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Series J: Production of FJL's Book To End War: The Story of the National Council for Prevention of War, 1921-1946 (1969)
[note: this material was re-boxed in 2005, but not refoldered, etc.]
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Box 436
Work on book in 1955-1967 re: years 1921-1940s [2 folders]

Plans & notes for book [3 folders]
Early chapters & material (1920s)
Early version [2 folders]

Box 437
First versions of book re: 1921-1927 [2 folders]

Ideas from FJL's associates
"Plan of My Book" (early versions), 1960

Box 438
History of NCPW: material for book [2 folders]
Versions of book chapters re: 1920s, written in 1955-1957 [when Clayton Loughran was FJL's secretary] [2 folders]
Topics supplementing Part IV 1946-1954
Re-writes of various chapters [2 folders]

Box 439
Alphabetical (A-G); misc.
Reading notes; FJL's dictation of parts of book to CDL; alphabetical by author (A-G)
Biographical facts re: FJL & other's opinion of him
Book as physical production/entity: tables of contents, inventories, schemes, outlines, etc.
Subject Material
Campaigns (use of) as a method
Celebrities & the NCPW
Collective securities
Congressional & other allies of the peace movement
Contests: Peace Heroes, etc.
Cost of War: statistics, etc.
"Cruiser" bills
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
Destroyers for bases
Douglass, Gaylord W. (NCPW New England Office)
Duration, 1941-1945
Economy: staff member cuts, etc.
Emergency Peace Campaign, etc.
Endorsements of NCPW, 1922
Farm Dept.
Fries, Amos: attacks on NCPW
Special days
Subjects: H-Q
Hoover, Herbert Clark
Handsaker, John J. (NCPW Northwest Office)

Box 440
Subject Material
Hull, Cordell: excerpts from memoirs; NCPW interviews & experiences with Hull
Indiana Council for Prevention of War
International law
Investigations of NCPW
Japan: Exclusion Act, etc.
Labor Dept.
League of Nations
Lend-Lease legislation
"Merchants of Death" idea
Mexican War; Catholics; Knights of Columbus
Mexican War: prevention of war
Military opposition to NCPW [opposition by the military]
Milestones (early) of NCPW; mailing list of National Council for Limitation of Armaments
Money letters & appeals; forms
Morgan, Laura Puffer
National Peace Conference
National Council for Limitation of Armaments
Navy campaigns
Negotiated peace
Neutrality law
Newspapers: friendly & unfriendly
Nicaragua: war threat, 1927; Mexico
No More War: demonstrations
Columbus, Ohio: attack on FJL by Gen. Bowley [2 folders]
Openings (possible for book)
Organization & methods of NCPW
Parties (political): convention activity
Peace movement: accomplishments
Pearl Harbor
Penetration of military influence in American life
Policy letters & statements
Predecessors of NCPW
Publicity Department

Box 441
Subject Material
Subject matter: R-Z
Quakers & antecedents
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Russia: recognition of [USSR]
Sidwell (School, D.C.): FJL's commencement address & consequences with Loyal Legion
South, the ("the impenetrable South"): attempts to open NCPW offices in Georgia
Statement by NCPW about itself
Staff personalities in NCPW
Tables of contents
Technical points in book preparation
Topics: general considerations
"United Front" idea (i.e., attempts by Communists to infiltrate peace movement)
United Peace Chest
Universal Military Training (UMT); conscription; the draft
Versailles Treaty
War: theories; predictions; etc.
Watkins, Arthur Charles: activities
Western Office of NCPW
Women's part in preventing war
World Court
Youth: activities against war; college students; etc.
Misc. versions of book ("not earliest, not latest") [2 folders]

Box 442
Misc. versions of book ("not earliest, not latest") (cont.) [2 folders]
Chapters of book on 1940s
Diary excerpts re: Pearl Harbor events
Diary excerpts: Clayton Loughran's unverified copies of diaries
Book (1922): diary excerpts; poll; financial pledges; etc.
Book (1930-1931): misc.

Box 443
Material from copies of diaries
World Court, 1923-1926
Pearl Harbor
Mexico: prevention of war, 1927
Copies of diaries & letters to staff members, 1920s
Writings based upon diaries, 1930s-1941

Box 444
Diaries [excerpts? [2 folders]
Excerpts of book made by Clayton Loughran
Copies of material made for (by?) Clayton Loughran
Excerpts of book by Clayton Loughran

Box 445
Copies of material made by Clayton Loughran [3 folders]
Misc., 1957-
Versions of book ("not earliest, not latest")
Incomplete mss., ca. 1967

Box 446
Mss., 1967-1968
Misc. items re: FJL's work on book in 1960s
Filmed copy of mss. [3 folders]
Basis of book's footnotes

Box 447
Typed manuscript
Chapter 1: Strictly Personal
Preface; conclusion
Chapter 1; material to consider for working copy
Chapter 3: militarization, 1923
Misc., 1923
Chapter 3
Chapter 4: "Educate!," 1923
Chapter 5
Chapter 6, 1926

Box 448
Typed manuscript
Chapter 7: how we prevented a war with Mexico
Chapter 8: background, 1928
Chapter 8: Kellogg-Briand Pact (our nation pledges itself to peace), 1928
Chapter 9: what makes a good citizen
Shearer, William B.
Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Hoover
Chapter 11: we prepare for world disarmament
Chapter 12: to Chicago, 1932

Box 449
Typed manuscript
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15: peace bonds, 1935 [2 folders]
Chapter 16: peaceful change, 1936
Chronologies, etc., 1936
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19: Charles Lindbergh
Chapter 20

Box 450
Typed manuscript
Chapter 1: mostly work of 1967
Chapters 2-13: work of 1967
Misc., 1967-1968

Box 451
Typed manuscript
Chapters 14-23: work of 1967
Conclusions earlier versions ("red marks for possible use")
Latest version

Box 452 (1/2 box)
Typed manuscript
Galley proofs [2 folders]
Notes of Faith Ward Libby used in preparation of FJL's book
Notes re: checking notes of proofreaders
"Checking Notebook" of Faith Ward Libby; unidentified notebook

Box 453
Typed manuscript
Working copy
Editor's copy
Misc. notes
Discarded pages in latest version
Personal correspondence re: book

Box 454
Correspondence with James Best (Fellowship Publications), 1968-1973
Suggestions/comments re: book, 1961-1868
Correspondence re: book, 1959-1968
Letters on FJL's Book

To End War, 1968-1970
To End War, 1973-1974
Reviews of book

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