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Appendix A: List of Officers & Staff

Appendix B: Historical Introduction (by Eleanor Barr, 198_)

Appendix C: List of International Congresses by date and place and List of microfilmed Congress Reports

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Box 1 [not on mf] on-site
Miscellaneous Material
Memos from women at International Congress of Women (The Hague, April 28 - May 01, 1915) re:
proposed conference of netural nations [folder missing July 2019]
Flier by the British Committee of the International Women's Committee, 1915 [folder added July 2019]
"The Prayer of the Nations" by Julia Grace Wales (in 4 languages)
Maison Internationale, Geneva, Switzerland: 1919-1939 guest-book (photocopy); 3 postcards with image
of building
Pamphlet "A new peace: report of the International Conference of Women at the Hague, 7 to 9 December
1922" [catalogued]
"Economic Aspects of a New International Order," addresses by Marguerite Dumont and Emily Greene
Balch at 1924 International Congress
Visit to Philadelphia by 25 foreign delegates (to 1924 International Congress); list of U.S. delegates (to
1924 International Congress?)
Jane Addams' note to Walter Page (04/25/1915), and hand-written note (1925)
Alice Thatcher Post passports (1925, 1929); ship passenger lists (1915, 1919); writings [see also 1915
International Congress of Women at the Hague for Post's working copies of documents]
Delegate tickets of Mildred Scott Olmsted to 1929 and 1937 International Congresses; invitation received
during 1970-1971 International Congress
Delegate ticket of Hannah Clothier Hull to 1932 International Congress
Constitution/Bylaws/Rules of Order for WILPF, as amended at 1934 International Congress
Delegate ticket of Ellen Starr Brinton to 1937 International Congress
Notes re: original and photocopied material deaccessioned from the SCPC and sent to Boulder in April

Box 2 [not on mf] on-site
[Note: copies of circular/international letters were only kept if they had not been microfilmed]
Circular Letters
No. 1-25 (Nov. 1934 - May 1936)
No. 1-10 (May 1936 - May 1937)
No. 2-12 (Sept.-Dec. 1937)
No. 1-27 (Jan.-Dec. 1938)
No. 1-22 (Jan.-Dec. 1939)
No. 1-4 (March-Aug. 1940)
No. 1-19 (Sept. 1946 - May 1949)
No. 1-11 (Oct. 1949-Sept. 1950)
G.B. [Gertrude Baer] International Letters
No. 1/1955-1956 - 3/1958 (Oct. 1955 - Dec. 1958)

Box 3 (1/2 box) [not on mf] on-site
E.Z. [Else Zeuthen] Circular Letters
No. 1/1962 - No. 6/1963 (Jan. 1962 - Oct. 1963), No. 3 (11/19/1956), No. 5 (01/17/1957), No. 6 (11/21/1961)
No. 1/1964 - No. 3/1965 (Jan. 1964 - June 1965)
D.H. [Dorothy Hutchinson] Circular Letters
No. 2 (1965), No. 2-3 (1968)
E.B. Circular Letter
No. 5 (1969)

Box 4 (1/2 box) [not on mf] on-site
Biographical Material re: WILPF International staff/leaders
International WILPF directories / officers' lists, 1968-
International biographies
Misc., A-Z
Augspurg, Dr. Anita (Germany)
Aull, Maria
Baer, Gertrude (Germany)
Ballantyne, Edith (Switzerland)
Brittain, Vera (Great Britain)
Bruin, Janet (Switzerland)
Capy, Marcelle (France)
Courtney, Kathleen D. (Great Britain)
Cusden, Phoebe E. (Great Britain)
Duchêne, Gabrielle (France)
Harrison, Agatha (Great Britain)
Heymann, Lida Gustava (Germany)
Höjer, Signe (Sweden)
Hoppstock-Huth, Magda (Germany)
Hussey, Mauricle (Great Britain)
Jacobs, Dr. Aletta H. (The Netherlands)
Jodai, Tano (Japan)
Jouve, Andree (France)
Ligt-Van Rossem, Catherina Lydia de (Switzerland)
Macmillan, Chrystal (Great Britain)
MacPhail, Agnes (Canada)
Mohr, Marie Lous (Norway)
Myrdal, Ava (Sweden)
Nayar, Dr. Sushila (India)
Ragaz, Clara (Switzerland)
Rolland, Madeleine (France)
Schwimmer, Rosika (Hungary)
Tiller, Phyllis M. (Great Britain)
Trocmé, Magda (France)
Zeuthen, Else (Denmark)

Box 5 on-site [and on mf reel 141.1] (Click here for more information about the Congress Reports available on microfilm)
International Congress Reports
Background Information re: Congresses
Congress Reports #1-3 (1915-1921)

Box 6 on-site [and on mf reel 141.1 (1924) & reel 141.2 (1926-1949)]
International Congress Reports
Congress Reports #4-11 (1924-1949)

Box 7 on-site [and on mf reel 141.2 (1953) & reel 141.3 (1956-1983)]
International Congress Reports
Congress Reports #12-22 (1953-1983)

Box 8 on-site [and on mf reel 141.3 (1986) & reel 141.4 (1989-1998)]
International Congress Reports
Congress Reports #23-27 (1986-1998)
Congress Report "Water, Woman, Peace," 2004 [not on mf]

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