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Series M: Reference Files
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Box 488
Borah, Senator William E.
Bullitt, William C. (Ambassador to France), 1939-1947
Castle Jr., William R. (U.S. State Department), 1930-1940
Churchill, Winston, 1939-1942
Clark, Senator Bennett Champ, 1932-1935
Dulles, John Foster, 1936-1939
Dulles, John Foster, 1940-1945
Dulles, John Foster, 1946-1949
Dulles, John Foster, 1954-1955

Box 489
Gandhi, Mahatma, 1948 [see also Reference Files: Countries - India]
Harriman, Florence Jaffray (Mrs. J. Borden Harriman)
Hoover, Herbert
La Follette (Jr. & Sr.), Senator Robert, 1916-1946
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
Lindbergh, Charles
Mitchell, Brig. General William D., 1925-1945
Shearer, William B. (naval propagandist), 1929-1930
Snowden, Philip (Great Britain), 1923-1937
Tagore, Rabindranath (India), 1923-1941
Wheeler, Senator Burton K., 1940s [includes speeches]

Box 490
Organizations -- Governmental
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), 1947-1949
League of Nations, 1920s
League of Nations, 1930s - 1946
Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.), 1941-1945
U.S. State Department
United Nations
U.S. War Department, 1933-1935

Box 491
American Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese Aggression
American Friends Service Committee [AFSC]: book In Place of War: An Inquiry Into Nonviolent National Defense
American Legion
American Legion: attitudes on national defense, etc., 1920s-1930s
American Legion: lobbyist John Thomas Taylor, 1927-1933
American Legion: efforts re: "Bonus Bill," 1932-1936
American Peace Society, 1915
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
Committee on World Friendship Among Children
Federation Interallies des Anciens Combattants [FIDAC], 1920s-1930s
Friends' Peace Committee
International Correspondence for Peace [org.] (Germany), 1932
International Peace Garden, 1929-1934
International Union of Antimilitarist Ministers and Clergymen (Netherlands), 1926-1933
Methodist Commission on World Peace (Charles Boss Jr.), 1930s-1940s
National Council Against Conscription
Peace Heroes Memorial Society, 1926-1942

Box 492
Society for the Prevention of World War III, 1947-1956
Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1928-1936
Washington Committee for Aid to China, 1938-1941
Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1944-1950
World Federation of Education Associations, 1927-1941
World Peace Association, 1937-1945
World Student Christian Federation, 1927-1950

Box 493
China, 1920s
China, 1930s [includes sacking of Nanking]
China, 1940s
China: Oriential Exclusion Act / Chinese Exclusion Act
China, 1950s
China: reconciliation attempts with Japan (by pacifists, etc.), 1930s
China: map of Manchoukuo
Egypt, 1956-1957
Far East / Pacific
Finland: U.S. war loan to Finland, 1940
Germany, 1940s
Germany, 1950
Germany, 1951-1959
Germany, 1962
Germany, n.d.

Box 494 (1/2 box)
Germany: dismantling of German factories (by U.S., etc.), 1946-1947
Germany: dismantling of German factories (by U.S., etc.), 1948
Germany: dismantling of German factories (by U.S., etc.), 1949
Germany: dismantling of German factories (by U.S., etc.), 1950-1951, n.d.
Germany: peace movement, 1940s-1950s
Germany: peace movement - Pastor Martin Niemöller

Box 495
Germany: return of confiscated German property after WWII
Germany: economic reparations to Germany, 1945-1947
Great Britain, 1921-1941
Great Britain, 1921-1942 [includes Anglo-American relations]
Greece & Turkey, 1947
Guam: fortification of Guam
India: bombing by Great Britain of India's northwest frontier (& U.S. sales of bomber planes to Great Britain), 1938
India, 1939-1948 [mostly re: Gandhi]
India, 1950-1951 [mostly re: Nehru]
Indochina, 1954
Israel & Palestine, 1940s
Israel & Palestine, 1950s

Box 496
Japan, 1920s
Japan, 1930s
Japan, 1940s
Japan, 1950s
Japan: gift to U.S. of cherry trees
Japan & China relations: Sino-Japanese war, 1931-1932 [includes Lytton Report, etc.]
Japan & China relations: Sino-Japanese war, 1933-1941
Japan: dissent against war / peace movement, 1920s-1930s
Japan & Far East, 1936-1938
Japanese war crimes & trials of war criminals, 1945

Box 497
Korea: background of the war
Korea, 1930s-1940s
Korea, 1950
Korea, 1951
Latin America, 1927-1928
Latin America, 1939-1945
Latin America, 1946-1949
Latin America, 1950-1954
Latin America & trade, 1939-1942
Russia/USSR (& relations with the U.S.)
USSR, 1930s-1940s
USSR, 1950s
West Indies, 1939-1941

Box 498
General material, -1940s
Arbitration & mediation, 1910-1927
Arms embargo (repeal of), 1924-1939
Army commandos & crimes, 1937-1951
Atlantic Pact/Treaty, 1940s
Atlantic Pact (Atlantic Union), 1944-1951
Atom Bomb, 1955-1956
Attacks on pacifists: misc.
Attacks against church lobbies & pacifism
Attacks on pacifism & peace groups (charges that they were communists), 1920s-1930
Attacks (general): cartoons, 1920s-1930s
Attacks on Jane Addams
Attacks on Liberal Club at West Chester State Normal School (PA)
Dismissal of 2 teachers, 1927
Attacks on pacifists etc. by American Legion, 1920s
Attacks on pacifists etc. by American Legion, 1930s, n.d.
Attacks on pacifists etc. by Daughters of the American Revolution [DAR] (DAR Blacklist), 1920s-1930s [2 folders]
Attacks on pacifists by Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1920s-1930s

Box 499
Between Two Wars, 1934
Book Platforms of the Two Great Political Parties, 1856-1932 [catalogued]
Calls to end the war with Japan, 1945
Case of Tyler G. Kent (American imprisoned in Great Britain), 1941-1946
Causes of war (economic, etc.), 1920s-1930s
Churches & peace
Codification of international law, 1950
Communists in the U.S., 1939-1940
Conscientious objectors/objection, 1930s-1950s
Drift toward war, 1921-1941
Dumbarton Oaks conferences & proposals, 1944-1945
Economic boycotts & sanctions
Establishing peace treaty with Japan, 1945

Box 500
Genocide Convention, 1950
Germ/biological warfare [includes poison gas]
Industrial mobilization plans (re: instituting a draft), 1936-1941
League of American Nations
Japanese Exclusion Act, 1923-1939
Marshall Plan
Militarization of America
Military appropriations/budget, 1931-1940
Military disaffection bills / gag bills, 1935-1936
Moral Embargo, 1938-1940
Negotiated peace, 1940s
Negotiated peace (arguments against), 1940-1943
Nobel Peace Prize, 1900-1951
North Atlantic Treaty, 1942-1949

Box 501
Outlawry of War, 1924-1930
Patriotism, 1924-1938
Peace groups/organizations, 1930s-1940s
Peace lobbies
Peace Now Movement
Peace walks
Peacemakers' Pilgrimage (Great Britain), 1926
Post-war planning, 1943-1944
Preparing for peace / preparing for war, 1939-1944
Presidential powers in war & peace, 1920s-1940s
Prof. Hornell Hart's research project on world law & order, 1949
Propaganda / psychological warfare (Office of War Information), 1942-1944
Proposals for prevention of war, 1924-1936
Refugees / displaced persons (from Germany, etc.)

Box 502
Relief efforts: providing food for the starving of Europe, 1940
Relief efforts: providing food for the starving of Europe, 1941-1944
Relief efforts: providing food for the starving of Europe, 1946, 1948
Relief efforts: providing food for the starving of Europe (role of Howard Kershner), 1943-1944
ROTC & military training
San Francisco Charter, 1945
Treaty of Versailles
Truman Doctrine, 1947
U.S. foreign policy: "American White Paper," 1940

Box 503
War debts, 1920s-1930s
War guilt, 1920s-1940s
War Policies Commission, 1929-1931
War profits
Profiting from war (economically etc.) / drafting of capital & private property for war effort
War profits: Bernard Baruch, 1931-1944
War profits: Hill-Sheppard Bill, etc., 1937
War's results (suffering, anarchy, death, etc.)
World government, 1936-1945
World government, 1946-1958

Box 504
World Peace Day
World trade, 1953
World War II: appeals to end the war at the earliest possible moment
World War II: atrocities
World War II: background & causes
World War II: British moves toward peace
World War II: end of war with Japan, 1945 (Aug.)
World War II: histories
World War II: internment of Japanese Americans & Japanese aliens on West Coast, 1942
Misc. (A-Z), 1910s
Misc. (A-Z), 1930s-1940s
Misc. (A-Z), 1950s

Box 505 (1/2 box)
Campaign Against Lend-Lease Program
Congressional Resolutions Program
Favorable opinion re: Lend-Lease Program Bill
Labor viewpoints re: Lend-Lease Program
Opposition to Lend-Lease Program [2 folders]
General: newspaper clippings

Box 506
Campaign Against Conscription, 1920s-1950s
American Legion plan for Draft
Anti-war sentiment in Congress & governmental departments
Cartoons against Universal Military Training (UMT), 1920
Compulsory Military Training, 1920s
Compulsory Military Training, 1930s
Compulsory Military Training, 1940-1945
Compulsory Military Training, 1946-1949
Compulsory Military Training, 1950s
Compulsory Military Training, n.d.
Compulsory Military Training: saluting of flag, 1936-1940
Conscription of women
Conscientious objection
Cost of the army, etc.
Cost of UMT
Debate re: proper size for the army

Box 507
Campaign Against Conscription, 1920s-1950s
Drafting of boys (17-19 year olds)
Extension of terms for drafted men
False figures by War Dept. re: size of army, 1946
Fort Knox UMT Demonstration Unit (where 664 teenagers were trained for war)
Manpower Act (Austin-Wadsworth Bill) to draft labor, especially those on strike, 1941-1944
Militarism in education at schools and colleges, 1930s-1940s
Mobilization Day: booklet If War Comes: M-Day - What Your Government Has Planned For You by Donald Keyhoe, 1940
National Guard
National Service Act / conscription
Officers Reserve Corps
Opposition by groups & individuals to Draft Bill, 1940-1941
Peacetime conscription
Renewal of Selective Service Act
Selective Service Act & amendments
$22,000,000 Appropriation for Citizens' Military Training (CMT) camps, 1933
Voluntary enlistment

Box 508
Disarmament Campaign, 1931-1934
Speeches/addresses [by non-NCPW persons], 1931-1932
Articles by Sydney Strong in Geneva (Switzerland), 1932-1933
Translations [into English] of Journal de Geneve etc., 1932
Misc. newspaper clippings
Editorials [printed in newspapers], 1933-1934
Government documents
Work of other groups:
- Labor

Box 509
Disarmament Campaign, 1931-1934
Work of other groups:
- Religious groups
- Religious groups: Catholic
- Veterans' groups
- Women's groups
- American Association of University Women
- American Friends Service Committee [AFSC]
- American Inter-Organization Council
- Catholic Association for International Peace
- Committee on Militarism in Education
- Disarmament Committee of Women's International Organisations (Geneva, Switzerland)
- Disarmament Information Committee (London, England)
- Federal Council of Churches
- Foreign Policy Association
- Friends Peace Committee (London, England)
- Geneva Research Information Committee (Switzerland)
- International Federation of League of Nations Societies (Geneva, Switzerland)
- International Federation of Trade Unions
- International Fellowship of Reconciliation
- International Peace Bureau (Geneva, Switzerland)
- Interparliamentary Union (Geneva, Switzerland)
- League of Nations (Geneva, Switzerland)
- League of Nations Association
- League of Nations Union (London, England)
- National Council for Prevention of War (London, England)
- National Council of Jewish Women
- National League of Women Voters
- National Peace Council (London, England)
- National Student Committee on Disarmament
- Northern Friends Peace Board (Great Britain)
- Rotary International / Rotary Club
- Royal Institute of International Affairs (London, England)

Box 510 (1/2 box)
Disarmament Campaign, 1931-1934, 1936-1954
Work of other groups:
- Socialist Party of America
- War Resisters League
- Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] (United States / International)
- World Peace Foundation
- World Peace Posters Inc.
- World Woman's Christian Temperance Union [WCTU]
- Young Men's Christian Association [YMCA]
- Young Women's Christian Association [YWCA]
Disarmament in Great Britain or Ireland (or by British or Irish authors)
Disarmament in France (or by French authors)
Disarmament in France (or by French authors): newspaper clippings
Disarmament in foreign countries (or by foreign authors)

Box 511
Campaign re: German War Criminals & Trials
German war crimes & trials of war criminals, 1945-1947
German war crimes & trials of war criminals, 1947: affidavits re: Malmedy Massacre?
Trials of war criminals, 1948
Trials of war criminals, 1949
Trials of war criminals, 1950
Trials of war criminals, 1951-1952
Trials of war criminals, 1956-1957
Trials of war criminals, n.d.
Case of Arndt Fischer
Case of Walter Häusch
Case of Heinz Hoffman
Case of Dr. Ewald Löser
Case of Major Lundberg
Case of Otto Ohlendorf
Case of Walter Reupsch
Case of Paul Zwigart

Box 512 (1/2 box)
Keep America Out of War Campaign, 1936-1941
Material, 1925-1936
Material, 1937
Material, 1938
Material, 1939
Material, 1940
Material, 1941
Material, n.d.

Box 513
Munitions Campaign
Munitions manufacturers E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.
U.S. sources, pre-1934
U.S. sources, 1934
U.S. sources, 1935-1937
Foreign sources: (by or about) Germany
Foreign sources: (by or about) France
Foreign sources: (by or about) Great Britain
Newspaper clippings

Box 514
Neutrality Campaign
Material, 1928-1934
Material, 1935 (Jan.-July)
Material, 1935 (Aug.-Dec., n.d.)
Material, 1936
Material, 1937 (Jan.-Sept.)
Material, 1937 (Oct.-Dec., n.d.)

Box 515
Neutrality Campaign
Material, 1938
Material, 1939 (Jan.-Aug.)
Material, 1939 (Sept.-Oct.)
Material, 1939 (Nov.-Dec., n.d.)
Material, 1940
Material, 1941 (Jan.-Sept.)
Material, 1941 (Oct.)
Material, 1941 (Nov.-Dec., n.d.)

Box 516 (1/2 box)
Campaign Against Repeal of the Arms Embargo
U.S. government pressure to lift arms embargo
Opinions/statements by congresspersons re: arms embargo appeal
Churches' view on war
Arms embargo repeal: Catholic opinion
Propaganda from Great Britain & France to persuade U.S. to join the war and/or lift arms embargo, 1938-1941
General material
Newspaper clippings

Box 517
War Referendum Campaign
Material, 1934-1936
Material, 1937
Material, 1937: newsclippings
Material, 1938
Material, 1938: newsclippings
Material, 1939
Material, 1940-1941, n.d.

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