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Peace Association of Friends in America
Records, 1868-1944

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Reels 80:1-3

Finding Aid:
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Historical Introduction

The Peace Association of Friends in America was organized in 1867 by Orthodox Friends in the New York, Baltimore, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Western and Iowa Yearly Meetings in reaction to the Civil War, with its mission being to convince Friends and others that war was unchristian, inhumane and unnecessary. The Association was incorporated in 1894 and was based in Richmond, Indiana. From that time, the Association was managed by its Board of Directors, consisting of seven members, which were to be chosen by the 13 representatives appointed by the Five Years' Meeting, one from each Yearly Meeting. Subsequently, all the Yearly Meetings of the Five Years' Meeting united in it, and in 1940 it became the Board of the Five Years' Meeting on Peace and Arbitration, or the Peace Board of the Five Years' Meeting. The Association became affiliated with the American Peace Society in 1914.

Daniel Hill was an early president of the Association, when it was headquartered in New Vienna (Ohio), a position he held until his death in 1899. Allen D. Hole was president from 1899 (1900?) to 1927. He was followed by Thomas R. Kelley (Oct. 1927 - December 15, 1928) and William T. Berry (1929-?). Murray S. Kenworthy was chosen as chairman of the Association in 1938.

The Association's major project through the years was the publication of Messenger of Peace. Originating in 1870, it ran as a continuous series through 1889; it was called The Christian Arbitrator and Messenger of Peace from 1891-1894. It was revived again under its original title in 1900 and ran through 1943 (it appeared as a supplement to the American Friend from 1933-1943). Also published was The Messenger from 1889-1899.

Other projects of the Association included publication of tracts and pamphlets, organization of public meetings and lectures, efforts to avert a war with Mexico in 1914, the awarding of prizes for peace essays in contests among high school and college groups, and aiding the Emergency Committee organized by English Friends for the assistance of Germans, Austrians and Hungarians who were in distress from the war.

Scope and Content

This collection contains correspondence from 1914 through 1935, consisting mostly of carbon copies of outgoing letters sent by Allen D. Hole; scattered meeting minutes and financial reports; and miscellaneous other material that documents various programmatic efforts of the Association. Correspondents include John R. Cary, Theodore Foxworthy, W. Spencer Hadley, Mary Mendenhall Hobbs, Rufus M. Jones, Ray Newton, Levi T. Pennington, and Walter C. Woodward. See on-line library catalog (tripod) for location of periodicals and other publications.

The collection was microfilmed by Alpha Systems in May 1979 under N.E.H. Grant #RC-27706-77-739.

Contents of the Collection

Box 1 [on microfilm reel 80:1]
Correspondence, 1914-1921

Box 2 [on microfilm reel 80:2]
Correspondence, 1922-1927

Box 2 (cont.) [on microfilm reel 80:3]
Correspondence, 1928-1935

Box 3 [on microfilm reel 80:3]
Reports, work plans, 1894-1944
Speeches & articles, 1920-1927
Printed information re: PAFA
Indiana Yearly Meeting: correspondence & reports, 1921-1929
Mailing lists, 1914-1927
Circular letters [form letters], 1925-1927
Peace contests, 1924-1929
Cartoons/illustrations [no originals]; misc.

Box 4 (1/2 box) [on microfilm reel 80:3; pamphlets/leaflets may not be in the same order in the box as they are on the film]
Pamphlets/Leaflets Published, 1868-1869
- Pamphlet "An Account of the Sufferings of Friends of North Carolina Yearly meeting, in Support of Their Testimony Against War, from 1861 to 1865," 1868 (2nd ed.)
- Pamphlet "An Essay on War, and On Its Lawfulness Under the Christian Dispensation" (no. 2) by Joseph John Gurney, 1869 [this is a 1940 reprint]
- Pamphlet "Chalmers on Peace" (no. 4), a sermon by Rev. Thomas Chalmers, 1869
- Pamphlet "Defensive War. Extracted from a Lecture Delivered at the Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle Street, London, February 5, 1845" (no. 5) by Rev. Henry Richard, 1869
- Leaflet "Twelve Reasons in Favor of Arbitration as a Substitute for War in the Settlement of International Disputes" (no. 6), 1869
- Leaflet "Four Aspects of War" (no. 7), 1869
- Pamphlet "The Churches of Christendom Responsible for the Continuance of War" (no. 13) by Thomas Chase, 1869?

Pamphlets/Leaflets Published, 1870-1879
- Booklet "The True Grandeur of Nations. An Oration Delivered Before the Authorities of the City of Boston, July 4, 1845" by Charles Sumner, 1870
- Pamphlet "On Universal Peace; Being Extracts from a Discourse Delivered in October 1813 by the Rev. David Bogue" (no. 3), 1870
- Leaflet "Spurgeon on the French and German War" (no. 13), 1870
- Leaflet "War on Christian Principles" (no. 4), 1870
- Leaflet "War as a Judicial Redress" (no. 8), 1870
- Pamphlet "What is War" (no. 10) by J.H. Douglas?, ca. 1870-1873?
- Pamphlet "Defensive War. Extracted from a Lecture Delivered at the Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle Street, London, February 5, 1845" (no. 5), 1872 reprint
- Pamphlet "Standing Armies" (no. 14) by H. Richard, M.P., ca. 1870-1873?
- Pamphlet "Letter of Thomas Thrush, Addressed to the King, on his Resigning his Commission as Captain in the Royal Navy, on the Ground of the Unlawfulness of War" (no. 17), 1873
- Leaflet "The Root-Principle of the Peace Question" (no. 19), 1874
- Leaflet "Missions and Their Defense" (no. 21), 1874 [not on microfilm]
- Pamphlet "The Footprints of the Destroyer" (no. 27), 1875
- Leaflet "Does the Capital Penalty Prevent or Produce Murderers?" (no. 25), 1875
- Pamphlet (photocopy) "A Visit to the Battlefields Around Paris" (no. 31) by Lewis Appleton [removed from DG 033; available on microfilm reel 80:3]
- Leaflet "An Appeal to Ministers of the Gospel of All Denominations in Behalf of the Cause of Peace," 1876
- Pamphlet (photocopy) "Christ, the Prince of Peace" (no. 32) by Luke Woodward, 1876 [removed from DG 033; available on microfilm reel 80:3]
- Pamphlet "A Lesson on War: A Mother's Story" (no. 34), ca. 1876-1880?

Pamphlets/Leaflets Published, 1880-1889
- Pamphlet "A Peace Professor in Patagonia," ca. 1880-1881 [not on microfilm]
- Pamphlet (photocopy) "The War Demon" (no. 39) by John Hemmenway, 1885 [removed from DG 033; available on microfilm reel 80:3]
- Pamphlet (photocopy) "The 'Arm of the Lord' and the 'Arm of Flesh'" by Harris Knight, 1889
- Pamphlet "Neighbor Malloy's Pat," ca. 1880s?
- Leaflet "A Missionary's Encounter with Highwaymen" (no. 50), ca. 1880s?

Pamphlets/Leaflets Published, 1890-1899
- Pamphlet (photocopy) "Can a Christian Be a Soldier?" by John Ashworth, 1894 [removed from DG 033; available on microfilm reel 80:3]
- Pamphlet "William Penn, the Founder of Philadelphia, and His Government," 1896 [not on microfilm]

Pamphlets/Leaflets Published, 1900-1909
- Pamphlet (photocopy) "The Blood of the Nation: Abstract of an Address Given at Stanford University, May 9, 1900" by David Starr Jordan, 1901 [removed from DG 033; available on microfilm reel 80:3]
- Pamphlet "Patriotism: An Oration Delivered Before the Phi Beta Kappa of Harvard College, Commencement, 1900" by William Everett, 1901
- Ibid., 1903 [not on microfilm]
- Pamphlet "The World's Court," 1903
- Pamphlet (photocopy) "Daniel Webster's Experience," 1904 [removed from DG 033; available on microfilm reel 80:3]
- Pamphlet "The Coming of the Prince of Peace," 1908
- Reports of the Philadelphia Peace Association of Friends, 1907, 1909

Pamphlets/Leaflets Published, 1910-1919
- Pamphlet "The Waste of War -- the Wealth of Peace" by Arthur Foraker Young, 1910
- Pamphlet "The Other Cheek" from Evangelical Messenger, 1910
- Pamphlet "Neighbor Malloy's Pat," 1910
- Reports of the Philadelphia Peace Association of Friends, 1910-1913
- Pamphlet "The Minister and the Peace Question" by C.F. Hersey, 1911
- Pamphlet "Dim-Eyed: A Novelette" by Mary B. Seabury, 1912
- Pamphlet "An Attic Banquet and What Came of It" by Anna D. Stephens, 1914
- "Report of the Executive Committee of Philadelphia Peace Association of Friends, 1914-1915"
- Periodical "The Messenger of Peace" (vol. XL:6): Supplement No. 1 "Friends...and the...Morality of War by Isaac Sharpless," Sept. 1915
- Periodical "The Messenger of Peace" (vol. XL:9): Supplement "Jesus and Militarism by Elbert Russell," Dec. 1915
- Pamphlet "The Quaker Peace Position" by Rufus M. Jones, 1915
- Pamphlet "A Quaker View of the War" by Henry T. Hodgkin, 1915
- Pamphlet "War and Peace: A Course of Twelve Lessons" [2 editions], 1915
- Leaflet "The Spiritual Danger to the United States from the War in Europe" [3 editions], 1915
- Pamphlet "The Modern Paradox" by Francis Case, 1916
- Pamphlet "Dim-Eyed: A Novelette" by Mary B. Seabury, 1917 edition
- Pamphlet "Jesus and Militarism: An Address Delivered at the Friends' National Peace Conference, Winona Lake, Indiana, July 25, 1915" by Elbert Russell, 1917
- Pamphlet "Conscientious Objectors and Alternative Service" by Allen D. Hole, 1917
- Pamphlet "The Great War and the Years to Follow. A Brief Statement of the Beliefs and the Faith of the Friends (Quakers) with Respect to Important Questions Arising Out of the Present World Crisis" by Allen D. Hole, 1917

Pamphlets/Leaflets Published, 1920-1926
- Pamphlet "A Truth-Glinting Phantasie" by Mary B. Seabury, 1920
- Pamphlet "Lady Leal: An Imaginary Autobiography" by Mary B. Seabury, 1921
- Pamphlet "A Better Way: An Oration," 1922
- Pamphlet "Stepping-Stones to World Peace" by Allen D. Hole, 1922
- Pamphlet "Dies Irae -- Day of Wrath" by E. Merrill Root, 1924
- Pamphlet "The Present Crisis" by Allen D. Hole, 1924
- Leaflet "Shall We Catch the Goose-Step," 1924
- Pamphlet "Shadows of Truth" by Jack Hempstead, 1926
- Pamphlet "Preparation for Peace" by Roscoe Trueblood, 1926

Pamphlets/Leaflets Published, undated
- Leaflet (no. 47): poem "The Warrior" by Whittier; "War's Record"; "Childhood Religion"; "After the Battle" [not on microfilm]
- Pamphlet "The Evolution of Peace" by Jessie A. Carey, n.d.
- Leaflet "A Battle as it Appeared to an Eye-Witness" by Rowland B. Howard, n.d.
- Leaflet "A Baby Among the Slain," n.d.
- Pamphlet "Little Maurice, The Soldier," n.d.
- Leaflet "The 'Military Craze' in America" by William G. Hubbard, n.d.
- Pamphlet "On Playing at Soldiers," n.d.
- Pamphlet "The Opportunity and Duty of the Schools in the International Peace Movement" by Stewart D. White, n.d.
- Pamphlet "The Providence of God," n.d.
- Leaflet "Substitutes for War," n.d.
- Pamphlet "Teedyuscung, the Indian Chief," n.d.
- Pamphlet "Do We Want Rifle Practice in the Public Schools," n.d.
Form letters, etc.

Three books from box 4 were removed to the Book Collection (they were not microfilmed): The Primitive Christian's Estimate of War and Self-Defence by Josiah W. Leeds, 1876; Review of the Life of William Ladd by Jacob S. Willets, 1875; and Letters Addressed to Caleb Strong, Esq. by Samuel Whelpley, 1875.

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