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Series E: Records of the Washington (D.C.) Office of SANE, 1957-1976 (Bulk 1960-1970) (Acc. 77A-30, 78A-8, 84A-57)

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SANE, Inc.
SANE, Inc. Records
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SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

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SANE, Inc. Records (DG 058) [SANE, Inc. Table of Contents]

Historical Background
SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

Arrangement of Series E

Series E contains records of the Washington Office of SANE from 1957 to 1976, although the bulk of the material dates from 1960 to 1970. A small quantity of the pre-1960 material is from the Washington Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy, a local group with which Sanford Gottlieb was active. In February 1960 a legislative office of SANE was opened in Washington, DC, with Sanford Gottlieb serving as Political Action Director. He remained in this position until December 1967 when he became Executive Director of SANE. The national headquarters of SANE moved from New York to Washington in July 1970. The records in this series document the involvement of Sanford Gottlieb in SANE and in various peace coalitions, and the changing role of the Washington Office in the organization. Most of the records of the National Office of SANE after July 1970 will be found in Series G. However, as noted below, two sections of Series E (#6 and #10) contain material from the early 1970s.

The bulk of the material in Series E came to SCPC in the accessions of 1977 and 1978. The arrangement of the series is based on the arrangement of the materials in Accession Number 78A-8 when they arrived. These materials are thought to have been arranged by Paul Murphy, a student who spent a January internship working for SANE in 1978. There is a paper by Murphy in Series G, Box 18, but unfortunately the paper says very little about his work on the SANE records. When the material arrived at SCPC, it had been arranged year by year, with categories #1 through #9 for each year. As the material was being processed by the SCPC staff, it was decided to arrange the material first by the designated categories and then chronologically within each category. A few changes have been made in the categories so that they are now as follows:

#1 Congressional Record, Testimony, Bills
#2 Staff Reports, Minutes, Memos
#3 Charter, By-laws, Position Papers
#4 Annual Reports, Financial Reports
#5 Correspondence (by Topic)
#6 Correspondence (by State + International)
#7 Releases and Clippings
#8 Conferences
#9 Literature
#10 File Topics

The original Category #6 (Press releases, press clips, ads) has been combined with Category #7 (News clippings). All clippings which mention SANE or people prominent within SANE have been saved, while general clippings have been discarded.

Category #5 now contains correspondence arranged by topics within each year. When the material arrived at SCPC, all correspondence for one year was in several very fat folders. The processor has divided the correspondence by topics on the basis of notations for filing on the letters themselves or on the basis of letter content. There are some items in these folders which seem to have come from files of the National Office in New York.

The new Category #6 contains correspondence which is arranged first geographically, then chronologically. More that half of the correspondence in this subseries had come to SCPC in Accession Number 77A-30. The remainder was mixed in with the correspondence in Category #5 in Accession Number 78A-8. Researchers should note that this subseries contains correspondence after 1970. Span dates vary from state to state, some ending as late as 1976. Additional correspondence arranged by states is located in Series G and Series H.

Materials which came to SCPC labelled as "File Topics" in the original Category #6 have been moved to a newly created Category #10. Material is arranged alphabetically by topic. Many of these folders contain material covering a span of years; some of the material dates from the early 1970s. Although the bulk of the files are reference materials, there is also some correspondence. Correspondence has been placed in separate folders within each topic. SANE publications have been moved to Series A (up to 1970) or Series G (1971 and later).

Throughout Series E, an attempt has been made to pull out SANE materials which more appropriately belong in Series A, such as minutes and SANE publications. This was done to reduce duplication and to make Series A as complete as possible.

A small amount of material from later accessions has been added to Series E when no other logical place for the material could be found. Accession numbers are marked on these folders.


SERIES E: Records of the Washington, D.C. Office of SANE, 1957-1976
[NOTE: The numbers preceding major headings are category numbers assigned by the SANE staff member who packed the files for shipment to the Peace Collection. See Arrangement section for more information]
Box 1
#1, Congressional Record, Testimony, Bills, 1959-1970 (12 folders)
#2, Staff Reports, Minutes, Memos, 1957-1961 (7 folders, including 2 folders on Dodd Subcommittee and SANE response)
Box 2
#2, Staff Reports, Minutes, Memos, 1962-1965 (12 folders) Special folders include: HUAC investigation of Women Strike for Peace, 1962
Peace demonstrations, 1963
Oxford Conf. of Non-aligned Peace Organizations, 1963
Intern'l Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, 1963
Intern'l Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, 1964
Test ban, 1962-1964
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, 1965
Peace groups, general information, 1961-1965

Box 3
#2, Staff Reports, Minutes, Memos, 1966-1970 (11 folders) Special folders include: Intern'l Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, 1966
Voters' Pledge Campaign, 1966
Rally to end the war in Vietnam, 1967
Peace demonstrations, 1967
Intern'l Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, 1967
Box 4
#3, Charter, By-laws, Position Papers, 1958-1964 (8 folders, including one folder on the proposed consolidation of SANE and United World Federalists, 1964)

Box 5
#3, Charter, By-laws, Position Papers, 1958-1964 (7 folders)
Box 6
#4, Annual Reports, Financial Reports, 1958-1970 (12 folders)
Box 7
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1957-1961 Correspondence, 1957
Correspondence, 1958
Correspondence, 1959
Correspondence, 1960
Allen, Steve
Campaign for Disarmament
Dodd investigation, SANE's internal problems
National Peace Agency
Political Action
State Dept.
U. S. Senators
Corres.: Miscellaneous
Correspondence, 1961
Allen, Steve
Civil defense
Mass media
National SANE, New YorkOffice
State Dept.
U.S.S.R. Miscellaneous

Box 8
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1962 Civil defense
Cuban crisis
Disarmament, ACDA
Mass media
Military strategy
National SANE, New YorkOffice
Nuclear tests
Peace candidates, Political action
Peace research
Turn Toward Peace

Box 9
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1963 Civil defense
Economic conversion
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace
National SANE
News media
Nominating Committee
Peace research
Political action
State Dept.
United World Federalists
Miscellaneous topics
Box 10
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1964-1965 Correspondence, 1964 Fallout
National SANE
News media
Political action
Southeast Asia/Vietnam
State Dept.
United World Federalists
Correspondence, 1965 Economic conversion
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace
Letters from important people
March on Washington [2 folders]

Box 11
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1965,continued March on Washington: Telegrams and greetings (folder 1)
March on Washington: Telegrams and greetings (folder 2)
March on Washington: Reports
March on Washington: Speeches
National SANE
News media
Southeast Asia/Vietnam
State Dept.

Box 12
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1966 Citizens for a Fair Primary
Government officials
International ad
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace
National SANE
Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons
Peace movement
News media
Peace groups (foreign)
Political action
SANE Rally at Madison Square Garden (December 8, 1960)
Trade Union Division
Visit of John Mendelson, British M.P.
Voters' Pledge Campaign
Voters' Pledge Campaign (signed forms)

Box 13
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1967 Australian M.P.'s visit re Vietnam
Government officials
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace
Keys, Donald F.
Lease and furnishings in New Yorkoffice
National Board/Sponsors
National SANE
News media
Peace groups (foreign)
Political action
Spring Mobilization/Vietnam Summer
State Dept.
Trade Union Division
Vietnam/SANE Action
Box 14
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1968 Annual conference, March 1968
Annual conference, December 1968
Chemical & biological warfare/weapons
Government officials
Mass media
New Democratic Coalition
New York SANE office (A-Z)
Political action
Position papers
SANE (General)
SANE ads
SANE affiliates
SANE Board
Statement on tactical nuclear weapons
Vietnam/SANE action

Box 15
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1969 ABM
Annual conference, January 1970
Award to Martin Luther King, December 1969
Executive Branch
Lobby Proxy Campaign
New Democratic Coalition
New York SANE office (A-Z)
New York SANE office: Robert Z. Alpern
New York SANE office: Memoranda
News media
Osborn, Robert (A.L.S., August 29, 1969)
Political action

Box 16
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1969 SANE, January-April 1969
SANE, May-December 1969
SANE (general)
SANE administration
SANE ads
SANE program

Box 17
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1970 ABM
Annual conference, January 1970
Congressional condidates
Move to Washington, DC
New Democratic Coalition
New York SANE office (A-G)
New York SANE office (H-Q)
New York SANE office (R-Z)
News media
Nuclear tests
Peace movement
Peace research
Political action
Public opinion

Box 18
#5, Correspondence (by Topic), 1970 SALT Talks
SANE (general)
SANE administration
SANE Board
SANE membership (Hilda Mason, Membership Secretary)
SANE personnel
SANE program
State Dept.

Box 19
#6, Correspondence (by State) Arizona, 1966-1975
California: Statewide concerns, 1962-1966
California, 1960-1969 (6 folders)
California, Southern, 1967-1970

Box 20
#6, Correspondence (by State) California, Northern, 1970-1973 (2 folders)
California, Southern, 1971-1973
Corres. of Northern California SANE Office Southern California SANE, 1962-1966
Voter's Pledge Campaign, 1966
Political action, 1966
Voter's Pledge Phase II, 1965-1966
SANE supported candidates, 1966

Box 21
#6, Correspondence (by State) Colorado, 1960-1973 (4 folders)
Connecticut, 1960-1973 (4 folders)

Box 22
#6, Correspondence (by State) District of Columbia, 1960-1969 (2 folders)
Florida, 1960-1976 (2 folders)
Georgia, 1962-1972 (2 folders)
Illinois, 1960-1965 (3 folders)

Box 23
#6, Correspondence (by State) Illinois, 1966-1973 (6 folders)
Indiana, 1960-1972 (3 folders)

Box 24
#6, Correspondence (by State) Iowa, 1957-1974 (2 folders)
Kansas, 1969
Maine, 1962-1973 (2 folders)
Maryland, 1960-1968 (5 folders)

Box 25
#6, Correspondence (by State) Maryland, 1969-1973 (5 folders)
Massachusetts, 1960-1969 (8 folders)

Box 26
#6, Correspondence (by State) Michigan, 1960-1973 (9 folders)
Minnesota, 1960, 1966-1970 (2 folders)

Box 27
#6, Correspondence (by State) Mississippi, 1971
Missouri, 1960-1973 (4 folders)
Nebraska, 1962-1970
Nevada, 1969
New Hampshire, 1960-1973 (5 folders)
New Jersey, 1961-1969 (4 folders)

Box 28
#6, Correspondence (by State) New Jersey, 1970-1973 (3 folders)
New York, 1960-1966 (7 folders)

Box 29
#6, Correspondence (by State) New York, 1967-1974 (10 folders)
North Carolina, 1960-1973 (2 folders)

Box 30
#6, Correspondence (by State) Ohio, 1960-1974 (6 folders)
Oregon, 1960-1972 (2 folders)
Pennsylvania, 1960-1967 (3 folders)

Box 31
#6, Correspondence (by State) Pennsylvania, 1968-1974 (6 folders)
Texas, 1962-1973 (2 folders)
Utah, 1963-1970

Box 32
#6, Correspondence (by State) Virginia, 1960-1971 (2 folders)
Washington, 1960-1972 (4 folders)
Wisconsin, 1960-1973 (5 folders)
Wyoming, 1969

Box 33
Correspondence, International Asia, 1964
Europe, 1966
Ceylon, 1967
International, 1969

Box 34
#7, Releases and Clippings, 1957-1962 (10 folders)
Box 35
#7, Releases and Clippings, 1963-1965 (7 folders)
Box 36
#7, Releases and Clippings, 1966-1968 (9 folders)
Box 37
#7, Releases and Clippings, 1969-1970 (3 folders)
Box 38
#8, Conferences, 1958-1966 (9 folders)
Box 39
#8, Conferences, 1967-1969 (3 folders)
#9, Literature (primarily from SANE), 1960-1970 (11 folders)
Box 40
#10, File Topics Arms Control and Disarmament Council Correspondence, 1968-1969
Reference material, 1968-1969
Cambodia Correspondence and reference material, 1970-1973
Chemical and biological warfare Correspondence, 1968-1969
Reference material, 1959-1969 (2 folders)
China Correspondence, 1962-1971
Reference material, 1961-1966

Box 41
#10, File Topics China,continued Reference material, 1965-1971 (2 folders)
Coalition for an Open Convention Correspondence, 1968-1969
Reference material, 1968-1969
Communist bloc Correspondence, 1963-1969
Reference material, 1963-1969
Demonstrations Correspondence, 1963-1967

Box 42
#10, File Topics Disarmament Correspondence, 1969-1971
Reference material, 1961-1971 (2 folders)
Draft Correspondence, 1964-1971
Reference material, 1964-1966
American Veterans Committee Bulletin, 1966
Reference material, 1967-1969 (2 folders)

Box 43
#10, File Topics Draft (continued) Reference material, 1970-1972, n.d. (2 folders)
Economics of conversion Correspondence, 1967-1969
Reference material, 1966-1969
European security Correspondence, 1962-1972
Reference material, 1959-1971
Executive Branch Correspondence, 1960-1964
Reference material, 1961-1964
Government and the U.N. Correspondence, 1966-1967
Reference material, 1965-1967
Hiroshima Day Correspondence, 1969
Reference material, 1968-1969

Box 44
#10, File Topics Labor Reference material, 1958-1972 (3 folders)

Box 45
#10, File Topics Laos Correspondence, 1970
Middle East Correspondence, 1967-1971
Reference material, 1967-1971
Military budget Correspondence, 1967-1971
Reference material, 1963-1971, n.d. (6 folders)
Military industrial complex Correspondence, 1969
Reference material, 1969

Box 46
#10, File Topics National priorities Correspondence, 1966-1970
Reference material, 1965-1972, n.d. (2 folders)
Nuclear tests Correspondence, 1963-1970
Reference material, 1960-1962, n.d.
Nuclear test ban; Senate debate Correspondence, 1963-1972
Reference material, 1963-1972, n.d.

Box 47
#10, File Topics Nuclear weapons spread Correspondence, 1960-1968, n.d.
Reference material, 1959-1969, n.d. (2 folders)
Nuclear weapons system Correspondence, 1969
Reference material, 1968-1969, n.d.
Prisoners of war (P.O.W.'s) Correspondence, 1965-1973 (2 folders)
Reference material, 1966-1973 (2 folders)
Radiation Correspondence, 1970
Reference material, 1969-1970, n.d.

Box 48
#10, File Topics Right wing Correspondence, 1963-1972
Reference material, 1962-1971, n.d.
Southeast Asia Correspondence, 1962-1964
Reference material, 1954-1964, n.d. (2 folders)
Draft paper "What's wrong with our foreign policy in S.E. Asia?" (by S. Gottlieb)
Spock, Dr. Benjamin Correspondence, 1964-1967
Reference material, 1965, n.d.
TV program Correspondence, 1966
Reference material, 1966
Thailand Correspondence, 1967
Reference material, 1966
United Nations Correspondence, 1962-1970
Reference material, 1960-1970 (2 folders)

Box 49
#10, File Topics: Vietnam Correspondence, 1964-1965 (2 folders)
Reference material, 1962-1965 (6 folders)

Box 50
#10, File Topics: Vietnam (cont.) Correspondence, 1966-1967 (4 folders)
Reference material, 1966-1967, n.d. (7 folders)

Box 51
#10, File Topics: Vietnam (cont.) Reference material, 1967-1968 (2 folders)
Correspondence, 1969-1971 (3 folders)
Reference material, 1969-1971, 1973 (4 folders)

Box 52
#10, File Topics: Vietnam (cont.) Children of Vietnam, 1967
Congressional action and comment Correspondence, 1970
Reference material, 1970
Impact of war, Internal politics Correspondence, 1965-1966
Reference material, 1965-1966
Interviews with Vietnamese leaders, 1965 Correspondence, 1967-1974
Reference material, 1967-1974
Impact of war on U.S. Correspondence, 1969
Reference material, 1968-1970 (2 folders)
Military aspects Reference material, 1966-1971
Box 53
#10, File Topics Vietnam (cont.) National Liberation Front Correspondence, 1965-1973
Reference material, 1960-1972
Negotiations Correspondence, 1966-1967
Reference material, 1966-1967
Correspondence, 1968-1971
Reference material, 1968-1969
North Vietnam Correspondence, 1965-1970
Reference material, 1965-1970
SANE Action on Vietnam Correspondence, 1964-1965
Reference material, 1963-1965
Correspondence, 1969-1970 (2 folders)
Passion Play, 1969 (2 folders)
Southeast Asia Correspondence, 1968-1971
Reference material, 1968-1971 (2 folders)
Vietnam protests Correspondence, 1966-1967
Reference material, 1966-1967


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