Records, 1921-1975
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Series L: Additional Material
[received after Series A-E were microfilmed; some items may be duplicates]

[files reorganized & refoldered in March 2004 - July 2005]
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Box 486
Frederick J. Libby
Biographical information
Correspondence, 1920s-1930s
Correspondence, 1940s-1960s, n.d.
Letters to the U.S. President
Correspondence with Senator Millard E. Tydings [includes composite of Tydings' speeches re: disarmament, distributed by NCPW], 1950-1951
Annual reports, 1930-1945 [incomplete set]
Annual reports, 1946-1966 [incomplete set]
Speeches, statements & testimony given, 1923-1939 [incomplete set]
Speeches, statements & testimony given, 1940-1949 [incomplete set]
Speeches, statements & testimony given, 1950-1953, n.d. [incomplete set]

Box 487
Misc., 1921-1922
General correspondence
Correspondence with congresspersons
Letter & inscribed copy of booklet Krieg dem Kriege! (by Herman Neumann) from Arthur Dobsky, 1924
Letters to the Editor
Florence Brewer Boeckel: correspondence, writings, reports, speeches & testimony
Florence Brewer Boeckel: correspondence re: pageants, 1922-1933
James Finucane: correspondence
James Finucane: testimony before Congress, 1944, 1949-1954
Paul Harris Jr.: trip reports, 1939 (March-April)
Gladys Mackenzie: correspondence
Laura Puffer Morgan: correspondence & reports
Laura Puffer Morgan (Disarmament/European Representative): weekly reports from Geneva [either not filmed, or they contain handwritten notes; see box 64 for filmed reports/articles by LPM]
Stephen Raushenbush: speeches & articles, etc., ca. 1930s
Mark Shaw: articles etc., ca. 1941-1951
Mark Shaw: testimony before Congress, 1947
Gilbert Stinger: correspondence
Radio broadcasts sponsored, 1935-1937
Publicity; media coverage of NCPW
Autographed copy of booklet Peace Through Disarmament and Charter Revision by Grenville Clarke, 1958
Pages for "A Club Program for One Meeting," ca. 1935-1937
Misc. statements etc. from others (American & foreign)
"Peace Resolutions of Women's Organizations," 1930-1934, 1937
Newsletters Bulletin on Current Affairs #1; The Word From Washington, June 3, 1935; Between War and Peace, 1937-1938

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