant 1979-1983
Citizens Hearings for Radiation Victims, 1980
Radiation victims, 1980-1983
Military budget manual, 1981-1983
Rapp andCollins, 1982
Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC), 1982
Researchers conferences, 1982
N. Y. Times letter-to-editor by Ed Glennon, September 1982
Reader's Digest letter-to-editor by Ed Glennon, July 1983
South Shore Conversion Committee, Quincy shipbuilding conference, 1983
Nuclear explosives control policy working group, 1983
Soviet threat packet, [1984]
Box 138
Files of Ed Glennon, 1981-1986 (Acc. no. 88A-69, 89A-6 and 94A-96) Maryknoll/Peacemakers in Mission, 1981-1983
Ed's memos, 1981-1984
Publications written by Glennon, 1982-1986
Military budget, 1984-1985 Correspondence andmemoranda concerning his departure, 1985-1986
Article on SANE/FREEZE merger and background material, 1986
Notes re SANE/FREEZE merger, [1986]
Box 139
Files of SANE Publications Directors, 1978-1985 Files of Virginia Witt, Publications Director
[NOTE: Virginia Witt was Publications Director from 1978 until June 1980. She is listed as Editor
of SANE World from May 1979 to June 1980] "Breaking the Military Habit" by Virginia Witt, Environmental Action, June 3, l978
"The Race Nobody Wins," 1978: slide show produced and written by V. Witt
Material for SANE World special issue on SALT II, 1979
Americans for SALT, 1979
SANE mail program planned for 1980, November 1979
Low level radiation (LLR) pamphlet, 1979
Victims' meetings, 1979:"A Call for Citizens' Hearings for Victims of Radiation Industries"
Citizens' Hearings for Radiation Victims, 1980
Invisible Violence; Proceedings of the National Citizens' Hearings for Radiation Victims, April 1980

Box 140
Files of SANE Publications Directors, 1978-1985 Files of Virginia Witt, Publications Director LLR contacts, 1979-1980
Low level radiation: Reference material, 1978-1980
"Nuclear Energy's Dilemma: Disposing of Hazardous
Radioactive Waste Safely," report of the Comptroller General, [1977?]
Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Interagency Task Force
on the Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation, 1979 (3 fldrs)

Box 141
Files of SANE Publications Directors, 1978-1985 Files of Beth Baker, Publications Director [NOTE: Beth Baker became Publications Director and editor of SANE World in summer 1980. She had started with SANE in 1978 as Office Receptionist and Secretary. She resigned in September 1985]
Civil defense flyer ("Dangerous Deception: Civil Defense
Planning in the Nuclear Age"), 1982-1984
Civil defense: Traprock Peace Center, The Front Line, and
Civil Defense Conference, 1982-1985
Civil defense: Local P.R. and actions, 1981-1985
Civil defense: General reports, 1961-1979
Civil defense: Soviet Union, 1976-1978

Box 142
Files of SANE Publications Directors, 1978-1985 Files of Beth Baker, Publications Director, [continued] Civil defense: Foresight, 1974-1976
Civil defense: FEMA report, 1982-1984
Civil defense: Material arranged by year, 1974-1986 (9 fldrs)
Civil defense: Miscellaneous, incl. graphics, n.d.

Box 143
Files of SANE Publications Directors, 1978-1985
Files of Beth Baker, Publications Director, [continued] 1984
Democratic Presidential Candidates General, 1983-1984
Askew, Reuben, 1983
Cranston, Alan, 1983
Glenn, John, 1983
Hart, Gary, 1982-1984
Hollings, Ernest F., 1982-1983
Jackson, Jesse, 1984
McGovern, George, 1983-1984
Mondale, Walter, 1982-1984
Matt Bunn's First Strike analysis, [1983?]
Printout from U.S. House of Representatives, Office of Legislative Information concerning arms control legislation and other bills relating to the Soviet Union, 1984. Printed for Beth Baker
Children, 1982-1983
Educators, 1984-1985
Farmers, 1985
"Plugs of Our Stuff," 1983-1985
Correspondence, 1984-1985

Box 144
Files of SANE Press Department Files of Beth Leopold, Press Secretary, 1984-1985 (chron. order)
Beth's memos, 1985
"Handy Dandy" publicity, 1984, presented by Hollywood for SANE
Committee for a Strong Peaceful America, [1984]
Clippings submitted for press clips book, 1984
ILPA Editor's Guide, Spring 1985
Press on MX, 1983-1985
SANE releases on MX, March 1985
Clippings re SANE work on MX, March 1985
Contra ads, 1985
Documentation for Contra ads, 1984-1985
Covert aid press clips, 1984-1985
Media interviews, 1985
Geneva Summit, November 1985
Miscellaneous personalities, 1984-1985

Box 145
Files of SANE Press Department
Files of Robert K. Musil, Director of Communications and Education, 1986-1988
SANE Communications Division Report, January-May 1986
Notes from Beth Leopold (1985?) and Georgia Caldwell (1987) on departure (concerning equipment, files, lists)
Correspondence, 1986
Correspondence, January-May 1987
Correspondence, June-December1987
SANE Master Plan, 1986
Strategy and planning (Communications Division and general), 1986-l987
Public relations, 1986
Communications Consortium, 1986
(Human rights and foreign policy project)
North American Precis Syndicate, Inc., 1986
Mailing list/volunteers, 1986 [for "The Russians Are Coming"?]
"The Russians Are Coming" event at National Press Club, February 18, 1987 [files of RKM and Linda Moss]
Media analysis, 1986-1988
Petitions for the President and plans for Teach-In, 1987
Election '88, 1987-1988
Iowa, Presidential Peace Forums, 1987
New Hampshire media, 1987
Documentation: Visit to Soviet Union, [1987?]
Chapters, 1987
New York SANE Council, 1987
SANE 30th Anniversary Contracts, 1987 [files of RKM and Brigid Shea]

Box 146
Files of SANE Press Department Files of Georgia Caldwell, Press Secretary, 1986-1987 (alpha order)
"Amerika," 1986-1987
Arms control experts (Peace Media Project, R. Pollock), October 1986
Asner, Ed - Reception, April 7, 1987
Center for War, Peace, and the News Media, New York University, 1986
DOE Vigil/Lenten Desert Experience, March-April 1987
Defense budget, FY 1988, 1986-1987
Demonstrations, n.d.
Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR), 1986
Euromissiles package, March 1987
Great Peace March, November 1986
Hyder, Charles, 1986-1987
INF Panel, July 21, 1987
"In Search of Peace," U.S.-El Salvador Conference, November 1986
In These Times flap, July 1987
International Peace Walk reception, July 9, 1987
Iran-Contra Teach-In, April 1987
KAL 007 inquiry, 1986
Melman, Seymour: Lecture November 18, 1986 and notes February 1987
Military periodicals, 1985
Mobilization for Justice and Peace in Central America and Southern Africa, April 25, 1987
Musil, Robert K., 1986
Nakasone press and letter, March 26, 1987
National Referendum to End the War in Central America, 1986-1987
Newsletters and releases (not SANE), 1986
Nuclear Times columns by Robert K. Musil, 1987

Box 147
Files of SANE Press Department Files of Georgia Caldwell, Press Secretary, 1986-1987, [continued]
Peace through Understanding proposal, [1987]
Photos of December2 demonstration, December1986
Polls, October 11-12, 1986
Polls, April 7, 1987
Press contact sheets, 1986
Press releases - chronological, September -December1986
Proliferation, Nuclear. November 1986
Promoting Enduring Peace and Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986
Proposals, 1986-1987
Queally, Kevin. Letter-to-editor, February 1987
Raskin, Marcus, 1986-1987 (including Press Breakfast, April 8, 1987)
Real Security Project, 1987
Reykjavik Summit, October 1986
Reykjavik Summit: Press/Board/Staff releases, October 20, 1986
"Reykjavik as History" (revised) by Robert K, Musil, October 1986
"The Russians Are Coming," February 1987
SDI/Star Wars, 1986
SANE history (obit. for Erich Fromm, 1980)
SANE Peace Award, 1986 (Ron Dellums and Pat Schroeder)
SANE Press, 1986-1987
Soldiers for Peace video project, 1986
Soviet Embassy, October -December1986
Strategizing for Peace, n.d.
Test Ban Caravan, 1987
"Test Peace, Not Bombs" demonstration, September 19, 1986
Testing, 1986
Testing moratorium, H.R. 12, 1987
United Nations, 1986-1987

Box 148
Files of Legislative/Political Dept Administrative Files of Mike Mawby, 1982-1985 [
NOTE: Mike Mawby was on the staff of SANE from October 1977 until June 1985. During the
period covered by these files (ca. 1982-1985), his title was Deputy Director/Legislative Director or Deputy Director/Political Director. Mawby served as Acting Executive Director in June-July 1983] SANE Board/Staff minutes and memoranda, 1982-1985
SANE National Board meeting, December10, 1983
SANE Executive Committee, 1983-1984
National Board Elections, Fall 1984
Asher, Thomas (SANE's attorney): Correspondence and memoranda, 1979-1983
California fundraising, February-March 1982
SANE budget and finances, 1984 and budget plans for 1985
Correspondence of Mike Mawby, Acting Executive Director, June-July 1983
SANE memos and reports, January-March 1984
Program Staff, 1982-1985
Pre-Program Agenda, September 1983-January 1984
Management Group meetings, 1984-1985
Memoranda and notes re management and personnel, 1983-1985
Staff proposals and reports, 1983-1985
Staffing needs, 1984
Staff job descriptions and evaluations, 1984
Volunteers, 1982-1985
Reversing the Arms Race: A SANE Strategy Conf., September 1983
Dedication of Ben Spock Center for Peace, October 26, 1983
"Peace is Primary" Conference, March 1984
"Expanding the Peace Movement" by David Cortright, 1983-1984
Merger plans (with Freeze and others), 1983-1984
Consider the Alternatives (incl. SANE 800 number), 1983-1984
SANE Action/Rapid Response Network, 1983-1985
Planning and Management Assistance Project, [1983? 1984?]
Travel request forms, 1984-1985
Word processing and computer information, ca. 1985
SANE phones, n.d

Box 149
Files of Legislative/Political Dept Subject Files of Mike Mawby, ca. 1982-1985 Airlie House Retreat , November 1984 (Peace Leadership Caucus)
Arms Control Computer Network , Legislative Data Base, 1983
The Arms Race and the Third World, 1983-1984
Athletes United for Peace, 1983
Athletes United for Peace, 1983-1985
Budget lobby meetings, 1983
Budget: Military spending, 1983
Central America, 1983
Central America: Organizing and legislation, 1983

Box 150
Files of Legislative/Political Dept
Subject Files of Mike Mawby, ca. 1982-1985, [continued]
Central America youth tour to U.S., 1983
Central America plans, 1984-1985
Comprehensive Test Ban/Nonproliferation Treaty, 1982-1984
Comprehensive Test Ban, 1985
Coolfont retreat on 1983 arms control lobbying, November 1982
Coolfont conference on arms control lobbying, December1983
Counterforce/Limited Nuclear War, 1975-1982
Defense Authorization Bill, FY '86, and SANE letter, June 1985
Deterrence: Corres. and articles from files of S. Gottlieb, 1958-1962
Deterrence: Reference material on deterrence, counterforce, MX missile, 1978-1980
Disarmament organizers' meeting, February 8-9, 1984
Euromissiles, 1983-January 1984
House/Senate member listings, 1982-1983
House/Senate mailing list, n.d.
House drop lists, n.d.

Box 151
Files of Legislative/Political Dept Subject Files of Mike Mawby, ca. 1982-1985, [continued] King March (Mobilization for Jobs, Peace and Freedom), August 27, 1983
Korean Airlines flight 007, September 1983
Media Task Force, 1983
Rainbow Canvass proposal (Jesse Jackson campaign), August 1984
Sojourners resistance plans, 1984-1985
Space weapons, 1983-1984
Surface Action Group, 1985
U.S.-Soviet exchanges, 1983
Voting record votes (from other organizations), 1983
Voting record: Campaign for U.N. Reform , 1984
Voting Records (SANE and Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy), 1983-1985

Box 152
Files of Legislative/Political Dept Freeze Campaign files of Mike Mawby, 1982-1984
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign Minutes (Exec. Comm. andNational Comm.), 1982, 1984
Third Annual Conference, February , 1983
Arms Control Media Task Force packet for nuclear freeze organizers, February 1983
Citizens Lobby for a U.S./Soviet Nuclear Weapons Freeze, March 1983
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, [continued]
National Committee Meeting, June 1983
Fourth National Conference, December1983
Freeze Resolution, 97th Congress, 1982
Capitol candlelight vigil, March 30, 1982
Freeze Resolution, 98th Congress, 1983
House Freeze vote, March-April 1983
Freeze economics, 1981-1983
Freeze: Pros and cons, 1982-1983
Freeze: Press, 1982-1983
Right wing answers to Freeze, 1983
Freeze legislative strategy, Calendar year 1984, Fall 1983
Quick Freeze legislation, 1984
Letter to Randy Kehler re Quick Freeze brochure, [1984]

Box 153
Files of Legislative/Political Department Subject Files of Laurie Duker, 1983-1985
[ NOTE: Laurie Duker was SANE's Lobbyist, Economic Program in 1983- 1984. In July 1984 she
became Legislative Director. Her title in March 1985 was Staff Director andLegislative Director]
Armed Forces Education Project, 1985
Arms Talks, 1984-1985
Central America El Salvador and Nicaragua, 1983-1985
Combat troops/Contra aid, 1985
Nicaragua - Embargo, 1985
N. Y. Times ad on Contra atrocities and requests for documentation, 1985
Reports and notes, 1985 (material found loose)
Chemical weapons, [1985?]
Coalitions (and mailing lists), 1985
Conversion, 1985
Conversion: Mavroules bill, 1982-1984
Federal Defense Budget: "Defense Facts of Life" by Franklin C. Spinney, December 1980
"The Plans/Reality Mismatch" by Franklin C. Spinney, December 1982
Budget resolution, 1983-1984
Foreign Aid Bill, 1985
Freeze, 1982-1985
Freeze: "The Military Case for the Freeze," draft by Bob Sherman, n.d.
Midgetman, 1984-1985
Polls, 1983-1985
Pro-Peace, 1985
Voting records, 1983-1985
Waste, fraud andabuse, 1983-1985
Proposals and reports on legislative activity, 1985
Carnegie-Mellon University, Survey of Congressional lobbyists, 1985 (unanswered)
Harvard Legislative Research Bureau, 1985
Lobbying report forms for U.S. House of Representatives, 1985

Box 154
Files of Legislative/Political Dept Files of Laurie Duker on SANE Finances, 1984-1985
SANE Budget, 1984-1985
Finance - Board, March 1985
Finance - Updates, 1985
Acquisition mailing returns, 1985
Fundraising tasks/projects, 1985
Special event fundraising andPeace Media Project, 1985

Box 155
Files of Legislative/Political Dept Files of Dan Houston, ca. 1986-1987 [NOTE: Dan Houston became SANE Political Director in late l985 or early 1986. He became Political
Director for SANE/FREEZE in 1987] United Nations, 1986-1987
U.N. Reform, 1986-1987
United Nations: material from the United Nations Assn. of the
United States of America (UNA/USA), 1984-1987
[NOTE: On March 14, 1986, the SANE Executive Board adopted a number of measures in support of the United Nations. Dan Houston was apparently responsible for this effort]

Box 156
SANE Local Chapters Local Chapter Files, ca. 1967-1981

Box 157
SANE Local Chapters Chapter Development, ca. 1981 [files of Sally Dinsmore, Chapter Coordinator] (6 general folders; 16 folders arranged by city or state)
SANE chapters (lists)
Chapters, membership, dues-sharing (resolutions, forms, etc.)
Chapter Policy Handbook, 1985
Great Neck SANE, Chapter questionnaire, 1985
Dues-sharing reports from local chapters, 1986
Chapter Charters (Current, Affiliates, Defunct), [1986?]

Box 158
Files of Charlie Kraybill, Field Organizing Director, 1981-1985
Removal Forms; Staff Memos Asher's memos, 1982 (Thomas R. Asher, Attorney)
Betsy's memos, 1983 (Betsy Taylor)
Carla's memos, 1982-1983 (Carla B. Johnston, WAND)
Charlie's memos, 1984 (Charlie Kraybill, Field Organizing Director)
Grace's memos, ca. 1985 (Grace Kimm, SANE Membership)
Peter's memos, 1983-1984 (Peter Deccy, SANE Canvass)

Box 159
Files of Charlie Kraybill, Field Organizing Director, 1981-1985
Subject Files Anderson, Marion, 1983-1984
Anniversary (25th) and membership conference, 1981
Arms Control Computer Network (ACCN), 1985
Arms Control Education Project, 1982-1984
Arms Control Lobby Meetings (Monday Lobby Group), 1982-1983
Aviles, Pedro, Field Foundation intern, 1984-1985
Board members: Information for Board directory and speakers' list, 1981
Budget, FY '84, 1983
Budget, FY '84, Defense Appropriations Conference Report, November 1983
Budget, FY '85, early 1984
Budget, Military, 1985
Canvass, 1983 year end report
Canvass/Chapter mailings - material for current mailing, 1984-1985
Canvass: Chicago, 1984
Canvass: Los Angeles, 1984
Canvass: Philadelphia, 1984
Canvass: Washington, DC, 1984
Canvass Monitoring Group, 1984-1985
Canvass, Gross Pads, 1984-1985
Box 160
Files of Charlie Kraybill, Field Organizing Director, 1981-1985
Subject Files [continued] Central America: SANE mailings, 1983
Central America: Action, 1983-1984
Central America: Field work, 1984
Central America: Field work, 1984-1985
Central America: Legislation, 1983-1984
Central America: Nicaragua votes in U.S. Congress, 1984
Central America Peace Campaign, 1984
Central America: Armed Forces Education Project, 1985
Central America Lobby Group, fall 1985
Central America: Material aid projects, 1985
Chapter prospects, 1982
Chapters, SANE: Sally Dinsmore's records, ca. 1981
Chapters, SANE: Affiliation with SANE, ca. 1982-1984
Citizens Against Nuclear War (CAN), 1983
Civil defense, 1975-1983
Chemical weapons, 1983
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, 1981-1986
Common Cause, 1982-1985
Comprehensive Test Ban, 1983-1984
Comprehensive Test Ban, PSR speakers' kit, 1985

Box 161
Files of Charlie Kraybill, Field Organizing Director, 1981-1985
Subject Files [continued] Computer statistics and orders, 1982-1984
Consider the Alternatives and Campaign Against Nuclear War, 1982-1983
Consider the Alternatives, Bob Musil's memos, 1982-1983
Consolidated Speakers Bureau, 1982-1983
Covert Aid, spring 1985
Covert Aid: Lobby reports, spring 1985
Covert Aid: Activist packets, 1985
Covert Aid: Local actions, 1985
Current voting records, pending swing lists, 1984
"The Day After" project, 1983
"The Day After" organizing guides, 1983
"The Day After" response letters, 1983
Box 162
Files of Charlie Kraybill, Field Organizing Director, 1981-1985
Subject Files [continued] Dellums, Ron, [1984?]
Disarmament Organizers' Retreat, February 8-9, 1984
District Coordinator lists, [ca. 1984]
Dues and membership relations, National and local SANE, 1981-1984
Dues-sharing, 1985
Economic conversion, 1982-1983
Elections: General, 1984
Elections: Senate (1984 election), 1983-1984
Elections: Targeted districts (1984 election), 1982-1983
Electoral training, 1983-1984
Freeze Voter '84, 1983-1984
Grand plan, July 1984
Interns, 1984
Joint Training Project, 1984-1985
Lists, 1982-1983
MX, 1983
MX: Field work, 1983
MX: General, 1983-1984

Box 163
Files of Charlie Kraybill, Field Organizing Director, 1981-1985
Subject Files [continued] MX: Deployment states, 1983-1984
MX: Votes and lobbying, 1984
MX: Swing lists and voting records, 1984
MX: Press, 1984
MX: Field work, 1984
MX: Activist packets, 1985
MX: Field work, spring 1985
MX: Fact sheets, spring 1985
MX: Swing CD reports, spring 1985
MX: Lobby reports, spring 1985
MX: Press/experts, 1985
Membership conference (planned for March 1986), 1985
No-First-Use, 1983-1984
Nuclear Control Institute, 1983
Organizing material (old SANE), 1960-1974
"Peace is Primary" conference, March 17-18, 1984
Peace Roundtable and Peace and Environmental
Convention Coalition, 1984
Box 164
Files of Charlie Kraybill, Field Organizing Director, 1981-1985
Subject Files [continued] Phone scripts and results, 1984
Phone scripts, record forms, 1985
Phone tree memos, 1983
Polls, 1983-1984
Rapp and Collins, 1982
Raskin, Marcus. "Arms Control vs. General Security and Disarmament," n.d.
Sagan, Dr. Carl, 1982-1985
SANE Budget, 1985
SANE PAC, 1982-1983
SANE PAC, 1986 elections, 1985
SANE Press, 1984-1986
Sierra Club, Radioactive Waste Campaign, 1983-1984
Space weapons fact sheets, 1983-1985
Space weapons field work, spring 1985
Special appeals, SANE members, 1982-1983
Summit: Lobbying report forms, 1985
Summit: Articles, 1985
The Support Center, 1984
Swing lists and roll call votes, 1982-1983
Testing, nuclear weapons, 1984-1985
Three Mile Island Alert, 1982-1983
Topsfield Foundation, [1984]
Trident II, 1982-1984
Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND), 1982-1986
Box 165
Files of Dianne Russell, Field Organizer, 1982-1986 [files in chronological order]
"A Call to Peacemaking," Archdiocese of Washington, 1982
Budget briefing, University of the District of Columbia, March 6-7, 1983
Citizens' Leadership Foundation Campaign Manager Training Session, May 1983
Clippings about D. Russell and anti-MX speaking trip, October 1983
Tennessee Freeze Conference, November 1983
Midwest Academy, Organizing for Social Change Training Session, November 1983
D. Russell's notes on various meetings, 1982-1983
Speaking file, 1982-1983
News clippings and reference material, 1982-1983
Personal interest, 1982-1983
Talks/notes, 1982-1984
Vital information/travel file, 1983-1984
"Peace is Primary" Conference, Washington, DC, March 1984
United States Student Assn. Lobbying conference, March 1984
Florida Electoral Skills Training Workshop, June 1984
North Carolina State SANE Meeting, September 1984
D. Russell's notes on various meetings, 1984

Box 166
Files of Dianne Russell, Field Organizer, 1982-1986 [files in chronological order]
North Carolina trip (February 1985), 1984-1985
Tennessee trip, 1985
Memo to Field Staff from Laurie [Duker] re fundable local projects, May 1985
North Carolina SANE Board Retreat, August 1985
D. Russell's notes on various meetings, 1985
SANE membership conference '86, 1985-1986
Board of Directors, 1986
Box 167
Files of Dianne Russell, Field Organizer, 1982-1986
Subject Files "Alice in Blunderland," 1983-1985
Anderson study on MX and press releases, 1983
Build-down, 1983
Budget, 1983
Budget, 1984
Budget, 1984-1986
Canvass, 1983-1986
Central America, 1983-1986
Central America Peace Campaign, 1985
Chapter correspondence, ca. 1983
Chapter follow-up, 1984
Chapter policy (working file), 1985
Citizen's Lobby for a U.S./Soviet Nuclear Weapons Freeze, April 1985
Citizens Network, Cornell University, Fall 1985
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, 1984-1985
Congress: Letters, statements and other information, 1983-1986
Coolfont retreat (Monday Lobby Group), December1983
Coolfont Arms Control Conference, December1985
Covert aid, 1985
Dues-sharing, 1985

Box 168
Files of Dianne Russell, Field Organizer, 1982-1986
Subject Files Election and delegate lists, 1982-1984
Election skills materials, ca. 1984-1985
Electoral work, 1984
Electoral work, 1985
Freeze, federal budget, etc., 1981-1983
Freeze campaign, 1983-1986
General information, 1985-1986
Grenada, [1984?]
Box 169
Files of Dianne Russell, Field Organizer, 1982-1986
Subject Files Interns, ca. 1982-1985
Joint Peace Leadership Training Project (JTP), WAND / SANE/Freeze Planning, 1985
Workshop, Washington, DC, September 4-9, 1985
D. Russell's evaluation and notes, 1985
Proposal, December1985
KAL flight 007 incident, 1983
Legislative issues and lobbying, swing lists, etc., 1983
Letters, forms, 1983
Master Plan and Organizing, 1984
MX, 1982-1983
MX: Telephone Campaign to Stop the MX, 1983
MX, 1984-1985
MX Working Group, 1984-1985
MX phone scripts, March [1985]

Box 170
Files of Dianne Russell, Field Organizer, 1982-1986
Subject Files NISGUA, 1984
Network, A Catholic Social Justice Lobby, 1983
North Carolina SANE, 1985-1986
Peace Development Fund, 1983-1986
Peace Empowerment Plan, 1984-1985 [see Box 180 below]
Presidential race, caucuses, etc., 1983
Pro-Peace, 1985-1986
The Race Nobody Wins (slide show presentations): Promotional information, [1982?]
Rainbow Coalition/Rev. Jesse Jackson, 1984-1985
SANE World: Suggestions from D. Russell, 1984-1985
Small missile (Midgetman), 1983-1985
Space policy: Resources, 1982-1985
Space weapons, 1985
Space weapons: SDI organizing, 1985
Stop the MX and Pershing II: Phone calls, fall 1982 (and other phone lists, n.d.)
Summit, 1985
Target Congress, Dr. Matania Ginosar, 1985
U.S./Soviet relations, 1983
Verification, 1985
Yacoubian Quarterly Opinion Index (re nuclear war), Memphis, TN, June 1984

Box 171
Files of Jerry Hartz, Field Organizer, 1981-1986
Files on SANE Jerry's memos, 1981-1984
SANE chapters, 1985
SANE chapter development, 1984-1985
SANE finances, 1985
Computereze, 1984-1985 (including computer diskette of SANE keylist, [1985?])
Key contact call through, 1984-1985
Miscellaneous notes, 1985-1986
Subject Files "Amerika" (ABC mini-series), 1986
ABM, including National Campaign to Save the ABM Treaty, 1985-1986
B-1 bomber, 1983
Budget, 1983-1985
Budget FY86, 1985
Budget, 1985-1986

Box 172
Files of Jerry Hartz, Field Organizer, 1981-1986
Subject Files Build-Down, 1983-1984
Central America, 1983
Central America, 1986: Nicaragua, contra aid, etc. (material found loose)
Chemical weapons, 1983-1986
Citizen Lobby Day, April l985
Committees - House, 1985
Comprehensive Test Ban (CTB), 1983-1986
Contra ads, 1986
Contra aid, 1985
Contra aid articles, 1985-1986
Counter-terrorism, November-December1985
Covert aid/Grass-Roots Working Group, 1985
Dellums-Schroeder alternative budget, 1986
Economic conversion, January 1985
Election (1984), 1983-1984
Box 173
Files of Jerry Hartz, Field Organizer, 1981-1986
Subject Files Foundations, 1984
Jobs with Peace, 1981-1982
Military spending (including Jobs with Peace), 1984-1986
MX, 1986
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign [4 folders] House Freeze, 1983-1984
Senate Freeze, 1983
Fifth National Conference and office consolidation, December1984
Freeze resolutions, 1984-1985
Pledge of Resistance, 1986
SALT II, 1986
Strategic Defense Initiative/Star Wars [See next 2 boxes]
Summit (Reagan-Gorbachev), 1985-1986 Testing: Articles, 1985-1986
Testing: Media campaign, 1986

Box 174
Files of Jerry Hartz, Field Organizer, 1981-1986
Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) / Star Wars, 1983-1986
"Experts Challenge Star Wars Initiative," SANE Background Series, September 1984 (includes audio cassette with Richard L.
Garwin, Kosta Tsipis, and John Steinbruner)
"Experts Challenge Star Wars Initiative," SANE Background Series, February 1985
"Space: The Final Frontier" by Jerry Hartz, 1985
SDI/Star Wars: Material from other organizations, 1983-1985
Star Wars articles, 1984-1985
STARS Convention, Colorado Springs, CO, May 1985
SANE statements and lobbying efforts, 1985
Scientists' Campaign to Stop Star Wars: Press conference, October 17, 1985
Star Wars, including Space Policy Working Group, 1986
Star Wars articles, 1986
X-ray laser, 1986

Box 175
Files of Jerry Hartz, Field Organizer, 1981-1986
Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) / Star Wars, 1983-1986 Notes on Star Wars from Current News and other sources, [1985?]
Current News, SDI Special Editions, 1983-1984 (clippings from newspapers and periodicals; published by U.S. Air Force)
Current News, SDI Special Editions, 1985
Current News, SDI Special Editions and regular editions, 1986

Box 176
Files of April Moore, National Organizer/Special Projects, 1983-1985 [NOTE: April Moore was Coordinator of the National Campaign to Stop the MX (see Series K) from February 1982 to ca. July 1984. Beginning in early 1984, she also worked for SANE as Field Organizer or National Organizer. In March 1985, her title was National Organizer/Special Projects. She left SANE sometime in 1985] Memoranda sent, 1984
Organizing notes (information from other organizations),1983-1984
Stony Point retreat for peace leaders, August 1984
Joint Training Project (SANE, WAND, Freeze), 1984-1985
April Actions for Peace, Jobs and Justice, April 1985 [NOTE: April Moore served as Coordinator for this Citizens Lobby]

Box 177
Files of Susana Cepeda, Nancy Borge, and ?? [NOTE: Susana Cepeda began working with SANE in November 1982. As Minority Outreach Coordinator (later as National Organizer), she was responsible for outreach to minority (particularly Hispanic) community organizations. She started the production of bilingual peace publications, including a Spanish edition of SANE World, served as liaison to the Rainbow Coalition, LULAC, and the Freeze Campaign and was involved in monitoring Central America policy developments. Cepeda left SANE in late 1985. Nancy Borge was apparently an intern in the Field Department in 1984] Files of Susana Cepeda, 1983-1985 Memoranda sent, 1982-1983
SANE World en español, 1983-1985
New York meetings/demonstration, 1983-1984 (re Spring 1985 mobilization; given to S. Cepeda by Ed Glennon)
Draft report on "Hispanic Youth and the Juvenile Justice System," April 1984
Files of Nancy Borge (intern in Field Department?), 1984
Notes of Nancy Borge, 1984
SANE Congressional endorsements, 1984
Incoming memos, articles, 1984
Files of unidentified staff member, 1983 Steno book with notes, April - September,1983
Box 178
Files of Esther Hill, Field Organizer and Organizing Director, 1985-1987 [NOTE: Esther Hill came to the SANE national office in March 1985 from the Canvass staff in Portland, Oregon. In 1985 she was a Field Organizer; in 1986 she became Organizing Director] April Action lobbying reports, April 22, 1985
Arms control swings, [1985?]
Canvass, 1985-1986
CISPES target list, [1985?]
Chapters, 1985-1986
Chapter development, 1985-1987
Chapter mailing information, 1985-1986
Chapter mailings, 1985-1986
Congress: Letters to and from, 1985
Coordinator mailings, 1985-1986
Covert Aid Working Group, 1984-1985
Dues sharing letters and questionnaires, 1985
Edgar, Bob (D-PA). 1986 Senate campaign and background information, 1982-1986
Elections, 1986
Field Department report, [February 1987]
Hiroshima Day, 1985-1986
Joint Training Project (JTP), 1985-1986
Lobbying, 1985
MX Working Group meetings, 1985
Media campaigns, 1985-1986
Midgetman, 1985
Military budget, 1985-1986

Box 179
Files of Esther Hill, Field Organizer and Organizing Director, 1985-1987 Monday Lobby Group, 1985
Nicaragua: "The Economic War Against Nicaragua" information packet and notes, [1985]
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign General information, 1985-1986
Swing District Organizer Training Project, August 1985
Sixth National Conference, November 1985
Orientation and training schedule for Field Staff, May 1986
Originals of forms and memoranda
Peace with Justice Week, 1985
SALT: Treaty violations, verification, 1984-1985
SANE staff memos and "Internal Stuff," 1985-1986
"The shout heard 'round the world," 1986
Summit (Reagan/Gorbachev meeting), fall 1985
Summit organizing, fall 1985
"Doug Rogers' follow-up phone calls" (grassroots work)
Candlelight vigils, November 1985
Voting records, 1985

Box 180
Files of Field Department/Organizing Division Lists of groups/names Local organizations, incl. SANE and Freeze groups, [1983?]
Lists of groups, 1982-1984
Lists of names useful for Rapid Response Network, fundraising, etc., ca. 1984-1986
Peace Empowerment Plan, 1984-1986 (9 fldrs) Early draft, 1984
Flyer, lists, section of Organizers' Manual, 1985
Peace Empowerment Plan, 1984-1985 [files of Laurie Duker?]
Peace Empowerment Plan, 1984-1985 [files of Dianne Russell]
"Originals," ca. January 1985
Drafts of Organizers' Manual, 1985 [files of Dianne Russell and Esther Hill?]
Lobbying materials for categories 2/4 and 3, 1985
Media materials for categories 2/4 and 3, 1985
Correspondence, 1986 (re organizing efforts in New Jersey)
"Peaceworks" Conference (SANE membership conference), Washington, DC, March 1986 Information and follow-up [files of Esther Hill?]
Regional caucus/women's caucus [files of Dianne Russell?]
Logo design [files of Julianne Fanning Halberstein]
Calendars, agendas, brainstorming ideas, n.d. (oversized sheets from unknown meetings)

Box 181
Files of Jim Buchanan, Field Department, 1986-1988 [NOTE: Jim Buchanan was on the SANE Canvass staff in Oregon in 1984. Later (1987), he worked for the Canvass as Rocky Mountain Program Director. In between, he seems to have worked for the Field Department in the SANE office in Washington. These files were apparently added to by someone else and they do contain material from 1988 after the merger of SANE and the Freeze] Nebraskans for Peace, 1987-1988
New Mexico contacts, 1987-1988
New York chapters, ca. 1986

Box 182
Files of Eric Johnson, Field Organizer, 1986-1988 [NOTE: Eric Johnson started as a SANE Field Organizer in May and was responsible for the New England states plus New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He continued on the staff after the formation of SANE/FREEZE and several of these folders contain material from 1988. Additional files of Eric Johnson are in DG 151]
"Amerika," 1986-1987
April Action, April 25-27, 1987 (National Mobilization for Justice and Peace in Central America and Southern Africa)
Dues sharing, 1987-1988
Maine peace groups: newsletters, events, 1986
Maine peace groups: newsletters, events, 1987-1988
Massachusetts contacts, ca. 1985-1987
Massachusetts peace groups: newsletters, events, 1986-1988
Massachusetts: Boston SANE office, 1986-1988
Massachusetts: Western Mass., 1986-1988
New Hampshire, 1986-1987
New Jersey, incl. New Jersey SANE, 1984-1987
Pennsylvania peace groups: newsletters, events, 1986-1987
Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, 1986-1988
Rhode Island peace groups: newsletters, events, contacts, 1986-1988

Box 182a
Files of Ira Shorr, National Organizer, 1986-1988 [NOTE: Ira Shorr was a National Field Organizer for SANE in 1987. He continued on the staff of SANE/FREEZE after the merger. Most of his files have processed as part of DG151,Peace Action] Comprehensive Test Ban Community endorsements, 1986
Iowa CTB campaign, 1987
Iowa CTB campaign: Press work, 1987 (2 folders)
Iowa CTB campaign: Packet, 1987-1988
CTB campaign: Calculations of the impact of military spending in selected communities, 1987-1988

Boxes 183-203
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 [Files pertaining to organizing at the local level and the Rapid Response Network. Includes some files on SANE local chapters and
affiliates. Most material is filed by Congressional District. Only folders for particular individuals or organizations are listed here. Folders with general information about a state or a Congressional District are not listed individually in the Checklist]
Box 183
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Alabama
Arizona Tucson, Nuclear Free State
Election 1984 , McNulty vs. (CD 5)
Arkansas Election 1984 (CD 2)
California Calif. Organizing Trip (C. Kraybill andM. Mawby), March 1982
Calif. trip, February 1984
Greater Los Angeles SANE, 1982-1985 (7 folders)
Hollywood for SANE [1984?]
Pacific SANE (San Diego), 1982-1983 (4 folders)
Santa Barbara SANE, 1981-1982 (5 folders)
Los Angeles Times, 1983
Committee to Bridge the Gap, 1983-1984
Peace andFreedom Party, 1982
Interfaith Hunger Coalition, Los Angeles, 1982
Southern California Alliance for Survival, 1982-1984

Box 184
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 California, [continued]
Friends Committee on Legislation of California, 1983 (CD 3, 4)
Ginosar, Dr. Matania, 1983-1985 (CD 3, 4)
Sacramento Peace Center, 1983-1984 (CD 3, 4)
Northern California Freeze Voter, 1984 (CD 3, 4)
Fazio, Representative Vic, 1983-1984 (CD 4)
Benicia, 1983-1984 (CD 4)
Fairfield, 1984 (CD 4)
Sacramento, 1983-1984 (CD 4)
Vacaville, 1984 (CD 4)
Vallejo, 1984 (CD 4)
Winters, 1983-1984 (CD 4)
Woodland, 1983-1984 (CD 4)
Disarmament Resource Center (CD 5, 6)
Election 1984, Boxer vs. Bencerup (CD 6)
Voting P.O.W.E.R., 1982-1984 (CD 8)
Livermore Action Group, 1983 (CD 8)
New El Salvador Today, 1984 (CD 8)
Pacific Life Community, Berkeley, 1981, 1983 (CD 8)
San Jose Peace Center, 1983-1985 (CD 10, 12, 13)
Zschau, Representative Ed, 1983-1985 (CD 12)
Zschau phone script, 1984 (CD 12)
Election 1984, Carnoy (CD 12)

Box 185
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 California, [continued]
San Joaquin Peace/Life Coalition 1983-1985 (CD 14, 18)
Resource Center for Nonviolence, Santa Cruz, 1984 (CD 16)
Peace Resource Center, Santa Barbara, 1983-1985 (CD 19)
Election 1984, Carey vs. Lagomarsino (CD 19)
Abalone Alliance/Diablo Project Office (CD 20)
Interfaith Center to Reverse the Arms Race, Pasadena, 1981-1984 (CD 22, 25)
Thursday Night Group, 1983-1984 (CD 27)
Dymally, Representative (CD 31)
Election 1984, Brown vs. (CD 36)
Riverside, Nuclear Free Registry, 1983 (CD 36, 37)
Election 1984, Patterson vs. Dornan (CD 38)
Orange County Alliance for Survival, 1983-1984 (CD 38, 39, 40, 42, 43)
Interfaith Peace Ministry, Orange County, n.d. (CD 39)
Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), Orange County, 1984 (CD 40)
Local Elected Officials of America (LEO-USA), 1983 (CD 40)
Election 1984, Brophy (CD 42)
San Diego Alliance for Survival, 1983 (CD 41, 43, 44, 45)
San Diego Peace Resource Center, 1981-1985 (CD 43, 44, 45)
Box 186
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Colorado Boulder SANE, 1982-1985 (2 folders)
Armstrong, William, 1984-1985
Western Solidarity, 1985
Connecticut Connecticut Freeze, 1982-1983
Students for Peace (Willimantic), 1982
Delaware Election 1984, Carper vs. Dupont (At Large)
District of Columbia
Florida Orlando SANE, 1981-1982
People to Prevent Nuclear War, 1982-1984 (CD 4)
Immanuel House (St. Petersburg), [1983?] (CD 8)
Sunshine Action Group (St. Petersburg), 1982-1983 (CD 8)
South Florida Peace Coalition (Miami), 1986

Box 187
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Georgia Dougherty, Helen (Atlanta), 1985
Atlanta Peace Alliance, 1982
Southern Regional Council, 1983 (CD 4,5,6)
Athens Progressive Resource Center, 1983 (CD 10)
Augustans for a Sane Nuclear Policy, 1983 (CD 10)
Hawaii Akaka, Representative Daniel K., 1981
Nuclear Free Maui Project, 1984
Idaho Latah County SANE, 1984 (3 folders)
Freeze Petition Signers, [1983?]
Elections, 1983-1984
Stallings, Representative Richard, 1984-1985 (CD 2)
Election 1984, Stallings vs. Hansen (CD 2)
Illinois Illinois State Freeze Conference, Champagne/Urbana, October 1982
Slide Show Trip (Charlie Kraybill), October 1982
Chicago Area Faculty for the Freeze, [1983]
Chicago June 12 Coalition, [1982]
Disarm Now Action/Disarm Northrup Coalition, 1983
Illinois Alliance to Prevent Nuclear War, 1983
Illinois Freeze Voters, 1984
Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, 1983-1985
NOMOR, Committee for a Nuclear Overkill Moratorium, 1983-1984
Rockford Peace and Justice Action Committee, 1985-1986
Sinnissippi Alliance for the Environment (Rockford), 1982
Box 188
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Illinois, [continued]
Dixon, Senator, 1983
Senate Election 1984, Simon vs. Percy
West Suburban Interfaith Peace Initiative, 1983
Lobby report forms, January 1986 (CD 8-12)
North Shore Peace Initiative, 1983 (CD 9, 10)
Northbrook Freeze, 1983 (CD 10)
Indiana Indianapolis SANE, 1981-1984
Wabash Valley Coalition for Peace and Justice, 1983-1985 (CD 7)
Box 189
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Iowa Elections, 1984
Harkin for U.S. Senate, 1984
Prospects, 1981-1982
Kansas Kassebaum, Senator Nancy, 1985
Kentucky Network in Kentucky, 1982-1983
Hubbard, C., n.d. (CD 1)
Louisiana Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1983-1984: SANE affiliate in New Orleans (4 folders)
Boggs, Representative Lindy, 1984 (CD 2, 4 folders)

Box 190
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Maine Press, 1980-1983 (including Jerry Hartz trip to Maine, October 1983)
Elections 1984
Elections, 1984 (Mitchell, Libby, U.S. Senate)
Maryland Baltimore SANE, 1979-1984 (4 folders)
Baltimore Physicians for Social Responsibility, 1982
Maryland Freeze Campaign, 1983-1985
Mathias, Senator, 1983-1985
Long, Representative Clarence, 1984 (Central America)
Hoyer, Representative Steny, 1982-1984 (3 folders)
Box 191
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Massachusetts Elections, 1984
Boston SANE, 1984
Statewide groups, 1982-1983: Corres. of Lisa Dubay, Field Staff
High Technology Professionals for Peace, 1981-1982
The Human Race to End the Arms Race (Jamaica Plain), 1982
Massachusetts Network, 1983
Mobilization for Survival (Cambridge), 1983
People for Peace (Great Barrington), 1981-1983
RESIST (Somerville), 1982
STOP Nuclear War (Northfield), 1983-1984
The Student Freeze Campaign, n.d.
Traprock Peace Center (Deerfield), 1982
Michigan Prospects, 1980-1982
Southfield SANE, 1983 (2 folders)
Canvass, 1983-1984
Shellabarger Project (Detroit), 1983
Levin, Sen. Carl, 1984
Pursell, Representative Carl, 1984-1985 (CD 2)
Student SANE correspondence, 1983 (CD 2)

Box 192
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Minnesota Elections, 1983-1984
Mississippi Dowdy, Representative Wayne, 1984-1985
Missouri Columbia SANE, 1981-1984 (3 folders)
Bolling, Representative Richard, 1981-1982 (CD 5)
Montana Montana Data-Base Project, [1985?]
Prospects, 1981-1982
Peacemakers Network Directory, 1984

Box 193
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Nebraska Association for Transarmament Studies, 1982-1983 (Metropolitan Omaha Peace Assn.)
New Hampshire Dudley Campaign for Congress, 1984 (CD 1)
Smith, Representative, 1985 (CD 1)
New Jersey New Jersey SANE, 1979-1986 [3 folders]
SANE, South Jersey Chapter, 1985
South Mountain SANE, 1985-1986
Election 1984 (CD 4)
Election 1984 (CD 13)

Box 194
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 New Mexico Southwest Research and Information Center (Albuquerque), 1981-1982
New York, New York, 1981-1985[3 folders]
New York SANE Peace Council, 1984-1986
New York SANE Peace Council, "Peace Talk" columns by Harold Egeln, Jr., 1984-1985
Brooklyn Heights SANE, 1981-1983 [4 folders]
East Nassau SANE, 1983
East Side SANE, 1982
Flatbush SANE, 1981-1985
Great Neck SANE, 1981-1986
Huntington SANE, 1983
North Shore SANE, 1982-1985
Queens SANE, 1983-1985
SANE of Shandaken, 1984
Smithtown SANE, 1982-1983
Staten Island SANE, 1983-1985
West Side SANE, 1983-1985
Westchester SANE, 1984-1985
Chelsea Against Nuclear Destruction, United (CANDU), 1983

Box 195
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 New York, [continued] Long Island Peace Network, 1983 (CD 1,2,3)
Letters to Representative Joseph P. Addabbo re defense budget andMX, 1982-1983
Addabbo, Representative Joe, [1985?], "Completed" (names and addresses)
Upstate Freeze, 1982-1983 (CD 25)
AFSC, Upper New York State Area Office, 1980-1983 (CD 27)
Nuclear Weapons Freeze of Central New York, 1982 (CD 27)
Syracuse Peace Council, 1983-1984 (CD 27)
Seneca Women's Peace Camp, 1983 (CD 29)
Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace, 1981-1983 (CD 30)
Finger Lakes Peace Alliance, 1982 (CD 31?)
WNY Peace Center, 1983 (CD 33)
North Carolina Charlotte SANE/North Carolina SANE, 1981-1986 (2 fldrs)

Box 196
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 North Carolina, [continued] Charlotte SANE/North Carolina SANE, 1981-1987 (3 fldrs)
Kerr Lake SANE, 1984
Peaceworks! Lower Cape Fear Affiliate of SANE, 1984
Raleigh SANE, 1983
Randolph County SANE, 1983-1984
Carolina Community Project, 1986
Triangle Area Project on Military Spending and Human Needs, 1983 (CD 2)
North Carolinians for the Freeze, 1983 (CD 4)
Fellowship to Reverse the Arms Race, 1983 (CD 4)
Raleigh Peace Initiatives, 1983 (CD 4)
Community Alliance for Nuclear Disarmament (Winston-Salem), 1983-1986 (CD 5)
Madison, 1983-1984 (possible SANE chapter) (CD 5?)
North Carolinians for Effective Citizenship (Charlotte), 1983-1984
Citizens for Awareness of Nuclear Arms (Morganton), 1983-1984 (CD 10)
Advocates for Nuclear Arms Freeze (Asheville), 1983 (CD 11)
Carolinians for Safe Energy , n.d. (CD 11)
Jackson County Citizens for a Nuclear Arms Freeze, 1983 (CD 11)
North Dakota

Box 197
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Ohio Ohio Slide Show Trip (Charlie Kraybill), October 1982
Oberlin College SANE, 1982-1986
Toledo, 1982-1983 (CD 9)
LEGACY, Inc. 1982-1986 (CD 14?)
Commission on Catholic Community Action (Cleveland), 1983 (CD 19, 20, 21)
Oklahoma Jones, Representative James, 1983-1984 (CD 1)
Oregon Prospects, 1981-1982
SANE, Portland Office, 1986 andn.d. (Portland SANE? Oregon SANE? part of SANE Canvass?)
Citizen Action for Lasting Security (Salem), 1982-1983 [2 folders]

Box 198
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Oregon, [continued] Senate election, 1984 (Hatfield vs. Hendriksen)
Packwood, Senator Bob, 1984-1985
Hatfield, Senator Mark, 1986
Election 1984 (CD 1)
Election 1984 (CD 2)
Election 1984 (CD 5)
Pennsylvania Bucks County SANE, 1982-1985[3 folders]
Philadelphia SANE, 1984-1985
Susquehanna Valley SANE (Bloomsburg), 1983
Heinz, Senator John, 1984
Specter, Senator Arlen, 1982-1985
NARMIC, 1982
Pennsylvania Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Freeze, 1982-1984
Philadelphia Nuclear Freeze, 1983-1984
Elections, 1984 (Edgar vs. Weldon) (CD 7)
Elections, 1984 (Kostmayer vs. Christian) (CD 8)

Box 199
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Pennsylvania, [continued]
Elections, 1984, (Kanjorski vs. Hudock) (CD 11)
Coughlin phone script re MX, 1984 (CD 13)
Elections, 1984 (Hoeffel vs. Coughlin) (CD 13)
Elections, 1984 (Wells-Schooley vs. Ritter) (CD 15)
Gaydos, Representative Joseph, 1984 (CD 20)
Elections, 1984 (Young vs. Ridge) (CD 21)
Elections, 1984 (Wachob vs. Clinger) (CD 23)
South Carolina
Natural Guard, 1982-1983
Palmetto Alliance (Columbia), 1981-1983
MX phone calls, 1985
Derrick, Spratt, Tallon (CD 3, 5, 6)
South Dakota

Box 200
State Files, ca. 1982-1986
Tennessee Spencer Training Range, 1984-1985
Tennessee Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, 1982-1983
Boner, Representative Bill, 1985 (CD 5)
Gordon, Representative Bart, 1985-1986 (CD 6)
Texas Citizens' Anti-Nuclear Information Team (CAN IT), (Houston), 1982-1983
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign of Houston, 1982-1983
Alliance for Justice (CD 3,4,5,24,26)
Senate election, 1984 (Doggett vs. Gramm)
Vermont North Country Coalition, 1983
Norwich Peace Center, 1982
Virginia Senate election, 1984 (Edythe Harrison)
Tidewater Peace Center, 1984 (CD 1)
Election 1984 (McGlennon vs. Bateman) (CD 1)
Sisisky, Representative Norman, 1985 (CD 4)

Box 201
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Virginia, [continued]
Election 1984 (Olin vs. ) (CD 6)
Election 1984 (Boucher vs. ) (CD 9)
Election 1984 (Flannery vs. Wolf) (CD 10)
Washington Palouse SANE, 1983-1985[3 folders]
Puget Sound SANE, 1984-1986 [4 folders]
Valley SANE (Lewiston, Clarkston, Asotin), 1984
Senate election, 1983 (Lowry vs. Evans)
Evans, Sen. Dan and Gorton, Sen. Slade, 1984-1985
Sixth Sense andPeople United to Reverse the Arms Race, 1983-1985
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign (Seattle), 1983-1984
Seattle Press, n.d.
Pritchard, Representative Joel, 1984 (CD 1)
Election 1984 (CD 1)
Miller, Representative John, 1985 (CD 1)

Box 202
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 Washington, [continued]
Foley, Representative Thomas, 1984 (CD 5)
Election 1984 (Tom Foley) (CD 5)
Dicks, Representative Norm, 1984-1985 (CD 6)
Chandler, Representative Rod, 1984 (CD 8)
Election 1984 (CD 8)
Box 203
State Files, ca. 1982-1986 West Virginia MX lobbying (Senators Byrd and Rockefeller), 1985
Wisconsin Central Wisconsin SANE, 1982-1984 [2 folders]
Northern Wisconsin SANE, 1981-1986 [2 folders]
Nuke Watch, 1982-1983
Stop Project ELF, 1980-1984
Waging Peace, 1984-1985
Wisconsin Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign and Freeze Voter, 1982-1984
Senate, 1985
Aspin, Representative Les, 1985 (CD 1)
Congressional election, 1984 (CD 4)
Wyoming Simpson, Senator Alan, [1984?]

Box 204
Reference material from Acc. no. 91A-25 1983 Handbook: Arms Control and Peace Organizations/Activities (Washington: The Forum Institute), 1983
Candidate Briefing Book; Information, Facts and Arguments on Major Arms Control and Military Budget Issues Facing the
United States in 1984 (Prepared by Council for a Livable World, Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, SANE, and others)
Voter Options on Nuclear Arms Policy; A Briefing Book for the 1984 Elections (New York: The Public Agenda Foundation), 1984
The Public and the Nation's Nuclear Arms Policy (New York: The Public Agenda Foundation), 1985

Box 205
Reference material from Acc. no. 93A-39 Grassroots Peace Directory: An Information Guide to Resources and Groups Working in the Areas of Peace, Disarmament and International Security. SANE/FREEZE Inventory (Pomfret, Connecticut: Topsfield Foundation), May 1987

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