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Note to researchers: Be sure to search the entire WILPF checklist for more information on your person/topic of interest, which might be contained in other parts/series, or in other SCPC archival collections.

Box 1 [not on mf] on-site
Personnel policies, 1975-
Affirmative action policy
Grievance procedures
Personnel policy manual, ca. 1986
Personnel policy manual, June 1995
Job descriptions, 1970-1999
Salaries, 1970-
Staff lists, ca. 1938-
Staff meeting minutes, 1968-1969
Staff meeting minutes, 1974-1979
Staff meeting minutes, 1980-1985
Staff meeting minutes, 1986-1993 [incomplete set]
Staff program retreat, Aug. 16-17, ____
Memo re: staff responsibilities by Dorothy Detzer, [1946]
Comments by Mildred Scott Olmsted re: Dorothy Detzer, n.d.
General personnel records, 1960-1979
Employment of Anne Gores, 1963-1968
Resignation of Jo Graham as Executive Director and reactions to it, 1967-1968 [file of Kay Camp]
Employment of Savanah E. Williams, [1967-1968?]
Employment of Eleanor Backus, 1967-1969
Search for Executive Director, 1968
Employment of Judith Morse Eaton, 1968
Employment of Glenna Johnson, 1968-1969
Letters in response to men applying for jobs at WILPF, 1968-1970

Box 2 [not on mf] on-site
Search for Field Secretary / Field Workers, 1968-1970
Search for Legislative Director, 1968-1970
Employment of Joan Brunswick, ca. 1969
Employment of Jacklyn W. Potter, 1969
Employment of Gladys Thomas, 1969
Employment of Pat Samuel, 1969-1974
Retirement of Annalee Stewart, 1970
Resignation of Glenna Johnson as Executive Director, April 1970
Employment of Kay Whitlock, 1970-1971
Employment of Dorothy Steffens as Executive Director, 1971
Resignation of Martha Powers as Legislative Associate, 1973
Resignation of Martha Doughty, Nov. 1973
Staff crisis / possible staff restructure, 1973-1974
Correspondence of Dorothy Steffens re: staff crisis / staff restructure, 1973-1974
Resignation of Dana Shandor, June 1974
Resignation of Ruth Seeley, July 1974
Resignation of Rose Paull, April 1975
Resignation of Carol Clifford, Aug. 1975
Resignation of Rosalie Reichman, Oct. 1975
Employment of Hilda Mark as Bookkeeper, 1975, 1980-1981
Resignation of Dana Lightman, Feb. 1976
Resignation of Barbara Benton Rafter, June 1976
Staff crisis / firing of Carol Goortzel, Sally Simmons & Eleanor Fowler, 1976
Evaluation of Dorothy Steffens as Executive Director, 1976-1977
Evaluation of Dorothy Steffens as Executive Director, 1976-1977 (cont.)
Evaluation of Dorothy Steffens as Executive Director, 1976-1977 (cont.)
Resignation of Dorothy Steffens as Executive Director, Feb. 1977
Letters of support for Dorothy Steffens, 1977
Employment of Melva Mueller as Executive Director, 1977
Firing of Julie Segal, 1979
General personnel records, 1980-1989

Box 3 [not on mf] on-site
Firing of Melva Mueller as Executive Director, 1981
Employment of Libby Frank as Executive Director, 1981
Staff concerns re: personnel policies etc., 1981-1985 [file of Libby Frank]
Staff problems, 1981-1986
Employment of Melinda Plastas as Membership Coordinator, 1982
Proposal for hiring Washington Euromissile Coordinator, Feb. 1983
Evaluation of Libby Frank as Executive Director, 1984
Firing of Jean Bullock, Editor of Peace and Freedom, 1984 [see Series H,1 for material re: lawsuit in which
Bullock accused WILPF of racism in firing her]
Search for Membership Coordinator, 1984
Employment of Ursula Bowring-Trenn as Membership Coordinator, 1984
Probation of Anne Mitchell, 1985
Search for Legislative Director, 1985
Staff problems/discussions, 1985-1986
Search for Executive Director, 1986
Proposed staff work plan, Jan. 1986
Evaluations of Jane Midgley as Executive Director, 1987-1992 [includes self-evaluation]
General personnel records, 1990-1999
Orientation packet for new staffpersons, ca. 1990s
Search for Program Director, 1992
Searches re: various positions, 1993
Staff layoffs, 1993
Internship of Tomoko Sekia in Membership Dept., 1995
Resignation of Christy Santora, 1997
General personnel records, undated
Self-evaluation by Barbara Armentrout, n.d.

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