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Series A: NCPW Historical Information

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Box 1 [mf reel 41:1]
NCPW History
Historical Records, 1921-1971
Preliminary action to setting up of National Council for Limitation of Armaments
Founding of National Council for Limitation of Armaments, 1921 (Sept.)
Headquarters of NCPW (for 20 years) in historic building at 532 17th Street, NW (Washington, DC)
Washington Conference on Limitation of Armaments: forums & Tea Meetings, 1921 (Nov.) - 1922 (Jan.)
Early years of the NCPW, 1921-1929
Reorganization, 1927-
Constitution & by-laws
Incorporation in District of Columbia, 1931
NCPW history, 1930s

Box 1a [mf reel 41:1 cont.]
NCPW History
10th Anniversary party, 1931
Testimonial by General S. D. Embick, 1939 (April)
Certificate of gift of material to Library of Congress, 1941
Move to new address (1013 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC), 1940 (Sept.) - 1941 [includes other 1940s NCPW history material]
National War Labor Board re: raising salaries during war
25th Anniversary party, Nov. 9, 1946

Box 2 [mf reel 41:2]
NCPW History
Letters urging continuation of NCPW after Dec. 6, 1941
FJL's statements & letters re: outbreak of WWII, 1941 (Sept.) - 1942
Letters against NCPW policy, 1939-1945
Letters of withdrawal from NCPW, etc.
Withdrawal of Jewish groups from NCPW
Relation to local councils
Staff meetings, 1930-1940
Meetings of NCPW Policy Committee, 1928-1935  

Box 3 [mf reel 41:2 cont.]
NCPW History
Annual statements of policy: "What is the NCPW?," 1922-1937
Programs of action, 1940s
NCPW statements: literature & fundraising presentations
"What is the NCPW?" [chosen by Anna W. Eckels]

Box 3a [mf reel 41:3]
NCPW History
Sketches & bits of history re: NCPW [probably collected by Anna W. Eckels]
History; programs, 1950-1971
Commendations on work achieved

Box 4 [mf reel 41:3 cont.]
NCPW History
Policies & achievements
Arrangement to pay debt to Alexandria Monthly Meeting with Everett Legacy (Jan. 10, 1954)
Examples of successful NCPW peace efforts
The Niles Report (management consultations), 1936
Some achievements of the NCPW [collected by Anna W. Eckels]
Cooperation of the NCPW with other peace organizations
Comments on continuation of NCPW after resignation of FJL, 1954
Future of the NCPW after Nov. 24, 1954
Studies, books & papers about the NCPW, 1929-1950

Box 5 [mf reel 41:4]
NCPW History
Typescript "The National Council for Prevention of War" by Margaret Worth, 1929 [student thesis, 169 pages]
Typescript "The National Council for Prevention of War: Its Action & Technique" by Harmon Wilkinson, 1937 [George Washington University student paper, 40 pages]
Typescript "Study of the NCPW as a 'Minority Group'" by Simpson Smith, 1930-1932 [prepared at the Brookings Institute, 324 pages]
Typescript "Successes & Failures of the National Council for Prevention of War" by Margaret Wood, 1944 [Swarthmore College student paper, 13 pages]
Typescript "Another Way to Serve: National Council for Prevention of War, 1921-1946" by Fern E. Stowe, ca. 1946-1947 (190 pages)
Misc. papers & answers to reference questions about the NCPW


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