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Series A,3: Anniversaries & Other Celebrations

Celebration of 20th Anniversary, Washington (DC), May 02-03, 1935
The celebration of WILPF's 20th Anniversary was also a tribute to Jane Addams in her 75th year. Both she and other founders of WILPF were honored by a reception, dinner and two international broadcasts.

Mrs. Harold Ickes was Chair of the Committee on Arrangements, and Mary Moss Wellborn became Executive Secretary. An Honorary Committee was formed, and this included many prominent leaders in various fields.

Eve Garrette, employed as Publicity Director, sent out a questionnaire to the founders. These were returned with biographical material, reasons for starting out with Jane Addams, and suggestions for steps toward world peace.

Dinner speakers who lauded Miss Addams and the WILPF included Eleanor Roosevelt, Harold Ickes, Alice Hamilton, Sidney Hillman, Oswald Garrison Villard and Gerard Swope.

The first international broadcast, with connections to England, Japan, France, and the United States, included Viscount Cecil (London), Prince Tokugawa (Tokyo), M. Paul Boncour (Paris), and a response by Jane Addams. The second broadcast, a hook-up which stretched from the United States to the USSR, included a speech by Mme. Krupskaya and a translation of it by Mme. Litvinoff, with a response by Jane Addams.

Much of the material given to the SCPC was sent from the WILPF office (2006 Walnut St.), from Mabel Vernon's personal file, in April 1952. These were added to the records already at the SCPC.

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