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Box 1 [on mf reel 130:19] off-site
Twentieth Anniversary, Washington, D.C., May 1935 [history]
Correspondence re: Dinner (acceptance)
Correspondence re: Dinner (regrets)
Correspondence re: Eve Garrette - publicity
Correspondence re: Questionnaires
Correspondence re: Miscellaneous
Arrangements Committee
Honorary Committee
Speeches re: broadcast
Speeches re: dinner
Financial report
Publicity Clippings and Photographs

Box 2 [on mf reel 130:20] off-site
Thirtieth Anniversary, Philadelphia, May 1945
Anniversary Committee
Correspondence & form letters
Correspondence with Emily Greene Balch re: pamphlet
Financial reports
Miscellaneous (programs, tickets, etc.)
Thirty-fifth Anniversary, 1950
Anniversary Committee
Form letters
Correspondence of Katharine Arnett (Finance Chairman)
Plans for pamphlet material

Box 3 [on reel 130:20] off-site
Fortieth Anniversary, 1955: Anniversary Committee
Meeting minutes
Bulletins to Branches
Membership lists, reports, form letters
Biographies of members
Subcommittee on Publicity; meeting minutes; releases
Group to consider program for young people
Scrapbook re: Alaska - New York, NY
Scrapbook re: Oakland (CA) - Pennyslvania
Scrapbook re: Pennsylvania (cont.) - Westport (CT)
Arnett, Kitty [files of Katherine Arnett]
Art project
Balch, Emily Greene
Book list
Buck, Pearl (Honorary Chairman, Fortieth Anniversary Committee)
Cathedral of Compassion -- general

Box 3 (cont.) [on mf reel 130:21] off site
Fortieth Anniversary, 1955: Anniversary Committee
Cathedral of Compassion -- guarantors
Cathedral of Compassion -- Violet Oakley

Box 4 [on reel 130:21] off-site
Fortieth Anniversary, 1955 (cont.)
Celebrations -- U.S. and foreign
Clippings re: celebrations
Douglas, Senator Paul -- correspondence re: speech on Fortieth Anniversary
Film production
Fund appeal manual
Fundraising - donors to E. G. Balch fund
Fundraising - financial statements re: E. G. Balch fund
General correspondence
Invitations, programs, speeches
Literature, committee, Dorothy Hutchison
Maagazine articles -- correspondence about
Magazine articles
Membership questionnaire

Box 5 [on reel 130:21] off-site
Fortieth Anniversary, 1955 (cont.)
Peace and Bread -- possible re-publication
Box 5 (cont.) [on reel 130:22] off-site
Fortieth Anniversary, 1955 (cont.)
Peace gardens (Mary Phillips)
Peace progress leaflet
Peace sermons
Pioneers and founders
Proposal for a President's Commission
Prospective members
Public relations (Janet Neuman)
Publicity (Edna Meyers)
Queen Jadwiga cards
Questionnaire, six month reports from branches
Refusals to serve on committee
Romeike Clipping Service
Subcommittee on Stamps
Theme contest

Box 6 (1/2 box) [not on mf] on-site
Emily Greene Balch 90th Birthday: January 08, 1957 [on mf reel 130:22]
Jane Addams Centennial, 1960
Material about Jane Addams by WILPF
Published material about Jane Addams
Biographical information & unpublished material about Jane Addams
Dramatic material

Box 7 [not on mf] on-site
Jane Addams Centennial, 1960 (cont.)
General -- literature
General -- notes, planning
Meeting minutes & reports -- Jane Addams Centennial Committee, 1958-1961
Meeting minutes & reports -- Steering Committee, 1959-1960
Finances & fundraising
Sponsors -- correspondence & lists
Correspondence, 1958-1961
Memos & reports
Proclamations & resolutions
Suggestions for celebrating centennial
Events & speeches
Rockford College program, April 29-30, 1960
Scrapbook re: Centennial Dinner, Philadelphia (PA), April, 26, 1960
Chicago Civic Committee -- dinner, Nov. 21, 1960
Correspondence re: publicity, 1959-1961 (Claire Walsh)

Box 8 [not on mf] on-site
Jane Addams Centennial, 1960 (cont.)
Publicity & media coverage
Gwyneth King Brown's correspondence re: drawings of Jane Addams, 1959-1961 Publicity/promotion for Jane Addams: A Centennial Reader
Correspondence re: publicity/promotion for Jane Addams: A Centennial Reader, 1961, Claire Walsh
Correspondence of Emily Cooper Johnson, editor of Jane Addams: ACentennial Reader
Emily Cooper Johnson's notes for talk on Jane Addams and centennial anthology
Typescript of Jane Addams: A Centennial Reader
Sales reports for Jane Addams: A Centennial Reader
Publicity & promotion, Peace and Bread, 1960, Claire Walsh

Box 9 [not on mf] on-site
Fiftieth Anniversary, 1965
Meeting minutes of Steering Committee, May 1964 - Nov. 1965
Meeting minutes of Banquet Committee, 1965
Summary report
Fundraising campaign, 1964-1966
Preliminary planning, 1963
WILPF literature
Form letters & releases (within WILPF)
Press releases
Correspondence, 1964 - 1965
Alice Hamilton
Plans for Jane Addams commemorative stamp
China petition
Triple challenge (peace/freedom/bread)
Research notes by Mary Carey re: WILPF & human rights
"Toward a Civilized Planet: A Symposium," Detroit (MI), May 1965
Membership drive -- social workers
Membership drive -- teachers
Distribution of WILPF material to libraries
"An Appeal...concerning the War in Vietnam"
Branch activities

Box 10 [not on mf] on-site
Fiftieth Anniversary, 1965 (cont.)
Banquet, Oct. 15, 1965 -- correspondence
Banquet, Oct. 15, 1965 -- invitations, publicity, etc.
Banquet, Oct. 15, 1965 -- congratulatory messages
Banquet, Oct. 15, 1965 -- tributes to Mildred Scott Olmsted
Banquet, Oct. 15, 1965 -- post-banquet correspondence
Correspondence re: magazine articles, Aug.-Dec. 1964
Correspondence re: magazine articles, Jan.-Mar. 1965
Correspondence re: magazine articles, April-Nov. 1965
Letter to trade unions re: magazine articles
Magazine articles, 1965
SCPC exhibit

Box 11 [not on mf] on-site
Installation of Jane Addams into Hall of Fame, 1968
100th Birthday of Alice Hamilton, 1969: correspondence, etc.
Testimonial luncheon in honor of Annalee Stewart: April 14, 1970
Sixtieth Anniversary, 1975
Invitations & programs
Financial campaign
Dinner in honor of Mildred Scott Olmsted, Oct. 01, 1977
Dinner in honor of Kay Camp, May 23, 1979 [file of Melva Mueller]
Sixty-fifth Anniversary, 1980
Sixty-Eighth Anniversary: Banquet & program honoring Joanne Woodward
Seventieth Anniversary, 1985
Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony for Mildred Scott Olmsted, Sept. 25, 1986
Seventy-fifth Anniversary, 199o
Fundraising & financial records
Publicity & media coverage
Correspondence of Jerilyn Bowen
Mayor's [Philadelphia] Commission for Women ceremony in honor ofvWILPF's anniversary; WILPF open house, March 08, 1990
National Office's celebration, Philadelphia (PA), May 02, 1990

Box 12 [not on mf] on-site
Seventy-fifth Anniversary, 1990
Phone calls to Branches re: celebrations
Organizing material for local celebrations
Branch celebrations -- general
Branch celebrations in Arizona -- Tuscon, March 03
Branch celebrations in California -- Berkeley-East Bay; Fresno,
Branch celebrations in California -- San Francisco, San Jose, San Monica
Branch celebrations in California -- Los Angeles; San Fernando Valley
Branch celebrations in California -- Santa Cruz
Branch celebrations in Colorado -- Fort Collins, Nov. 16; Boulder, Feb. 17
Branch celebrations in Connecticut -- Greater Hartford; New Haven?; Fairfield County
Branch celebrations in District of Columbia -- Washington Area, Dec. 01
Branch celebrations in Florida -- Greater Miami, March 11; Palm Beach County, March 20; Sarasota, April 28
Branch celebrations in Hawaii -- Honolulu, July 22
Branch celebrations in Illinois -- North Shore, May 06
Branch celebrations in Indiana -- South Bend, March 10
Branch celebrations in Maryland -- Baltimore, Oct. 07
Branch celebrations in Massachusetts -- Boston, Oct. 14
Branch celebrations in Massachusetts(?) -- Cape Cod, Feb. 10, May 12
Branch celebrations in Michigan -- Detroit, April 07; Grand Rapids, April 17; Ingham County, April 18
Branch celebrations in Missouri -- St. Louis, April 29
Branch celebrations in New Jersey -- Essex County, March 08, March 16
Branch celebrations in New York -- Nassau Area; New York Metropolitan, April 21; Rockaway; Suffolk County, Sept. 08
Branch celebrations in North Carolina -- Asheville, April 07; Chapel Hill/Durham, April 29
Branch celebrations in Ohio -- Cleveland, April 29, Sept. 14, Oct. 20-21, Dec. ___
Branch celebrations in Oregon -- Portland, May 13
Branch celebrations in Pennsylvania -- Bucks-Mercer; Delco Swarthmore, May 17; Germantown; Norriston, May 18
Branch celebrations in Pennsylvania -- Harrisburg, Oct. 13
Branch celebrations in Utah -- Salt Lake City, March 06
Branch celebrations in Vermont -- Central Vermont, April 14
Branch celebrations in Virginia -- Richmond
Branch celebrations in Washington -- Seattle, Sept. 22
Branch celebrations in Wisconsin -- Madison; Milwaukee, Sept. 27
International celebrations in support of U.S. celebrations
Luncheon to honor Ruth Chalmers, May 14, 1994
Eightieth Anniversary, 1995
Eightieth Anniversary, 1995: Branch packet

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