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Accession 01A-056: New England Committee for Nonviolent Action Records, 1958-1977
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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
New England Committee for Nonviolent Action
Committee for Nonviolent Action Records
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DG 017

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[Identification of item], in the Records of the Committee for Nonviolent Action (DG 017), Swarthmore College Peace Collection

5.2 linear feet of photographs
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Collection / Arrangement Overview
This collection of photographs includes demonstrations sponsored by NECNVA throughout New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York City, and Washington, DC. from the 1960s through th e1970s. There are also images of the NECNVA Voluntown, Connecticut farm and individuals connected with NECNVA. Some of these individuals are indentified. The photos are organized by demonstration, identifiable individuals, and scenes of the NECNVA farm at Voluntown, Connecticut.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Boxes 1 and 2
Freeze the Arms Race demonstration

Box 3
Demonstration at Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut

Box 4
“Black Flag” demonstration at Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut
Demonstration Against Polaris Sub, Groton, Connecticut
Demonstration at U.S. Submarine Base, New London (Groton), Connecticut

Box 5
Counter-demonstration at U.S. Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut
Demonstrators in rowboats, New London, Connecticut
Demonstration, Groton, Connecticut
Peace Rally, Putnam, Connecticut
Demonstration for Equal Treatment of Black Peace Protestors, Hartford, Connecticut
Demonstration at Pratt and Whitney, East Hartford, Connecticut

Box 6
Demonstration at Sikorsky Helicopter Plant, Hartford, Connecticut
Demonstration at U.S. Court House, Hartford, Connecticut
Demonstration, Hartford, Connecticut

Box 7
War Tax Demonstration, Hartford, Connecticut
War Tax Demonstration, Vietnam War Era
War Tax Demonstration, 1966(October)

Box 8
Demonstrations, Ayer, Massachusetts
Greater Boston March, Massachusetts

Box 9
Demonstration, Cape Cod Cablevision
Boston to Provincetown Walk for Peace
Boston-Pentagon Walk QWG Walk, Massachusetts

Box 10
Demonstration against arrest of John-i-Thin Stephens
Demonstration against arrest of Suzi Williams
Arrests of draft resisters/refusers
DeCourcy Squire: burning draft card
Demonstration in support of David Reed (and burning of draft card)
Demonstration at Donald Batey Sentencing Freedom Walk
Demonstration in support of Erica Enzer
Demonstration in support of Richard Gale
Women’s draft card burning

Box 11
New Hampshire Walks
Demonstration, Nashua, New Hampshire
Demonstration at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Demonstration, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Counter-demonstration by American Legion (pro-war), Morton, Pennsylvania
Nigeria-Biafra Project, Washington, D.C.
Nixon inaugural (?), Washington, D.C.

Box 12:
Women in Revolt demonstration
Anti-nuclear submarines demonstration
Federal Prisoners Strike for Peace demonstration
Demonstration in support of Panther Women in pre-trial confinement
Miscellaneous identified demonstrations and locations
Minutemen incident

Box 13
Demonstrations in New York City Vietnam War era
Demonstrations, Vietnam War era (color photos)

Box 14
Demonstrations, Vietnam War era (black and white photos)

Box 15
Unidentified Demonstrations

Box 16: People
Kitty Allsup, Marjorie Swann, Bob Swann
Marion Brown
Norbert and Roberta Carichner
Gordon and Mary Christiansen, and others
Charlotte and Charles Ford, Marjorie Swann, Michael Colpitts
Candy Kricker, John Kricker, John-i-Thin Stevens

Box 17
Identified people (in alphabetical order)
Unidentified people

Box 18
Ewell Gibbons at conference
Bob Swann at conference
Conferences at CNVA farm
Identified speakers
Unidentified conferences and speakers

Box 19: CNVA Farm
Erica Enzer and others
Lumber, farm work, general construction
People [identified]
People [unidentified]

Box 20: CNVA Farm
Construction of Swann house
Swann house
Construction of A.J. Muste Center
A.J. Muste Center: dedication
A.J. Muste Center
Erica Enzer’s cabin
Chicken coop
Miscellaneous rooms, furniture, outside views

Box 21
Pakistan ship blockade, New York City, 1971 (July)
Anti-nuclear demonstration, 1981 (April)
Identified people
High school students at CNVA Farm?

Box 22: CNVA Farm
Polaris Action office
Meeting, SUNY, Albany, New York
War Tax Resistence Bicycle Caravan
Christmas Peace Vigil
Demonstration in Japan
Sanctuary of/for draft fesisters
Anti-nuclear demonstrations

Box 23? (mss. 1/2 box)
Freeze the Arms Race demonstration, Groton, Connecticut
Anti-submarine demonstrations, Connecticut
War tax resistance demonstration, New London, Connecticut
Cape Cod Peace Center
New York City demonstrations
Miscellaneous demonstrations

Box 24? (mss. full size box)
reeze the Arms Race Demonstration, Groton, Connecticut
Anti-submarine demonstrations, Connecticut
Miscellaneous demonstrations, Connecticut
Boston to Pentagon Walk for Peace
Pentagon River entrance
New York City demonstrations
Miscellaneous identified demonstrations
Unidentified demonstrations

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