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Series A: Administrative Records of the National Office

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SANE, Inc.
SANE, Inc. Records
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SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

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SANE, Inc. Records (DG 058) [SANE, Inc. Table of Contents]

Historical Background
SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

Arrangement of Series A
This series consists of various types of administrative records covering the period 1957 to 1970. Arrangement is by type of material, then chronological. Many of the folders probably originated in the files of the National Office, but additional items have been added to some folders to fill apparent gaps. Boxes 10 through 11b (literature and releases) have been reorganized several times in order to accommodate additional materialto try to clarify the arrangement. Some of the boxes have been consolidated in order to save shelf space (e.g., Box 6, Box 7 are now in one box labelled Box 6 and 7).


Box 1
Histories of SANE, 1957-1967
History: Information on Lenore G. Marshall as founder of SANE
Material about SANE, 1958-1968
Lists of Board members, sponsors, committees, etc.
Consent statements, 1959-1968

Box 2
Membership/Contact Lists, circa 1960-1961: local committee lists
Integrated fundraising, local committee lists
Marin Country, California
Chicago, Illinois
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bergen County, New Jersey
Morris County
Newark, New Jersey
Orange/Maplewood, New Jersey
Plainfield, New Jersey
Raritan Valley
Union County, New Jersey
Verona, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Peekskill, Yorktown, New Jersey
Albany, New York
Poughkeepsie, New York
Woodstock, New York
Cleveland, Ohio
St. Croix Pierce, Wisconsin

Box 3
Incorporation papers, 1958
By-laws, 1959-1968
Statements, policy statements, position papers, etc., 1957-1970 [8 folders]
SANEUnited World Federalists (proposed merger), 1963-1964
Office procedures
Committee structure and staff responsibility
Staff reports, 1957-1970

Box 4
Legal papers: Dodd Subcommittee, 1960
William J. Butler, 1960-1961
Local Committees:
National SANE releases regarding, 1958-1968 (lists, form letters, reports, etc.)

Box 5
Minutes, resolutions, etc., 1957-1970 Initiating Committee, May 13, 1957
Provisional (ad hoc) Committee, June 21, 1957; September 24, 1957
Organizing (Steering) Committee, 1957
Administrative Committee, 1958-1961 [2 folders]
Executive Committee (or Executive Council), 1957-1962, 1968-1970 [3 folders]
National Board of Directors, 1959-1970 [4 folders]
National Council of Local SANE Committees, 1961-1967

Box 6
Reports (miscellaneous), 1957-1970 [3 folders] [NOTE: Staff reports are filed in Box 2. Also, many short reports are filed with "Releases" in Boxes 11, 11a,11b]
Speeches and articles, 1957-1970: Cousins, Norman
Gottlieb, Sanford
Keys, Donald

Box 7 [NOTE: The material in Box 6 and 7 was formerly in two boxes, Box 6Box 7. The two boxes were combined in order to save shelf space. The same is true for Boxes 8 and 9, 12 and 13, 13 and 14, 14 and 15,15 and 16]
Finances Financial statements, 1957-1969
Financial reports (annual auditor's reports), 1962-1970
Financial matters (government, shares contributions, releases)
Madison Square Garden finances, May 1960
Fundraising Correspondence
Integrated fundraising, 1961-1967
Integrated fundraising, proposal of Greater Philadelphia
Appeal letters 1 and 2, 1957-1958
Appeal letters, 1959-1960
Drafts of letters, etc., 1961-1962
Fundraising: Financial campaign, 1964
Fundraising mail appeals, 1969-1970

Box 8
Committees, 1958-1970 Ad hoc Committee on the Test Ban, 1963
Finance Committee
Nominating Committee
Personnel Committee
Program Committee
Public Information Committee, 1961-1962 [3 folders]
Publicity, 1958
National Conferences (annual), 1958-1970 [13 folders]
Regional Conferences, 1961-1962 [2 folders]
[NOTE: For other conferences, see Series B under name of conference]

Box 9
Literature, 1957-1970 [NOTE: "Literature" includes printed brochures, pamphlets,multi-page mimeographed items. Releases, form letters, etc. are filed in Box 11] Literature packets The Vietnam, 1964
U.S.the Communist World, [1963?]
Dialogue with Middle America, 1970
Literature 1963-1970
Box 10
Literature order forms, Bibliographies, 1957-1970
Literature: Correspondence, drafts, proofs, 1958
Press (lists, conferences, etc.), 1957-1962
Mimeographed materials, 1958-1960 (some samples of items run)
Mailing summaries, 1963-1964 [5 folders]
Releases, 1957-1963 [8 folders]

Box 11a
Mailing summaries, 1963-1964: sponsors
Releases, 1964-1970 [7 folders] [NOTE: "Releases" includes short items such as press releases, leaflets, form letters, memoranda,brief reports. SANE NewsSANE Report are filed with Releases. SANE Action is filed with Serials in Boxes 17 and 18]

Box 12
Releases, 1964-1970 [6 folders]
Local Releases, 1957-1970 (filed by date) [2 folders]

Boxes 13
Releases, 1964-1970 [3 folders]
Releases, n.d.
Local releases, 1957-1962
Local releases, 1963-1970

Box 14
Advertisement, Nov. 1957, "We are facing a danger..."
Reprints, 1957-1962
Reprints, 1963-1966
Reprints, 1967-1970
Financial arrangements, correspondence relating to Advertisements
Miscellaneous local ads
Graphic Artists for SANE
Scientists for SANE

Box 15
Advertisements, 1957-1958 [see Oversize Collection for newspaper advertisements]
March 24, 1958. "No contamination without..."
April 11, 1958. "Nuclear bombs can destroy all life..."
April 12, 1958. "Who are the heirs of Patrick Henry?" (attack on SANE)
Advertisements, 1958-1960 [see Oversize Collection for newspaper advertisements] [May 1958]. "The depression from which there will be no up-turn" [probably not run]
October 31, 1958. "To the men at Geneva"
February 13, 1959. "Mr. Eisenhower, Mr. Khrushchev, Mr. Macmillan"

Box 16
August 13, 1959. "Humanity has a common will..."
September 1959. "An open letter to President Eisenhower and Premier Khrushchev"
November 20, 1959. "Of candidates and cranberries"
February 8, 1960. "Three out of four Americans favor..."
Advertisements, 1960-1961 [see Oversize Collection for newspaper advertisements] March 15, 1960. "Agenda for Geneva"
May 13, 1960. "To the men at the summit"
May 19, 1960. "The Geneva Test Ban Talks"
October 13, 1960. "Will 'Defense' defend us?"
Winter 1961. "SANE Comment column" (editorial ads in The New York Times)
May 23, 1961. "An open letter to Chairman Khrushchev"
May 26, 1961. "An open letter to President Kennedy"

Box 17
July 20, 1961. "Berlin: there IS an alternative"
September 21, 1961. "In the spirit of Dag Hammarskjold"
Advertisements, 1962-1969 [see Oversize Collection for newspaper advertisements] Jan. 14, 1962. "Why we must not test nuclear weapons"
April 10, 1962. "What are the risks of tests?"
April 16, 1962. "Dr. Spock is worried"
April 18, 1962. "President Kennedy, you stopped the steel strike"
April 19, 1962. "Easter-Passover message from American clergymen"
July 5, 1962. "Is this what it's coming to?" (milk bottle ad)

Box 18
September 16, 1962. "Cuba"
October 25, 1962. "Memo on Cuba"
October 28, 1962. "Mr. President, help us to get behind you"
October 16, 1961. "Open letter to the Russian people"
November 1961. "Soviet nuclear tests, a crime"
April 7, 1963. "Your children's teeth contain Strontium-90" (Dentist's Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy)
August 2, 1963. "Now it's up to the Senate...and You"
February 12, 1964. "The next time madness strikes"
December 15, 1964..."How much are you interested in the nuclear bomb?" (Thai papers) [late 1964] Draft for MLF ad
February 19, 1965. "Vietnam: America must decide..."
July 22, 1965. "The winner of World War III" (cockroach ad)
1965. Ads from other groups
Spring 1966. "War? Peace?" (ad for March on Washington, May 15, 1966)
October 20, 1966. "Mr. President: Let's plug the credibility gap"
June 18, 1967. "Who is blocking negotiation on Vietnam now?"
December 5, 1968. "The election is over, the problems remain"
March 24, 1969. "From the people who brought you Vietnam..."
Serial publications Background for Action, 1961-1962
Daily Action for Peace, 1962
Disarmament at the 16th General Assembly [U.N.], 1961, Serial reports by Homer A. Jack
Disarmament at the United Nations, 1962, A weekly column by Homer A. Jack
Disarmament at the 17th U.N. General Assembly, 1962, Report by Homer A. Jack
Disarmament at the 18th United Nations General Assembly, 1963. A weekly column by Homer A. Jack
From the Verbatim, 1961
Geneva Disarmament Conference, 1959-1964, Reports by Homer A. JackDonald F. Keys
Inter-SANE, 1960-1970

Box 18
Moscow Conference for General DisarmamentPeace, 1962, Reports by Homer A. Jack
SANE Action, 1957-1964 [5 folders]
Serial publications, cont. SANE Action, 1965-1970n.d. (4 folders)

Box 19
Student SANE, 1958-1962

Box 20
Serial publications, cont. SANE in Your Community, 1962-1963
SANE Roundup, 1962-1967
SANE Voice, 1961
SANE World. Trade Union Division, 1966-1967
Sharing Sheet, 1958
Shifting Gears
, 1964-1965
Survival for the Sixties
, [1961]
Voters Pledge Newsletter
, 1966
We Tried ThisIt Worked
, 1960-1962
Student SANE: A-Y

Box 21
Student SANE, 1960-1962
Student SANE: debate material
Student SANE: ads
Reference: articles of significance
Anti-ballistic missiles (ABM)
Economics of disarmaments

Box 22
Reference (cont.): fallout
India-China conflict
Labor and peace
Liability from using nuclear weapons
Control of nuclear weapons
Outer space

Box 23
Reference (cont.): Reports, facts, articles
Rand research
Suspension of tests, 1957-1960
Test ban
U.S. attitudes toward U.S.S.R.
Articles; newsclippings

Box 24
Clippings Some by topic; some by date (partially processed)
Additional miscellaneous clippings here, by date

Box 25
Scrapbooks (photocopied) Message to the Men at Geneva, November-December 1958
Clippings, 1960-1963 [3 folders]
March on Washington, November 27, 1965 [2 folders]

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