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LATER ACCESSIONS [received after March 2001]

Note to researchers: Be sure to search the entire WILPF checklist for more information on your
person/topic of interest, which might be contained in other parts/series.



Accession 2014-033 (received June 2014)
Files of Marge Van Cleef

Accession 2014-063 (received September 2014)
Files of Ellen F. Murtha, national treasurer, 2006-2008

Accession 2015-008 (recieved April 2015)
Files on Cuba trips

Accession 2015-049 (received August 2015)

Accession 2015-063 (received October 2015)
Tura Campanella Cook files
29th and 30th Triennial WILPF Congress

Accession 2016-009 (received October 2016)
Files of Libby Frank, 2008-2014

Accession 2016-039 (received May 2016)
Ann E. Fleischli
Correspondence and petition to recall WILPF Board, 2013-2014

Accession 2016-043 (received May 2016)
Marjorie Van Cleef files
WILPF Philadelphia Branch, national, and international materials

Accession 2016-045 (received May 2016)
Barbara Reed
WILPF Miscellaneous files

Accession 2016-046 (received May 2016)
Files of WILPF National Office, 1984-2007 (roughly)

Accession 2016-070 (received Summer 2016)
Files of Barbara Reed

Accession 2017-021 (received Spring 2017)
Photographs from Peace and Freedom [Removed to Photograph Collection]
One folder of miscellaneous literature and files [currently housed with Acc. 2016-045]

Accession 2017-030 (received Spring 2017)
Files (miscellaneous)from NGO Women's Forum, 1995

Accession 2017-045 (received Spring 2017)
Files from the WILPF, U.S. Section National office

Accession 2017-062 (received February 2017)
File re: death of Yvonne Logan (3 items only)

Accession 2017-067 (received July 2017)
Files of Sandy Silver

Accession 2018-013 (received February 2018)
Files from Libby Frank

Accession 2018-014 (received February 2018)
Files from Santa Cruz, California Branch

Accession 2018-019 (received February 2018)
Files from Sandy Silver

Computer diskettes (received June 2002)


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