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Accession 04A-067 (Received June 2004) -- Unprocessed Files


Box 1 [not on mf] on-site
Matti Gershenfeld (staff consultant)
Peace Train [2 folders]
Triennial delegates/alternates, 1989
Health Care statement
National Board Meeting, Sept. 1989
Staff meetings
Election of Board Members
Election of Board Members: procedures & general guidelines
Current mailing
Biennial, 1987: evalutaions
Misc. [2 folders]
National Board Procedures Manual, June 1993

Box 2 [not on mf] on-site
Board Meeting [?]
National Congress (Richmond, VA), 1993: notes, etc.
Resolutions re: Bosnia
Peace Train [2 folders]
General information, 1992-1993
Proposed budget, 1989
Women vs. Violence Speaking Tour: organizers
Women vs. Violence Speaking Tour: Branches
Women vs. Violence Workshop
Women vs. Violence Speaking Tour, 1990: resources; general information
Women vs. Violence: Virginia (Richmond)
Women vs. Violence: Oregon (Portland)
Women vs. Violence: California (Santa Cruz)
Women vs. Violence: Wisconsin (Madison)
Women vs. Violence: Maryland (Baltimore)
Women vs. Violence: Massachusetts[?] (Essex)
Women vs. Violence: Iowa (Des Moines)
Women vs. Violence: ____ (Lake Superior)
Women vs. Violence: California (Los Angeles)
Women vs. Violence: Pennsylvania (Germantown [Philadelphia])
Women vs. Violence: contacts in South Africa

Box 3 [not on mf] on-site
Women vs. Violence: contacts in the Philippines
Women vs. Violence: contacts in El Salvador
Women vs. Violence Speaking Tour, 1990: program development
Women vs. Violence: promotion (sample press release)
Women vs. Violence: background material
Women vs. Violence Speaking Tour: organizing/packet material
Women vs. Violence: international
Women vs. Violence Speaking Tour, 1990: fundraising; budget
Women vs. Violence: local forums
Women vs. Violence- “90” Branch Evalutaions
Racial Justice Funding
Women vs. Violence Bibliography
Women vs. Violence Speaking Tour (to do)
Women vs. Violence Speaking Tour Biodata
Women vs. Violence Forums
Annual Reports
Women’s Poll Project Handbook
Peace Train Postcards
Peace Train Postcards

Box 4 [not on mf] on-site
Gemantown (146)
Mid-City Philadelphia (154)
Mid-City (154)
Mid-City (154)
Oswego (206)
Hamilton College Clinton, NY (209)
Marymount College Tarrytown, NY (208)
Rockaway (126)
Rochester (127)
Flushing, NY now part 2 NY Metro (122)
Poughkeepsie (121)
New York
Suffolk (123)
NY Metropolitan (125)
West Chester (129)
Nassau, NY (120)
Union (109)
Herman’s WILPH (116)
Essex Co. (111)
New Jersey

Box 5 [not on mf] on-site
Mercer County, WV (159)
Morgantown (164)
Richmond (160)
Franklin NC
Franklin NC
North Carolina
Ashville, NC (170)
Chapel Hill/Durham (130)
Maine Organizing 1987
Maine WILPF (212) 1990
Dover/ Portsmouth NH
Harrisburg (147)
W. Mass
Greater Boston (081/087)
Cape Cod (084)
New Haven (036)
Storrs/ Hartford
Fairfield, CT (035)
Valley Shore, CT (034)
Region 4
Hartford (207)

Box 6 [not on mf] on-site
Harrisburg (147)
Bucks Co. & Mercer Co. (148)
Swarthmore, PA (156)
Berks Co. (142) PA
W. Phila
West Chester (157)
Northeast Phila (153)
Pittsburgh, PA
Norristown, PA (152)
Bryn Mawr (211)
Job Descriptions

Box 7 [not on mf] on-site
Salt Lake City, UT (189)
Cottage Grove (139)
Portland (141)
Santa Fe
New Mexico
Missoula, MT (107)
Honolulu (044)
Big Island (014)
Ann Arbor/ Ypsilanti (092)
Detroit (093)
Rouge Valley (099)
Little Traverse, MI (100)
Letters to Branches- 1992
Letters to Branches- 1991
Letters to Members- 1993 & 1994
Box 8 [not on mf] on-site
P&J Treaty/ Latin America
75th Anniv- Congress
Correspondence from Ursula
Racial Justice Campaign
Sister Branch Call’s/ How to Staff
I Don’t Know Where to Put It?
Membership- Grants
Staff Meeting Stuff
Membership Department
Staff Meetings- 1994
Staff Meetings
WILPF Holiday Party 1991
C. Moore’s Personal Stuff
Board Report For October 1985
Board Meeting September 1984
BD Reports
National Board Members- International Executive Committee
International WILPH Congress 1986
U.S. Section of Board Exec. Comm. Meeting
Executive Committee Meeting    5/9-11/86
International Board Meeting 11/13,14,15/84
Board Meeting: January 1986
Board Meeting 9/85
WILPF Board Meeting Sept. 21-23, 1984
Board Meeting Sept. ‘86
Box 9 [not on mf] on-site
Exec. Board Meeting Minutes: Jan 30/ Feb 1, 1987
Board Meeting Memberships
Board Meeting Feb 1988
Exec. Comm. Meeting Jan. 1989
Board Meeting Sep. 1989
Board Packet March1990 Austin
Board Meeting Oct. 12-14, 1990
1991 Congress
Upper Valley (UT-NH) WILPF (194)
Vermont (Central)/ New Hampshire
Upper Valley MA/VT
Burlington (210)
Green Valley, VT (195) 1991
Randolph Area, VT  (191) now part of 193
Rhode Island

Box 10 [not on mf] on-site
Estate of Eleanor Rees Hetzel
Estates- Miscellaneous- Legacies to WILPF and WILPF Inc,
Life Income Contracts
Estate of Freda Abrams
Lucy P. and Dora Allen Trust
Eunice (Mrs. Dunalo Budd) Armstrong
Estate of Esther E. Bjornberg
Estate of Helen M. Burget
Estate of Gertrude C. Bussey
Viola M. Campbell
Mary G. Chawner
Estate of Belle Ragnar Parsons Clewe
Estate of Anna DiLanna
Constance Farnham
Estate of Anna Mary Frampton
Estate of Anna M. Galbraith
Estate of Elsa Emilie Grelle
Estate of Esther Friske Hammond
Sarah E. Hammond
Estate of Janice Holland and Estate of Anne Shuler Holland
Estate of Carrie Azella Hood
Estate of Else Ingham Deceased
Marjorie S. Wheeler
Edith Longstreth Wood
Estate of Amy M. Smith (1960)
Estate of Clara Ainsworth Lee
Estate of Erna Konheim
Estate of Rose T. Jones
Emily Cooper Johnson

Box 11 [not on mf] on-site
Estate of Laura D. Jacobson, Deceased
Estate of Eva B. Marcus, Deceased
WIL – Estate of Edith R. May, Deceased
John D. Overholt
Roberth Treat Paine Trust – Ethel Paine Raven (moors) – Trust
Estate of Marie McCaooen Pautz, Deceased
Estate of Ethel R. Patts
Estate of Nellie M. Smith
Life Members  1982-83
Nots or Finance
International Monies
WILPF Budget Data
International Funds
International Assets
Oglala Project
Maternal and Child Health Care Center
Bd. Nominating  1985-87
Box 12 [not on mf] on-site
WILPF Life Members October 1985-1986
JAPA/ WILPF Life Members October 1985- September1986
Boulder (031)
Greeley (033)
Denver (030)
Estes Park (196)
Durango, CO  (199)  formed 1985
Alamosa/San Luis Valley (197) CO
Lougmont, CD (888)
Beulah, CO  (888)
Ft. Collins/Loveland (032)
Ventura County (018) formed spring ’86
Fresno (012)
San Diego/ La Jolla (013)
Los Angeles (015)
Sacramento, CA  (016)  organized 1/24/92
Monterey Penninsula (017)
Visalia (019)
Penninsula (Palo Alto)  (020)
San Francisco State University (022)
Box 13 [not on mf] on-site
San Francisco (023)
San Jose (025)
Santa Cruz (028)
Santa barbara, CA  (026)  restarted 10/87
Pajaro Valey, CA  (027)  organized 10/91
Berkeley/ East Bay  (010)
San Diego University (029)
Sierra Foothills (also Auburn)  (007)
San Fernando Valley  (008)  formed March 1986   
Redding/ Shasta
CA State LA Group
Santa Rosa (182)
Irvine, CA
Tucson (005)
Phoenix Area (004)
Anchorage, AK  10/87  (138)
Anchorage  (002)
Union Personnel
Tax Exempt Docs/ Finance Statement
70th Anniversary
Program General
Legislative Office
Fundraising- Training
Branch Annual Letter
Box 14 [not on mf] on-site
Branch Contributors
Branch Contrib. Reports  77-82
Board Meetings
Michigan (094)
Kent Co./ Grand Rapids  (095)
Ingham Co. (094)
McPherson Co. (071)
Wichita, KS – Sedgewick County (074)
Topeka  (073)
Newton  (074)
Des Moines (066)
Iowa City
Fort Wayne (062)
Gary (060)
South Bend, IN
Indianapolis (061)
Brown County (065)
Southern Indiana  (063)
Box 15 [not on mf] on-site
Terre Haute  (064)
Chicago  (050)
Champaign/Urbana  (048)
Springfield  (055)
Oak Park (052)
Chicago West Suburban  (053)
Chicago North Shore  (051)
Weaton  (046)
Region 2
Centralia, WA  (888)
Bellingham  (202)
Seattle  (061)
Tacoma  (201)
Box 16 [not on mf] on-site
Region 4 Letters and Minutes
Region 3 Letters and Minutes
Women’s Budget
“Un-WILPF” Information
International WILPF
Branch Leadership Form ’95
Sister Branch Calls – March 1996
Queer – WILPF
Peace Education
Annual Reports/ Background Info.
WILPF Statements and Packets
Workshop Outlines etc.
Women Vs. Violence Workshop/ Congress
Branch List April 1996
Branch Mailings
Branch List Mailings  1993-1994
Branch List Mailing Supplies
Memb. Campaign  85-90
Membership Campaign 91-93
Phone/ Mass Mail Campaigns

Box 17 [not on mf] on-site
Membership Committee ’91-’93
Membership Committee ’96
Membership Items to Board
Membership Committee  1985-87  minutes etc.
Assessmen Packet
Region 2 Letters and Minutes
Region 1 Letters and Minutes
Regionalization Report  February 1988
WILPF Restructuring
Membership Media
New Branch Work
Greta Lynch Fund
Stats- Our Charts
New Member Stats/  April- June ’95
New Member Stats / July- September ’95
Correspondence (pre 1997)
Stats- Charts, CMNP figures-monthly quarterly, etc.
Development  ’95-’96
Dues Debate
Membership Budget  1996
Membership Budget  1995/6
Box 18 [not on mf] on-site
Personnel and Salary
Personal ’92
Affirmative Action Plans
June Board Meeting comm. minutes/ memb. comm. packet
Staff/Board Retreat  1985
WILPF U.S. Board Mailings and Minutes  1994
Personnel Committee
Greely Congress
P and J treaty of the Americas
’93-’94 Program
C. Moore’s How-To file for membership associates work
Membership Organization Stuff
National Membership Committee

Box 19 [not on mf] on-site
Miscellaneous [3 folders]
Directories  1978/79-1984/85
Directories  1987-1993
Directories  1994-1996

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