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Acc. 2015-049

Box 1 (Acc. 2015-049)
2007-Phil. Tax Info
WILPF Nationa Board Procedures Packet, Oct. 1996
Rights, Racism, Disarmament
Brochures and Activist Papers
Latin America, 2003-2004
Truth and Reconciliation Symposium and Strategy Conference, November 14-15, 1997
Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East
Micellaneous Correspondence and Financial Forms
Loan-Alice Ballard
Board Meeting Papers, Testimonials and Miscellaneous Papers
Board Meeting Papers
WILPF Contacts, Branches, and other Miscellaneous Papers

Box 2 (Acc. 2015-049)
Evaluation of 1987 WILPF Speaking Tour
Member Requests 2000
New Members 1999
Renewal of Membership
WILPF Resources and Miscellaneous Documents
Colorado Women's Fund
Publication Papers
Renewal Mailings
WILPF Intern Evaluation
Donation Records
Knowlton Trust
2006 WBU Conference
Testimonials, Presentation Slides, Convention on Discrimination
Miscellaneous Papers, Letters

Box 3 (Acc. 2015-049)
Papers on Water
Human Rights and Water
Water Rights, Notes, and WILPF National Congress, 8-11-2005
US Government and WILPF
Media Notes
WILPF Policies and Miscellaneous Papers
Petitions-Human Rights to Water
Water Organizing Mtg , 4/15-17/2005
WILPF Water, Finances, and Miscellaneous
Water Initiative, 2005-2006
Save the Water Campaign
Strategy; Water Campaign
Commitment to National WILPF Campaign Leadership
Water Mapping and Directory
United States Institute of Peace

Box 4 (Acc. 2015-049)
Miscellaneous WILPF Papers and Correspondence (1)
Miscellaneous WILPF Papers and Correspondence (2)
Miscellaneous WILPF Papers and Correspondence (3)
2003 Budget
Fiscal Year 2001 Budget
Audit Fiscal Year 2000
Campaign Papers and Correspondence
Fiscal Year 1999 Budget
Fiscal Year 2000 Budget
Budget Reports
Europe Reviews 2006

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